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Heinz Wants to Make the Day After the Super Bowl a National

first_img Learn how to successfully navigate family business dynamics and build businesses that excel. Add to Queue January 27, 2017 Staff Writer. Covers leadership, media, technology and culture. Food Heinz Wants to Make the Day After the Super Bowl a National Holiday –shares The ketchup maker wants to take the suggestion to the the House and the Senate. Last year, 111.9 million people watched Super Bowl 50.Whether you were deeply invested in the fates of the Denver Broncos and Carolina Panthers or you were mostly interested in the food and Beyonce’s halftime show — it still amounted to the third most watched broadcast in television history. And the Kraft Heinz company is betting that means there were a fair amount of people who would have been fine not going into the office the next day.Related: The Best Super Bowl 51 Ads — So FarThe maker of Heinz ketchup has proposed making the Monday after the Super Bowl a national holiday. Altruistic though it may seem, the company is almost certainly hoping that the campaign will inspire football fans to bring on the post-game food comas with the help of its stable of products.The company came up with the mildly unwieldy name of Smunday, and have created a petition to be sent to Congress and the Senate if it reaches 100,000 signatures. So far the count is hovering around 30,000.Related: Kraft and Heinz to Form North America’s No. 3 Food CompanyAiming to appeal to people’s sense of both productivity and patriotism, Heinz cited a statistic that more than 16 million people call in sick or simply don’t go to the work the day after the Super Bowl, leading to an annual loss of $1 billion.“If we can make Big Game Sunday awesome, we can make the Monday after awesome too,” reads the petition. “Make that Monday more like Sunday. Make it a Smunday and have more Sunday on your Monday than any of us have ever had in our lives. Don’t settle. Sign it. For your sanity. For your family. For your country.”Do you think that the Monday after the Super Bowl should become a national holiday? Let us know on Facebook and Twitter. Next Article 2 min read Nina Zipkin Register Now » Entrepreneur Staff Free Webinar | July 31: Secrets to Running a Successful Family Businesslast_img read more

Study Finds Fewer People Are Dying on the Job Where Marijuana Is

first_img It seems more evidence that lots of people will substitute marijuana for other more harmful substances when it is legal to do so. Guest Writer Legal Marijuana 3 min read Add to Queue Green Entrepreneur Podcast Marijuana studies cover many topics, ranging from legal weed’s impact on teen usage rates and crime to whether senior citizens are moving away from prescription opioids and into medical marijuana. But a new study looks at a very different facet of marijuana use: Does legal weed have any correlation with death in the workplace?Specifically, researchers at Montana State University, the University of Colorado and American University looked for an association, if any exists, between legalizing medical marijuana in a state and the number of workplace fatalities. As the researchers wrote, there is “increasing concern that legalizing medical marijuana will make workplaces more dangerous.”However, the researchers found just the opposite is true.Related: Another Study Finds Lowered Opioid Use Where Medical Marijuana Is LegalMarijuana and reduced workplace fatalities.The study, published late in 2018, looked at workplace fatalities across the country using data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Researchers then cross-referenced this information with areas where medical marijuana is legal.They found that legalizing medical marijuana was associated with a 19.5 percent reduction in the number of expected workplace fatalities based on historical trends. This was associated with workers between the ages of 25 and 44.What’s more, the association “grew stronger over time,” according to the research. In places where medical marijuana has been legal five years, there was a 33.7 percemnt reduction in the number of expected fatalities for workers 25 to 44.Areas where medical marijuana is legal to treat pain and where collective cultivation is legal were associated with a lower fatality rate among workers between the ages of 25 and 44 than those areas that did not have those provisions. The study found that fatalities were not reduced among those workers between ages 16 to 24 and that the “association was a negative one” though not statistically significant.Related: Federal Appeals Court Orders DEA to Reconsider if Marijuana Belongs on Schedule 1Why fewer fatalities with marijuana?The study did not reach a conclusion on why the number of expected fatalities had dropped so far, only offering proof that it had happened.The researchers revealed their theories, however, when they suggested further study is needed into the issue. Specifically, they called for further investigation to determine if the study results are “attributable to reductions in the consumption of alcohol and other substances that impair cognitive function, memory and motor skills.”There are other studies that suggest this could be the case. While it did not focus on the workplace, a recent study in Texas found that opioid prescriptions had dropped in areas where medical marijuana is legal. The drop was biggest for those between the ages of 18 and 55.Further, the study found this drop where medical marijuana is legal. The same drop was not associated with legalized recreational marijuana. Another study found that consumers, led my Millennials, are lowering alcohol use in areas where marijuana is legal.To stay up to date on the latest marijuana-related news make sure to like on Facebook Image credit: Portra | Getty Images Next Article Each week hear inspiring stories of business owners who have taken the cannabis challenge and are now navigating the exciting but unpredictable Green Rush. June 13, 2019 Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. –shares Easy Search. Quality Finds. Your partner and digital portal for the cannabis community. Study Finds Fewer People Are Dying on the Job Where Marijuana Is Legal Listen Nowlast_img read more

Frozen snack bars Kind releases new product made with almonds

first_imgFrozen snack bars: Kind releases new product made with almondsPosted By: Jules Scullyon: May 17, 2019In: Confectionery, Food, Industries, Innovation, New products, SnacksPrintEmailSnack bar manufacturer Kind has entered the frozen category with the release of Kind Frozen bars in the US.The latest offering by the New York-headquartered company is a frozen creamy nut bar made from nutrient-dense almonds, layered with dark chocolate and sea salt.Kind Frozen bars have 190 calories and 11g of sugar out of a total 49g. One flavour is available currently available – dark chocolate almond sea salt – at select Walmart locations in the US.In a statement, Kind said the bars aim to fill a need for people seeking an indulgent snack that not only tastes delicious but also features nutrient-dense almonds.  “Since day one, Kind has been committed to balancing taste and health,” said Daniel Lubetzky, founder & CEO of Kind.“Kind Frozen upholds our brand’s promise and is consistent with how we’ve always entered new categories – with an eye to creatively elevate people’s overall experience. We’re thrilled that Kind Frozen is disrupting the category by leading with almonds.”The release follows on from the introduction of Nut Butter Filled Snack Bars earlier this year. Featuring whole grains on the outside and a nut butter centre, the bars are topped with crushed nuts and a chocolatey drizzle.Last year, the firm released a range of new products, including lower-sugar granola bars for children, miniature snack bars and its first line of protein bars.Share with your network: Tags: KINDUSlast_img read more

UK dairy market slows down Kantar Worldpanel reports

first_imgUK dairy market slows down, Kantar Worldpanel reportsPosted By: Harriet Jachecon: May 23, 2019In: Agriculture, Dairy, Food, Ingredients, RetailPrintEmailOver the Easter period, which tends to see growth for cream and cheese products, the UK dairy market slowed down – by 1% since the last period. This is according to a report published by Kantar Worldpanel.In the last 12 weeks, growth eased from 3.1% down to 2.1%. Dairy remains ahead overall in total grocery sales, but the main decline came from milk, which saw a decline in growth of over £15 million overall. Despite this, it is still growing by £25 million compared with the same period in 2018.Small year-on-year increases can be seen in cream and cheese, with cheese revenue up by 2.3% from 2018, and cream up by 5.4% – the best performing out of all dairy products in comparison to last year.Ollie Blurring, client executive, Kantar Worldpanel commented: “Volume growth for all markets also eased with dairy at 1.7%, from 3.3% compared to grocery at 1.1% from 1.5% while fresh and chilled was at 1.0% from 2.2%.“Volume growth saw less of a fall back than spend across all three markets as they began to annualise on the high levels of inflation seen last year, something that was particularly prominent in the dairy market.”Blurring continued: “A large amount of milk is sold at full price and this is where the decline in growth [occurs].”The decline in milk revenue is indicative of the industry’s response to milk-alternatives, such as soy- and almond-derived products.Share with your network: Tags: Kantar WorldpanelreportUKlast_img read more

Donald Trump Has Fired Himself From the Crowdfunding Business

first_imgCrowdfunding 2019 Entrepreneur 360 List Last year we wrote about a new crowdfunding platform called FundAnything, which was most notable for its affiliation with Donald Trump. In addition to being an investor in the site, Trump said that each week he would contribute to new FundAnything campaigns and then promote those selections via his popular Twitter account.But a few months later we noted that Trump didn’t seem to be keeping up his end of the bargain, having made far fewer donations and tweets than promised.Now it seems that Trump is out of the crowdfunding business all together. The section of FundAnything’s site that once was called “Donald’s Picks,” has now been renamed “staff picks.” And Trump hasn’t made any mention of the site via Twitter since this past March.FundAnything, which is led by Learning Annex founder Bill Zanker, did not respond to a request for comment. Trump, however, did provide Fortune with the following statement:“We helped a lot of people and gave away a lot of money, but it took too much of my time and too much time to raise the money. Now I do it directly.”No additional details, such as whether or not Trump remains a shareholder in FundAnything. He also did not elaborate on why it would be faster and easier to find and fund worthy causes offline rather than via a crowdfunding platform that was designed to streamline those very activities. Donald Trump Has Fired Himself From the Crowdfunding Business Add to Queue 2 min read Image credit: lev radin | –shares December 4, 2014 Next Article Donald Trump Dan Primack Apply Now » The only list that measures privately-held company performance across multiple dimensions—not just revenue. This story originally appeared on Fortune Magazinelast_img read more

Microsoft Lays Off 30 From Its HoloLens Team

first_img Image credit: Hololens | Twitter –shares Free Webinar | July 31: Secrets to Running a Successful Family Business Microsoft Lays Off 30 From Its HoloLens Team 2 min read Next Article Max Slater-Robins Editorial Intern This story originally appeared on Business Insider Register Now » December 1, 2015 Microsoft Add to Queue Learn how to successfully navigate family business dynamics and build businesses that excel. Microsoft has laid off 30 employees who were working on HoloLens, the augmented reality headset, in Israel, with 30 more being relocated within the company, the Israeli news site Ynet reports.According to Ynet, the 60 jobs come from engineering, meaning they were directly involved in the design and production of the headset.It’s unclear where the 30 who remain will be relocated. It’s also unclear whether other areas of HoloLens across Microsoft will be affected.In a statement, the company did not give a reason for the layoffs, describing it as a “shift of jobs across the organization.”Those who were contract workers were laid off immediately, with permanent employees given one month to find another job within the company.Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella made the decision in mid-2014 to cut 18,000 jobs, with a further 8,000 in July of this year, many from the $7.2 billion (£4.6 billion) acquisition of Nokia. The company then let 1,000 more employees go in October.Microsoft provided the following statement to Ynet (which has been translated into English):We perform ongoing assessments of the needs of our business and recently made decisions that affects the number of jobs in one of our groups. As needed, we are increasing investment in some areas and reduce investments in others. As a result, there is a shift of jobs across the organization and [this means] sometimes eliminating jobs. Our top priority is about the treatment of workers that will be affected by the decision and supporting them.HoloLens is a $3,000 (£1,900) augmented reality headset that runs Windows Holographic, a version of the company’s operating system. Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella has emphasised the importance of the headset numerous times, describing it as a “category creation” device.last_img read more

Study LowFiber Diets Could Be Messing With Gut Bacteria Diversity

first_img Add to Queue Study: Low-Fiber Diets Could Be Messing With Gut Bacteria Diversity A diverse population of microbes in your gut not only helps ward off pathogens, it’s also thought to protect against obesity and obesity-related health problems.A new study out of Stanford University suggests that the low-fiber, highly processed diets so common in our industrial society may be depleting the diversity of our microbiomes (while we can’t digest fiber, it’s a major food source for gut bacteria). What’s more, because this deficiency appears to be heritable to an extent, the problem could be compounded over generations.Related: Vice President Biden to Steer New Efforts to Cure CancerTo be fair, the research was conducted on mice. But study author Erica Sonnenburg believes it holds implications for humans. “There are very few ecosystems where low species diversity is a good thing,” she said in a statement. “There’s no reason to think our gut is any exception.”To test the hypothesis that a low-fiber diet lowers the diversity of the gut’s microbiome, the researchers populated mice raised in a germ-free environment — meaning their intestines were microbe free — with bacteria from human donors. Some of the mice were then fed a diet high in fiber, while others were put on a diet that, while similar in protein, fat and calories, was extremely low in fiber.Within weeks, mice in the low-fiber group exhibited weakened populations of bacteria strains while some strains appeared to entirely disappear. After seven weeks, the researchers moved these mice onto a high-fiber diet for an additional month. While some of the original bacteria species returned to full strength, a large percentage failed to recover entirely.The researchers then bred mice raised on low-fiber diets. Fourth-generation baby mice — who were only exposed to the microbes from contact with their parents — exhibited severely depleted microbe ecosystems. Even after they were put on high-fiber diets, they lacked more than two-thirds of the bacteria species found in their great grandparents.Related: Is This the Biggest Advancement in Diabetes Management Since the Insulin Pump?Of course, unlike these mice, humans don’t exist in a vacuum — from subways to neighbors’ dogs, the world is full of bacterial sources. Still, the researchers worry that the sustained shift in our diets away from fiber-rich foods such as fruits and vegetables may be contributing to unhealthy shifts in our gut bacteria ecosystems.“Over our history, humans have experienced major dietary changes from gathered to farmed foods during the agricultural revolution, and more recently to the mass consumption of processed foods in the industrialized world,” the study reads. “Each dietary shift was probably accompanied by a concomitant adjustment in the microbiota.”Interestingly, the researchers found that fecal transplantation — in which fecal matter from mice with high-fiber diets was introduced into the intestines of fourth-generation low-fiber mice — fully restored bacterial diversity.So far, it’s a potentially risky technique that has not been widely tested in humans. That’s changing, however — a randomized, clinical trial in which 20 obese participants ingest capsules containing fecal matter from lean, healthy donors for six weeks is slated to begin this year.Related: Study: Single-Cup Coffee Makers Brew Lots of Germs, Too Next Article The only list that measures privately-held company performance across multiple dimensions—not just revenue. 2019 Entrepreneur 360 List Laura Entis Image credit: Unsplash –shares Guest Writer Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. 3 min read Apply Now » January 13, 2016 Personal Healthlast_img read more

Mark Zuckerberg Just Invested 50 Million in This Startup

first_img Tech Reporter for Business Insider Image credit: Byju Mark Zuckerberg Zuckerberg’s philanthropic organization, the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, is leading the $50 million investment along with other venture capital firms. Learn how to successfully navigate family business dynamics and build businesses that excel. Mark Zuckerberg Just Invested $50 Million in This Startup Part of the Byju team. Alex Heath September 9, 2016 –shares Register Now » 2 min read This story originally appeared on Business Insider Mark Zuckerberg has invested in Byju, an Indian education startup that teaches kids subjects like math and science with a mobile app.Zuckerberg’s philanthropic organization, the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, is leading the $50 million investment along with other venture capital firms.It’s the second investment Facebook’s CEO has made through the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, a company he owns with his wife, Priscilla Chan.Byju previously raised $75 million in March.”I’m optimistic about personalized learning and the difference it can make for students everywhere,” Zuckerberg said on his Facebook page on Thursday. “That’s why it’s a major focus of our education efforts, and why we’re looking forward to working with companies like BYJU’s to get these tools into the hands of more students and teachers around the world.”Byju’s app, which offers interactive courses and exams on a range of subjects, has been downloaded over 5.5 million times to date and boasts 250,000 annual subscribers in India.The Chan Zuckerberg Initiative previously led an investment of $24 million in Andela, an African startup that teaches people how to code. Free Webinar | July 31: Secrets to Running a Successful Family Business Add to Queue Next Article last_img read more

Blizzard CEO and President Mike Morhaime Steps Down

first_img Image credit: Neville Elder via Getty Images via engadget Mike Morhaime has been a part of Blizzard since it was founded in 1991 as Silicon & Synapse, Inc., and now he’s stepping down from his role as president and CEO. Former executive producer and senior VP for World of Warcraft J. Allen Brack will take over as president, while Ray Gresko (Overwatch, Diablo III) will step in as chief development officer, while co-founder and former WoW lead designer Allen Adham will join the executive leadership team.In a statement, Morhaime said, “After many years of working with some of the industry’s most talented people to create games and worlds for you to play in, I’ve decided it’s time for someone else to lead Blizzard Entertainment. I will now serve as an advisor to the company I so love and admire. … I truly believe that this amazing community has the potential to be a shining light to the rest of the industry by setting a positive example of inclusivity, tolerance, and acceptance toward others. In the words of one of Blizzard’s core values: remember to always play nice; play fair. “Mike – thank you for everything: for setting the foundation for the games, worlds and communities that we love, and for being a guiding light and an example for us all.— Blizzard Entertainment (@Blizzard_Ent) October 3, 2018To our community, please read here for messages from Mike Morhaime and J. Allen Brack.— Blizzard Entertainment (@Blizzard_Ent) October 3, 2018Morhaime has overseen incredible growth, as Blizzard has created franchises that dominate online gaming with WoW, Diablo, Starcraft, Overwatch and Hearthstone. Now as the company continues to grow and invest in new areas like esports, it also has other new projects in development. notes that Adham left in 2004 before returning in 2016 after it had grown from around 400 employees to more than 4,000 as executive producer of incubation, and according to Brack, he will continue to oversee development of “several” new games.Brack said in his own letter to expect a few surprises at Blizzcon in a month and that “Joining the World of Warcraft team and my favorite game company nearly 13 years ago was an unimaginable dream. Now, to be chosen to lead Blizzard into the future is both a huge honor, and a tremendous responsibility.” Blizzard Entertainment’s president, CEO and cofounder Mike Morhaime. This story originally appeared on Engadget Learn how to successfully navigate family business dynamics and build businesses that excel. Next Article Former ‘WoW’ leader J Allen Brack is taking over, while ‘several’ new games are in development. Video Games 2 min readcenter_img October 4, 2018 Register Now » Richard Lawler Add to Queue Blizzard CEO and President Mike Morhaime Steps Down –shares Free Webinar | July 31: Secrets to Running a Successful Family Businesslast_img read more

Kelloggs invests in US frozen smoothie brand Bright Greens

first_imgKellogg’s invests in US frozen smoothie brand Bright GreensPosted By: News Deskon: June 16, 2017In: Industries, SnacksPrintEmailUS frozen smoothie start-up Bright Greens has secured $2 million in seed funding to develop its product range, with Kellogg’s leading the investment.The cereal giant’s investment arm Eighteen94 (1894) sealed the deal, with support from Blu Venture Investors. The capital will be used expand the Bright Greens team, further product development and boost sales and marketing.Bright Greens was founded in 2015 in Washington and offers frozen smoothie cubes in four flavours. Consumers simply add hot water to them and shake to make the final product.Founder and CEO Brian Mitchell said: “Our Bright Greens smoothies are a quick and delicious way of getting healthy fruits and vegetables without added sugar or preservatives. The smoothies have a short list of natural ingredients making them a nutritious and delicious way to start your day.“We are excited to partner with 1894 and Blu to build our company. The deep domain expertise and ability to help Bright Greens commercially was a true differentiator among the investors we met.”1894 was launched last year to invest in companies pursuing next-generation food innovation, bolstering Kellogg Company’s access to cutting-edge trends. In total, 1894 intends to invest approximately $100 million, playing an important role in achieving Kellogg’s 2020 strategic growth objectives. Managing director of 1894 Simon Burton said: “Bright Greens is re imagining the smoothie, making it more convenient for consumers to get their fruits and vegetables.“We are very impressed with the innovative form factor Brian developed, and we see enormous potential for Bright Greens given the demand for convenience in our culture.”Earlier this year, Kellogg’s expanded its North America product line with the launch of 50 new breakfast cereals, snacks and frozen foods.Share with your network: Tags: Bright GreensKellogg’ssmoothiesUnited Stateslast_img read more

Value of Europes distilled spirit exports up by 5 in 2017 –

first_imgValue of Europe’s distilled spirit exports up by 5% in 2017 – studyPosted By: News Deskon: June 20, 2018In: Alcohol, Beverage, IndustriesPrintEmailThe export value of European distilled spirits totalled €10.7 billion in 2017, 5% higher than the year before, according to new data from Spirits Europe.With spirits exports exceeding imports into the European Union (EU), the sector “effectively generated next to €9 billion in net value”, the spirits representative body said. Whisky exports were valued the highest at €4.51 billion, followed by cognac (€3.2 billion), liqueurs (€1.05 billion), vodka (€884 million), gin (€404 million) and rum (€130 million).Spirits Europe director general Ulrich Adam said: “Today’s results show just how much European spirit drinks are appreciated around the world. Wherever local economies grow and markets open, we see a rising demand for our whiskies, vodkas, cognacs or gins.“As a true champion of free and fair trade, we very much value the [European] Commission’s efforts to negotiate tariff removal and the elimination of non-tariff barriers.“This helps European spirits companies, large and small, to be commercially successful abroad and raise awareness and appreciation of their brands. The benefits are manifold and substantial – and go well beyond our sector, including our suppliers, distributors, and customers around the globe.“Yet we cannot take any of this for granted. During the last months and days, the trade narrative has become increasingly difficult, with fresh challenges emerging. Now, more than ever, is the moment to trust the value of rules-based trade relationships and the mutual benefits they create for those who engage in them.“The success of Europe’s spirits sector shows that trade works. We therefore need an assertive, positive EU trade agenda that accelerates new trade negotiations with additional countries.”The top ten export markets for European spirits were the US (up 2% on the year before), Singapore (+6%), China (+29%), Russia (+37%), Canada (+5%), United Arab Emirates (-5%), Australia (+4%), Japan (+6%), Taiwan (-9%) and South Africa (+9%).Spirits Europe director of trade and economic affairs Marie Audren said: “We also see a need for faster and more robust enforcement of rules already negotiated at WTO-level or in free trade agreements. We therefore call on EU decision-makers to reallocate staff resources towards the trade agenda within the Commission.”“Moreover, Brexit has opened up a new complexity for the European spirit sector. We have shared links and interests with the UK, both human and corporate. The clock is still ticking, and we count on progress to be made at the next [European] Council meeting on 28-29 June to preserve the prosperous trade flows and business links that unite the EU27 and the UK.”Share with your network: Tags: Spirits Europewhiskylast_img read more

Two dead and more than 100 injured in South Carolina train crash

first_imgTwo dead and more than 100 injured in South Carolina train crash Sun 4 Feb 2018 09.17 EST Topics Train carrying 139 passengers and eight crew collided with freight train at about 2.45am An Amtrak passenger train hit a freight train parked on a side track in South Carolina in the early morning darkness on Sunday, killing two Amtrak crew members and injuring more than 110 people, authorities said. This article is more than 1 year old Read more Share on Facebook 0:20 Since you’re here… Share on LinkedIn Shares6767 Support The Guardian The governor said investigators had yet to determine how the Amtrak train ended up on that stretch of track. “The CSX was on the track it was supposed to be on,” McMaster said. The National Transportation Safety Board sent investigators to the scene. Amtrak said that it was “deeply saddened” and was cooperating fully with the NTSB. It did not address the cause of the crash but said CSX maintains all the tracks and signal systems where the accident happened and controls access to the sidings and yards.CSX did not immediately return requests for comment.The force of the crash dislodged a seat and knocked it on to passenger Tronia Dorsey’s legs, said her son, Andre Neblett, who had spoken to her. The 43-year-old woman, who escaped with minor scratches and bruises, described a terrifying scene inside the dark compartment, with people screaming and babies wailing, he said.“It was chaos,” Andre Neblett said after driving in from North Carolina to retrieve his mother’s suitcase from a Red Cross shelter. “She said she was just waiting on somebody to get to her.”In all, McMaster said, 116 people were taken to four hospitals. At least three patients were hospitalized in critical or serious condition, with nearly all the rest treated for minor injuries such as cuts, bruises and whiplash, authorities said.Palmetto Health emergency room doctor Eric Brown said so many passengers were hurt that they were brought in on two buses, and a tent that had been set up as a waiting room to keep people separate from flu patients was turned into a triage area. The locomotives of both trains were left crumpled, the Amtrak engine on its side. One car in the middle of the Amtrak train was snapped in half, forming a V off to one side of the tracks. “It’s a horrible thing to see, to understand the force involved,” McMaster said. Many passengers were asleep when the train began shaking violently and then slammed to a halt, passenger Derek Pettaway told CBS. “You knew we’d hit something or we’d derailed,” he said. Associated Press in Cayce, South Carolina news Emergency responders at the scene. Photograph: Randall Hill/Reuters Share via Email Train carrying dozens of GOP lawmakers hits truck in Virginia Elliot Smith told the State newspaper of Columbia he was staying with a friend when they heard what sounded like a propane tank exploding. “The sound was so loud, you instantly knew it was bad,” he said. Smith said he and his friend saw passengers limping along the tracks, while others tried to get everyone out of the cars. Facebook First published on Sun 4 Feb 2018 06.43 EST The scene where two trains crashed in South Carolina – video Read more Amtrak train crash: several dead after derailment in Washington state … we have a small favour to ask. The Guardian will engage with the most critical issues of our time – from the escalating climate catastrophe to widespread inequality to the influence of big tech on our lives. At a time when factual information is a necessity, we believe that each of us, around the world, deserves access to accurate reporting with integrity at its heart.More people are reading and supporting The Guardian’s independent, investigative journalism than ever before. And unlike many news organisations, we have chosen an approach that allows us to keep our journalism accessible to all, regardless of where they live or what they can afford. But we need your ongoing support to keep working as we do.Our editorial independence means we set our own agenda and voice our own opinions. Guardian journalism is free from commercial and political bias and not influenced by billionaire owners or shareholders. This means we can give a voice to those less heard, explore where others turn away, and rigorously challenge those in power.We need your support to keep delivering quality journalism, to maintain our openness and to protect our precious independence. Every reader contribution, big or small, is so valuable. Support The Guardian from as little as $1 – and it only takes a minute. Thank you. The dead were identified as engineer Michael Kempf, 54, of Savannah, Georgia, and conductor Michael Cella, 36, of Orange Park, Florida. Lexington County coroner Margaret Fisher’s voice caught as she released their names.“Any time you have anything that happens like that, you expect more fatalities,” Fisher said. “But God blessed us, and we only had the two.”It was the third deadly wreck involving Amtrak in less than two months.On Wednesday, a chartered Amtrak train carrying Republican members of Congress to a strategy retreat hit a garbage truck at a crossing in rural Virginia, killing one person in the truck and injuring six.On 18 December, an Amtrak train ran off the rails along a curve during its inaugural run on a route south of Tacoma, Washington, killing three people and injuring dozens. The train was going nearly 80mph, more than twice the speed limit.Early on Sunday, the Silver Star service was en route from New York to Miami with nearly 150 people aboard around 2.45am when it plowed into the CSX train at an estimated 59mph, South Carolina’s governor, Henry McMaster, said. The crash happened around a switchyard about 10 miles south of Columbia. Reuse this content Share via Email Pinterest Amtrak officials gathered up luggage and other belongings and within hours put passengers aboard buses to their destinations. Those who were not hurt were taken to a shelter set up at a middle school; local businesses provided coffee and breakfast. “We know they are shaken up quite a bit,” sheriff’s spokesman Adam Myrick said. “We know this is like nothing else they have ever been through. So we wanted to get them out of the cold, get them out of the weather get them to a warm place.”Democratic senator Richard Blumenthal of Connecticut said on Sunday the nation’s railroads must be made safer, declaring: “Business as usual must end.” He said proven technology, including positive train control, cannot continue to be delayed.Positive train control is GPS-based technology that can automatically slow or stop speeding trains. Regulators have been pressing for years for such equipment and some railroads have installed it but the deadline has been pushed back repeatedly at the industry’s request.The latest wreck again raised criticism about the safety culture of the nation’s passenger railway. Crashes are “becoming almost like an epidemic for Amtrak”, said Najmedin Meshkati, a USC engineering professor who has studied positive train control. 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Texas primary Democratic turnout soars as Republicans stand their ground

first_imgTexas Support The Guardian George Bush This article is more than 1 year old Twitter In the race for governor, Lupe Valdez, the former sheriff of Dallas county,faces a runoff with Andrew White, the son of former Texas governor Mark White. The eventual Democratic candidate faces a tough task against the popular and well-funded Republican incumbent, Greg Abbott.On a night in which women enjoyed notable successes, two Hispanic women, Sylvia Garcia and Veronica Escobar, won primaries in heavily Democratic districts and are likely in November to become the first Latina congresswomen from Texas. And a congressional Democratic hopeful who was castigated by her national party secured a runoff election.In an echo of the intra-party conflict between progressive and more centrist factions that split the Democrats in 2016, when Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton vied for the presidential nomination, Laura Moser, a writer and activist, will face off against Lizzie Pannill Fletcher, a lawyer, on 22 May, after no Democratic candidate for Texas’s seventh district won more than 50% of the vote.“A lot of people in the state aren’t even in a party, they’re independents, so I think the fact that I’m sort of outside the box will help me,” Moser told the Guardian at a boisterous watch party in Houston.“I think that the people who will win up and down the ballot this year are going to be people who stand for, and by, their values, and I think it’s going to be like an existential moment for national Democrats. We’ve got to stand for something.” George P Bush’s struggle in Texas may signal end of 70-year political dynasty Tom Dart in Houston Shares7676 One of the country’s most solidly conservative states is an acid test for the “blue wave”: no Democrat has won a statewide election in Texas since 1994. However, in early voting, Democratic turnout doubled from 2014 and outstripped the Republican total, according to state figures from the 15 counties with the most registered voters.Beto O’Rourke, an El Paso congressman seeking to oust Ted Cruz from the US Senate, won the Democratic nomination with a campaign that has gathered momentum and raised significant funds.“They are mobilizing in a powerful way,” Cruz told CBS’s Dallas affiliate. “At the end of the day, the good news is that there are a lot more conservatives in Texas than there are liberals.”In a sign that the early burst of Democratic energy may struggle to overcome entrenched Republican dominance in the long run, Republicans gained ground on election day itself. Cruz ultimately won more than twice as many votes as O’Rourke, and the total number of Democratic voters was about 1 million compared with 1.5 million Republicans.Even in a state that was relatively lukewarm towards Trump in the 2016 election, embracing the president proved more asset than liability for George P Bush. In a bid for re-election as land commissioner, which centered on the preservation of the Alamo site, Bush faced a stiff challenge from fellow Republican Jerry Patterson, a gun-toting former marine who once described the former Texas governor – and current US energy secretary – Rick Perry as resembling a “west coast metrosexual” when he stopped wearing cowboy boots.But the son of Jeb Bush, nephew of George W Bush and grandson of George HW Bush easily held off Patterson to keep the family dynasty politically alive – after touting his support of Trump during his campaign, with the president returning the favour in a Twitter endorsement. Share via Email Read more Wed 7 Mar 2018 09.38 EST Texas Share on WhatsApp Topics US Congress Texas’ seventh congressional district will be one of the most followed races nationally. Covering large swaths of Houston’s wealthy western suburbs, it has been reliably Republican since 1966, when George HW Bush, the former president, won the seat. He is a current resident.The incumbent, John Culberson, is a staunch conservative who took office in 2001. Eight years later, as the “birther” movement questioning Barack Obama’s citizenship gathered pace, he co-sponsored a bill that would have required future presidential candidates to prove their American citizenship.Yet the district narrowly plumped for Clinton ahead of Donald Trump in the 2016 presidential election, seemingly putting it in play for 2018.Moser is a writer and activist who grew up in Houston and launched Daily Action, an anti-Trump resistance group, after the 2016 presidential election. Her husband, Arun Chaudhary, was the videographer for the Obama White House.Evidently believing that Moser is too progressive to win in November, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee issued a statement in February replete with the sort of negative research that might have been expected to come from one of her opponents.It described Moser as “a Washington insider” and referred to a magazine article from 2014 in which she wrote that she would “sooner have my teeth pulled out without anesthesia” than move to the small town of Paris, Texas. The statement misleadingly implied this was because she did not want to live in Texas, though the piece was about the pros and cons of big-city life.Rather than ruin Moser, the attention boosted her fundraising: her campaign picked up donations at a far higher rate than before. Share on Facebook Share on Pinterest Republicans Facebook Share on Twitter Pinterest center_img Last modified on Wed 7 Mar 2018 10.16 EST Reuse this content Share on Facebook Texas primary: Democratic turnout soars as Republicans stand their ground This article is more than 1 year old news Share via Email Primaries are in focus as symbol of whether revulsion to Trump and the rightwards swing of the GOP could lead to Democratic enthusiasm Political campaign signs stand outside a polling station in Austin, Texas Monday. Photograph: Reuters Staff/Reuters … we have a small favour to ask. The Guardian will engage with the most critical issues of our time – from the escalating climate catastrophe to widespread inequality to the influence of big tech on our lives. At a time when factual information is a necessity, we believe that each of us, around the world, deserves access to accurate reporting with integrity at its heart.More people are reading and supporting The Guardian’s independent, investigative journalism than ever before. And unlike many news organisations, we have chosen an approach that allows us to keep our journalism accessible to all, regardless of where they live or what they can afford. But we need your ongoing support to keep working as we do.Our editorial independence means we set our own agenda and voice our own opinions. Guardian journalism is free from commercial and political bias and not influenced by billionaire owners or shareholders. This means we can give a voice to those less heard, explore where others turn away, and rigorously challenge those in power.We need your support to keep delivering quality journalism, to maintain our openness and to protect our precious independence. Every reader contribution, big or small, is so valuable. Support The Guardian from as little as $1 – and it only takes a minute. Thank you. Ted Cruz US politics Since you’re here… Read more Share on Messenger Share on Twitter Supporters of US Senate hopeful Beto O’Rourke cheer during a Democratic watch party following the Texas primary election Tuesday in Austin.Photograph: Eric Gay/AP @Tom_Dart Share on LinkedIn Democratic turnout soared in America’s most populous Republican state on Tuesday as Texas held the nation’s first primary elections before November’s midterms.The Texas primaries were scrutinized across the country for hints as to whether revulsion over Donald Trump and the rightwards swing of the GOP could translate into a flurry of Democratic enthusiasm that gives the party a chance of retaking the House of Representatives in November. Texas primary: Democrats see rare surge of enthusiasm in early voting Democratslast_img read more

Quit the EU for better trade deal Trump reportedly told Macron

first_imgDonald Trump Quit the EU for better trade deal, Trump reportedly told Macron Share via Email Instead, the US president has promoted “America first” policies, insisting that foreign countries – allies and adversaries alike – have been taking advantage of the US.While imposing trade tariffs on countries and the EU, he told some of his country’s closest allies that they might lose access to American markets if they did not reduce tariffs on US companies’ services and goods.The Washington Post said Trump was attempting to inflict “enormous” but pointless damage on European allies.“Trump has been trashing the EU and Nato since his campaign, but the pace and viciousness of his attacks have increased,” Rogin wrote. “Trump doesn’t believe in the continued sanctity of the European Union and Nato as well as the United States’ commitment to both.”He added that Trump’s “intentional and egregious actions to undermine the EU, Nato and the United States relationship with both can no longer be discounted, rationalised or seen as anything but what they are – a brazen attempt to undo the strategic infrastructure both America and Europe need more than ever”. 0:14 Fri 29 Jun 2018 07.20 EDT Emmanuel Macron Last modified on Fri 29 Jun 2018 11.35 EDT Share on Facebook Donald Trump US president offered France improved terms in effort ‘to undermine the EU’ Donald Trump suggested to Emmanuel Macron that he pull France out of the European Union in return for a bilateral trade deal, it has been claimed.The offer, aimed at destroying the Europe alliance, was reported to have been made during a private meeting when Macron visited the White House at the end of April.The Washington Post said the US president asked Macron: “Why don’t you leave the European Union?” In return, Trump suggested the US could offer France a substantial bilateral trade deal.The article claimed that Trump promised to give France better trade terms than the EU as a whole gets from the US.The columnist at the Washington Post, Josh Rogin, cited two unnamed European officials as the source of his report, adding that the proposition revealed “a basic lack of understanding of Macron’s views and those of the people who elected him”. It was “an instance of the president of the United States offering an incentive to dismantle an organsation of America’s allies, against stated US government policy”.Neither the White House nor the Elysée Palace has confirmed the report or commented, but the offer is consistent with Trump’s wider suspicion of international organisations and treaties.Since taking office, Trump has questioned America’s membership of Nato, withdrawn from the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), pulled out of the Paris climate agreement and earlier this month withdrew the US from the United Nations human rights council. In the last few weeks he has taken a tough line with Canada and Mexico in the hope of forcing them to renegotiate the North American Free Trade Agreement (Nafta). Share on WhatsApp This article is more than 1 year old Reuse this content Europe Global economy Share on Messenger This article is more than 1 year old Trump and Macron share an awkward handshake and a kiss – videocenter_img Share on Pinterest Topics news International trade Share via Email Shares887887 European Union Play Video France Since you’re here… Share on Facebook Donald Trump (left) and Emmanuel Macron in Canada earlier this month.Photograph: Saul Loeb/AFP/Getty … we have a small favour to ask. The Guardian will engage with the most critical issues of our time – from the escalating climate catastrophe to widespread inequality to the influence of big tech on our lives. At a time when factual information is a necessity, we believe that each of us, around the world, deserves access to accurate reporting with integrity at its heart.More people are reading and supporting The Guardian’s independent, investigative journalism than ever before. And unlike many news organisations, we have chosen an approach that allows us to keep our journalism accessible to all, regardless of where they live or what they can afford. But we need your ongoing support to keep working as we do.Our editorial independence means we set our own agenda and voice our own opinions. Guardian journalism is free from commercial and political bias and not influenced by billionaire owners or shareholders. This means we can give a voice to those less heard, explore where others turn away, and rigorously challenge those in power.We need your support to keep delivering quality journalism, to maintain our openness and to protect our precious independence. Every reader contribution, big or small, is so valuable. Support The Guardian from as little as $1 – and it only takes a minute. Thank you. Kim Willsher Support The Guardian Share on Twitter Share on LinkedIn Share on Twitterlast_img read more

Pete Buttigieg to Fox Ideological spectrum has never been less relevant

first_imgShare on Facebook Since you’re here… Pete Buttigieg to Fox: ‘Ideological spectrum has never been less relevant’ Read more Reuse this content Share on Facebook Sun 17 Mar 2019 14.26 EDT Edward Helmore Democrats US politics Shares296296 Read more US elections 2020 Topics Share on Messenger Pete Buttigieg Share via Email This article is more than 4 months old This article is more than 4 months old Share on WhatsApp Too much, too young? Mayor could become the first millennial president Support The Guardian Pete Buttigieg arrives for a campaign stop in Portsmouth, New Hampshire.Photograph: Brian Snyder/Reuters … we have a small favour to ask. The Guardian will engage with the most critical issues of our time – from the escalating climate catastrophe to widespread inequality to the influence of big tech on our lives. At a time when factual information is a necessity, we believe that each of us, around the world, deserves access to accurate reporting with integrity at its heart.More people are reading and supporting The Guardian’s independent, investigative journalism than ever before. And unlike many news organisations, we have chosen an approach that allows us to keep our journalism accessible to all, regardless of where they live or what they can afford. But we need your ongoing support to keep working as we do.Our editorial independence means we set our own agenda and voice our own opinions. Guardian journalism is free from commercial and political bias and not influenced by billionaire owners or shareholders. This means we can give a voice to those less heard, explore where others turn away, and rigorously challenge those in power.We need your support to keep delivering quality journalism, to maintain our openness and to protect our precious independence. Every reader contribution, big or small, is so valuable. Support The Guardian from as little as $1 – and it only takes a minute. Thank you. “It’s a handful of pages laying out a goal for us to cut carbon emissions before they destroy our economy and any prospect for people in my generation to do well,” he said. “If we don’t act aggressively and immediately on climate its not going to be a pretty picture.”The timetable for action, he added, would not be set by Congress “but by reality and science”.What advocates of the Green New Deal get right, he added, “is that it recognises there’s also a lot of economic opportunity in this”.Buttigieg was also asked about his roots in the industrial midwest, an area where Democrats are perceived to have lost touch with voters who went for Trump. He said he would offer a combination of attributes, including his military service as an intelligence analyst in Afghanistan, that was simply different from other candidates.“I’m looking forward to competing,” he said. “I know I’m the young face in this conversation but not only do I have more years of government experience than the president, I have more years of executive experience than the vice-president.” Pete Buttigieg, the mayor of South Bend, Indiana, who is exploring a White House run, gave an interview to Fox News Sunday, a potentially ideologically incongruous step for a 37-year-old Democrat who likes to joke he appeals to “white Episcopalian gay veteran” voters. First published on Sun 17 Mar 2019 13.02 EDT news If successful, Democrat would be first openly gay presidentShortest Way Home: Pete Buttigieg as president in waiting ‘Porn star presidency’: Pence support for Trump questioned by Democrat Share on Pinterest Share on Twitter Share on LinkedIn Share via Email “I think everyone wants to fit you on an ideological spectrum which I think has never been less relevant,” he said, when asked about the ideological sweep of the Democratic field, from centrists like Beto O’Rourke to leftwing progressives such as Bernie Sanders.“More and more people want to know what your ideas are and whether they make any sense.”Buttigieg said he had succeeded as mayor of South Bend, where he has been in office since 2012, by governing in accordance with progressive values but earning support from Republicans and independents through not “trying to manage exactly where I was on the left-right spectrum but by trying to do the right thing”.“I view myself as a progressive but these labels are becoming less and less useful,” he said.The US navy veteran said he established his exploratory committee in January as a way to gauge responses “to the idea of a midwestern millennial mayor entering the conversation for president”, and to see if anybody would take note in early voting states and how fundraising might go.“We’re seeing all of those things,” he said, “but because I’m not highly famous or personally wealthy it takes a little bit to put all the organisation in place.”Buttigieg made an impressive presidential town hall debut last weekend, telling an audience convened by CNN he questioned how Vice-President Mike Pence, like him a Christian from Indiana, could work in a “porn star presidency” with Donald Trump, with whom the adult film star Stormy Daniels claims to have had a sexual liaison.Since then he has emailed supporters to say he has met a qualifying threshold for this summer’s Democratic debates, by receiving contributions from more than 65,000 individual donors.On Fox News Sunday, he said “all the signs are pointing in the right direction” for a White House run.“You only get to launch once and I can tell you it’s going to be a big one,” he said.If successful, Buttigieg would not only become the first openly gay president and the youngest president in history, he would also be the first to ascend directly to the White House from being mayor of a city of any size, let alone one with a population of just 102,000.Asked about O’Rourke, a 46-year-old former US representative from Texas who narrowly lost a Senate race last year, Buttigieg contested the idea of preordained political purpose.O’Rourke told Vanity Fair this week he felt he was “just born to be in” the presidential race.“I think I was born to make myself useful,” Buttigieg said.He also deflected questions about other Democratic candidates, saying he was “not combating anybody, they’re going to be competitors rather than opponents”.But he did emphasise his youth, saying: “I do believe I’m not like the others. I belong to a different generation. I was in high school when school shootings started to be the norm, we’re the generation that’s going to be on the business end of climate change and also the generation that’s on track to make less than our parents if nothing is done to change the direction of our economy.”Asked to identify his core policy ideas, he said his candidacy would be about generational change and would focus on “liberty, democracy and security”. He also said the Green New Deal, as championed by progressives in the Democratic party and ridiculed and attacked on the right, was more of a goal than plan. Share on Twitter Pete Buttigieglast_img read more

Monday Tech Tip Withings Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor

first_imgJosh Anderson, Manager of Clinical Assistive Technology, at Easterseals Crossroads shows us the Withings Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor, which allows someone to take their blood pressure at home and then logs the reading to an app to keep track of the readings or to share with a doctor.Check it out here:Click here to learn more about the Withings Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor. Share this…TwitterFacebookPinterestLinkedInEmailPrint Relatedlast_img

Glocally and Storied Partner to Develop Digital Ad Units Distributing Local Social

first_imgGlocally, a local social content firm, and Storied, a creative management platform, announced a partnership to develop digital ad units that will help clients syndicate and distribute local social content across premium websites and programmatic channels.These ad units will enable Glocally to ingest content created by their local influencers or their in-house production team, and quickly convert it to ad units that can be distributed across the web, all in near real-time.“Developing local social content is only the beginning,” said Brad Agens, founder and CEO of Glocally. “We are fortunate to be working with clients that understand developing a library of content is important, but you also need to have a strategy to use and distribute that content. Storied’s creative management platform lets us build high-impact ad units that are customized for our local clients. We wanted ad units that could showcase great social content, promote live events, and, most importantly, deliver a real return.”Marketing Technology News: How to Save Over 250 Hours Per Year on Emails and Lower Your StressGlocally has worked with more than 150 clients, partnering with local social media creators in 30 different markets across the U.S., and has relationships with many regional media companies and digital publishers.Marketing Technology News: US Companies Seek Providers to Help Manage Enterprise Use of SalesforceStoried is a creative management platform used by design teams at leading digital media companies and publishers to create, distribute and measure everything from interactive ads to branded content and full websites.Marketing Technology News: Tappx launches to Drive Adoption for App-ads.txt Brad AgensDigital AdGlocallyMarketing TechnologyNewssocial content firmStoried Previous ArticleFirst-of-its-Kind Consumer Benefits Coverage Index Illustrates Benefits Spending Patterns Across USNext ArticleQueen’s Award in International Trade for Rapidly Growing Semantic Analytics Technology Company SciBite Glocally and Storied Partner to Develop Digital Ad Units Distributing Local Social Content PRNewswireApril 23, 2019, 4:05 pmApril 23, 2019 last_img read more

5G for Connected Cities Predicted to Generate US17 Trillion by 2035 Reveals

first_img 5G5G urban deploymentABI ResearchInterDigitalMarketing Technology Newsmobile technology researchNews Previous ArticleForging MarTech with Big Data: Salesforce Eyes Tableau’s Big Data Expertise with $15.7 Billion DealNext ArticleLiveData Announces the Launch of PeriOp Manager for Salesforce Health Cloud on Salesforce AppExchange 5G for Connected Cities Predicted to Generate US$17 Trillion by 2035, Reveals ABI Research PRNewswireJune 10, 2019, 7:09 pmJune 10, 2019 5G Connected Cities Services Set to Play Important Role in Economic growth5G will generate trillions of dollars in direct, indirect contributions and productivity gains, according to a new study conducted by ABI Research and commissioned by InterDigital, Inc., a mobile technology research and development company. The study, which examined the growth opportunities for next-generation wireless technologies in urban environments, also revealed how 5G would underpin future vertical services and spur the proliferation of connected cities.In the new study entitled, ‘5G urban deployment: debunking the capex myth and unlocking new growth’, ABI Research highlighted increased revenue opportunities through 2028 in three separate areas as a result of 5G:US$2.4 trillion in direct contributions: mostly driven by end-user subscriptions for connectivity services. This compares with US$1.1 trillion with 4G.US$866 billion in indirect contributions: these include increases in the supply chain from devices, infrastructure, applications, advertising and other products or services. This compares with US$500 billion in 2018 on 4G.US$3.2 trillion in productivity gains: these refer to better workforce efficiency due to the availability of connectivity throughout cities.Marketing Technology News: MultiVu Launches Digital Marketing SuiteThe survey particularly highlights the role of connected cities in the US$17 trillion in economic growth 5G is expected to generate by 2035. According to the findings, mobile operators should take bold steps to deploy 5G mobile broadband connectivity more aggressively in cities over the coming years. The study also highlights how the introduction of 5G in urban areas can create a new wave of enterprise vertical use cases that will redefine consumer lifestyles and enterprise operations in cities. The dense population of urban areas will allow mobile operators to better monetize new 5G services without massive investment or a long ROI cycle.Early commercial 5G deployments have already been announced, with examples across the globe in the United States, China, Japan, South Korea, and the United Kingdom, supported by infrastructure vendors that have started to ship 5G-capable network equipment. The first 5G-related use cases will be fueled by enhanced Mobile Broadband (eMBB), but advanced and use-case enabling 5G features, such as Ultra-Reliable Low-Latency Communications (URLLC) and Massive Machine Type Communications (MMTC) will start to appear as early as 2020. A number of technologies are contributing to this development, including private cellular, millimeter wave (mmWave), small cells, fixed wireless access, and telco cloud/edge.Marketing Technology News: Live Data Is Now The Lifeblood For Telco Value Creation“We expect 5G deployment to begin to place huge pressures on mobile operators over the next couple of years as they look to compete to capitalize on its revenue potential,” said Henry Tirri, CTO, at InterDigital. “Many are trying to understand how they will monetize this next generation of wireless technology, and most importantly, how they’ll deliver ROI from it. But while there may still be several questions and doubts surrounding 5G monetization, these findings clearly demonstrate the growth opportunities that 5G is set to bring about. While CAPEX and OPEX investments will be high, it is evident that 5G technology will radically change our ability to deliver new and innovative consumer and enterprise services, and help dictate the trajectory of our future global economy.”Commenting on the findings, analyst Dimitris Mavrakis from ABI Research said: “We have reached a critical point today where our global economy is heavily reliant on our ability to deliver new technological services. 5G has the potential to completely change our every day lives, but only if mobile service providers can roll out 5G in a way that makes economical and logical sense – that is, to start with mobile broadband connectivity deployments in urban areas to create the right use cases that will justify investments in CAPEX and OPEX.”Marketing Technology News: Actifio Announces Global Alliance with Tata Consultancy Services to Provide Multi-Cloud Copy Data Management Solutions for Data-Driven Enterpriseslast_img read more

Hands On at the Track With the 2020 Mini Cooper SE Electric

first_img Mini is targeting urban performance over exurban range with the 2020 Mini Cooper SE. And its performance is exceptional, even if battery life will be better suited for urban/suburban driving than vacation treks. Mini says the Cooper SE travels 235-270 km (146-168 miles) on a full charge, at least based on European testing. Some reports say EPA range will be as little as 114 miles per charge, while US pricing is likely to start around $35,000-$38,000. Those estimates are based on European pricing, although euro-to-dollar conversions can be too simplistic.Some of the Cooper SE’s tradeoffs stem from the car’s provenance: The three-door hatchback body is based on a Mini design that dates to 2014. The drivetrain is sourced from the first-generation BMW i3 that goes back to 2013. Both are likely to be upgraded in the next two years, and the electric Mini should follow.The Mini Cooper SE (Mini Electric outside the US) is cat-quick on Brooklyn’s tight 1.5-mile Formula E racetrack.Crisp Handling, One-Pedal Driving at the TrackMini used the occasion of the Formula E race in Brooklyn to invite a dozen auto writers and editors to sample the new car on the 1.5-mile track. (After the professionals were done racing for the day.) Flat-out driving wasn’t possible on the tight track. What was clear was how quick the car accelerated at the kinds of speeds you’d experience building up steam entering a highway on-ramp or getting through a stoplight that just turned yellow. There was very little lean even at the track’s 180-degree hairpin turn.Most significantly, when you flip a button on the console for max regeneration, the resistance provided by the generator charging the battery effectively takes over the braking chores. Driving in a tightly bunched wave of five similar Minis, lifting off the throttle immediately slowed my car significantly for the next turn. I only needed to feather the brakes a couple of times on a 15-turn track, typically when the pre-collision alert indicator flashed in the head-up display. (The PCS warning provides ample advance notice.)If you’ve ever been karting, this is the same one-pedal sensation: The moment you lift off the throttle, you’re effectively braking. If you haven’t karted, it’s like being aboard a riding mower when you lift. (If you haven’t been aboard a riding mower, well, it’s exciting for 15 minutes.) For drivers who find max regen unsettling, at least at first, you can flip the switch for more minimal brake regeneration.Crossing NYC bridges in the Cooper SE.Night Rider, TooTo round out the sporty urban-car experience, Mini offered night drives during the race weekend. In this case, the cars were driven by company pros, because it was hard enough making it to the 6 PM lapping experience without a drink (the FIA race sponsoring body has a 0.0 percent BAC rule for anyone going on the track) and impossible to get to 10 PM without a cocktail or two.In crowded Brooklyn and Manhattan, this was a perfect car for moving about at night, plenty quick, with zero tailpipe emissions. It’s a good car for two, although this two-door has seatbelts for five. At 152 inches long (12-plus feet), it’s easy to find openings in traffic and then at the curb.The instrument panel and center stack.Mini Cooper SE SpecsThe Mini Cooper SE (US name)/Mini Electric (Europe name) is a front-motor, front-drive car. The 32.6-kWh lithium-ion battery forms a T that runs between the front seats and under the back seats. The electric motor is rated at 135 kW or 181 US hp, and 270 Nm (199 pound-feet) torque. It’s a transplant from the carbon-fiber BMW i3 city vehicle, or as Mini puts it, “[The] drive technology comes from the BMW Group competence centers for electro mobility in Dingolfing and Landshut [Germany].” Production is in Oxford, England.The battery/motor combination is good for 7.3 second 0-100 kph runs (0-62 mph). In testing, it felt especially strong getting to 30 mph. The low position of the battery packs lowers the car’s center of gravity by 30 mm (1.2 inches). You’ll have to work to roll this Mini. It weighs in at 3,010 pounds (1,365 kg), 320 pounds (145 kg) more than the gas-engine Cooper S with an automatic gearbox. Top speed is 93 mph. Charging is possible from a 12-volt socket, a wall-mounted home charger, or public charging stations, including DC fast charging at 50 kW. At 50 kW, you get an 80 percent charge in 35 minutes.Electronics include Apple CarPlay, a 5.5-inch multi-information display in the instrument panel, and a 6.5-inch LCD in a big circle at the top of the center stack.Mini Cooper SE (electric), gas-engine Mini Cooper S, and BMW i3. (Far left: BMW C Evolution electric scooter.)How Successful Will a $35K Short-Ranger Be?The car is half a year from shipping in the US. But judgments are being formed. Some of the early press/analyst reports say it’s a lot of money for a car that gets as little as 114 miles in the US. (AutoPacific analyst Ed Kim says it’s a good price/performance point for a 2015 EV.) US pricing is likely to be in the mid-thirties for a Mini. It’s a little better price/performance ratio at 140-150 miles (the European WLPT estimate). BMW execs said they didn’t want to burden the Mini Cooper SE with a higher price tag. Our $35,000-$39,000 USA starting-price estimate is a simple conversion of UK pricing, £27,900, or Europe pricing, €34,400. There will be three trim lines: Signature, Signature Plus, and Iconic.At a weekend press conference at the Formula E race in Brooklyn, Pieter Nota, BMW board member for customer-brands-sales, got roughed up by the media who noted that a short-range EV is more of an urban than a suburban car, yet most urban areas, especially New York City, have precious few charging stations. (BMW and Mini have a relationship with the ChargePoint network.) And, said writers and editors who live in the Big Apple, when you go to a parking garage that claims to offer EV charging, it may be the wrong kind, it’s not working, or there are no free charging spaces. This is not a BMW-Mini problem, though.The real BMW-Mini-specific problem is where Mini’s future lies: It’s primarily a sedan/coupe brand at a time when SUVs dominate. Electrification may boost Mini’s sales, which peaked at 66,502 in the US in 2013 and had led Mini to say they’d sell 100,000 vehicles a year in 2020. Instead, they fell to just 43,684 last year and may be as low as 36,000 this year, based on June year-to-date sales of less than 18,000. Mini’s woes may be one reason chairman Harald Krueger opted not to seek an extension of his contract that expires next year.Our take is that the range — say it’s 140 miles — is a little disappointing relative to the price. But Mini needed to get an EV into the market. It had a prototype out in 2008 that was made available to 400 enthusiasts, and Mini had plenty of time to digest their comments. (One was that they didn’t like batteries replacing the back seat, which shows how far technology has come. Now the back seat is back.) It should have been out already. We’re assuming the Mini Cooper SE will live for 2-3 years and then we’ll see a much-improved version using newer BMW-Mini technology. BMW will ship the iX3 — a battery-electric X3 — in a year or so, reportedly with a 300-hp motor and battery good for 250 miles on a charge. The next electric Mini likely will use a scaled-down version of that motor.Meantime, for the price of what the Mini Cooper SE likely costs, you can get a Tesla Model 3, Kira Niro EV, Chevrolet Bolt, or Nissan Leaf Plus with 226 to 258 miles or range. Only the Tesla matches Mini as a perceived premium brand, which may justify some of the pricing. Or for $30,000 you could get a 150-mile Nissan Leaf. Mini must be counting on the fun factor to woo buyers. That it is: fun, and fast.Now read:2019 Mini Countryman S E All4 Review: Bouncy, Fun-to-Drive Plug-In HybridBrooklyn Electric Car Races Add Showroom Stock CarsThe Go-Fast, Go-Safe Parts You Only Get on Police Cars The Untold Truth of ‘Batman & Robin’ Hands On at the Track With the 2020 Mini Cooper SE Electric The Greatest Opening Scenes in Superhero Movies Jim Carrey’s Tragic Life Just Gets Sadder and Sadder 6 Comments We Now Understand Why Sean Connery Has Disappeared By Bill Howard on July 17, 2019 at 7:30 am You Might Also LikePowered By ZergNet Jason Momoa’s Marriage Just Keeps Getting Weirder and Weirder Helen From ‘Waterworld’ Is 56 Now and Incredibly Gorgeous The Transformation of Daisy Ridley Is Turning Heads Anna Kendrick’s Transformation is Turning Heads Tagged In carsautomobilesautosteslaEVsBEVsFormula EMiniMini Cooper SEMini Electric Post a Comment 6 Comments Facebook Twitter Linkedin Pinterest Google Plus Reddit Hacker News Flipboard Email Copy 0shares This site may earn affiliate commissions from the links on this page. 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Apollo 11 at 50 NASA Is Streaming the Landing

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