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UNICEF warns of impact on children of ongoing violence in Southern Sudan

5 May 2009The United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) said today that it is deeply concerned at the impact on children of continuing violence in a number of states of Southern Sudan, and urged that all parties ensure the protection of young people. The United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) said today that it is deeply concerned at the impact on children of continuing violence in a number of states of Southern Sudan, and urged that all parties ensure the protection of young people. The agency calls on groups involved in fighting in Southern Sudan to show “immediate restraint and ensure the full protection of children, those who care for them, and the services on which they depend for their survival and development,” UNICEF’s Veronique Taveau told a news conference in Geneva, recalling that Sudan is a signatory to the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.Ms. Taveau said that since the start of this year, thousands of children are estimated to have been displaced from their homes due to attacks by the Ugandan rebel Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) in Central and Western Equatoria, while repeated clashes between tribal groups in Jonglei, Lakes and Warrap States were believed to have resulted in the death and abduction of children. In Pibor Country of Jonglei State, more than 140 children had been reportedly abducted, while children were feared to be among the 450 people believed killed in Pibor and the 170 people killed in Akobo County. The UN Mission in Sudan (UNMIS) had, almost two weeks ago, expressed its deep concern over renewed tribal clashes in the country’s southern Jonglei State. It had appealed to local authorities to take steps to restore stability in the affected areas and also to the Government of Southern Sudan to do all it can to ensure civilians’ safety and to find a way to end the hostilities.The Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA) signed in 2005 by the Government of National Unity and the Government of Southern Sudan ended two decades of north-south civil war. UNICEF noted that since then, progress in primary education and health care has been a positive example of the valuable peace dividends benefiting the children of Southern Sudan.However, these gains are being jeopardized by the current level of violence, the agency warned, calling on all parties to ensure the protection of all children in Southern Sudan. read more

Slurp swish and chirp – a day in the life of a

Slurp, swish and chirp – a day in the life of a Tim Hortons coffee tester AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Email by David Friend, The Canadian Press Posted Jun 25, 2012 7:23 am MDT ANCASTER, Ont. – Coffee lovers are all too familiar with that satisfying moment — the first sip of a freshly brewed cup — but for the lead coffee taster at Tim Hortons, that borderline euphoric sensation has become a lifestyle.Kevin West leads a team responsible for maintaining the trademark flavour of Tim Hortons’ coffee, a process engineered from the company’s facility on the outskirts of Hamilton.Every day he pours a seemingly endless stream of coffee made with beans from around the world. The goal is to ensure that the quality of each is up to expectations, and all together he estimates that he tastes about 75,000 cups each year.At first, West’s estimate sounds like a huge exaggeration, but he’s quick to follow it up.“When we first built the facility, we cupped so much in one day that I went home calling my brother thinking I was having a heart attack,” West says.“I had about 600 cups of coffee and my heart was racing.”Tim Hortons wants Canadians to know that, like its coffee tasters, it’s critically serious about coffee.The country’s biggest restaurant chain is in the midst of an intense battle for the lucrative coffee products market, facing competition from both low-priced and higher-end rivals.But unlike a majority of businesses vying for the same market, the Canadian mainstay has built its reputation almost solely on coffee and doughnuts since 1964.The Oakville, Ont.-headquartered company is just a short drive from its $30-million facility in Ancaster, Ont., which opened nearly three years ago.The 74,000 square-foot building is tucked in the corner of an industrial park and operates under the guise of Maidstone Coffee, a company owned by Tim Hortons. Inside the building, a sequence of machines process beans fresh off the truck into the finished ground product.At several points in the process, West steps in with his taste buds at the ready, looking for any brews that don’t fit the profile. The procedure begins in the morning when he and his team of four other “cuppers” gather around a stainless steel Lazy-Susan that’s equipped with built-in sinks that bear a slight resemblance to the spittoons at your dentist’s office.The table top is covered in a neatly arranged circle of coffees made with beans from around the world — Columbia, Brazil, Guatemala, regions of Africa. A top-secret formula determines which quantity of each bean go into making the blend that has defined the Tim Hortons flavour.Each cup on the table has been steeping for exactly five minutes before the team “breaks the crust,” or removes the floating coffee grounds, and begins their flavour critique.“It’s very similar to wine tasting,” West says as he dips his spoon into one of the little white bowls.But this tasting session is noisy enough — sluuuuuurp — to make any wine connoisseur blush.West swishes the coffee around in his mouth while making a chirping sound that he says helps the flavour reach all of his taste receptors.After a moment he spits the coffee into the sink before turning his attention to the next brew.“This is a lower altitude Guatemalan coffee,” he says, wafting the scent towards his nose.“When you smell this, think of fresh grass from mowing your lawn.”Lawn clippings?For the average coffee drinker, most of what West is saying its probably too esoteric. And by the time he begins describing other coffees at the table as “chocolate,” “citrus,” “lemony,” and “flowery” it becomes clear that it might be easier to agree than question his veteran palette.The proof is in the coffee served at Tim Hortons restaurants across the country, a flavour that has divided some but is still a familiar favourite of many Canadians.In the first quarter, the company’s sales were up 12 per cent to $721.3 million. Profits increased 10 per cent to $88.6 million or 56 cents per diluted share.Despite the improved results, even a household name like Tim Hortons has to keep its reputation in check, especially in the increasingly competitive world of coffee. Over the past few years, McDonalds has emerged as a formidable low-priced brewer with its McCafe line, while Starbucks continues its aggressive rollout of locations across the country.However, none of Tim Hortons’ competitors have put a notable dent in the company’s sales yet.“Tim Hortons has such a high market share in Canada that while they may lose a little bit here and there, at the end of the day I think coffee drinkers are hard to get to switch,” says Brian Yarbrough, research analyst at Edward Jones in St. Louis.“Most people I talk either like Hortons, Starbucks or McDonalds, and switching for them just doesn’t happen.”While some customers are steadfast loyals, the pressure of a weak economy has hurt sales in some of Canada’s manufacturing towns where high unemployment has caused some to visit less frequently throughout the day.Tim Hortons’ strategy has been to give customers more reasons to return to its stores multiple times throughout the day. It has recently expanded its line of specialty beverages, and branched out into non-coffee products, like frozen lemonade, and a range of hot foods like lasagna and breakfast sandwiches.“People laugh, but adding lasagna worked well,” Yarbrough says.“They’re always innovating with new bagels or cookies, and I give them credit for that.”But it ultimately comes back to the basic cup of coffee. About 40 per cent of Tim Hortons’ annual revenue comes from coffee, even though its one of the lower-priced items on the menu.“I know for myself on the weekend I’ve got to go to Tim Hortons three or four times to get the coffee,” West says.“(I do it) as an employee but, more than anything, as a consumer. I’m addicted to the coffee. It’s so easy to drink.” read more

BlackBerry introduces services for rival Android Apple smartphones

AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Email by The Canadian Press Posted Jun 25, 2013 10:46 am MDT WATERLOO, Ont. – BlackBerry (TSX:BB) is launching a business service for corporate and government workers with rival Google Android and Apple smartphones.It’s called the Secure Work Space, and it allows Apple and Android users to separate their data and work apps, such as email and calendars, from their personal apps bringing a greater level of security.The business service is a way for BlackBerry to compete with its rivals, which have been eating into its business user base, which is mainly long-term corporate customers. Those deals can be highly lucrative.BlackBerry announced plans for broadening its business services earlier this year. The new service makes its security features and operating system available to the growing trend of “bring your own device” users who have opted for something other than a BlackBerry phone.The Waterloo, Ont., company launched its new BlackBerry 10 line of smartphones in January.BlackBerry announces its fourth-quarter results on Friday.Share of Blackberry rose 32 cents to $15.07 near midday Tuesday on the Toronto Stock Exchange. BlackBerry introduces services for rival Android, Apple smartphones read more

Week In Westminster – Week ending Friday 30 September 2011

DOWNLOADLabour leader Ed Milliband calls for an end to the UK’s “fast buck” cultureSMMT host breakfast roundtable at Labour Party ConferenceDfT to launch a consultation on increasing the speed limit on motorwaysDfT publish “Reported road casualties in Great Britain: annual report 2010”Party ConferencesWeek aheadClick to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)

The 2017 Cubs Never Clicked

A season after winning their first title in 108 years, the Chicago Cubs couldn’t recapture that same magic in 2017. They started off slow, suffering one of the worst hangovers ever for a defending champ, and struggled to fend off the upstart Milwaukee Brewers for most of the summer. Although Chicago did eventually start playing to its potential in the second half of the year, the Cubs needed an epic Washington Nationals meltdown (and maybe a little help from the umpires) to squeak their way into the NLCS, where they rarely seemed like fair competition for the Los Angeles Dodgers. It took five games for L.A. to officially end Chicago’s repeat bid, with the Dodgers winning 11-1 at Wrigley Field on Thursday night to finish the series.Now Theo Epstein, Joe Maddon and the rest of the Cubs’ brain trust have five months to contemplate what went wrong in their team’s title defense.They can start by looking at the bullpen, which blew game after game. One of the Cubs’ prize trade-deadline additions, reliever Justin Wilson, pitched only 0.2 innings in October, and many of Chicago’s other bullpen arms disappointed. Epstein was never able to assemble the stocked relief cabinet that other top playoff contenders, from the Dodgers to the Yankees, managed to collect.But there’s plenty of blame to go around. The Cubs’ usually dynamic duo of Anthony Rizzo and Kris Bryant scuffled, and the whole lineup produced one of the worst offensive performances in the playoffs in decades. And in general, this roster wasn’t as talented as the one that steamrolled the league in 2016. Although a healthy Kyle Schwarber, who returned this season after missing all but two games last year with a torn ACL, should have offset the loss of Dexter Fowler, the returning slugger never hit as well as expected, and the offense took a small step back. On the other side of the ball, the Cubs’ incredible pitching and defensive performance last season fell back down to earth in 2017.Even Maddon, who has a reputation as a tactical genius, showed signs that his strategic brilliance may be only skin deep. In the ninth inning of Game 2, Maddon made the controversial decision not to use ace closer Wade Davis, instead opting to hand the ball to starter-turned-postseason-reliever John Lackey, who had also pitched the night before — and the results were predictably disastrous. Lackey proceeded to give up a walk-off dinger to Dodgers third baseman Justin Turner, putting the Cubs in an 0-2 series hole from which they never recovered.On its own, Maddon’s decision wasn’t as egregious as, for example, Orioles manager Buck Showalter sitting Zach Britton in the Wild Card contest last year. But it’s part of a pattern of less-than-stellar bullpen management for the Cubs skipper. Last season, Rian Watt and I created a bullpen-management statistic with which to grade managers, and Maddon has been surprisingly mediocre — 22nd out of 35 qualified skippers — in that aspect of the game over the past several years. (In fact, Maddon’s score was almost identical to Showalter’s.)Other managerial metrics are similarly unkind to Maddon: He has often ranked highly in former Grantland writer Ben Lindbergh’s managerial meddling index, which quantifies the degree to which coaches call for often-unwise tactics from the bench. So perhaps it was fitting that Merlot Joe’s reliever usage wasn’t the only questionable call he made this October. As sabermetrician Dave Cameron pointed out, Maddon’s calls — including setting the lineup and failing to pinch hit in several tight spots — were poor throughout Game 2.This isn’t to say that Maddon is a bad manager. Despite the outsized importance that bullpen decisions acquire in the postseason, we found that they only tend to be worth a win or so over the full season. How a skipper manages his players’ egos and clubhouse chemistry is likely to be much more important than the fiddling he does with a lineup or the pitcher he calls on to get critical outs. And Maddon excels in those soft skills: He is famous for maintaining a relaxed, jovial clubhouse, and it shows in the outstanding performances of his players.But this season, Maddon was unable to coax quite enough out of his roster. There is good news for Cubs fans: Several of the All-Stars from last season’s World Series-winning outfit will return again next year. Since the difference between the wild card winner and the World Series champion often comes down to luck, the Cubs might only have to wait until next year — instead of 107 years from now — before they celebrate once again. read more

Moors murderer escapee tells how he got away

first_img Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. Tommy Rhattigan tells of how he escaped from Ian Brady and Myra Hindley after they lured him into their home.last_img

NASA Astronauts may have to abandon the 100 billion ISS in November

first_imgThe International Space Station may be left empty in November if its astronaut inhabitants are forced to abandon it. According to NASA, Russian engineers are currently trying to figure out what caused a failure of a Soyuz rocket that crashed just after its August 24 launch intended to deliver 2.9 tons of supplies to the ISS. The unmanned rocket was attached to the Russian cargo ship Progress 44.The main reason for concern is that Progress’ Soyuz rocket is very similar to the one that Russia uses to launch a vehicle that carries the crew to the station. There are currently six astronauts living on the ISS, and the problem isn’t the loss of supplies – the ISS has enough supplies to last them until next summer. The big issue is that until the Russian engineers figure out what went wrong with the Soyuz rocket, there isn’t any way to launch more astronauts before the current residents have to leave in mid-November.NASA’s space station program manager Mike Suffredini said there are plenty of options. The last resort would be to abandon the $100 billion ISS altogether, but it’s not out of the questions. Astronauts have been living on the space station since 2000 and the goal was to have astronauts on the ISS until 2020. However, the deserted space station could be operated by flight controllers indefinitely, but without anyone onboard to make sure there are no problems, the risk of anything happening is much greater.So if there are enough supplies to last until next summer, why don’t the six astronauts on board just stay there until the problem is smoothed out? Three of the six are scheduled to leave next month, and the other three are supposed to come back in mid-November. There are spacecraft and landing restrictions that can’t be broken, which means the astronauts can’t stay any longer than November. The three astronauts due to come back on September 8 have already been told that they will stay on for at least another week until the Soyuz can send up another three astronauts.Two unmanned Soyuz launches are scheduled for October. One will be commercial, and the other will attempt to bring supplies again. These two runs will serve as test flights. The ISS crews need the Soyuz-launched capsules to get back, and the capsules are only certified for no more than 6.5 months in space, which is why the crew needs to regularly rotate. As one crew comes up, another goes down.Lighting conditions at the Soyuz’s Kazakhstan landing site is also a big issue since the landings must happen at least one hour after dawn and one hour before dusk so that search and rescue operations can be performed easily if needed. According to, the “lighting window” closes for about five weeks on September 19 for the first crew and around November 19 for the second crew. If they wait past those dates, it would stretch the Soyuz’s 6.5-month lifespan past the point of safety.This was the first accident out of 44 Russian supply hauls. A crew could have very likely survived the accident due to safety precautions built into the spacecraft, but nobody wants to risk that. Until Russian space officials have come up with a cause for the accident and a repair plan, the launch and landing dates will stay up in the air, so to speak.Now that NASA’s Space Shuttle program has come to an end, it will have to rely on Russia to launch its astronauts to the ISS. Private American crew-carrying spaceships are in the works but won’t be ready until about 2015.via Space.comlast_img read more

FreedomPop a nearly free home broadband and mobile hotspot service

first_imgWhile some of us feel the need to be constantly tethered to the fastest data connection possible, and are fully willing to pay for the privilege, others are quite happy to settle for an affordable chunk of data when they need it. FreedomPop is creating a home broadband and mobile hotspot service catered to the latter group, at a “mostly free” price point.We’ve seen a couple of companies in recently memory trying to approach the market with a way to “escape” from the carriers and ISPs that seem confident they can increase their prices and restrict their data without consequence. With Republic Wireless, for example, the company wagered that most people would use their own WiFi to make calls and use data, and the monthly fee would cover the very little that would be used after that. According to Republic Wireless, they guessed correctly. FreedomPop is making the opposite assumption, that by offering a small amount of data for free the users will most assuredly go over and the prices paid for the other data would cover the freebies.FreedomPop is the latest in an attempt to help users into a new way of using the internet, though they are the first to offer solutions for both the home and on-the-go. The FreedomPop mobile hotspot service offers the first 500MB free to anyone who would need it, and $10 per GB used after that. By accessing Sprint’s WiMAX network, they are able to offer a 5-10Mb connection in covered areas.Most people that we’ve spoken to who have used FreedomPop have, so far, really enjoyed it. The company has several pieces of hardware available, ranging from USB sticks to mobile hotspots and an iPhone case, that users pay for upfront. As long as most people use more than 500MB every month, FreedomPop is going to continue to do well in this arena.Can the same be applied to the home broadband connection though? FreedomPop is betting that the answer is yes in their new plan to make broadband services available in several markets across the US. The same basic principles apply — you buy the WiMAX modem with a built-in wireless router outright and get 1GB of data every month. If you go over that 1GB during the month, you pay the extra amount. By the time the service is actually rolled out, there will be actual data plans for users who fully intend to use more than 1GB every month starting at $10. If you have a lot of friends, you can get more free data by signing up other users for the service.There’s a certain appeal to both of these approaches. After you pay for the hardware, you can activate and de-activate the hardware as you see fit, and continue to use as you need it. If you aren’t a heavy data user, $1 per GB for all of your data usage doesn’t sound bad at all. For mobile hotspot users, that price is less expensive that most of the tethering plans that are available through carriers right now.FreedomPop also promises that they will upgrade to Sprint’s LTE service at some point in the future, though there’s no mention of how that will affect prices.last_img read more

Un décret pour généraliser le filtrage et le blocage sur le web

first_imgUn décret pour généraliser le filtrage et le blocage sur le web ?Un décret dotant plusieurs ministres et l’autorité nationale de défense des systèmes d’information d’un pouvoir de restriction du commerce électronique a été soumis pour avis au Conseil National du Numérique. Ce texte leur offrirait la possibilité d’ordonner des blocages et des filtrages sur Internet, et ce sans avoir à passer devant un juge.”Le Conseil National du Numérique (a été) à nouveau saisi sur l’article 18 de la loi de confiance de l’économie numérique (LCEN)”, annonçait le CNN sur Twitter lundi. Cet article permet à l’autorité administrative de restreindre une bonne partie des activités en ligne si elles comportent un risque d’atteinte au maintien de l’ordre public, à la sécurité publique, à la protection des mineurs, à la préservation des intérêts de la défense nationale ou encore à “la protection des personnes physiques qui sont des consommateurs ou des investisseurs”. L’article de la LCEN ne définit pas précisément le pouvoir de restriction de l’autorité administrative. C’est un décret qui s’en chargera, et c’est à ce sujet que le CNN a été saisi pour un avis consultatif. Le Conseil étudie un projet de décret dont le site PC Inpact s’est procuré une copie. Ce texte offrirait auxministres de la Défense, de laJustice, de l’Intérieur, de l’Economie, de la Consommation, de la Santé et de l’Economie numérique le pouvoir de restriction instauré par l’article 18 de la LCEN. Le décret prévoit également de doter l’autorité nationale de défense des systèmes d’information de ce pouvoir.Un mécanisme en plusieurs étapes serait alors prévu. Pour commencer, l’autorité administrative pourra mettre en demeurel’éditeur d’un site fautif de supprimer l’accès aux contenus portant une des atteintes citées plus haut. Si à l’issue du délai qui lui aura été imparti, l’éditeur n’a pas réagi, les ministères et l’Autorité nationale de défense des systèmes d’information pourront alerter les consommateurs, “faire cesser la vente du produit proposé par le site, mettre fin aux pratiques commerciales en cause”, “interdire l’accès de tout ou partie du site aux mineurs” ou encore “retirer ou faire cesser la diffusion du contenu en cause” indique le projet de décret.À lire aussiLe World Wide Web a 30 ans : devons-nous nous inquiéter de son évolution ?Après 72h, si l’éditeur n’a toujours rien fait, l’autorité pourra s’adresser directement à l’hébergeur et lui demander de “retirer ou faire cesser la diffusion”. Enfin, le décret prévoit en dernier recours la possibilité de s’adresser aux FAI, “en cas d’atteinte ou de risque sérieux et grave d’atteinte aux intérêts”. Les FAI pourront être sollicités sans même que l’éditeur et l’hébergeur n’aient été contactés, si “l’urgence de la situation l’exige” note le texte. En outre, en cas de non-respect des injonctions, chaque acteur risquera une amende de cinquième classe.L’avis du CNN sur ce texte qui permet de se passer de l’autorité judiciaire est attendu le 17 juin prochain. Consultatif, il ne sera en aucun cas contraignant. Le gouvernement pourrait choisir de ne pas suivre un avis défavorable, et ce serait alors au Conseil d’Etat de juger si un tel décret peut entrer en application.Le 15 juin 2011 à 16:11 • Emmanuel Perrinlast_img read more

De la Méditerranée au Sahara le myrte plante voyageuse

first_imgDe la Méditerranée au Sahara : le myrte, plante voyageuse Une étude française retrace l’histoire évolutive de plantes sahariennes comme certaines variétés de myrte, issues du pourtour méditerranéen et venues coloniser le nord de l’Afrique, avant de se trouver isolées par la formation assez récente du désert et d’évoluer en des formes différentes. Une équipe de l’Institut méditerranéen de biodiversité et d’écologie (IMBE) des Universités d’Avignon et d’Aix-Marseille a tracé dans le temps et l’espace le parcours de certaines plantes des massifs sahariens du sud de l’Algérie et du Tchad, notamment le myrte de Nivelle. Pour cela, ils ont procédé à une gigantesque enquête biogéographique basée sur la génétique. À lire aussiMaladie de Charcot : symptômes, causes, traitement, où en est on ?D’une part, ils ont prélevé des échantillons de pas moins de 173 populations de myrte commun du pourtour méditerranéen et jusqu’aux Açores et à l’Iran, et d’autre part des échantillons de 23 populations de myrte de Nivelle du Sahara. Les résultats montrent que le genre Myrtus, originellement méditerranéen, a connu une expansion vers le sud au Pléistocène (à partir de 2,7 Ma), jusqu’au Sahara, qui connaissait alors une période pluvieuse, et alors que des corridors biologiques permettaient un contact entre différentes flores. Il y a quelque 5 000 ans, l’aridification de la région n’a maintenu que les populations de myrte réfugiées dans certains massifs du Sahara central. Piégées et isolées génétiquement, celles-ci ont continué leur évolution à part. Publiée dans le Journal of Biogeography, l’étude fournira des renseignements précieux sur les capacités d’adaptation des végétaux face aux changements climatiques.Le 5 février 2012 à 17:51 • Maxime Lambertlast_img read more

Digicel Launches Convinient Top up App for Customers Abroad and in the

first_img Beaches Resort Turks and Caicos confirms indefinite closure in 2021 Beaches Resort does not owe TCI Gov’t; both sides want multi-million dollar dispute resolved Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsAppFriday May 1st 2015 – Miami, Florida: Digicel today announced the official launch of its convenient Top Up App which delivers a fast, reliable and convenient way for customers from abroad to send minutes to their family and friends living in the Caribbean anytime. The new top up app also allows customers in the Caribbean to top up their own phones really easily too.Digicel customers abroad have been calling for the launch of an easy, convenient way to top up family and friends at home, and Digicel has delivered on that call, providing a convenient, fast and reliable way to stay connected. What’s more, there are no transaction fees when sending minutes via the Digicel Top Up App.“The response from our customers has been overwhelming,” said Declan Cassidy, CEO Digicel Diaspora. “Since our initial soft launch in November last year, we have over 200,000 downloads and our customers continue to tell us how the App fits their lifestyle – topping up themselves or sending top up to family in the Caribbean on-the-go no matter where they are, or what time it is.” Digicel is also launching an integrated advertising campaign to ensure customers are benefiting from the great features of the App. The radio ads feature Jamaican songbird, Tessanne Chin, whimsically interacting with Caribbean nationals highlighting the various situations in which they can send minutes conveniently. French and creole versions of the radio ads have also been produced and feature popular Haitian compas band, Carimi. The Digicel Top Up App is a free mobile application and is available for download in iTunes and Google Play.Digicel is committed to keeping family and friends abroad connected to those at home in the Caribbean via the Top Up App, online at or via any Digicel branded authorized retail location across the US, Canada and the UK. Social Media on the job, what a study reveals Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApp Recommended for you Related Items:abroad, caribbean, digicel, launch, top up applast_img read more

Man wants to readopt dog he surrendered after shelter pays thousands for

first_img(WSVN) – A man who surrendered his dog at an animal shelter because he had no money to pay for its medical care now wants his pet back after the shelter raised thousands for surgery.Jeffrey Ferrie gave up his 10-year-old Chihuahua named Boris to the Cedar Bend Humane Society, after he said the dog broke his jaw during a fight with a neighbor’s dog.He had no money to pay for X-rays and surgery, so Ferrie surrendered Boris to the shelter.The shelter shared Boris’ story on social media, and was quickly able to raise $5,000 to pay for the dog’s surgery and save his jaw.“We were just completely blown away with the generosity of our community,” said co-director Kristy Gardner. “We definitely have a lot of animal lovers out there.” Ferrie argues that, since the money for the dog’s medical care was raised through donations, he should be allowed to take his pet back home.“They’re not out anything if they were to either give me back my dog or allow me to re-adopt him,” he said. “There’s nothing coming out of their pockets if they decide to do that.”Shelter administrators say they are not putting Boris up for adoption at this point, since they just want to focus on his recovery.“Our main concern is the animal. Right now we’re just moving forward with the care of the dog,” Gardner said. “We’re not concentrating on getting him adopted or where he needs to go from here. Right now, our focus is the dog.”The shelter says Boris has a long recovery ahead of him and will have to be fed with a syringe for several months.Once Boris is put up for adoption, Gardner says everyone who applies to take him home will be evaluated for consideration, including Ferrie.Copyright 2019 Sunbeam Television Corp. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed. Now that Boris has received treatment, Ferrie says he wants the dog back.“I would love to get my dog back. I didn’t want to give him up, but that was the only option that I had,” Ferrie said. “And they made it seem as though they were just going to put him down anyway. I didn’t think there was any option that he would survive this ordeal to begin with.” last_img read more

Butler to Return as Alaskas Top Doctor

first_imgJay Butler is returning to his job as the state’s top doctor.Download AudioHealth and Social Services Commissioner Valerie Davidson says in a release that Butler will be both the state’s chief medical officer and director of the Division of Health.Davidson also announced Jon Sherwood will be deputy commissioner for Medicaid and Health Care Policy.Both appointments are effective immediately but subject to legislative approval.Butler was previously the chief medical officer from 2007-09. He left to work for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.Before he returned to the state position, he was senior director of the Division of Community Health Services at the Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium in Anchorage.Sherwood is a 25-year veteran of the state health department.last_img read more

Gas import takes precedence over exploration

first_imgGas import takes precedence over exploration. File PhotoEnergy experts say, over the last 10 years, gas production has increased very little in comparison to demand. The ensuing crisis has led the government focus on importing LNG. This has pushed costs up in the gas sector which will eventually be borne by the consumers.A decade ago, around 1.75b cft of gas would be produced daily from the country’s gas fields. This has now increased to 2.70b cft. However, the present daily demand for gas stands at 3.50b cft.Experts say even if production goes up by 1b cft, demands will go up much higher to meet the requirements of the power plants and industries. Demands are soaring higher than supply.Imported LNG costs Tk 32.31 per cft, which includes purchase price, terminal costs and VAT. And gas produced from the local fields cost Tk 7.35 per cft.According to Petrobangla, the government energy and mineral resources organisation, over Tk 80 billion was spent on LNG in the 13 months from April last year till this May, to meet the gas crisis. Yet only Tk 18 billion was earned through sale of this LNG.The government’s losses stood at Tk 62 billion.State minister for power, energy and mineral resources, Nasrul Hamid has said that LNG is being sold at one fourth the price of which it was purchased. This is creating a wide deficit. The deficit will increase.He said that efforts are being made to explore the country’s gas fields in order to avail gas at lower cost.BAPEX and other state-run organisations extract around 50 per cent of the gas produced in the country. No subsidy is required on this gas. So unless local companies explore and extract gas from the country’s gas fields, it will not be possible to keep the spiralling costs of LNG in control.Energy experts say that instead of using BAPEX, the government is using Russian company Gazprom to drill the gas wells. Their costs are several times higher than local companies. So that means the possibility of getting gas at lower prices has shrunk further. And the government is considering pushing the price of gas up as a solution.Petrobangla officials say that Gazprom is being given 5 gas wells to drill. These include Mobarakpur South-1, Srikail North-1, Shailakupa-1 and Sunetra-2. Gazprom will reveal the remaining well later.Gazprom had previously drilled 11 gas wells in the country for which it was paid around Tk 20 billion, at the rate of around Tk 2 billion per well. Yet the local company BAPEX expenditure on each well is Tk 650 million to Tk 800 million maximum. Using foreign companies for the task increases costs twofold.According to government plans, 110 onshore gas wells will be drilled. If these are given to foreign companies, the government will face mounting financial loss. Senior officials of the energy division of the power, energy and mineral resources ministry and Petrobangla have said that BAPEX can be used to explore the existing onshore gas fields in the country.In April last year, daily supply of 500 million cft of LNG began from the US company Excelerate’s terminal in Maheshkhali, Cox’s Bazar. And from 29 April this year, LNG supply began from the private company Summit’s terminal.LNG import is to increase in the coming days to meet the gas crisis, increasing government expenditure.Energy advisor of the Consumers Association of Bangladesh (CAB) M Shamsul Alam has said that the state-owned company BAPEX has been kept idle though it has a much better record than the foreign companies in oil and gas exploration and extraction.He says that the gas crisis is being deliberately created to create scope for LNG import.* This report appeared in the print edition of Prothom Alo and has been rewritten in English by Ayesha Kabirlast_img read more

Tonight AFROs First Edition with Sean Yoes Wednesday March 23

first_imgListen at WEAA Live Stream: latest on Baltimore politics and law enforcement with “The Mod Squad,” Taya Graham and Stephen Janis of The Real News Network. Graham and Janis preside over both hours of First Edition today as guest hosts.These stories and more coming up this evening on AFRO’s First Edition with Sean Yoes.last_img

Members of Congress Introduce Bill to Award Aretha Franklin with Congressional Gold

first_imgBy Lauren Victoria Burke, NNPA Newswire ContributorIn the wake of the Aug. 16 death of the “Queen of Soul,” Aretha Franklin, Senators Kamala Harris (D-CA) and Orrin Hatch (R-UT), along with Representatives Brenda Lawrence (D-MI) and Doug Collins (R-GA) have introduced legislation to posthumously award Franklin the Congressional Gold Medal.The legendary artist died of pancreatic cancer at the age of 76.Aretha Franklin (Courtesy Photo)“Aretha was simply a legend. Her work and impact will be felt for generations to come, and it’s long past time Congress honor her with the Congressional Gold Medal,” said Senator Harris in an Aug. 21 release.The legislation will be called, “The Aretha Franklin Congressional Gold Medal Act” and, should it become law, it will honor Franklin’s role in “shaping the nation’s culturally and socially relevant discography and highlight how she was an example to all people in how one person’s talents can make a difference in the lives of millions of people across the globe.”Many of the tributes to Franklin since her passing have emphasized not only her musical talent but her role in shaping and empowering the role of women with songs that gave voice to life experiences from a decidedly female perspective.Aretha Franklin’s involvement in civil rights is also noted in the legislation. Her music often served as a call to action that inspired thousands to join civil rights movements and still maintains a social context that resonates across events even in present day.“I am proud to join Senator Harris in introducing a bill to award a Congressional Gold Medal to honor an American music legend, Aretha Franklin, for her contributions to American music culture,” said Rep. Lawrence.“Aretha Franklin was soul personified and she gave us the gift of her voice, her truth and her unapologetic passion to demand compassion, love and R-E-S-P-E-C-T for women everywhere. An iconic entertainer, powerful civil rights leader, history maker and a beautiful spirit I was privileged to call friend; we honor this Detroit native, the true Queen of Soul. She will be dearly missed, never forgotten and always treasured,” Lawrence added.“Aretha Franklin’s legacy, like her voice, will sing through the generations,” said Senator Hatch. “Through her talent, she touched the hearts of millions, lifting all of us with songs of hope and humanity.  Aretha brought light, laughter, and love to all who would hear. I’m grateful to play a small role in honoring the life of this remarkable artist.”The legislation is expected to pass and be signed into law.Lauren Victoria Burke is an independent journalist and writer for NNPA as well as a political analyst and communications strategist. She may be contacted at and on twitter at @LVBurkelast_img read more

Autopilot Was Engaged During Fatal Tesla Crash

first_imgMay 17, 2019 Growing a business sometimes requires thinking outside the box. Free Webinar | Sept. 9: The Entrepreneur’s Playbook for Going Global This story originally appeared on PCMag 2 min read Register Now » On March 1, a Tesla Model 3 crashed into a semitrailer in Delray Beach, Florida, which sheared off the vehicle’s roof and proved fatal for the driver. A preliminary report released by the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) yesterday confirms Autopilot was engaged when the crash occurred.As Reuters reports, the NTSB concluded in its report that Autopilot had been engaged by the driver roughly 10 seconds before the crash happened. However, the driver’s hands were not detected on the wheel for eight of those seconds leading up to the crash. It’s also key to point out that the Model 3 was traveling at 68mph on a highway with a 55mph speed limit.Tesla has pointed out that before this crash occurred the driver engaged Autopilot and then, “immediately removed his hands from the wheel. Autopilot had not been used at any other time during that drive.” This suggests that over the course of 10 seconds and while traveling at speed, the driver had engaged driver assistance but then chose to stop being in control of the car.For now, Autopilot is only advertised as an advanced driver-assistance system offering lane centering, automatic lane changing, adaptive cruise control, self-parking, and summoning from a garage. It requires “active driver supervision” as stated on Tesla’s website and does not make the vehicle autonomous, although a self-driving upgrade is promised eventually.The NTSB is tasked with putting forward safety recommendations, however, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) is also investigating the crash and intends to “share any findings upon conclusion of its investigation.” The NHTSA holds the power to recall vehicles if “a defect poses an unreasonable safety risk.” Ultimately the NHTSA needs to decide if Autopilot is defective in its current form.last_img read more

Two men arrested for robbing passersby in Playa del Carmen

first_imgPlaya del Carmen, Q.R. — Two men were arrested in Playa del Carmen over the weekend for allegedly robbing two people walking in the steets.A call came through emergency services around 3:00 p.m. Sunday when someone reported two men in the center of Playa del Carmen had robbed two people.Municipal police arrived and began a search in the area of 24th Street with 10th Avenue of central Playa del Carmen where they had been reported as being seen. After a search in the Quintas del Carmen subdivision, police found the two men.Both were arrested in a park of the housing area. One of the men said they threw the stolen items on a rooftop of one of the houses inside the area. Police were able to recover the stolen property.Both were arrested and taken to the Public Ministry where they will face charges.Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)last_img read more

Costa Rica propane fracas still at stalemate

first_imgThe love-related legal conflict over Costa Rica’s largest distributor of cooking gas appeared far from over Monday as threats of a mass layoff of company workers came and went.The company, Gas Zeta, has left thousands of customers in limbo – or eating cold dinners — since a Texas judge ordered its divorced owners, Miguel Zaragoza and Evangelina López, to split their assets. Costa Rican and U.S. judges have yet to agree on just who owns what part of the company.Gas Zeta is responsible for supplying just over 70 percent of the national propane market and the conflict has left customers nationwide scrambling to find gas for nearly three weeks.On Monday morning, the company’s lawyer, Sergio Artavia Barrantes, who was appointed by Zaragoza’s camp, said the firm was laying off 275 employees who failed to show up for work at two distribution plants. The measure, however, was cancelled on Monday evening when Artavia said the firm reached an agreement with Labor Vice Minister Harold Villegas Román and set a Thursday deadline for employees to return to their jobs.Who’s the boss?Employees of Gas Zeta have complained of being caught in the middle of the divorce dispute and left to wonder about their job security with few concrete answers. On Monday morning, before the layoff was cancelled, a group of some 50 employees demonstrated in front of the Supreme Court in downtown San José, demanding their labor rights be respected.Felipe Mejía, a worker representative, confirmed Monday evening that none of them had received any notification of their alleged layoff, and said they were hoping the Supreme Court will soon issue a ruling on the company’s ownership.“Customers should be aware that there is a judicial process pending resolution and any publication reporting alleged decisions on workers’ rights…is against the country’s legal system,” Mejía said.The human resources manager on López’s side of the company, Ana Irene Villalobos Brenes, told The Tico Times that the layoff warning was false, as workers have kept working at the company’s other plants.“We all are looking forward to the courts settling the dispute and ruling on who owns the company as soon as possible,” she said. Facebook Comments Related posts:Divorce trial in U.S. causes cooking gas shortage in Costa Rica Costa Rica government works to normalize propane distribution after couple’s divorce causes supply lag Consumer group warns of explosion danger with cooking gas cylinders Proposed change in pricing model would increase cooking gas costs by 72 percent, officials claimlast_img read more

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Godwin Obla. "They have not run this programme in an effective manner and it seems that the number of monkeys has increased rather than going down," she said. on Sept 28 after taking officers on a high-speed chase that reached speeds over 95 mph Authorities received a report that night of a man later identified as Minnerath making threats to shoot or kill someone at the Cormorant Pub in Cormorant VillageDeputy Daran Borth and Sgt Dan May spotted Minnerath driving north on County Highway 5 They tried to pull him over but he refused to stop At US Highway 10 Minnerath turned east and the Minnesota State Patrol joined in pursuit The chase ended east of Audubon after the State Patrol punctured his tires using stop sticksAccording to the BCA Minnerath immediately got out of his vehicle "brandishing a rifle" and pointing it in the direction of the two Becker County officers Both officers fired their guns hitting Minnerath Medics took him by ambulance to the Detroit Lakes airport and he was flown by helicopter to Essentia Health in FargoMinnerath’s mother Judy Kenny said she believes that her son pointed his rifle at deputies because he feared returning to prison "He told his wife many times he was never going back to prison and if he ever was pulled over he would pull a gun and have them kill him" she saidKenny doesn’t believe her son intended to harm the officers "My son is many things a very confused boy to a very confused man but I never thought he could be a killer and I still don’t"Kenny who lives in Mississippi said her son was shot eight times — once in the mouth once in the neck twice in the chest and four times in the abdomen She said he was in a medically induced coma until last week and still cannot speak She said his jaw had to be rebuilt but that doctors found no evidence of brain damage "I’m just stunned that he’s making it" she saidThe criminal complaint against Minnerath says that when officers took possession of his rifle after the incident they found bullets in the gun But the complaint does not indicate that he fired the gunMinnerath has a long history of drug and alcohol problems and has been in and out of prison and jail — for meth and marijuana for repeatedly driving under the influence but also for assault making terroristic threats disorderly conduct and resisting a police officerHe had reasons to fear an encounter with police if he’d visited a bar or possessed a gun Under the terms of a March 2017 drug conviction he was forbidden from drinking entering bars or liquor stores or having contact with anyone while they are consuming alcohol or drugs He was also under a lifetime ban from using or possessing a gunThe Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension has completed its investigation into the incident,上海龙凤419Jeffrey, But Patti’s belief in herself is as lush and enveloping as a Fendi fur. 2, Iran has denied supplying weapons to the Houthis. "We do think that we have a franchise [in The Walking Dead] that is one of the rare franchises that you occasionally come across in what we do for a living.S. In 1947 ?

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