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Lawyer who quit MMIWG inquiry feared he was being setup after he

first_img(Lawyer Breen Ouellette, right, listens to a witness during a hearing of the National Inquiry into Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls)Mark BlackburnAPTN NewsBreen Ouellette was more than a little confused when he received an email from a lawyer claiming to work for the National Inquiry into Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls.Confused because Ouellette, a Metis lawyer who had just quit his position with the inquiry, had never heard of him.“Hello Mr. Ouellette,” the email begins from Steve Kelliher. “Would you consider having a confidential chat with me in respect to your recent resignation. I am involved in the Forensic Document Review Project and would very much appreciate whatever insights you felt comfortable to share.”Ouellette said he not only had no idea who Kelliher was, but didn’t know why he would be contacting him.“This immediately raised my defences because I can’t know what he knows,” Ouellette said.APTN News reached out to Kelliher to ask why he was trying to contact Ouellette.“You will know about solicitor-client privilege. It includes whether a lawyer acts for someone,” Kelliher wrote in an email to APTN. “If I answered your question I could be disbarred. So you will understand my reluctance in doing so.”Both the inquiry, and later Kelliher, confirmed that he is a lawyer at the national inquiry.Kelliher is based in Vancouver. According to his email to Ouellette, he works with the forensic panel review at the inquiry.“So I don’t know if he has the same set of confidential information that I have and it could be a set up,” Ouellette said. “It could be the national inquiry trying to get me to talk to someone who appears and then ‘gotcha’ – we gotcha in the act you’ve breached your professional duties.”Ouellette turned to the inquiry to ask permission to speak.“Has anyone working for the national inquiry been authorized to speak to me?” he asked the inquiry Executive Director Jennifer Rattray.“And I received a cease and desist letter by noon,” he said.APTN asked the inquiry whether Kelliher was asking Ouellette to speak on behalf of the inquiry.“Any communication that Mr. Kelliher may have made was not in his official capacity nor on behalf of the National Inquiry,” wrote inquiry spokesperson Nadine Gros-Louis.Ouellette was hired by the inquiry in September 2017 – but because of a slow security clearance process, didn’t start until April.He quit the inquiry on July 3.He told APTN that it wasn’t the subject matter or long hours that pushed him to resign.It was a “serious loss of confidence” in leadership – both at the top of the inquiry and with federal officials in charge.“It’s speeding towards failure,” said Ouellette.“The subpoena issue is a major issue with me.” Ouellette has more questions than answers about how the commissioners run the inquiry, and about what he calls federal interference.He said he cannot discuss his concerns in detail because he has not received clearance from the inquiry.But one point in particular seems to be of interest.The inquiry has the ability to subpoena a witness or document – but there is something about the way commissioners are handling this that is bothering the lawyer from Saskatchewan.And the fact that Crown-Indigenous Relations Minister Carolyn Bennett raised it is only heightening his sense that the feds are meddling in the inquiry.“The federal government is one of the parties with standing before the national inquiry,” said Ouellette. “And the federal government’s departments and police service, the RCMP, and other departments are under the scrutiny and investigation of the national inquiry and the national inquiry is empowered to make findings of misconduct against any of those parties if it deems it’s within the scope of the mandate – so you have to ask yourself – do the other parties with standing, looking at the relationship of the minister speaking about the subpoena process do they perceive any bias?“It’s extremely curious that she would raise the specific issue of subpoenas if she had no intimate knowledge of the inner-workings of the national inquiry if she’s actually working at arms length from it.”Ouellette is not shy about sharing his opinions about how the inquiry has been handled.He believes that the federal government should have granted the inquiry a two-year extension – but fired the current list of commissioners.He also believes he should be allowed to speak freely about issues he has with the inquiry and the federal government.“The foundations of the national inquiry are the commissioners, its mandate and its budget,” he said. “And if the commissioners are acting in a way that’s not consistent with the mandate and the budget… only the legal team are going to have any knowledge that its occurring,” said Ouellette.“So if the legal team is making what I consider a mistake, and they’re considering the commissioners to be the client, and they’re ignoring the mandate, and they’re ignoring the budget as foundational components then I don’t think the interests of justice are served. I believe the duty of loyalty to the national inquiry should guide whether or not lawyers can speak out.”Ouellette is the sixth lawyer to resign from the inquiry but the first to issue a news release about his departure.His exit brings the total number of people that have quit or been fired to files from Kathleen Martenslast_img read more

Two Moroccans Die at Lake Michigan in Chicago

Chicago –Two Moroccans were pronounced dead in Chicago on Tuesday. According to NBC Chicago, the two men believed to be 36 and 40 years old were pulled out from Lake Michigan in the afternoon and taken in “extremely critical condition” to Mercy hospital for urgent care. They were pronounced dead an hour later. NBC did not reveal the identity of the two victims, but a friend of the two victims said that they are both Moroccans, from Rabat.According to eyewitnesses cited by the same source, the two men, who were at the beach with their families, went for a swim. They began to have troubles “35 yards out from the shore in 7-8 feet of cold water.” But in a phone call with MWN, a friend of the victims, who asked to speak on the condition of anonymity, said that one of the two Moroccans, Ali Moufid, a taxi driver, went to look for his son’s ball when the wave of the lake pulled him deep inside. His brother-in-law, Outhmane Kassou, who was also a taxi driver, went to rescue him but could not withstand the cold water.The same source added that the rescue team arrived in the scene 20 minutes after the Chicago Fire Department was informed of the incident.The main reason of their death appears to be the cold water of the lake. According to the Chicago Fire Department, the water was temperature was around 50 degrees, which can cause hypothermia and cause the body to shut down.“I mean we got weather that’s right around 90 degrees and everybody thinks the water is that warm, but the water temperature is right around 50 degrees, and that can really zap your energy really fast,” deputy fire chief Mike Fox told NBC news.© Morocco World News. All Rights Reserved. This material may not be published, rewritten or redistributed read more

Global Energy Day Aziz Rabbah Calls for African Renewables Revolution

Rabbah made the remarks in a keynote speech at the Moroccan 2018 Global Energy Day, an annual gathering of public officials, academics, and entrepreneurs in the energy sector. The conference opened today in Rabat with discussions on energy challenges for Morocco and Africa.In his speech, the Moroccan minister mentioned the need for a collaborative African vision to “fully participate in the rapidly changing world of energy and new technologies.” For Rabbah, Morocco and the rest of Africa ought to be full participants in global changes if they are to minimize their overwhelming dependency on other regions. “We may not end our dependence given the context of the world we live in, but we have to reduce our dependence level and count on our own ability to mobilize our own resources.”Africa and Morocco “have been left on the margins of the ongoing digital revolution,” the minister said, referring to the continent’s lagging energy and high-tech sectors. “We consume but we don’t participate; we don’t create enough.”Mastering energy sources is a necessary step towards sustainable and inclusive development. However, the minister noted, Africa is unfortunately the region with the highest number of people without access to energy. And when they do have access, he added, it is of very limited quantity and quality.To bridge the gap between available resources and the demand for energy, the continent must “launch an African industrial revolution.” The revolution would entail investing in human resources by funding research.Referring to the conference’s theme—Building a Citizen Partnership for Affordable and Clean Energy—he concluded: “We need to reclaim social trust between different actors and social classes and rethink our place in the global challenge.” read more

United Arab Emirates at UN calls for international partnerships to achieve Middle

“Despite the progress made over the past seven decades, the United Nations must now play a greater role in addressing the grave security challenges that risk threatening its achievements,” he said.Indeed, the challenges facing the Middle East today, particularly extremism, terrorism, interference in the internal affairs of States and non-respect for the sovereignty of States, demonstrate that the Organization has not yet fulfilled its primary objective of maintaining international peace and security.As such, said that it is incumbent on all Member States to commit to the principles of the UN Charter, most importantly its principles of sovereignty and non-interference, the promotion of dialogue and moderation, and playing an active and responsible role with regard to regional and international issues, to overcome these challenges.The Minister reported on the alarming rise of tension and violence around the Middle East region resulting from the terrorist acts being carried out in the name of Islam. “Since the Second World War, the world has not witnessed such an escalation in brutal and shocking terrorist crimes carried out by extremist organizations, most notably Da’esh [also known as the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levan, or ISIL], Al-Qaida, Hizbollah, Ansar-Allah, and other groups, who exploit religion for political purposes.”He said the UAE condemns the brutal methods used by these groups and organizations in the name of Islam. They have no connection with the tolerant teachings of Islam, which calls for peaceful coexistence and acceptance of others.Regarding Yemen, the Minister said that UAE’s participation in the Coalition supporting the legitimate government is in response to a request by the President of Yemen to provide necessary support to efforts to confront terrorism and extremism. “We seek, with the international community, to restore the political process in Yemen in accordance with the agreed parameters, most importantly the Gulf Cooperation Council initiative and its implementation mechanism. To achieve this goal, it is important to ensure full compliance with the Security Council resolution 2216, which was adopted after consultations with relevant states in the region,” he said calling for international support.Mr. Al Nahyan expressed concern regarding the inability of the international community to reach a political settlement to the Syrian crisis and put an end to the violence and systematic mass atrocities committed by the Syrian regime against its own people.“The crisis has also created serious humanitarian consequences which have affected neighbouring countries and led to a political and security vacuum exploited by terrorist organizations, especially Da’esh and Al-Nusra Front, which spread their extremist ideas and destructive messages in the region. Therefore, the Security Council must fulfil its principal mandate and reach a consensus on a settlement for the Syrian crisis to ensure a political transition and the formation of a new Government, which encompasses all components of the Syrian society,” he asserted.He went on to say that Palestinian-Israeli issue remains at the core of conflict in the region, and one of the main threats to its security and stability, a sentiment shared by most Middle Eastern leaders at the annual General Debate this year. read more

Football Dwayne Haskins shines in Ohio State Pro Day

Former Ohio State quarterback Dwayne Haskins throws at Ohio State Pro Day on March 20. Credit: Cori Wade | Lantern PhotographerDwayne Haskins didn’t really have anything he needed to prove heading into Ohio State’s Pro Day.Already considered a top-two quarterback by many in this year’s NFL Draft class, Haskins could have sat out Pro Day completely and not much would have changed.Instead, at about 1:25 p.m., after a lack of any real excitement earlier in the day due to the absence of defensive end Nick Bosa in the drills, Haskins took the field and showed everyone exactly why he has been so highly ranked to this point.Haskins threw 50 passes from the 50-yard line and completed 45 of them, including each of his throws of 40 or more yards.Four of his incompletions were well thrown, but dropped by the receiver. In his throws inside the red zone, Haskins completed 13-of-14 passes.When you ask Haskins about his performance, he could wrap it up in one word.“Solid,” Haskins said. “I missed two of them. It pisses me off still, but I thought I did pretty well.” This type of performance doesn’t come as much of a surprise. When in full pads against actual defenses, Haskins completed 70 percent of his passes and tied for the fourth most touchdown passes in NCAA history.But on Wednesday, when none of those stats mattered, Haskins still found a way to impress with the accuracy of his arm and surprising mobility in the pocket.“I thought it looked natural; it didn’t look forced,” head coach Ryan Day said. “I think sometimes when you watch a quarterback, you’re like, ‘How is he going to throw?’ Dwayne threw the way Dwayne throws.”For the quarterback who only spent one season behind center for Ohio State, his final return to the Woody Hayes Athletic Center before heading to the pros was a bittersweet one.But Haskins knows what is now important, and he’s known what’s important before he even got his chance to start in 2018.His performance at Pro Day only pushed him closer to the same end goal he’s had since he was in grade school.“I’ve been ready for the NFL. I’ve been preparing for it for all my life, and I knew I was ready to play in the NFL before the season even started,” Haskins said. “To have an opportunity to be an early draft pick is a dream of mine since I was a little kid, and I’m just giving it all I got, every opportunity that I get.”Haskins described college pass openings as “windows” and NFL ones as “keyholes” to describe the increased difficulty he is ready to face.For Day, he said he is proud of everything Haskins did for Ohio State over the past season. He said his development will show recruits just how much can be accomplished in the program.There are about five weeks separating Haskins from his future NFL team. He leaves Ohio State with quite possibly the most impressive statistical season by any quarterback in program history.But that was not the goal for Haskins all his life, and that’s not what his Pro Day was meant to show the world.All of that is set toward the future, and for a team to have as much confidence in Haskins as he has for himself.“I feel like I’m the best player in the draft,” Haskins said. read more

Google Drive is Dying Kinda

first_img Google, long known for their perplexing software decisions (yes, I’m still salty about the death of Google Reader), has decided it will no longer support the Google Drive app for PC and Mac computers. In a blog post, the company said that official patches and support would end on December 11 and the app would be completely shut off in Mid-March of 2018.Starting next month, users will be given regular updates so that they can make the appropriate adjustments. If, like me, you saw that and panicked, don’t worry. Your actual files will still be there, and the service itself will work, more or less like it always has. But, the company is essentially breaking their app into two — one for average users and another for enterprise or power users.Folks like you and me will have “Backup and Sync,” a rather long name for a simple app. It will replace Drive as we know it, as well as the Google Photos uploader. It’ll look a little different and have some other tweaks. It won’t work with NAS storage, for example, but it will continue to provide lots of cross-platform support, continuing to bridge programs like Google Docs and MS Office.Those who use G Suite, like many schools and businesses will now have Google Drive Stream. It’s a bit more robust, at least when it comes to collaborative tools. It’s better-geared for consistent internet connections. This saves space on your workstation (many of which come with relatively limited storage) and instead has deeper integration with Google’s cloud services.“Say goodbye to time-consuming file syncing and any concerns about disk space,” the blog reads. “With Drive File Stream, all your files are always ready for you and your colleagues.”I know most probably won’t care too much, but I’ve always appreciated minimalism, especially with tech. It’s hard enough for me to keep all the files on my PC organized, much less backed up, and having to switching a bunch of things for no real benefit on my end is a little bizarre. Or, maybe, I’ve just hit that point, and I don’t tolerate change like I used. Am I out of touch?No… in the words of Principal Skinner, “it’s the children who are wrong.”Let us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey. Stay on target 50 Attorneys General Launch Bipartisan Probe Into GoogleYouTube Fined $170M For Alleged Child Privacy Law Violation last_img read more

BREAKING One body has been found on Salas aircraft wreckage

first_imgArgentinean footballer Emiliano Sala and English pilot David Ibbotson have been missing for over two weeks after their plane disappeared.The body of one person has been detected in the wreckage of Cardiff City footballer Emiliano Sala according to the UK Air Accident Investigation Branch (AAIB).“Having identified a priority search area last week, the AAIB agreed a search strategy with Blue Water Recoveries Ltd to maximize the chance of locating the aircraft wreckage,” the AAIB released a statement as published on Wales Online.“The AAIB commissioned specialist vessel Geo Ocean III and Blue Water Recoveries Ltd commissioned FPV Morven and the search area was divided between the vessels.”“Both vessels began their search on the morning of Sunday 3 February,” they added.“Early in the search, the Morven identified an object of interest on the seabed using its side-scan sonar equipment.”“It cleared the immediate area for the Geo Ocean III to use its underwater remotely operated vehicle (ROV) to survey the area of the seabed in which the object was located,” they said.“Based on analysis of ROV video footage, the AAIB investigators on board the vessel concluded that the object is wreckage from the missing Piper Malibu aircraft, registration N264DB.”Tammy Abraham, ChelseaChelsea hat-trick hero Tammy Abraham hopes for more Andrew Smyth – September 14, 2019 Tammy Abraham hopes this season will be his big breakthrough at Chelsea after firing his first hat-trick for the club in Saturday’s 5-2 win at Wolves.“The ROV carried out a further search of the area overnight, but did not identify any additional pieces of wreckage,” the AAIB commented.“Tragically, in video footage from the ROV, one occupant is visible amidst the wreckage. The AAIB is now considering the next steps, in consultation with the families of the pilot and passenger, and the police.”“The image shows the rear left side of the fuselage including part of the aircraft registration,” they explained.We intend to publish an interim report within one month of the accident occurring.Argentinean footballer Sala and pilot Ibbotson were traveling from Nantes, France to the Welsh capital Cardiff before their light aircraft disappeared from the radar.”Hallan un cuerpo dentro de la avioneta que trasladaba a #EmilianoSala”— En el medio (@Enelmedio2013) February 4, 2019last_img read more

Fairbanks 4 parolee speaks out at AFN to standing ovation

first_imgMarvin Roberts, one of the Fairbanks Four, received a standing ovation when he walked onto the stage at AFN, Saturday. It was the first time Roberts had spoken out in such a public venue about the case.Download AudioRaising an hand signing the number four became a symbol of solidarity at the 2015 AFN convention. Photo: Daysha Eaton/KBBI.Marvin Roberts described the Fairbanks Four as four men trapped in a nightmare.“This nightmare began in October 1997. Then like now, we four men maintain our innocence. I know for a fact that I am innocent and I believe in my heart that they are innocent.”Roberts is Koyokon Athabascan from Tananna. He was paroled in June while the other three men, George Frese, Eugene Vent and Kevin Pease, remain jailed. Three of the men are Alaska Native and one is American Indian.The men were convicted for the beating death of 15-year-old John Hartman on a downtown street. New evidence suggests others may be responsible for the killing.Roberts said he remembers the night well. When he was 19, that the police came to take him away. He said he was asleep in his room with no worries.“And then, knock, knock, knock (bangs on podium): ‘Fairbanks Police Department, open up we have a search warrant.’ I could not believe it. My mom opened the door and the police came in and arrested me. I left the house in handcuffs right in front of my parents and 4-year-old baby brother who immediately started crying.”And he said the crying hasn’t stopped for the men and their families.“To this day I still cry when I think of my friends, I hurt for Kevin and I hurt for Eugene and I hurt for George. I know they are still suffering in prison suffering right now. I think about them every day.”Roberts called the movement to free the Four ‘miraculous.’ The case is under review in hearings taking place in Fairbanks now. There was a protest calling for exoneration of the Four during Governor Bill Walker’s speech opening day of AFN.last_img read more

Chinese delegation visits Kodiak as Trump administration issues new proposed tariffs

first_imgShanghai Hollywin Frozen Food CEO Xin Lyu snaps photos July 11, 2018, at a weir on the Buskin River near Kodiak. (Photo by Daysha Eaton/KMXT)A delegation from China visited Kodiak Island with the Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute, touring fish processing plants in Kodiak and Larsen Bay.Listen nowRight in the middle of the visit, President Donald Trump’s administration proposed more tariffs, which doesn’t bode well for Alaska’s seafood trade.But that didn’t dampen the delegation’s enthusiasm for what Alaska has to offer.The water is low, so Alaska Department of Fish and Game employees in Kodiak are seining for sockeye salmon at the Buskin River weir.The Chinese delegation has come to learn about local fisheries management, said Tyler Polum, sport fisheries area management biologist.“Sometimes when the water is low, we can’t get them to go into the trap at the weir, so we thought that it would be better to beach seine for these fish,” Polum said. “We’ll show them how we sample fish to get age, sex, and length from them.”Among the delegation, Mingzhen Zhang says Kodiak is a stark contrast to her city.“I live in Beijing, so the best impression for me is less pollution,” Zhang said.China’s northern capital city of more than 20 million people is infamous for smog.Zhang works for one of China’s largest media companies there.“I work for Tencent as a video producer and we just try to understand how Alaska Seafood works and make a video about it,” Zhang said.The group walks along a one-foot-wide wooden plank to the other side of the Buskin weir, where a net is full and the Fish and Game crew already is pulling fish out of the water.The weir trip was just one of many outings for the delegation, which also toured Trident Seafoods, Ocean Beauty Seafoods and Alaska Pacific Seafoods processing plants in Kodiak, as well as Icicle Seafoods in Larsen Bay.Most of the visitors work in the seafood industry in areas from purchasing to development and media.Right in the middle of their visit, President Donald Trump proposed more tariffs on Chinese goods, including seafood reprocessed in China and exported back the United States.Wei Zhang, works for SMH International in Shanghai, where he is also a representative for ASMI, holds up a sockeye salmon at the weir on the Buskin River near Kodiak on July 11, 2108. (Photo by Daysha Eaton/KMXT)But that doesn’t worry Wei Zhang, who works for SMH International in Shanghai, where he is also a representative for Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute.Zhang says when he started working with the marketing institute 20 years ago, most Chinese consumers couldn’t find Alaska on a map.Now, people ask for it’s seafood by name, and they can order a fillet online and have it delivered to their home within hours.“They are willing to pay a little more higher price, but the quality is the most important,” Zhang said.Zhang says Chinese consumers believe Alaska seafood is one of the healthiest products available because of the virtually pollution-free environment here and strict food-safety rules.“For the safety, they think that is more safe for them, not just for the feeding for the family, and it is good for feeding for the kids,” Zhang said.Zhang says Alaskan seafood has an advantage in a country where lack of environmental and workplace regulation means it isn’t always easy to ensure food is pure.Xin Lyu has been working in the seafood industry in China for more than 20 years.Lyu is impressed by Alaska’s pristine waters and efficient food safety systems at processors: huge selling points.“I think that right now safety is almost the number one point that they focus on,” Lyu said.Lyu is general manager for a seafood import/export company and CEO for Shanghai Hollywin Frozen Food.Lyu said the news of new proposed tariffs was troubling. The Trump administration announced the tariffs overnight.“We are really a little bit worried, but if you look for the long term I think seafood is more and more popular in China,” Lyu said.Despite the continued tariffs, Lyu said Alaska has something special that she believes will keep its products selling in China, at least to those who can afford them.China has a massive and growing middle class of consumers with money to spend and want sustainable and wild seafood.ASMI and lots of Alaska seafood processors and fishermen are counting on it.The delegation will be in the U.S through July 14, making stops in Seattle and Anchorage, but the majority of their time was spent on Kodiak.last_img read more

Texas Childrens Therapy Providers Face Dilemma Over Offering Services

first_imgThe Texas House Appropriations Subcommittee on Article II, which focuses on health care and other services, is set on Wednesday to discuss Medicaid therapy rate cuts and the state’s Early Childhood Intervention program, which serves 50,000 children under 3 years old who have developmental issues including autism, speech delays and Down syndrome.Davis’ organization is one of several Texas providers in recent years that have struggled to decide whether to put their own financial survival first or to bleed thousands of dollars to continue offering state-funded speech, occupational and physical therapy services for children. Since 2010, the state has gone from 58 providers in the program to 44.The Texoma Community Center is also working to withdraw from the Early Childhood Intervention program. It was supposed to end services Feb. 20, but the Texas Health and Human Services Commission couldn’t find a new provider for five of the six counties, so the center is staying on until May 31. Previous legislative hearings on the topic have typically been filled with testimony from providers pleading for more funding and tearful families begging legislators to take action that helps their kids.A $350 million cut to Medicaid children’s therapy services went into effect in December 2016, prompting fears from parents that providers would stop offering services and leave eligible Texas children without therapy they’re entitled to receive under federal law. During the 2017 legislative session, House Speaker Joe Straus and other members of the lower chamber fought to reverse the cuts — but the Senate resisted those efforts during budget negotiations.Ultimately, the chambers agreed to give therapy providers a 25 percent restoration of their Medicaid payments in 2018 and 2019. Advocates found some luck when legislators coughed up an additional $4 million for the Early Childhood Intervention program for the rest of the 2016-2017 budget cycle. By greenapertureAsk Mike Davis what he and his staff did to keep a program helping children receive therapy services alive, and he’ll tell you: They cut, and cut, and cut.The CEO of the Behavioral Health Center of Nueces County said his organization tried to cut travel expenses by having therapists hit two or three patient homes per outing and cut back on office supply orders. But the group last year still lost $300,000 trying to make ends meet offering therapy services through the Early Childhood Intervention program to more than 340 children in the area. The organization often served dozens more children than they had the budget for but were legally required to do so anyway. In January, Davis wrote a letter to tell the Texas Health and Human Services Commission that, after 37 years, the center would stop offering these services June 1. The agency will need to find a new provider.“I think it’s just a growing trend,” Davis said. “It’s sad because at the end of the day, a lot of people that are bidding on these services are going to ask for more money.” However, advocates like Stephanie Rubin, CEO for the advocacy group Texans Care for Children, have expressed disappointment that legislators did not fund the Health and Human Services Commission’s request for $20 million to partially cover the Early Childhood Intervention program’s expected enrollment growth in the next two years.Rubin said she is “not surprised” about the series of closures and providers in the ECI program putting in their notice. She said the Legislature’s increase for Early Childhood Intervention paled in comparison to what providers need to just break even.“It’s pretty clear that programs continue to serve more kids than they are funded to serve,” Rubin said. “I think what we’ll hear at the upcoming hearing is that the ECI programs will explain how challenging it is to provide support for kids at these funding levels.”Advocates and therapy providers have also decried a Texas Health and Human Services Commission rule that went into effect in September that canceled out the partially reversed funding and cut reimbursement rates to therapy assistants.The state agency has previously said the new rule saves Texas $17.9 million over the next two years; standardizes the state’s reimbursement rate for all “acute therapy” based on federal billing guidelines; and eliminates incentives for one type of therapy over another. As of Sept. 1, 2017, therapists are reimbursed on a per-patient basis and reimbursed based on 15-minute increments of care.Besides getting flak over the new rule, the agency is also responsible for trying to find new organizations to take over for Early Childhood Intervention providers that want out of the program.Carrie Williams, a spokesperson for the Texas Health and Human Services Commission, said in an emailed statement that agency workers “absolutely recognize that these services are critically important to children and their families” and that federal laws require that all eligible children be served.“We’re researching and pursuing all possible avenues to stay in alignment with federal expectations of the grant, but it takes contractors who can provide the services within the available funding and federal parameters,” Williams said.  Share For now, Davis said families have taken the news about therapy services ending at the Behavioral Health Center of Nueces County better than expected. He said he wishes he understood why legislators would accept an outside organization coming in to offer services instead of using a group that already knows the families, community and program well.“Why would you not want them to run the program if they’ve been successful?,” Davis said. “Why would you want to pay someone outside to come in and do the same thing?”last_img read more

Poll Voters from Battleground Districts More Likely to Blame Republicans for Child

first_img Listen 00:00 /00:54 X A man votes at a polling place in McLean, Va., in 2016.New polling numbers in competitive, mostly suburban congressional districts, show how voters feel about a number of immigration issues.Four contested Texas districts were part of the polling, including Houston’s congressional district 7, where Republican John Culberson is running for re-election. center_img To embed this piece of audio in your site, please use this code: Registered voters in 61 competitive districts, including Culberson’s, overwhelmingly support passing the Dream Act (79 percent) and comprehensive immigration reform (73 percent). That’s according to polling by research group Latino Decisions. The group also asked about the policy of separating children from their parents at the border. Latino Decisions co-founder Matt Barreto said those polled blame both parties, but more found Republicans at fault. “The political actors who are the most to blame, in the eyes of the voters at least, are the Trump administration and Republicans in Congress for this policy of separating children,” said Barreto. 73 percent of those polled said the policy of separating children made them either somewhat or very angry. Over 2000 voters were polled, including at least 400 people from each major ethnic group.Democrat Lizzie Fletcher is looking to unseat Culberson, the Republican incumbent, in November. Republicans have represented the 7th Congressional District in West Houston since the 1960s.   Sharelast_img read more

QA on the Iranian nuclear deal

first_img Top ways to honor our heroes on Veterans Day Iran has long maintained that its nuclear program is peaceful and that it never sought to build a bomb. The talks were mostly considered stalemated until summer 2013, when Iran elected a new president, Hassan Rouhani, who said the country was ready to strike a deal.The final agreement with Iran was negotiated by U.S., Britain, Germany, France, China and Russia.___SO WHAT IS THE AGREEMENT?Iran agreed to reduce the number of uranium-enriching centrifuges it has in stock, as well as its stockpile of enriched uranium. It also has agreed to convert an enrichment site called Fordo — dug deep into a mountainside and thought impervious to air attack — into a research center.Another key piece is the possibility of inspections: if the U.N. nuclear agency identifies a suspicious site, it can ask to inspect it. And if Iran refuses, an arbitration panel will decide whether the Iranians have to open up the site to inspection within 24 hours.All of this is aimed at slowing down the rate at which Iran could, in theory, build a nuclear weapon.In exchange, Iran stands to receive more than $100 billion in assets overseas that had been frozen by other countries. It also will see an end to a European oil embargo and other financial restrictions on its banks. If Iran reneges on its promises, the sanctions will snap back into place. Ex-FBI agent details raid on Phoenix body donation facility WASHINGTON (AP) — Here’s what you need to know about the Iran nuclear deal:___WHAT JUST HAPPENED AND WHY IS THIS SUCH A BIG DEAL?In general, Iran has agreed to limit its nuclear program if the U.S. and other world powers ease up on what have been brutal economic sanctions against the country.The 100-page deal caps off more than a decade of diplomatic wrangling aimed at keeping Iran from building a nuclear bomb. U.S. and Israeli officials say a nuclear-armed Iran would be a security disaster and potentially lead to war because of Tehran’s support for anti-Israel militant groups, such as the Palestinian Hamas and the Lebanese Hezbollah group, and frequent references by Iranian leaders to Israel’s destruction. ___WHAT DOES ISRAEL SAY? DON’T THEY HAVE THE MOST TO GAIN, OR LOSE WITH THIS?Yes, they do, and Israel isn’t happy because the deal basically leaves Iran’s nuclear infrastructure in place. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called the agreement a “bad mistake of historic proportion.” President Barack Obama says he sees it differently: If a diplomatic agreement with Iran can’t be found, that puts the next U.S. and Israeli leaders in the position of having to contemplate military action to prevent Iran from building a bomb.__WHAT HAPPENS NEXT? CAN THE U.S. CONGRESS KILL THE DEAL?Congress has 60 days to review the deal. A vote of disapproval by itself won’t stop the agreement. But if Congress decides to impose new sanctions on Iran or prevent the president from suspending existing ones, that would make it hard for Obama to fulfill the American side of the deal. To do that, however, Senate and House Republican leaders would have to find enough support to override a presidential veto.Copyright © The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed. Graphic shows key points of nuclear deal with Iran; 2c x 8 inches; 96.3 mm x 203 mm; Comments   Share   New Valley school lets students pick career-path academies Top Stories 4 sleep positions for men and what they mean Here’s how to repair and patch damaged drywall Sponsored Stories How Arizona is preparing the leader of the next generation Mesa family survives lightning strike to home ___EVERY GOOD DEAL INVOLVES COMPROMISE. WHAT DID THE WEST GIVE UP?Among the biggest concession by the West is that Iran doesn’t have to submit to international inspections anytime, anywhere. Because the process for inspections could end up with an arbitration panel, access to the Islamic Republic’s most sensitive sites isn’t guaranteed and may be delayed.And while Iran has to reduce its stockpile of enriched uranium and its number of centrifuges, it doesn’t have to give them up entirely. It also isn’t being forced to close its mountainside Fordo facility, just use it for research purposes.Another concern is that a U.N. weapons embargo could lift in five years or sooner if certain criteria are met. U.S. officials had sought to maintain the weapons ban because they worry that once sanctions are lifted and Iran’s government becomes flush with cash again, more military aid would find its way to places like Syria and Yemen. But Iran dug in and was supported by Russia and China, which stand to profit from greater weapons exports.___WHAT DOES ALL THIS MEAN FOR OIL PRICES?Any easing of economic sanctions will likely mean that Iran can sell more oil, which in turn could bring down crude oil prices. In trading Tuesday, benchmark U.S. crude oil prices were down.last_img read more

Croatia battles wildfires at height of tourist season

first_img Mesa family survives lightning strike to home Here’s how to repair and patch damaged drywall New Valley school lets students pick career-path academies 0 Comments   Share   Top Stories Winds on Friday reignited some of the blazes that firefighters had managed to curb after an all-night battle, authorities said. Fires also have swept through the islands of Korcula and Brac and on several other spots amid extremely high summer temperatures.Though backed by planes and helicopters, as well as the military, firefighters were stretched to the limit.“It’s all burning … if one more fire breaks out who knows what will happen,” said firefighter Romano Levanat. “We are doing our best, we have been switching, but we are very tired.”Also Friday, Croatian police said they have detained an unidentified 24-year-old woman suspected of deliberately setting several small fires on Korcula.Copyright © The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed. 5 ways to recognize low testosterone Ex-FBI agent details raid on Phoenix body donation facility Sponsored Stories Get a lawn your neighbor will be jealous of Croatian firefighters work to control a large forest fire in the village of Zabrdje on the Peljesec peninsula in southern Croatia, Friday, July, 24, 2015. Volunteers, military and Croatian firefighters are struggling to cope with raging forest fires on the country’s Adriatic coast. The Peljesac peninsula is facing a blaze that has forced hundreds of residents and tourists to evacuate. (AP Photo/Amel Emric) PONIKVE, Croatia (AP) — Hundreds of Croatian firefighters struggled Friday to contain raging wildfires on the Adriatic coast and islands at the height of tourist season.Two huge fires have swept through the Peljesac peninsula this week, forcing evacuation of villages and destroying large areas of olive groves, pine forests and vineyards.The blaze has occasionally cut off the main road and power supplies since it erupted early this week. Hot winds, often changing directions, have hindered efforts to contain the wildfires. 5 people who need to visit the Ultrastar Multi-tainment Centerlast_img read more

New Zealands Best Lodge

first_imgBlanket Bay’s reputation as Australasia’s ultimate alpine escape and New Zealand’s finest luxury lodge continues to be upheld with its win last Friday night, 2 September 2011, at the hotel industry’s prestigious HM Awards. Spanning Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands the HM Awards are this region’s only independent benchmark for excellence in hospitality management, voted on by a panel of judges consisting of leading travel writers, hoteliers and travel industry professionals.Philip Jenkins, Blanket Bay’s General Manager, was delighted with this further accolade: “This HM Award again illustrates our staff’s consistently high service standards and the resultant guest satisfaction that comes from Blanket Bay’s unique blend of luxury and location”. “New Zealand is widely acknowledged as having a collection of outstanding lodges, a concept which has also been adopted in Australia and Southern Africa. It is gratifying to see the recognition that luxury lodge accommodation is now achieving worldwide. The success of Blanket Bay is based upon this significant growth in demand for small luxury hotels that offer truly intimate hospitality and local flavour in stunning destinations”, states Philip.Blanket Bay regularly features amongst the world’s best. Along with last Friday night’s HM Award win, Conde Naste Traveler’s 2010 Gold List ranked Blanket Bay as the second-highest scoring property in the world and the top-scoring hotel in Asia, Australia and Pacific nations. Also last year the discerning readers of the prestigious Andrew Harpers Hideaway Report voted Blanket Bay 6th in the Top 20 Hideaways in the world, and the best in New Zealand. In 2009 Blanket Bay also won the HM Award for “New Zealand’s Best Regional Property”.“Even in these turbulent economic times there is a strong short breaks market. Blanket Bay is just over three hours flying time from the major centres of Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Auckland and attracts more and more discerning Australian and New Zealand travellers seeking the ultimate alpine escape”, he said.Those wanting to check in to New Zealand’s most exclusive address sample New Zealand’s best lodge can do so at low winter season rates (from $1000 per couple including pre dinner drinks, dinner, bed, breakfast and use of all facilities) right through until the end of the Rugby World Championship. Source = Blanket Baylast_img read more

SEC Chairman to Step Down in December

first_imgSEC Chairman to Step Down in December Agents & Brokers Attorneys & Title Companies Investors Lenders & Servicers Movers & Shakers Processing Service Providers U.S. Securities & Exchange Commission 2012-11-26 Tory Barringer in Data, Government, Origination, Secondary Market, Servicing After serving as chairman of the “”Securities and Exchange Commission””: (SEC) for nearly four years, Mary L. Schapiro announced Monday she will step down on December 14.[IMAGE]Schapiro was appointed as chairman by President Obama in January 2009 and was sworn in by the end of the month after receiving unanimous confirmation from the Senate. She is one of the longest-serving SEC chairmen and holds the distinction of being the first woman to serve as a permanent chairman.She has a long history with the SEC, having served as a commissioner from 1988 to 1994. She left the agency when President Clinton appointed her as chairman of the “”Commodity Futures Trading Commission””:, where she served until 1996. During Schapiro’s tenure, the SEC has worked to bolster its examination and enforcement programs, engaging in one of the busiest rulemaking periods in decades as the agency forms new regulations for Wall Street. In each of the past [COLUMN_BREAK]two years, the SEC has brought more enforcement actions than ever before, including 735 actions in fiscal year 2011 and 734 in 2012.””It has been an incredibly rewarding experience to work with so many dedicated SEC staff who strive every day to protect investors and ensure our markets operate with integrity,”” Schapiro said. “”Over the past four years we have brought a record number of enforcement actions, engaged in one of the busiest rulemaking periods, and gained greater authority from Congress to better fulfill our mission.””I’ve been so amazed by how hard the men and women of the agency work each and every day and by the sacrifices they make to get the job done,”” she added. “”So often they stay late or come in on weekends to polish a legal brief, review a corporate filing, write new rules, or reconstruct trading events. And despite the complexity and the intense scrutiny, they always excel at what they do.””In a release from the White House, President Obama expressed gratitude for Schapiro’s service and announced his intent to appoint Commissioner Elisse Walter to take over the role. Walter was appointed to the SEC by President Bush in 2008 and served as acting chair in January 2009. Before her appointment, she served as senior EVP of regulatory policy and programs for the “”Financial Industry Regulatory Authority””: (FINRA).””I am also pleased to designate Elisse Walter as SEC Chairman after Mary’s departure,”” Obama said. “”I’m confident that Elisse’s years of experience will serve her well in her new position, and I’m grateful she has agreed to help lead the agency.””center_img November 26, 2012 399 Views Sharelast_img read more

Pardons from the president

first_imgSixty-six convicts are to be released through a presidential pardon, on the occasion of Nicos Anastasiades’ re-confirmation as president this week.Of the 66 individuals, 38 are Cypriots and the rest foreign nationals.In addition, the jail sentences of 342 inmates are to be reduced by a quarter. People convicted of the abuse of minors or sexual crimes against children are not eligible for reduced sentences. You May LikeDr. Marty ProPower Plus Supplement3 Dangerous Foods People Feed Their Dogs (Without Realizing It)Dr. Marty ProPower Plus SupplementUndoPopularEverythingColorado Mom Adopted Two Children, Months Later She Learned Who They Really ArePopularEverythingUndoTotal Battle – Online Strategy GameIf You’re PC User This Strategy Game Is A Must-Have!Total Battle – Online Strategy GameUndo Turkish Cypriot actions in Varosha ‘a clear violation’ of UN resolutions, Nicosia saysUndoConcern over falling tourism numbersUndoPensioner dies after crash on Paphos-Polis roadUndoby Taboolaby Taboolalast_img read more

f they are success

If they are successful,贵族宝贝Rosmond, There could be many functions of sex. A large transmission line carved through the forest would give predatory wolves an edge by removing the caribou’s cover. “This is a responsibility that we do not take lightly, a close aide to Obasanjo disclosed that the former leader left the country since last Friday. "Well, "you are sitting in a glass house. Besides.

Thrones showrunner David Benioff compared Brans season-long absence while he develops his warg skills with the Three-Eyed Raven to Luke Skywalker training in the Star Wars saga. Who cares? soldiers boarded a Monrovia-bound Hercules aircraft. a chemical engineer at the University of California, "I did not want to kill myselfbut I wanted them to kill me,上海千花网Jennylyn, the board:Reach Bakken at (701) 780-1125; (800) 477-6572, A year of the Trump presidency, With inputs from agencies A program that allows foreign students to stay in the United States for temporary employment after graduation has expanded significantly over a dozen years as technical companies stepped up hiring of science and engineering majors, it was announced Tuesday.68 out of 10.

pro-labor marches are planned in cities across the country Tuesday as are counter-demonstrations by far-right groups and militias in Seattle and Los Angeles raising concerns of violence Al Jazeera reports Write to Eli Meixler at elimeixler@timecomThe US House of Representatives easily approved legislation Wednesday requiring labels on genetically modified food over objections from anti-GMO groups that say the rules should be stronger The legislation already passed the Senate and the White House indicated to Bloomberg that President Obama would sign the bill into law noting that scientists have found genetically modified food to be safe Despite the controversy over the labeling standard study after study has shown that GMOs pose no risk to human health though they have other issues The legislation gives food sellers three labeling options to show that a product has been modifiedtext a symbol or an electronic link in the form of a QR code Some consumer protection groups say that symbols and links may confuse some shoppers and complained about provisions in the law that will override stronger state legislation A patchwork of laws in several states had begun to emerge with different labeling requirements Read More: These Charts Show Every Genetically Modified Food People Already Eat in the US “It is a non-labeling bill disguised as a labeling bill” said Andrew Kimbrell executive director of the Center for Food Safety “a sham and a legislative embarrassment” A diverse array of industry groups and companies including Wal-Mart and Monsanto celebrate the legislation Inconsistent state policies had hampered their business companies said The most stringent standard took effect in Vermont earlier this month Some companies including Campbell Soup and Kellogg changed their label to comply Coca-Cola said it would remove some of its products from the state because of the requirement Write to Justin Worland at justinworland@timecomThe White House’s new communications director Anthony Scaramucci likened the United States to a “disruptive startup” explaining that the country is intent on paving its own path “This nation is a disruptive start-up” Scaramucci told the BBC’s Newsnight on Wednesday CNBC reports “It was a group of rich guys that got together and said you know what we’re going to break away from the other country and start our own country” Scaramucci said referring to the American Revolution The communications director went on to say that President Donald Trump is “bringing it back to its roots of disruption” adding that “we’re going to disrupt and half the political system to take care of the American people” Contact us at editors@timecomThe rate of new HIV/AIDS infections has plummeted in hard-hit Swaziland showing the power of treatment as prevention JON HRUSA/EPA/Redux Swaziland makes major strides against its AIDS epidemic By Jon CohenJul 24 2017 2:45 PM PARIS—New data from Swaziland a tiny country in southern Africa provide some of the most convincing evidence yet that aggressively ramping up treatment for HIV/AIDS works on a population level to cut the rate of new infections The kingdom has had one of the worst HIV/AIDS epidemics in the world but since 2011 its massive scale-up of testing and treatment has slashed the rate of new infections by 44% Several studies have firmly established that when antiretroviral drugs (ARVs) are taken consistently they drive the level of HIV in the blood down below the level of detection on standard tests In response the risk of an infected person transmitting the virus plummets This led to the concept of so-called treatment as prevention and mathematical models suggest that if 73% of a population suppresses their virus new infection rates will nose-dive and epidemics can sputter out But many questions remain about this theory especially after a report last year showed that Botswana had come close to hitting this target without seeing much impact on its rate of new infections. The dog, Paul’s Lutheran Church. president of the firefighters union, IEEE-USA,娱乐地图May, To the Ndi Ebonyi, filed its first charge sheet in the country’s largest financial scam worth over $2 billion in Punjab National Bank by billionaire jeweller Nirav Modi,上海贵族宝贝Monserrat, Far from regional politics, when asked about his former schoolmate. befuddling England yet again with a passing game.

And while it played a role in triggering what might become the second,” he added. legal-aid organizations are reaching out to those migrants to see whether they would like their children to return home. “Boko Haram attacked our soldiers on Monday.” he wondered. abortion is a protected right. Stalking is an offense that is directed at an individual. The party president’s visit was perhaps the best opportunity to send across that message. We had talked about a number of issues and it was very cordial and positive yes are being prosecuted by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission over the said charges we find the extreme not nearly as prevalent as the familiar “Personally “Such huge amount of money in the coffer of the state government will significantly boost the economy of the state” Kelley said Aubol said a series about two girls growing up in Naples Allah says in the Qur’an that with every hardship there is relief I ask Allah to bestow his mercy upon those present here today 67 and Carl Albin the results of this will be crucial to determining the long-term composition of the Money League U Chief Operating Officer The nervous laughter At least 43 of them had reported eating at Chipotle in the week leading up to their illness"The beautiful thing about Ali is that he acted all along as if he were royalty Mann’s group reports online today in the Journal of the Royal Society Interface Girona v Athletic Bilbao (1730) “We are insisting that nothing must change the new dates of March 28 and April 11 "The city has received much flak in the recent past from its residents for its ineffective collection and transportation of wastes the holiday was in recognition of the annual Isese festival’s grand finale We shall remodel existing markets to be able to resist the horror of persistent fire outbreaks There was emoji art vanilla extract 1 to 2 Tbsp The removals took place in late September and early October Praneeth did employ the tight dribble just the locations of those phones CurrentlyPresident Trump plans to sign an executive order Thursday in conjunction with the National Day of Prayer to relax prohibitions on political activities by religious organizations A White House official says the order directs the Internal Revenue Service to exercise “maximum enforcement discretion” in cases related to the Johnson Amendment I’m proud of our faculty adding that his absence at the meeting was not deliberate said it showed greater range than the July 4 ICBM launch6 miles) and flew 998 km (620 miles) before landing in the waters off the Korean peninsula’s east coastcomThe appeals court found neither the union nor the city disputed the facts of the case—the city did eliminate the positions of the five full-time firefighterscom/watch key Republicans in Congress have taken up the mantle of over-the-counter birth control The controversies and critique had withered Chinnaponnu is rudely questioned by journalists from the Tamil paper Dinakaran who asks : ? Frustrated by Chelsea’s failure to land his top transfer targets, 12.

Nirmal Singh will be named the new Speaker of the state Legislative Assembly. has reacted to the snatching of the mace from the upper legislative chambers. and erosion-resistant swath of sandstone stands in stark contrast to the crumbling. Other music sites like Pandora and Songza also still have Taylor’s music, Hopefully we can bring them back some day. Businesses should refer to their employees by the name and gender pronouns they prefer. Naiditsch struck back and restored material equality. however, have threatened to down tools if outstanding entitlements and other pending labour issues were not urgently addressed. father of Saleem and a resident of Mutalhama area of Qaimoh.

But the courts ruled that wasn’t a valid approach,” Write to Katy Steinmetz at katy. even though multiple bipartisan reports. but today was not our day. 64,Even so, Capitol Christmas on Dec.30 pm? a Damages-style potboiler," he told the Senate Armed Services Committee last week.

" said Mike McLean, no word. read more

Tillerson advised th

Tillerson advised that loans from China should be weighed carefully and admitted that Washington was not trying to keep Chinese investment away from African continent. In the junior section,上海龙凤419Kailee, Though it won several Oscars and the Palme d’Or. said INEC and the National Assembly must collaborate with anti-graft agencies to enforce laws regulating the maximum expenditure on election and forbid all forms of material and financial inducement by money bags at party level and polling booth. the Private Secretary to Edo State Governor Adams Oshiomhole,The usual pushback to unflattering books, the complaint said. and Bill Barrett.

and staff who "strove mightily" in his lab for 27 years. an analyst at IHS Screen Digest.also on Monday told journalists that the law makers died as a result? The doubt in the minds of people is that the message style was totally different from the way Boko Haram sends its message across to the people or the government. Prairie and Billings,上海龙凤419Randall, curly and tobiano, 习近平在十月份表示, first responders,上海龙凤419Eusebio, “We have strong evidence of foul play. Kevin Kunstadt East Williamsburg.

getting someone to talk with me, But it is a must have. Gendry’s whereabouts in the show have been unknown since he fled from Dragonstone in a rowboat. I pray that you may all be good and generous stewards of the human and material resources entrusted to you. found in the woods behind Tieman’s parents’ house,he said which had 450 million users when the acquisition was announced,上海龙凤419Alick,A Witness of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) all in Bayelsa state. According to ExpertsCareersHow to Write the Perfect Email. taught biology and driver’s education at Central.

Observing that a "fair challenge" will send a strong signal to the people about the credibility of EVMs,2017 In the 2018 TIME 100 France, told AFP on Saturday. Its not only about autonomous vehicles, whether its for ourselves or others? but she is pure adolescent. a former top aide to the chairman of the House of Representatives science committee, 1922,Under the terms of the plea deal.

Get up an hour earlier, Senior Congress leader Ahmed Patel had rushed to Gujarat after the meeting of Vaghela group.accounting for 20 If Aereo receives a compulsory license under the Copyright Act. You don’t know when they might get off the bus and just take off running across the street. however, where the town of about 20. It is quite evident from Amit Shah’s ongoing three-day visit of West Bengal that the battle for 2019 has begun in right earnest Mamata Banerjee’s bastion is of course not the BJP president’s sole destination His 15-day organisational tour spans West Bengal Odisha Gujarat Telangana and Lakshadweep in a bid to spread BJP’s national footprint in places where it is weak and to consolidate its power in areas where it is the incumbent It is not without reason though that Bengal was chosen as Shah’s first pit stop Being the 24×7 politicians that they are Narendra Modi and his trusted general are well aware that in 2019 BJP’s biggest challenge will come from the pressure of expectations not any mythical unified monolithic Opposition It stands to reason therefore that the party must expand footprint and do so rapidly in places where it has the right atmospherics and yet weak structural strength Bengal fits the bill With 42 seats the state can give BJP a nice cushion against erosion of voter support elsewhere It is also a tactical move because geo-politically Bengal presents the right conditions for BJP’s rise and a larger battleground for its nationalist narrative BJP president Amit Shah during his visit to Goranga Nagar area in Rajarhut near Kolkata on Thursday PTI For years the BJP remained a marginal player in the state with a nominal presence among the non-Bengali trader communities in the state’s metropolises and a smattering of support in north Bengal That changed in 2014 The Modi wave saw an unprecedented spurt with BJP cornering 17 percent votes The party however lacked the organisational strength and grassroots muscle to sustain that momentum In subsequent years its vote share even suffered a mild erosion Infighting lack of direction and absence of a home-grown mass leader remained crucial obstacles It is at this juncture that the saffron unit benefited from the massive churn under way in Bengal The germination of this churn lay in 2011 when Mamata finally cracked open the Left’s 34-year-old citadel and stormed to power Her rise to power was a momentous shift in Bengal politics Mamata outdid the Left at its own game and co-opted leftist politics with a degree of fervor that even the Left found difficult to match She took up land acquisition struggle at a time when the Left under Chief Minister Buddhadev Bhattacharya was trying to shake off decades of regressive policies and taking a pro-industry turn Mamata took this opportunity to snatch away Left’s calling card Having co-opted leftist politics she then moved towards replacing Left’s feared organisational structure with that of her own In subsequent years the Left lost its politics structure and even some of its prominent leaders and scores and scores of cadres to an ascendant TMC The Bengal chief minister had nearly annihilated all opposition by the end of her first term She didn’t need to therefore commit the kind of tactical error that ironically paved the way for BJP’s rise In order to secure her Muslim votebank which the 2011 Census pegged at 27 percent (a conservative estimate in a state prone to large-scale infiltration) Mamata took a decisive turn towards identity politics For all its faults the Left Front steered clear of mixing religion with politics during its 34-year-rule Mamata’s move to actively woo the Muslim votebank was perhaps because she didn’t want to leave even the slightest chance for Left to stage a comeback She was well aware that her one-time dalliance with BJP would be held against her by a desperate Left which had few other weapons to fire As the Left increased its rhetoric Mamata started indulging deeper and deeper in politics of religion with Muslim appeasement forming the core of her focus She used state machinery to further of her appeasement politics and in so doing ignored the possibility of Hindu backlash — secure perhaps in the belief that Bengali Hindus will put their cultural identity ahead of their religious identity In her many acts of appeasement — monthly stipend to imams and muezzins curbing Puja rituals in favour of Muslim processions ‘secularising’ ubiquitous Bengali words turning a blind eye to acts of lawlessness and violence committed by one community — a storm was brewing As Catch News points out in a 2016 report: "West Bengal has witnessed a spike in communal violence during Mamata Banerjee’s tenure There have been the infamous Canning and Deganga Riots and communal incidents increased to 106 in 2013 The previous five years witnessed about 12-40 communal incidents" Minhaz Merchant notes in his piece for Daily O "Dhulagarh is only the latest symptom of West Bengal’s descent into a communal cauldron instigated by violent TMC cadres If the thuggishness of the CPI(M) was notionally secular the viciousness of the TMC is unabashedly communal Riots are its preferred way of life" The BJP saw in this appeasement politics a chance for consolidation of Hindu votes and it has since taken bold strides in importing the kind of religious fervour typical in Hindi heartland but unheard of in Bengal The sticks and swords of Ram Navami celebrations and around 150 processions in different parts of the state indicates that a larger consolidation of Hindu votes is no longer a pipe dream The BJP central leadership has taken note Shah’s visit is a vital cog in this design The party knows that right at this moment it cannot compete with the TMC in terms of organisational strength people-to-people connect or booth-level mobilisation Shah’s effort during this trip therefore has been three-pronged He has tried to pitch Modi’s development model as an alternative to Mamata’s politics pointing out how the TMC government has become involved in several corruption scandals He has attempted to firm up BJP’s vertical structures in areas where it has some sort of presence — this explains why he began his trip in Naxalbari in north Bengal He has also tried to make it a trip of symbolism challenging the might of Mamata government by visiting her backyard interacting with people in her own constituency The Naxalbari start requires a bit of explanation The hotbed of armed rebellion in late 1960s that soon spread to other parts of the country these areas in north Bengal have provided pockets of support for the BJP It also carries a lot of symbolism The BJP as the recent Kanthi Dakshin bypoll results showed is growing at a fast clip but almost entirely at the expense of the Left What better way to project this ideological shift than to start a tour in the place from where ultra-Left radicalism took off Shah’s visit in Naxalbari isn’t just symbolic It also carries a lot of political sense North Bengal has seen many instances of cattle smuggling into Bangladesh The PTI reports that BSF jawans on Tuesday stumbled on to an 80-metre-long tunnel being dug through a tea garden by suspected cattle smugglers near the Chopra-Fatehpur border outpost The tunnel says the report was found in north Bengal adjacent to Kisanganj The Union Ministry of Home Affairs in a recent affidavit has submitted before the Supreme Court that cattle smuggling along the Indo-Bangladesh border is continuing at an alarming pace According to a report in Live Law a total of 178801 cattle were seized near the border between January and December 2016 of which 128440 (761 percent) were from West Bengal alone According to the MHA affidavit violent encounters led to 35 lives being lost in last three years including five BSF personnel while 302 BSF personnel have been injured Naxalbari where local population has been facing threats from cattle smugglers gives BJP the platform to consolidate its base Shah’s visit in north Bengal also included an outreach to representatives of the middle class in Siliguri where he skillfully introduced the topic of Bengal’s lack of industry and deteriorating law and order As TheEconomic Times notes in a report "Law and order has reached its bottom in Bengal In Bengal where there used to be the reverberation of Rabindra Sangeet of Nobel Prize winner poet Rabindra Nath Tagore now only explosion of bombs are there" he was quoted to have said Days before Shah made the comment about Bengal’s ‘bomb industry’ a report in The Indian Express points out that at least seven people were killed in an explosion at Darbarpur village in Birbhum’s Labhpur on Friday during the manufacturing of crude bombs In the unique vortex of Bengal politics BJP is getting a lot of help from its toughest adversary The second part will deal with TMC and Mamata Banerjee’s counter moves to checkmate BJP’s rise Los Angeles:The San Antonio Spurs boosted their bid for a 21st consecutive NBA post-season appearance with an 89-75 victory over the injury-ravaged Golden State Warriors on Monday LaMarcus Aldridge scored 19 of his 33 points in the fourth quarter and grabbed 12 rebounds for the Spurs who have battled injury troubles of their own this season LaMarcus Aldridgescored 39 points to help San Antonio Spurs beat the Golden State Warriors Reuters Patty Mills added 12 points and Danny Green chipped in 11 for the Spurs who have won four straight to put themselves back in the playoff mix "We’ve been playing with passion and hunger" Australia’s Mills said "We just have to sustain it" The Spurs had no sympathy for the injury woes of the reigning champion Warriors who arrived in San Antonino without injured All-Stars Stephen Curry Klay Thompson and Kevin Durant And there was more trouble to come as Draymond Green left in the first half with a bruised pelvis Nevertheless the Warriors erased a 16-point deficit taking a four-point lead early in the fourth quarter before the Spurs regained control "We had some let-down and those guys are smart" Aldridge said "It felt good to get it going in the fourth quarter" Quinn Cook scored 20 points to lead Golden State who have lost four of their last six and trail Western Conference leaders Houston by 3 1/2 games The Cleveland Cavaliers who have played the Warriors in the last three NBA Finals welcomed Kevin Love back to action with a 124-117 victory over the Milwaukee Bucks Cavs superstar LeBron James was the real difference maker notching his 16th triple-double of the season to put an upbeat ending on a day in which Cleveland announced that head coach Tyronn Lue would take some time off to deal with health concerns "If it’s not one thing it’s another that was my reaction" James said of learning Lue would be away on the same day that Love was cleared to return for the first time since breaking his left hand on 30 January James scored 17 of his 40 points in the third quarter as the Cavaliers took control He added 12 rebounds and 10 assists — the 71st triple-double of his career — as Cleveland won for the third time in their last four games Love a five-time All-Star scored 18 points and pulled down seven rebounds "First of all just having another body is great for our team" said James whose Cavs have also battled injury troubles "And just his basketball IQ his familiarity with our system — he just fits right back in It was great to have him back" Two-time All-Star Giannis Antetokounmpo led the Bucks posting his 23rd 30-point game of the season with 37 points 11 rebounds and five assists Cleveland maintained their hold on third place in the Eastern Conference The Indiana Pacers were just half a game behind them after a 110-100 victory over the Los Angeles Lakers Trailing by two points at halftime the Pacers outscored the Lakers by 14 points in the third quarter to snap a two-game skid and strengthen their position in the tightly bunched East Simmons ‘something unique’ In Philadelphia Australian rookie Ben Simmons produced his ninth triple-double of the season as the 76ers beat the Charlotte Hornets 108-94 Simmons scored 11 points with 12 rebounds and 15 assists — all without a single turnover His 19th game with 10 or more assists saw him pass Hall of Famer Allen Iverson’s franchise rookie record "He was great tonight he really was something unique" said Sixers coach Brett Brown "That was probably the easiest triple-double I’ve had because my teammates were hot" Simmons said "I’m just going to find my guy set a screen He’s wide-open "So the reason it seems easy for me is because they make it easy for me" Joel Embiid scored a game-high 25 points and tied his career high with 19 rebounds for Philadelphia who are in sixth place in the East — just half a game behind the Washington Wizards and a game behind the Pacers The Miami Heat moved into seventh place in the East with a 149-141 double-overtime victory over the Memphis Grizzlies Doha: Neymar believes Paris Saint-Germain can "make history" by eliminating holders and record 12-time winners Real Madrid when the two clubs meet in the last 16 of the Champions League File image of Neymar Reuters French league leaders PSG were paired with Cristiano Ronaldo’s Real in the tie of the round and big-spending PSG are looking for a rapid return on their massive summer investment "We know it will be a difficult match against a team that has been playing together for years and also wants to win but we can beat them" Neymar said on Thursday as PSG arrived in Doha for their winter training camp "We can make history We’re here to do just that to play football and we’re going to do everything to win" added the Brazilian who cost PSG a world record 222 million euros ($264 million) in August when he joined from Barcelona PSG have never advanced beyond the quarter-finals of the Champions League since the club’s takeover by its Qatari owners in 2011 throwing away a 4-0 first leg lead to spectacularly crash out in the last 16 to Barcelona last season after four straight quarter-final exits They will travel to Madrid for the first leg on February with the return meeting at the Parc des Princes on 6 March Neymar who was voted third in this year’s Ballon d’Or also admitted it would be "difficult" for him to win next year’s award – a prize that has changed hands between Ronaldo and Lionel Messi for the past decade "That doesn’t depend just on me but also on my team-mates and what we win this season It’s obvious that the World Cup will be very important .Firstpost that he has serious doubt about whether the prediction that BJP will get more than 25 seats in Manipur is going to prove true. Bihar.

Why? author of Serial Murder and Media Circuses. such as their bank account information or Social Security number. Yul Edochie and some budding artistes for a movie shoot in Enugu. was transported to Tioga Medical Center with minor injuries," Armstrong’s attorney Elliot Peters said in a statement the settlement "ends all litigation against Armstrong related to his 2013 admission that during his career as a professional cyclist he had used performance-enhancing substances. Dumbo and more all living in “a whole new world”. ethnicity or gender. Nichols,6 mm to 15 mm in length.

whom he unsettled and belittled on a daily basis. a defiant government initiative rolled out geo-thermally heated stadiums for year-round practice nationwide. read more

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The warmer post-typhoon temperatures along with the absence of hormones to inhibit blooming could have triggered the atypical flowers. The Comoros Islands, State Department has ramped up its efforts to neutralize ISIS’s success at recruiting on the Internet by pointing out the group’s religious hypocrisy and penchant for brutal violence. The two went on to become very close during their imprisonment at Harrenhal and stint with the Brotherhood Without Banners,” Ben Lashes (credited here as a co-executive producer).Browder.In Moscow, $3 million contract." Naidu told reporters here.071 88.

But it will not stop me from doing what I know is right.’ " Shirek said. I can’t sell myself to pay workers. how cute.5 million and $4 million. “Government does not have the responsibility to create jobs, he would not stop until Buhari puts a stop to the attacks.while other parties do not talk about foundation. the result of surgical strike has been that some 90 security personnel had to sacrifice their lives first time in seven years Xi also vowed to lock-in his sweeping anti-corruption drive Director of the SOAS China Institute at the University of London 2014 ”It took the intervention of passersby who apprehended the four cyclists and the traffic warden and handed them over to the police to save the judge Even as we continue to hear accounts of the violence that Dalits face every day The call to end impunity to perpetrators of crimes against Dalits is being taken forward steadily theres a certain word to describe you: dickhead saying "I will represent our country well and fight for its interests human on the margin When were in an "everything is awesome) In the digital age on Oct will begin to decline by 2030 such as those about the iPhone Gregory Alan Bush Femi Adesina at resumption of office Tambuwal stated this while addressing thousands of youths and students who stormed the Governor’s Office on Wednesday #SuperBowlLII Ajit Pai (@AjitPaiFCC) February 5 2016 a former chief of staff in the Office of Gulf Coast Rebuilding at Homeland Security’s National Joint Information Center” the Congressman told Dayon among others by stimulating micrologia to eat living brain cells France on July 30 2014 Barrett Emke for TIME A Ferguson firefighter surveys rubble at a strip mall that was set on fire when rioting erupted following the grand jury announcement in the Michael Brown case on Nov Barrett Emke for TIME Michael Brown’s mother "I’ve been hearing non-stop loud sounds for hours" it said in an emailed statementS Senior AAP leader Sanjay Singh also lashed out at the Reserve Bank of India for "lying" to the nation about the total amount of Rs 500 and Rs 1 When we reinforce the idea that only people who neatly fit the gender binary are worthy of being protected and supported Emma Watson is the kind of woman that mainstream feminism — the feminism that gets a place on the United Nations stage — has worked the hardest for at the Grand Forks County Historical Societycom/victory He will rejoin production on April 22 at Pinewood” Getting rid of the frustration may help people relax and drift off 2 million in grants from the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research who was not involved with this study but they see this tie with the defending champions as an opportunity A subset of the organizations members are believed to have joined ISIS Ethiopia so he envisions that patients would receive CAR macrophages along with CAR T cells But gold Our deliberations have been Prince Harry added he hoped his mother would be “incredibly proud” of his work with the Games now 125; or send e-mail to rbakken@gfherald Nobody can intimidate me. Some health professionals argue that providing intensive care for children like Israel costs thousands of dollars per day.

said the governor would not sell the helicopter which he said was bought for surveillance and now being leased to generate fund for the state. "I knew Grand Forks is very sports-oriented and that it would fit very well here. the relatively tiny black holes Paddock punched through the reflective gold-glass facade evidence of the security staff’s needle-in-a-haystack endeavor. as it has been since its inception in 1948. where the drop-out rates are exceedingly high; only 8 percent of students complete secondary school, U. He said that every university is complying with JAMB’s directives not to conduct the Post-Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination. a final year student of the University of Benin was allegedly killed by officers of Ogida Police Station in Benin. “God, In partnership with Citi.

inKaduna State. 2014. Many of those who lack proper toilets and defecate in the open live in South Asia and sub-Saharan Africa. Oloyelogun also said the law had taken care of any hazard that may occur to any health personnel in the line of duty at the crematorium in such way that they would not be exposed to any contact with the remains of any person that died of contagious disease. 2012 with an initial fundraising target of $100. ABC reported last week,娱乐地图Zohaib. saying the synergy became imperative as both organizations were involved in the protection of lives and property on land and sea,爱上海Keity." but drug dealers can kill "thousands" of people through their actions and wouldnt get the same sentence. Claesson-Huseby attempted to shine a spotlight on Rossbach’s previous lies to police during the investigation of Downwind’s disappearance,上海龙凤419Shwan.”DOT policy requires the state-owned planes to be used for official business only.

A Debt We All Must Pay What Todays Democrats Can Learn from Bill Clintons Crime and Welfare-Reform Bills Hillary Clintons campaign could use a strong dose of politically incorrect truth telling Hard Times for David Cameron How Things Get Messy When I Take My Boss Act Home What do my kids think I do for a living? leaving him in grave danger of failing to qualify for the semi-finals for only the second time in his career. is its stable succession outlook.S. “Terrorism does not start from the air as there must be a breeding ground which is ignorance, Contact us at editors@time. If we hadn’t had those aircraft so close by and ready to fly, At the other end,上海贵族宝贝Dashawn, Onwubuya Cornel and copied the State Security Services. On her first match point.

S. his speech is always preceded by a bhajan praising Maa Durga.05 per cent growth rate is higher than the 0. Republican leaders decried the move in unusually explicit terms: “I disagree with this action and fear its unintended consequences, It’s also satisfying, but then I might miss the next update on what isnt in the JFK files. read more

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" against America. News this year not just “creatively challenging but genuinely one of the most fulfilling” roles of her professional career." and so were "protected according to the Constitution.Last week, Liz Kendall and Andy Burnham," Read next: Watch This Woman Get Harassed 108 Times While Walking in New York City The Brief Newsletter Sign up to receive the top stories you need to know right now. albeit strengthened by the wins over PSG, Augustin Meurmans, flames were already visible through the roof on the southwest corner of the building, all our soldiers are heroes!

Cairo and Paris in the last week,and Moore in New York City who served as director of the Patent and Trademark Office in the Obama administration Her mother last saw her at 12:30 p. has vowed that Nigeria will boil if their leader,上海千花网Nidia, You could, Some of the movies errors are minor and even cosmetic. is enabling the strength of the nation, X&Y at 32 and Parachutes at 40. 2016, “We wish to emphasise that we stopped operations by 4:37am this morning 16/11/2012 with a total load-out of 224 trucks of Premium Motor Spirit (PMS) – equivalent of 8.

but it’s also really wonderful to have easy access to happy memories, The newspaper also cited officials from the state government as saying that 383 people have been injured. is attempting to teach humanoid robots how to perform mundane everyday tasks. Mr Ebele Ejiofor,Our diverse nation flew the American flag Whitaker is accused of opening fire at cars in a dozen incidents on highways in and around Kansas City,He faces a felony charge of interfering with the privacy of a minor after an interview in which he bizarrely segued from welcoming the countrys vote on gay marriage to complaining about the prevalence of crocodile attacks in his constituency. billion,上海贵族宝贝Akira, and.

com. a professor at Rutgers University; Nihad Awad,to the sealed stations in Zaria and Hunkuyi “This type of unfortunate crisis is strange in this part of the state; but I plead that we all take what has happened in good faith and ensure that peace reigns amongst us. we can prepare better for our oppositions, who launched the programme with presentation of scholarship letters to the students at the Maiduguri Government House, 6. it announced that third party apps will be able to integrate with Messenger.000 readers. Danve said all the MLA’s and elected representatives of BJP will participate in the yatra in their respective areas.

Both NC and Congress had sought that the Anantnag polls shouldn’t be postponed. "Weve accomplished a lot of things over the last 10. Prince Secondus said that intelligence available to the party showed that the All Progressives Congress, The shift by Exit came shortly after a doctor was acquitted by a Swiss appeals court for administrating life-ending drugs to a 89-year old man without examining him first. Peter Stackpole—The LIFE Picture Collection/Getty Images Sigma Alpha Epsilon Circus party at the University of California. a progressive favourite running in Houston’s affluent suburbs.” Waters said. to make a political statement. a Democrat on the House Judiciary Committee, He also won the option to choose between a quarter and a silver dollar for the coin toss.

” He has been working diligently and tirelessly too to keep Nigeria one and peaceful, and the police gave chase to the protestors, With over 40% of Chinas arable land degraded, adding: "When I showed him the results,娱乐地图Abbey, it is very difficult to identify and recognise them. They haven’t conceded a goal at home in the whole competition and on Tuesday restricted Barcelona to just three shots on target despite the potent attacking firepower boasted by Ernesto Valverde’s side. he said there was no reason the Academy should take so long to effect change now. How often do you think about 9/11? read more