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Screenwriter Norman Steinberg on Mel Brooks, Richard Pryor, and Getting Heard

first_imgNorman Steinberg has worked on some of your favorite projects with some of your favorite people. We sat down with him recently to talk some shop.Recently, we spoke with Norman Steinberg from his idyllic home in upstate New York. It was hard not to think of one of his classic comedic films as he continually moved from room to room to avoid the blaring sound of the gardener’s leaf blower. He interrupted every anecdote with “Can you believe this guy?” as the roar of the blower would creep closer.At nearly 80, Steinberg isn’t slowing down. He’s currently writing the book for a musical based on the 18th-century comedy of manners The School for Scandal with composer Charlie Fox (who wrote the theme songs to all your favorite ’70s shows, including Happy Days, Laverne and Shirley, and Monday Night Football), he quipped, “You can’t make a living in the theater, but you can make a killing.”PremiumBeat: It’s hard not to imagine the writing process of Blazing Saddles as a combination of a Dean Martin roast and a comedy brawl version of Fight Club.  How were you able to get your ideas heard and implemented among such giant personalities as Mel Brooks and Richard Pryor?Norman Steinberg: By speaking up, by not being afraid. Basically when we started, it was me and Andrew Bergman, and I brought along Alan Uger, who left after a couple of weeks and still got credit for some reason — and Mel. Mel says I’m looking around the room, and I see four Jews — we need a person of color. Who can we get? I did the Flip Wilson show, and Flip went to number one, and we had all these great guest stars — Bing Crosby, Jack Benny. I had worked with Richard Pryor on the Flip Wilson show. My writing partner was George Carlin. I brought Richie in. I told him, “Hey, we are doing this film, and it’s about a black sheriff in the old west,” and he kinda lost his breath. “Mel Brooks? Mel Brooks?” He was a huge fan of Mel’s. I told him we’d love for him to write with us. He said, “Get me some money, get me train fare, get me a hotel, and I’ll be there.”Image via Blazing Saddles (Warner Bros).First day, he came in late. We started at ten; he got there at twelve. “CPT” he said. He sat down, and we started explaining the story, where we were, and he was going “ah ha ah ha” — pulls out a little vial. I didn’t even know what it was, and it was coke. Started doing coke. He turns to Mel, gestures to it and says “Brother Mel?” Mel says “Me? Never before lunch.” And we started.Image via Get Smart.To be in the room with these two guys. Incredible. Mel Brooks was my hero. He helped me start my career by hooking me up with the producer of Get Smart. Mel called and told me you want to be a writer (I was a lawyer) write a spec script, and I did. I sent that script to Leonard Stern at Get Smart, and a week later he called [to say] that it’s a good script. “If the show gets picked up, we’ll buy it.” The show got cancelled. I quit my job anyway and started being a writer.I wrote for Cash Box (trade music magazine), then I got an agent through someone I met through the army reserves — happened to be Bill Cosby’s agent. He got me a job writing on I Am The President, David Frye’s comedy album about Lyndon Johnson leaving the white house. David Frye — one of the great impressionists (“not a painter”) He was crazy, but he could do anyone. I think I got five hundred dollars and royalties. It was a hit. Kept going up the charts. The album won a Grammy.Next I did Comedy Tonight on CBS — star was Robert Klein and Madeline Kahn and Peter Boyle and all the great second city players. We did ten shows, was thrilling writing the sketches. It was a real writers room — Tom Meehan (Annie, The Producers) — Just a great group of people.Image via The Flip Wilson Show.Then I go out to California to do Frye’s next album, Radio Free Nixon — all happenstance — I run into Robert Klein, and he’s doing a new show with Flip Wilson — says I should come by, and I go out to see him and meet Herb Baker. They were looking for a new writer and offered me seven hundred and fifty a week, which was a fortune to me. Flip paired me with George Carlin — he was great, and he became my partner. It was a number one show — we get nominated for an Emmy, so I get an Emmy! My first two jobs basically, I get a Grammy and an Emmy (handed to me by Jimmy Durante.)Image via Blazing Saddles (Warner Bros.).I was then offered $1,500 a week, and I quit because I wanted to come back to NY. Gary Belkin hired me to do a special, Aquacade in Acapulco, with Tony Randall, Ed McMahon, Aquamantics, Stiller and Meara and Mel. This was a couple of years later. The only other time I saw Mel was at the unemployment office. We wrote a sketch together — I was in the sketch. Wonderful, I had no fear of saying what was on my mind and what I thought was funny, and I could make him laugh. Mel is tough as hell, and he yells at people, and I would say “Shut the fuck up.” Getting heard — you just rolled the dice. It’s the same thing in the writers room — you have to learn to take a punch. That was my indoctrination under fire. That was my instinct — I’m going for it. With Richard and Mel, it was like watching these two masters just go for it. They so respected each other and just laugh and embellished each other. I could never duplicate that experience — it was incredible. If you go at Mel — he will stand his ground, but he will respect you.Image via Blazing Saddles (Warner Bros.).This is how it works with Mel. He doesn’t sit down and write a script. He pitches — he says things off the top of his head. Like once we were having dinner and he said “Whoa that’s hot! My tongue just dialed the fire department.” He is the funniest man I know.The day that Mel showed the film to Warner Bros. — he came back to the office, he was ashen. He said they didn’t laugh once. He said “I’m going to re-cut the film.” Andy and I begged him to wait until the screening we had that night with all the Warner office workers. And they went bat shit, and it never changed. People were falling on the floor — because it was so outrageous at the time. And Mel said “Fuck ’em this is our film,” and that was the film that was released.PB: You’ve been involved in a lot of projects that speak to social justice — Blazing Saddles tackled race in its own zany way, and Free To Be You and Me dealt with gender identity and gender roles way before there were national conversations on which bathroom you can use or who should be able to serve in the military. How did you come to that project, and what was the process creating that show with so many liberal icons like Marlo Thomas and Alan Alda?NS: Free To Be You and Me was created by Carol and Bruce Hart with Marlo — they did the album, then we did the TV Special (also an Emmy winner!). I was working with Carol and Bruce on something, and they asked me if I could help them. Marlo was great. I brought Mel into it, and Mel and Marlo did the baby song. It was great — puppets by Waylon Flowers — he was a genius.  Marlo is a great producer and a really good person.Image: Joseph Maher When Things Were Rotten (ABC).PB: You have bounced often between features and TV work — does one have more of an appeal to you than the other?NS: Most of my career was in film — when I started, you either were film or TV and never the twain, but after Blazing Saddles, I was doing piecemeal here or there. I pitched some movies and sold one to Fox. Producer Bud Austin just adored Blazing Saddles and asked if I would consider heading up comedy development for Paramount TV and promised that anything I wrote on the side was a separate deal. I had this crazy Robin Hood idea, When Things Were Rotten, and sold it to ABC and brought Mel in. I had to give up my writing credit because of the Paramount job.  So, I worked in TV, but I was really disdainful of it. It was a step down at that time. Now it’s everything.Image via My Favorite Year (MGM).PB: My Favorite Year. Just mentioning the title of that film brings a smile to my face. How did that come about?NS: Dennis Palumbo wrote a script about Wyatt Earp, who comes to New York to publish a book — this guy is a drunk and he has a gun. The book publisher sends a young man to babysit him.  The producers said it’s period, expensive — we’ll never get it made — how about the same kind of relationship, but between Errol Flynn and Mel Brooks? Mel got in involved. The script became, In like Flynn. Mel hated the script and gave Dennis notes. He refused the notes, so Mel called me that he was looking for someone to rewrite it. I said I’d do it. Mel said “I can’t pay you enough.” I said “Can’t or won’t?” Ten drafts and four years later, we got it made.Image courtesy of Norman Steinberg.Tom Hanks was first in the door, but the director, Richard Benjamin, thought he was too sketchy. Mark Linn-Baker was great. But who knows how Tom Hanks would have been. He ended up doing Splash instead. Getting Peter O’Toole was like a dream come true. We said we wanted Peter O’Toole. MGM said “He’s a drunk, get someone else.” We said, “He’s perfect, and he doesn’t drink anymore.” We did meet with Albert Finney. He had just finished Shoot the Moon and Annie back to back. He told us he needed six months to rest. We knew we couldn’t wait — there could be a whole new batch of executives then, and our movie could be shelved. We told him we couldn’t wait. Finney said to us “O’Toole’s your man — I went to RADA with him. He’s your guy. I know I’m going to regret this. I said this once before and that was Lawrence of Arabia.”Cover image via Warner Bros.Looking for more industry interviews? 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BJP sweeps Maharashtra, Sena takes Mumbai

first_imgThe Bharatiya Janata Party continued its political dominance in Maharashtra with resounding electoral victories in key municipalities and zilla parishads across the State. It won eight of the 10 municipal elections that were held on February 21. The Shiv Sena, its erstwhile ally, won in Mumbai and Thane.In the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC), it was a close call, with the Sena winning 84 out of the 227 seats and the BJP 82. In Thane, the Sena won 67 of the 131 seats, while the BJP won only 23, fewer than the Sharad Pawar-led Nationalist Congress Party (NCP), which bagged 34 seats.In eight other municipal zones, the BJP swept the elections, giving Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis a major image boost as well as an upper hand against the Sena, a party that is a part of the government. For the municipal elections, the Sena had broken the alliance and dared the BJP to go it alone.In Pune, the BJP won 98 of the 162 seats, with the NCP coming a distant second with 40 seats and the Sena bagging a mere 10. In Nagpur, Mr. Fadnavis’ home town, the BJP won 108 of the 151 seats, leaving the Congress way behind with 29 seats. In Nashik, where Raj Thackeray’s Maharashtra Navnirman Sena (MNS) had won in the 2012 elections, the BJP won 67 of the 122 seats. The MNS was decimated, with just five seats.“This victory has made us more powerful in Maharashtra,” Mr. Fadnavis said at a press conference. “Our politics consists of trust and transparency. This result is a clear indication that Mumbaikars and the people from the rest of the State have accepted our way of functioning. No other party in the last 25 years has delivered such results.”He said: “The victories in the BMC and other municipal corporations have made the BJP more humble. Instead of merely talking about good governance, the party will now work towards delivering the promises it had made in the campaign. The people have accepted Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s demonetisation wholeheartedly. Along with that, the transparency agenda has received tremendous support from the people.”Shiv Sena president Uddhav Thackeray, in a statement released at a press conference at party headquarters Sena Bhavan, said: the “I thank my Marathi brothers and sisters for their overwhelming trust in me.” The party had expected a few more seats, but lost in a close contest. “Not only will the next Mayor of Mumbai be from the Shiv Sena, but also the next Chief Minister.”Both the Sena and the BJP have staked claim to the post of Mumbai Mayor, but have avoided the vitriolic language that peppered the campaign. BJP city unit chief Ashish Shelar claimed the support of four Independents and said the next Mayor will be from Mumbai.Loss for CongressThe Congress lost several of its seats in Mumbai, winning only 31. Party’s Mumbai chief Sanjay Nirupam offered to resign, accepting responsibility for the defeat, which he blamed on infighting. The MNS is the biggest loser, winning only seven seats, against 28 in 2012. For the fifth consecutive time in Mumbai, though, the Sena has become the single largest party. It not only increased its 2012 tally of 75, but Mr. Thackeray’s gamble to go it alone by snapping alliance with the BJP also proved to be a major factor in consolidating the party’s traditional Marathi vote base.last_img read more

Ghulam Nabi Azad appointed president of Jammu and Kashmir Pradesh Congress Committee

first_imgKiran BediAWARDED: The Italian “International Woman of the Year” award, to Kiran Bedi, joint commissioner, Delhi Police. DIED: Suhas Agashe, 60, veteran journalist and UNI’s chief of bureau, western region, in Mumbai. DIED: Sinam Dususow, 80, veteran Congress leader of Arunachal Pradesh, in Itanagar. Ghulam Nabi AzadAPPOINTED: Ghulam Nabi Azad,,Kiran BediAWARDED: The Italian “International Woman of the Year” award, to Kiran Bedi, joint commissioner, Delhi Police.DIED: Suhas Agashe, 60, veteran journalist and UNI’s chief of bureau, western region, in Mumbai.DIED: Sinam Dususow, 80, veteran Congress leader of Arunachal Pradesh, in Itanagar.Ghulam Nabi AzadAPPOINTED: Ghulam Nabi Azad, president of the Jammu and Kashmir Pradesh Congress Committee.ARRESTED: Ravi Sidhu, chairman of the Punjab Public Service Commission, for accepting a bribe, in Chandigarh.LAUNCHED: Ten Sports, a TV channel promoted by Sharjah cricket baron A.R. Bukhatir.APPOINTED: B.S. Shastri, chairperson of the National Commission of SCs and STs. He is a Lok Sabha member.last_img read more

Column: Let’s ignore Drake for the rest of the NBA Finals

first_imgTwo-day strike in Bicol fails to cripple transport Rapper Drake, left,, says something to Golden State Warriors forward Draymond Green (23) after the Toronto Raptors defeated the Warriors in Game 1 of basketball’s NBA Finals, Thursday, May 30, 2019, in Toronto. (Nathan Denette/The Canadian Press via AP)Obnoxious sideline celebrities are as much a part of the NBA as slam dunks and getting away with an extra step or two.From Jack Nicholson to Spike Lee to Jimmy Buffett, we’ve grown accustomed to boorish, entitled superstars doing their best to make themselves part of the game.ADVERTISEMENT Don’t miss out on the latest news and information. Catholic schools seek legislated pay hike, too View comments Dangerous game: Anthony Joshua fights Andy Ruiz Jr, with others on his mind MOST READ ‘Rebel attack’ no cause for concern-PNP, AFP Welcome to the club, Drake.The Toronto rapper-slash-superfan has gotten as much air time as anyone on the court with his antics during the playoffs. He mocked Philadelphia’s Joel Embiid. He rubbed the shoulders of Raptors coach Nick Nurse during a game. And, after the opener of the NBA Finals, he exchanged some heated words with Golden State’s Draymond Green.FEATURED STORIESSPORTSPrivate companies step in to help SEA Games hostingSPORTSPalace wants Cayetano’s PHISGOC Foundation probed over corruption chargesSPORTSSingapore latest to raise issue on SEA Games food, logisticsHere’s an idea: Let’s ignore Drake for the rest of what could be a memorable series between the Raptors and Warriors.That goes for the TV cameras that can’t seem to turn away from him. That goes for those of us in the media who can’t seem to quit writing about him (I promise, this will be my one and only Drake column). And it most certainly goes for the Warriors, who need to stay focused on the important task at hand — trying to win their fourth championship in five years — when Drake starts hurling his childish taunts. Private companies step in to help SEA Games hosting Cayetano: Senate, Drilon to be blamed for SEA Games mess Green insisted the incident in Game 1 was no big deal.“You got a question about basketball?” he shot back when a reporter brought it up afterward. “It wasn’t really a scuffle because I didn’t hit him and he didn’t hit me, and I didn’t push him and he didn’t push me. We talked. We barked a little bit, but I wouldn’t necessarily consider that a scuffle.”No doubt looking to move records and build his brand, Drake was in his full troll mode for the start of the first Finals held outside the United States, turning up at his familiar courtside seat in a replica of the Raptors jersey worn by Dell Curry at the end of his career — a jab, of course, at Dell’s son, Warriors star Steph Curry.After Toronto secured its 118-109 victory, Drake confronted Green on his way off the court. It’s not clear all that was said between the two, but Drake could be seen mouthing “trash” as a smiling Curry stepped in to make sure Green went on to the locker room.With a night to sleep on things, Green was downright diplomatic during the off day Friday. He knows the best way to answer Drake’s insults is to play better than he did in Game 1, when he contributed a mere 10 points on 2-of-9 shooting and struggled to contain the Raptors’ emerging star, Pascal Siakam.ADVERTISEMENT Kevin Durant out with Achilles injury; to undergo MRI on Tuesday PLAY LIST 03:12Kevin Durant out with Achilles injury; to undergo MRI on Tuesday01:43Who are Filipinos rooting for in the NBA Finals?01:08Huge Toronto crowd celebrates Raptors’ historic win02:42PH underwater hockey team aims to make waves in SEA Games01:44Philippines marks anniversary of massacre with calls for justice01:19Fire erupts in Barangay Tatalon in Quezon City01:07Trump talks impeachment while meeting NCAA athletes02:49World-class track facilities installed at NCC for SEA Games02:11Trump awards medals to Jon Voight, Alison Krauss LATEST STORIES “He talks and it gets more attention because he’s Drake,” Green said.While the NBA certainly loves the off-the-court attention that it celebrity fans generate, Commissioner Adam Silver made it clear that there’s a line Drake should not cross — which he clearly did in the Eastern Conference finals by briefly grabbing Nurse’s shoulders as the oblivious coach looked up at the scoreboard during Game 4 against the Milwaukee Bucks.“We certainly appreciate his superfan status, and I know he’s beloved in the community of Toronto,” Silver said. But, the commish quickly added, “Certainly we don’t want fans, friend or foe, contacting an NBA coach during a game. I think that even as Nick Nurse later said, ‘I didn’t even realize it was Drake or hardly was aware that I was being touched,’ and I think those can lead to dangerous situations. You’re in the middle of coaching a game and you’re completely focused, you obviously don’t want somebody who is not on your team touching you.”Better than any other league, the NBA knows how to nurture and protect its superstars — a philosophy that has extended to its most famous fans at least as far back as the days when Nicholson was razzing Los Angeles Lakers’ opponents during the Showtime era, or Lee was getting away with far more than most fans while taunting Reggie Miller during playoff games at Madison Square Garden (yes, kids, the New York Knicks were once a competitive NBA franchise that made the postseason on a regular basis).Silver said the league spoke with Drake and his management team about avoiding contact with players and coaches, apparently coming to an understanding that he wouldn’t do it again.“Given Drake’s relationship to the team, it’s not the same as just any fan who happened to be courtside touching a coach,” the commissioner said. “But I think that’s an absolute bright line that we have to draw. So that’s one example and I would also say that I think the issue for the league is that he has this ambassador-type role with the team. So he is viewed a little differently than any fan sitting there. But at the same time, I think there are appropriate lines that shouldn’t be cross in terms of how a competing team is addressed or the officials for that matter.”While a case could certainly be made that Drake should be banished to a less-prominent seat during the remaining games in Toronto (as Buffett once was during a Miami Heat contest for cursing at the officials), even Green said that wasn’t necessary.“So many people are complaining about it, like, ‘You don’t let any other fan do that,’” the Warriors star said. “Yeah, any other fan is just not Drake, so they probably shouldn’t be able to do that. That’s just kind of how the cookie crumbles. He’s worked his (butt) off to be who he is. I think we all know when you do that, you get more leash than others. I think there’s so much talk and the NBA needs to … no, they don’t. He worked to be who he is, (so) you should get more leash. I don’t mind it. It’s fun for me.”The best way for Green and the Warriors to shut Drake up is to win another title.As for the rest of us, let’s just ignore him. Ethel Booba twits Mocha over 2 toilets in one cubicle at SEA Games venue DA eyes importing ‘galunggong’ anew PDEA chief backs Robredo in revealing ‘discoveries’ on drug war Sports Related Videospowered by AdSparcRead Nextlast_img read more

Laver Cup 2019 Live Streaming: Where to Watch Team Europe vs Team World Live Telecast

first_img Fabio Fogninijohn mcenroeLaver CupNick Kyrgious First Published: September 22, 2019, 11:55 AM IST Get the best of News18 delivered to your inbox – subscribe to News18 Daybreak. Follow on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Telegram, TikTok and on YouTube, and stay in the know with what’s happening in the world around you – in real time. The Laver Cup, which is into its third edition, kicks off on Friday, September 20. Named after Australian tennis legend Rod Laver, the mega tennis extravaganza will be played in Geneva between September 20 and September 22. The annual men’s team event, in which teams representing Europe and the rest of the world play each other, has attracted sell-out crowds in its first two editions held in Prague and Chicago.Team Europe, who had won the previous two editions of Laver Cup, will eye to get a hat-trick this year. Team World led by John McEnroe will hope to win over their rivals this time. Team Europe lead Team World 7-5 going into the third and last day – a doubles match, then three more singles, each worth three points with 13 needed for overall victory.Latest: Rafael Nadal has withdrawn from his matches on day 3 due to a wrist injury.The results so far:DAY 1 -Dominic Thiem beat Denis Shapovalov 6-4, 5-7, 13-11 (Europe won – 1 point)Jack Sock beat Fabio Fognini 6-1, 7-6 (3) (World won – 1 point)Stefanos Tsitsipas beat Taylor Fritz 6-2, 1-6, 10-7 (Europe won – 1 point)Roger Federer and Alexander Zverev beat Denis Shapovalov and Jack Sock 6-3, 7-5 (Europe won – 1 point)DAY 2 -John Isner beat Alexander Zverev 6-7 (2), 6-4, 10-1 (World won – 2 points)Roger Federer beat Nick Kyrgios 6-7 (5), 7-5, 19-7 (Europe won – 2 points)Rafael Nadal beat Milos Raonic 6-3 7-6 (1) (Europe won – 2 points)Nick Kyrgios and Jack Sock beat Rafael Nadal and Stefanos Tsitsipas 6-4, 3-6, 10-6 (World won – 2 points)What is the schedule for Laver Cup 2019?On the third day, Laver Cup 2019 will see Roger Federer and Stefanos Tsitsipas vs Jack Sock and John Isner at 3 pm followed by Dominic Thiem vs Nick Kyrgios at 4:50 PM, Roger Federer vs John Isner at 6:10 pm and Alexander Zverev vs Milos Raonic at 7:30 pm.Where to watch Laver Cup Team Europe vs Team World in India?The Laver Cup 2019 Team Europe vs Team World will be broadcasted live on Discover Sports and Fox Sports.Where to watch Laver Cup Team Europe vs Team World on live streaming?The Laver Cup 2019 Team Europe vs Team World live streaming can be seen on Amazon Prime.Laver Cup 2019 Team Line-up:Laver Cup Team Europe: Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal, Fabio Fognini, Stefanos Tsitsipas, Alexander Zverev, Dominic Thiem, Roberto Bautista Agut (Alternate), Thomas Enqvist (Vice-Captain) and Bjorn Borg (Captain)Laver Cup Team World: John Isner, Milos Raonic, Nick Kyrgios, Denis Shapovalov, Jack Sock, Taylor Fritz, Jordan Thompson (Alternate), Patrick McEnroe (Vice-Captain) and John McEnroe (Captain) last_img read more

Video: OSU Football Players Had A Very Intense Dodgeball Match Yesterday

first_imgA dodgeball goes flying as the Ohio State football team plays dodgeball.Ohio State Football DodgeballOhio State held its Champions Club dinner yesterday, and the team took part in a slew of activities as well, including softball, cornhole and dodgeball. The dodgeball game got really intense, and the action was captured via a GoPro worn by defensive lineman Tommy Schutt. Schutt seems to be pretty good at the game. The Buckeyes may be all business on the field but they can still have fun together off of it.last_img

Urban Meyer Has A Message For The College Football Playoff

first_imgohio state head coach urban meyer on the sidelineCOLLEGE PARK, MD – NOVEMBER 17: Head coach Urban Meyer of the Ohio State Buckeyes reacts after a play against the Maryland Terrapins during the second half at Capital One Field on November 17, 2018 in College Park, Maryland. (Photo by Will Newton/Getty Images)Ohio State head coach Urban Meyer has a message for the College Football Playoff selection committee following the Buckeyes’ win over Northwestern.OSU, the No. 6 team in the country, handled the Wildcats in the Big Ten Championship Game on Saturday night.Meyer voiced his claim for Ohio State and the College Football Playoff immediately after the win.“Well, I think all you have to look at is the body of work,” Meyer said live on FOX. “We went on the road and had some tough wins – TCU, Penn State, Michigan State. And then to come back and play against our rivals the way we did. And then we went and represented the eastern conference and had a great game here.”Meyer continued:“I think we deserve a shot.”Unfortunately for Meyer and the Buckeyes, Ohio State probably won’t end up getting that shot.The College Football Playoff selection committee is expected to choose Alabama, Clemson, Notre Dame and either Oklahoma or Georgia.last_img read more

Former No. 1 Recruit Jaelan Phillips Announces Transfer Destination

first_imgJaelan Philips chases down the quarterback.PASADENA, CA – SEPTEMBER 01: Desmond Ridder #9 of the Cincinnati Bearcats runs from Jaelan Phillips #15 of the UCLA Bruins at Rose Bowl on September 1, 2018 in Pasadena, California. (Photo by Harry How/Getty Images)A former No. 1 overall recruit announced his decision to transfer earlier this year. Now he knows where he wants to finish his collegiate football career.Former five-star recruit Jaelan Phillips announced his plans to move on from the UCLA football program after two seasons with the team. It didn’t take him long to find a new program.Phillips took to Twitter on Thursday night to announce he’s taking his talents to Miami. In late January, Phillips took a visit to Miami. Manny Diaz and the Hurricanes emerged as the heavy favorite to land the former top recruit after he teased college football fans with a simple “TNM” tweet.“TNM” is short for “The New Miami,” which new Miami recruits have been using as a way to build up the program. He made the move official on Thursday night.The Wait is Over…Officially a HURRICANE 🙌🏽⛓🌴 I can’t wait to get to work, #TNM is going to be a problem for the opposition 🤞🏽💯 Thank you God for giving me a second chance 🙏🏾 the COMEBACK is going to be something serious— Jaelan Phillips ;🕴🏾® (@JJPhillips15) February 22, 2019The former five-star recruit joins Chigozie Nnoruka, Phillips’ teammate at UCLA recently announced his transfer to Miami in January.Former Ohio State quarterback Tate Martell also took his talents to South Beach after Georgia quarterback Justin Fields transferred to play for the Buckeyes.New head coach Manny Diaz is off to a hot start in his inaugural season with the Hurricanes.Phillips played just four games in 2018 and could be immediately eligible for 2019.last_img read more

MS Dhoni did not complete a single and forgot to raise his bat after reaching his fifty

first_img Rohan Sen AdelaideJanuary 16, 2019UPDATED: January 16, 2019 14:52 IST MS Dhoni was fortunate to have the heady support of Dinesh Karthik during India’s 299-run chase (AP Photo)HIGHLIGHTSDhoni and Karthik were involved in a 57-run partnership for the fifth wicketIndia rode on Kohli’s 104 and Dhoni’s unbeaten 55 to chase down 299 with 4 balls to spareDhoni’s fifty was his 69th in ODI cricket as he took his average in successful run chases to 99.85 in ODIsMS Dhoni was back to his very best with the bat on Tuesday as he helped guide India to a 6-wicket win over Australia in the second ODI at the Adelaide Oval.Dhoni, who was criticised for his poor strike rate in the first ODI, led India to victory by scoring 55 off 54 balls as India levelled the three-match series 1-1.But during his knock, Dhoni was so focussed on getting India over the finish line that he forgot to acknowledge the crowd after reaching his fifty in the final over of the run chase.His batting partner Dinesh Karthik had to remind him to raise his bat for the fans after the former captain hit a six off the first delivery of the final over to reach his 69th half-century in one-day internationals.Look what MS Dhoni is doing when playing under pressure, he’s not a selfish, he plays for the team. Dinesh Karthik requests him to raise the bat for half century.Legend Never Fails N (@tweetstonaveen) January 15, 2019During his 57-run partnership with Karthik, Dhoni even forgot to complete a single when he was batting on 36 in the 45th over.Dhoni took a single but didn’t ground his bat at the other end but the umpires failed to notice that incident and the run was added to the total.Did anyone notice that dhoni actually didn’t complete the run here? (@neicho32) January 15, 2019Dhoni had played a subdued role in support of his successor Virat Kohli as two players with the joint experience of more than 550 ODIs steadily chipped away at Australia’s total.advertisementWith centurion Kohli’s untimely dismissal, Dhoni took up the chase and carried India to a victory which will see the series decided on Friday in the third international at Melbourne.India came to the final over needing seven runs to win and Dhoni smashed the first ball over the long straight boundaries at the Adelaide Oval for a six which tied the scores, then clinched the win with a single from the next ball.Dhoni was fortunate to have the heady support of Karthik, who came to the crease at a difficult moment when Kohil had just fallen. He scored 25 from just 14 balls to ensure India reached its target.”Credit to Virat and Dhoni, the way they played. We got a good start as well so it’s the sort of win that will give the team a lot of confidence, chasing 300.”(Dhoni) has been doing it for years now and the fact he can stay calm, the fact he can absorb pressure and watch the ball, keep the plan very simple. You need the big shot and then he delivers,” Karthik praised Dhoni after the game.Also Read | India vs Australia: Why MS Dhoni lost his cool with Khaleel Ahmed in AdelaideAlso Read | MS Dhoni talks a lot while batting and that helps: Virat KohliAlso Read | Justin Langer in awe of Virat Kohli, MS Dhoni after India win Adelaide ODIFor sports news, updates, live scores and cricket fixtures, log on to Like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter for Sports news, scores and updates.Get real-time alerts and all the news on your phone with the all-new India Today app. Download from Post your comment Do You Like This Story? Awesome! Now share the story Too bad. Tell us what you didn’t like in the comments Posted byrohan sen Tags :Follow India vs AustraliaFollow MS DhoniFollow Dinesh Karthik MS Dhoni did not complete a single and forgot to raise his bat after reaching his fiftyIndia vs Australia 2nd ODI: MS Dhoni had to be reminded by Dinesh Karthik to lift his bat and acknowledge the crowd after he reached his fifty in the last over of the match on Tuesday.advertisementlast_img read more

JNU sedition case Court asks Delhi Police for status report

first_imgNew Delhi: A Delhi court on Tuesday sought a status report from the Delhi Police on the grant of sanctions by the AAP government to prosecute former Jawaharlal Nehru University Students’ Union President Kanhaiya Kumar and student leader Umar Khalid in the JNU sedition case. Chief Metropolitan Magistrate (CMM) Manish Khurana directed the concerned Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP) to file a status report on grant of sanctions by September 18, the next date of hearing. Also Read – After eight years, businessman arrested for kidnap & murder The court’s direction came after the Investigating Officer (I/O) in the case told the court that he did not have any information regarding the grant of sanctions in the case. On February 9, 2016, “anti-national” slogans were allegedly raised at the JNU campus during a programme called to protest against the death sentence handed out to Afzal Guru, a convict in the 2002 Parliament attack. The 1,200-page charge sheet filed by the Delhi Police Crime Branch names 10 Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) students, including Kanhaiya Kumar, Umar Khalid, Anirban Bhattacharya and seven Kashmiris, as the main accused in the case. Also Read – Two brothers held for snatchings The charge sheet says the Regional Forensic Science Laboratory (RFSL) retrieved the “SMS sent by Umar Khalid to Kanhaiya Kumar to arrive at Sabarmati Dhaba, JNU as their permission (to hold the protest) had been cancelled by the University administration”. The final pages of the charge sheet also confirm the presence of Kashmiri Students during the protest and that they were in contact with Umar Khalid.last_img read more

One woman dead three people seriously injured after collision north of Toronto

first_imgRICHMOND HILL, Ont. – A woman who was a passenger in a Lamborghini is dead and six others were injured after a five-car collision north of Toronto.York Regional Police say the Lamborghini, a Mercedes, a Dodge Caravan and two Toyota Corollas were all involved in a collision in Richmond Hill, Ont., at about 6 p.m. Sunday.Police say the woman who died was 32 years old and was from Newmarket, Ont. She was pronounced dead at the scene.The Lamborghini’s driver, a 39-year-old man from Richmond Hill, was hospitalized with injuries that investigators say were serious but not life-threatening.Police say the 44-year-old male driver and 36-year-old female passenger of one of the Toyotas were hospitalized with life-threatening injuries, but their conditions have improved and they are now stable. The drivers of the three other cars all suffered minor injuries.The investigation into the cause of the collision is ongoing and police say they would like to speak with any witnesses or anyone with dash-cam footage of the crash.“We are specifically looking for any of the driving behaviour happening prior to the collision,” police spokeswoman Const. Laura Nicolle said.last_img read more

No case against KP

Media Minister Keheliya Rambukwella had said that there are provisions in the legal system to use a suspect as a state witness.The Minister said that while KP was in the “custody” of the defence ministry he may not end up in court if it is felt that he can further assist the government to crack LTTE overseas operations. (Colombo Gazette)UPDATE: The government information department in an SMS news alert later said that KP has not been released. Hullugalle said this in response to a questioned posed by a journalist regarding reports that KP had shifted to the house once owned by slain LTTE political head S.P. Thamilchelvam. He said KP is involved in humanitarian work in the north and the government has given the necessary clearance for him to carry out that work. The government says legal action has not been filed against former LTTE chief arms procurer Kumaran Pathmanathan alias KP.Defence Ministry spokesman Lakshman Hullugalle, speaking at a media briefing in Colombo today, said that KP has also not been detained. Hullugalle also said that some hardcore LTTE cadres who are in prison have criminal charges filed against them.In June last year the government said it will use KP as a “state witness” if the need arises. read more

Govt report Expanded coverage and pricey medications drive faster growth in health

by Ricardo Alonso-Zaldivar, The Associated Press Posted Dec 2, 2015 2:02 pm MDT Last Updated Dec 2, 2015 at 5:20 pm MDT AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Email FILE – In this March 23, 2010 file photo, President Barack Obama signs the Affordable Care Act in the East Room of the White House in Washington. A government report says U.S. health care spending last year grew at the fastest pace of President Barack Obama’s tenure, driven by expanded coverage through his namesake law and by zooming prescription drug costs. (AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite, File) WASHINGTON – U.S. health care spending last year grew at the fastest pace since President Barack Obama took office, driven by expanded coverage under his namesake law and by zooming prescription drug costs, the government said Wednesday.After five years of historically low growth, national health expenditures increased by 5.3 per cent in 2014, reaching $3 trillion, or $9,523 for every man, woman and child. That followed a 2.9 per cent increase for 2013. Such seemingly small percentage shifts resonate when the total is $3 trillion.The report by nonpartisan experts at the Department of Health and Human Services is an annual snapshot of the nation’s health care system, a major slice of the economy. Rising spending eventually has consequences for taxpayers, employers and individuals.For the Obama administration, it may signal the end of an unusually long lull in health care inflation that yielded political dividends. While the president’s health care law has increased coverage, the cost problem doesn’t appear solved. Even now, the Republican-led Congress is preparing to send a repeal bill to his desk.“From the political point of view, it’s absolutely significant,” said Robert Blendon, who follows public opinion on health care at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health. Critics will point to the report as authoritative evidence the health law is starting to raise costs.Underscoring concerns about affordability, the report also found that health care spending grew faster than the economy as a whole, reaching 17.5 per cent of GDP. That’s worrisome because it means health care is claiming a growing share of national resources.“The return to faster growth and an increased share of GDP in 2014 was largely influenced by the coverage expansions of the Affordable Care Act,” said the report, referring to Obama’s law. It made no predictions, saying future trends depend on how the health care industry adjusts to continuing change and how the economy fares.Political appointees at HHS responded quickly, saying that spending is still not growing as fast as in the years before Obama’s law, which passed in 2010.“Health care spending growth stayed well below the trend seen prior to the Affordable Care Act,” Richard Frank, a top economic adviser, said in a statement.The increase “is not surprising given that more people are covered and getting the health care they need,” Frank added. Much of that growth “will be temporary and will fade in the coming years,” he suggested.The report confirmed the increase in insurance coverage due to Obama’s law, already documented by major national surveys that show the uninsured rate at 9 per cent, a historic low.Beyond that, however, it painted a picture of costs creeping upward at many critical points in the system.Among the major findings:— Prescription drug spending shot up by 12.2 per cent in 2014, driven by new medications for hepatitis C infection, as well as treatments for cancer and multiple sclerosis. Hepatitis C drugs contributed $11.3 billion in new spending.— The growth in per-person health care spending was driven mainly by greater use of medical services, which outpaced increases in the price of those services. That suggests that some newly insured people got care they had previously gone without. Additionally, already-insured people may have gotten elective treatments postponed earlier during lean economic times.— Medicare spending increased by 5.5 per cent last year, the fastest rate of growth since 2009. The two biggest reasons were the rising cost of prescription drugs, and more spending for doctors’ services and other outpatient care.— Spending on Medicaid, the federal-state health insurance program for low-income people, jumped by 11 per cent in 2014, the fastest growth in more than a decade. That was mainly driven by the health law’s Medicaid expansion, which is optional for states. In some reassuring news for states, the report found that per-person spending declined due to healthier people signing up in the program. Also, the federal government picked up nearly all the new costs.Some outside experts who reviewed the report say they don’t see a return to galloping inflation, but even modest increases could lead to affordability problems.“We don’t read in this any sign that the pressure is off now and we are going back to double-digit growth,” said economist Charles Roehrig of the Altarum Institute, a Michigan-based non-profit that does health care system research and consulting.But even if health care spending grew at a slower rate, closer to the overall economy, that would still be a major problem. It’s “not sustainable in the long term unless we want to increase the amount we collect in taxes,” said Roehrig.The federal report was published online by the health policy journal Health Affairs.___Online:Health Affairs – Gov’t report: Expanded coverage and pricey medications drive faster growth in health spending read more

Starbucks hikes prices on coffee espresso tea lattes

by The Associated Press Posted Jul 12, 2016 8:09 am MDT Last Updated Jul 12, 2016 at 11:05 am MDT AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Email Starbucks hikes prices on coffee, espresso, tea lattes SEATTLE – Starbucks says it’s increasing prices slightly on brewed coffee, espresso and tea latte beverages.The Seattle-based coffee chain says prices on select sizes of brewed coffee in U.S. company-operated stores are jumping 10 to 20 cents Tuesday, while prices on espresso and tea latte beverages will rise 10 to 30 cents.The company says in a statement that pricing in stores is “continually evaluated on a product-by-product and market-by-market basis in order to balance business needs.”The price hikes do not impact coffee shops in Canada.The price jump comes a day after Starbucks announced it would boost the base pay of all employees and store managers at U.S. company-run stores by 5 per cent or more.The company didn’t immediately return a request for comment on whether the price increases are related to the wage hike. FILE – In this this Friday, Jan. 17, 2014, file photo, Starbucks cups are shown mugs in a cafe in North Andover, Mass. Starbucks announced July 12, 2016, that it was raising prices slightly on brewed coffee, espresso and tea lattes in U.S. company-operated stores. (AP Photo/Elise Amendola, File) read more

No standardised maternity care in Ireland as Csection rates vary by 20

first_imgTHE RATE OF Caesarean sections performed in some Irish hospitals is more double the World Health Organisation’s recommended rate, HSE figures have revealed.The statistics, published today, also show a wide variation in this rate between hospitals.The rate in St Luke’s Hospital, Kilkenny, at 38 per cent, is the highest in the country, compared to the lowest of 19 per cent in Sligo General Hospital.Sligo General Hospital is still as much as 5 per cent above the World Health Organisation’s recommendation of a national C-section rate of at most 15 per cent.The majority of hospitals fall between the 25 and 30 per cent bracket. Click here for the full list of statistics.The Association of Improvements in Maternity Services, Ireland (AIMS Ireland), while welcoming the publication of the statistics, said they reveal a “geographic lottery”.“We are concerned that these regional variations in obstetric interventions across Ireland essentially present women with a ‘geographic lottery’ in terms of their maternity care. There is no standardised care,” Krysia Lynch, Co-Chair of AIMS Ireland said.She added that the rate of episiotomy  performed is a “cause for concern” as the procedure is described in UK Guidelines as a “do not do”.Non-instrumental deliversThe rate of non-instrumental deliveries, defined as ‘delivery cases that exclude forceps delivery, vacuum extraction delivery with delivery, breech with forceps to after-coming head or Caesarean section’, was above 50 per cent in all hospitals except St Luke’s, where it dipped to 48 per cent.Wexford General Hospital, the National Maternity Hospital at Holles Street, and Sligo General Hospital had the highest rates in this category at 65, 66, and 67 per cent respectively.AIMS Ireland has now moved to reiterate its call for an overhaul of the maternity care model in Ireland.“Outdated practices”“Outdated practices, which are evident in this data, are of no benefit to the majority of women,” Lynch said.“High quality robust evidence, including the recently published Cochrane Review on midwife-led care, shows that the large majority of women benefit from a midwifery-led care model, not obstetric.” (Image Credit: AIMS Ireland)Read: Protection of Life During Pregnancy Act comes into force >Column: As a mother, I’m not not too posh to push… just too scared >last_img read more

Google to drop Blogger Picasa names in coming weeks

first_imgWhen Google launched Google+ into beta we thought it was only about competing with Facebook and creating a popular alternative social network. But it has turned out Google has more planned, including a bit of rebranding for some of the company’s existing and very popular services.Over Google’s relatively short history as a company it has acquired a number of online services that have remained popular and kept their original names. But the search giant has decided that at least two of those services would benefit from being rebranded, and so we are about to lose some of the most well known names on the web.AdChoices广告Blogger and Picasa are those two services whose names will be changed. While that may seem like a strange decision, you’d expect Google to pick some decent alternatives. But that is definitely not the case. Blogger is expected to become Google Blogs, while Picasa is going to become Google Photos.The rebranding has not yet been confirmed by Google officially, but it is thought the announcement and change will be made public within 6 weeks. The rebranding could also impact other services with the only definite exclusion being YouTube at the moment.While losing such well-known names seems a little crazy, Google is betting a lot on Google+ and wants to better integrate its existing services around it. Therefore, come the public launch of Google+ (no more invites required) these services will also be relaunched.As both services are losing their names, we can also expect to see their logos disappear too. So say goodbye to the orange Blogger “B” and Picasa circle of colors, and look forward to whatever symbol Google’s design team have thought up to represent blogging and image storage.Read more at Mashablelast_img read more

How relevant is the Kerins Supreme Court ruling to Oireachtas committees

first_imgO’Dowd: We agreed that there was a remit of the committee and we have to stick to that. There are certain questions which were read out at the very beginning – I appreciate that the Deputy was not here – that could not be asked legally and other ones that could. O’Brien: “Is that one of them?” As a voluntary witness, reliance on Kerins ruling seemed to suggest that the committee shouldn’t push any of those issues, which could have been effective.Ahead of the sports committee session, its chair Fergus O’Dowd and the committee’s other members were given legal advice on what the remit of committees is.In one exchange with Jonathan O’Brien – where the Sinn Féin TD asked whether Uefa funding is paid into the FAI’s main bank account in an attempt to shed light on why the FAI became short of money – O’Dowd explained that legal advice: Share58 Tweet Email2 Delaney and the FAI are not civil servants, they’re not obliged to appear before Oireachtas committees so if they don’t want to answer questions they don’t have to. So do Oireachtas committees need more power, and if they do, what specific powers can we give them?There are ways of expanding the terms of reference of the Houses of the Oireachtas without evoking constitutional change, Kenny says.“If you want to go broader than this, and allow the Houses of the Oireachtas to conduct certain inquiries, that’s more tricky. There would be a fear that there would be no judicial oversight… and a distrust of politicians to use that power responsibly.“Even if you believe committees need to be more robust, formulating that would require constitutional change, and the idea of parliamentary inquiries is unpopular.”“No committee can be a Starr chamber,” O’Dowd said. “You must have protocols, you must have processes, they must be seen to be fair. It must be respectful of the witnesses, but there must be thorough, there must be robust debate.” By Gráinne Ní Aodha How relevant is the Kerins Supreme Court ruling to Oireachtas committees? “We have to act within the law, whether we like it or not,” the chair of the Oireachtas Sports committee told his members this week. 24 Comments The only remit we have legally in terms of funding here is funding that comes from Sport Ireland to the organisation – that is the law – and their accountability to that. On other funding, notwithstanding the importance of the Deputy’s questions, they do not have to answer if they do not wish. That is a fact.Speaking on RTÉ’s Late Debate on Wednesday, O’Dowd expanded on this point.“We have a remit to look at a public body or wholly or partly funded, but they’re only accountable to us for the €2.9 million, notwithstanding that they got €15 million in funding over 10-15 years, so the Sports Ireland funding is of the €2.9 million.”The €2.9 million relates to the funding for the entire year, which is given in two payments. Although the first payment has already been granted, the second payment of €1.4 million is due in August, and has been suspended by Sports Ireland.Committee members, in their questioning of the FAI on Wednesday, tried to make their questioning relevant by linking it to the suspended Sports Ireland funding and how to restore it, rather than general governance and financing of the FAI.But there were many grey areas where the chair erred on the side of caution.“We’ve had a number of meetings as a committee,” O’Dowd said on the Late Debate, “with the legal advisors of the Oireachtas, in relation to the Supreme Court case being heard on the issue of the treatment of witnesses, and the tone and the way the chairman does or does not conduct their business. Apr 13th 2019, 9:30 PM Our remit is solely to ask questions about the actual governance, but legally, we’re not allowed to ask questions in relation to expenses, in relation to salaries, or all those other issues that everybody wants to get answers to. It is not in our remit and therefore we can’t legally ask them to.As with the Kerins case, Delaney and his FAI colleagues are citizens, not Ministers or civil servants, and so don’t have to appear before committees, as O’Dowd explains: O’Dowd: I am advising the Deputy, as Chair, just to be careful what he is saying here in terms of the legal issues, of which he may not be aware, and the Supreme Court case.O’Brien: “As a member of the Committee of Public Accounts I am well aware of the Supreme Court case. I appreciate the advice.” THE KERINS RULING was referenced repeatedly during the Oireachtas Sports Committee in the much-anticipated questioning of FAI officials and its former CEO, John Delaney. But how relevant is the ruling to how Oireachtas committees operate, and will TDs and Senators question witnesses from now on in this “frustrating” way, as TD Ruth Coppinger put it?So far, the Supreme Court has only ruled that the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) was “acting outside its terms of reference” in relation to its questioning of Angela Kerins, the former Rehab CEO. Kerins appeared before the PAC in 2014 after being invited to answer questions about payments by the HSE to Rehab, and other payment issues. During the seven hours where Kerins appeared before the committee, Kerins was asked about her salary, “accused of adopting double standards” and told that she needed “to get a grip on herself”.Because of the finding that PAC strayed from its remit, the court ruled that “it would not be a breach of the separation of powers for the Court to declare the actions of the PAC unlawful”, meaning that the privileges of the Houses of the Oireachtas did not make it immune to the oversight of the Irish legal system, as it usually is.When this ruling was given on 27 February, there was a concern at the time that this would have “a chilling effect” on how committees operate, “rather than a direct legal effect”. It was feared that committees would be overly cautious in their questioning, for fear of legal action that could spark from that.On Monday this week, a seven-judge Supreme Court panel heard the arguments from legal representatives for Angela Kerins and the State on whether the PAC had acted “unlawfully”, and are currently weighing up those arguments.On Wednesday, John Delaney read out a statement to the Sports Committee, in which he said that “in light of the recent Supreme Court ruling in the Kerins case”, that he would ask the committee to respect his decision not to comment on the €100,000 cheque, or his role as CEO of the FAI. Delaney is currently the association’s Executive Vice President, a newly created role.So is the Kerins case relevant to the questioning of Delaney and the FAI?“What’s interesting is, it wasn’t exactly clear what Delaney meant when he mentioned the Kerins ruling,” says David Kenny, an Assistant Professor in Law at Trinity College Dublin.“But it seems like it’s not a million miles away from its remit. Sports Ireland, a public body associated with the FAI, and the issues that are related or that caused the withdrawal of Sports Ireland funding to the FAI. That seems to be within the remit. O’Dowd: I am not finished. I want to make very clear to the Deputy and to everybody that we are all on the same side here in getting the facts. We have to act within the law, whether we like it or not. I do not like having to say to the Deputy that he has to be careful about a question but if I do not do that, I am in breach of my duty. The Deputy may not like to hear this but the fact is that the Supreme Court has commented on the role of the chairman in the Kerins case and I have to have due regard to all of the advices I have got.  There is no big deal here.The Kerins ruling noted the role of the chair in dictating the nature of the questioning, saying that “where a particular course of action is engaged in by a member or members of a committee without… without intervention from the chair, it may well be open to the conclusion that the committee as a whole approved of the action in question”.The ruling said that it was the role of the chair of an Oireachtas committee to ensure that “the committee acts in a lawful manner”.This is what a chilling effect could look like in practice, says David Kenny.“Legal advice tends to be cautious, so with possibility of judicial oversight the legal advice to committees might be not to risk it, which means members won’t ‘push up against the line’ of what’s permitted.”So what was the Sports Committee’s remit in relation to the FAI?The committee’s remit is quite narrow – it only has oversight of the government funding of the FAI, despite that being a fraction of its overall cash flow.As O’Dowd explained at one stage of the questioning: Saturday 13 Apr 2019, 9:30 PM 13,978 Views Short URL Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this articlelast_img read more

End of UK Loan Guarantee

first_imgFacebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApp Related Items:(Alan Duncan, Department for International Development, desmond swayne, house of commons, TCIG, UK loan guarantee Editorial: Listen to your Mama Seriously, Sixth Form registration begins at Clement Howell High Aug 15 TCI Premier Responds To Beaches’ Letter Announcing Closure Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsAppProvidenciales, 25 Feb 2016 – The UK Minister of State for International Development, Mr Desmond Swayne, made the following written statement to the House of Commons of the British parliament on 25 February:“I wish to bring the House up to date with respect to the loan guarantee from the Department for International Development (DFID) to the Turks and Caicos Islands Government (TCIG).On 28 February 2011, my Right Honourable Friend, the then Minister of State for International Development (Alan Duncan) informed the House that DFID had finalised a guarantee in favour of Scotiabank (Turks and Caicos) Ltd to provide TCIG with access to a maximum capital amount of US$260m over five years. He argued that the assistance would allow TCIG to implement budget measures which would lead to achieving a fiscal surplus in the financial year ending March 2013.I am pleased to announce that on 22 February TCIG repaid its remaining borrowing under this guarantee on schedule and with an outstanding borrowing need of just US$28m. It was able to raise this amount without further recourse to the UK government for support and is expected to repay that loan over the next three-and-a-half years.TCIG has progressed from deficits of US$77m in financial year 2010/11 and US$29m in 2011/12 to a surplus the following year and strong surpluses thereafter. TCIG and the TCI public service had to make a number of difficult decisions and sacrifices. Financial management and oversight has been strengthened. Essential investment was maintained, including an expansion of the international airport that has allowed a significant increase in flights from US cities. The successful conclusion of DFID’s guarantee is a credit to the resolve of the TCI public service, TCIG, the Governor’s Office and UK-financed technical experts.” Recommended for youlast_img read more

US attorney Federal courthouse in Vancouver top priority

first_imgWestern Washington’s top U.S. attorney was in Vancouver this week, emphasizing the importance of having a federal presence here and a strong relationship with local prosecutors and police.U.S. Attorney Jenny Durkan, whose offices are in Seattle, met with Clark County Prosecutor Tony Golik before an interview Tuesday at The Columbian office. At the top of her priority list, she said, was continuing a strong partnership with law enforcement here and eventually making a fully staffed federal courthouse in Vancouver a reality.While defendants can make brief preliminary appearances at the Federal Building across from the Clark County Courthouse in downtown Vancouver, they must travel to the U.S. District Courthouse in Tacoma for resolution of their cases. Vancouver doesn’t have a federal judge or assistant U.S. attorneys, and relies on a part-time magistrate and local deputy prosecutors acting as special federal prosecutors.Former U.S. Rep. Brian Baird made headway when he launched a 23-member steering committee in 2005 to increase federal prosecution in Southwest Washington of illegal immigration, methamphetamine use, identity theft and embezzlement.last_img read more

Police arrest man involved in New Years Day hitandrun

first_imgFORT LAUDERDALE, FLA. (WSVN) – Police have arrested a man they believe to be involved in a New Year’s Day hit-and-run incident.Fort Lauderdale Police said Philip Varsam was the driver who allegedly hit a cyclist, Sunday, just after midnight.The scene was near West Cypress Creek Road and South Powerline Road. Police closed lanes while the investigation was underway.The cyclist was transported to North Broward Health in critical condition. There has been no further word on his condition.Copyright 2019 Sunbeam Television Corp. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.last_img