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Student government recommends sexual violence policy reforms to Board of Trustees

first_imgEric Richelsen In their first of two reports to the University’s Board of Trustees, student government leaders on Oct. 15 presented a report on the current state of sexual violence at Notre Dame and how the University can further work to solve the issue.Student body president senior Bryan Ricketts said his administration chose to look at sexual violence in part because of the momentum the topic has gained both on campus and around the country in recent years.“Sexual violence is something we’ve been talking about on our campus for a long time now,” he said. “… There’s a lot of talk about prevention and what we’re doing on front, and in addition to that it’s sort of widely accepted as a rule — but also statistically at Notre Dame — that the number of reported assaults does not nearly match the number of actual assaults that we have on campus.“Those are still issues that we’re trying to work through,” he said. “That was a big reason behind the impetus of this report, to give some context to where we are on campus as well as to do a little digging what we need to do better and where we’re not meeting the standards.”The report focused on four major topics: campus conversation surrounding sexual violence, the trajectory of change on the issue at Notre Dame, alcohol culture’s role in sexual violence and a process overview, supplemented by students’ experiences.  It concluded with a series of recommendations to Trustees on how to curb sexual violence on campus, as well as how to improve the process of reporting and navigating the Title IX process.The campus conversation section included a history of sexual violence policy on campus in the last 10 years as well as a more thorough look at the last year and the It’s On Us campaign, student body chief of staff Dan Sehlhorst said.“We looked at all the major incidences, as well, that happened in Notre Dame’s [recent] history, like the Abram Elam trial, the Vagina Monologues and a number of other institutional changes that have happened along the way,” he said.Sehlhorst said the trajectory of change framework used in the report breaks down social change into three separate stages: awareness, education and action.“The first step, awareness, really corresponds to the One is Too Many campaign and some of the earlier efforts dating back over 10 years,” he said. “All of those efforts were centered around the idea that this is happening — building awareness that this is happening, the extent to which it’s happening, making sure it’s prominent on people’s minds.”Sehlhorst said the education stage was largely taken on by the original implementation of the It’s on Us campaign last year.The final phase, action, has focused on bystander intervention, particularly in the last year with the continuation of It’s on Us and the beginning of the GreenDot program, Sehlhorst said.Ricketts said the Board asked him and student body vice president senior Nidia Ruelas to look into the intersection of alcohol culture and sexual violence when they met last in June. Ruelas outlined a number of trends surrounding alcohol on Notre Dame’s campus based on information from the Wellness center.Ruelas said that, through interviews with campus rectors and residents’ assistants (RAs), student government leaders found that student perception of drinking culture might not align with the reality.“In these interviews was the acknowledgement that there is this perception among students on campus that more students are drinking than they actually are,” she said. “This kind of permeates this alcohol culture in which students think they have to go out and get drunk and that’s the only way to do this. And at the same time they’re putting themselves at risk, and not taking care of each other or taking care of themselves.”The fourth component of the report, the process overview, examined counseling and health services for students as well as the two reporting options students have available to them on campus — the Title IX process, which goes through the University conduct process, and reporting through Notre Dame Security Police (NDSP), which opens a criminal investigation.By speaking with more than 30 students who had been through the process and others who are familiar with it, student government identified several parts of the process students found unnecessarily difficult or inadequate.In the NDSP reporting process, Sehlhorst said some students felt the tone of NDSP investigators came off in a way students perceived as unwelcoming. In addition, he said some Saint Mary’s students felt they had a more difficult time reporting at Notre Dame.Ruelas said students had similar complaints about administrators involved in the Title IX reporting process, and that they could at times come across as “abrupt and unconcerned.”The recommendations put forth by Ricketts, Ruelas and Sehlhorst fell into four main categories: campus climate for reporting and support, campus sexual violence policies, the Title IX process and accountability.The recommendations on climate and support deal largely with cooperation with students and administration at Saint Mary’s. Ruelas cited the issue of no-contact orders. As a part of the Title IX process, when a student files a complaint against another student, a no-contact order is put in place. The University then informs hall staff and NDSP of the no-contact order, but Sehlhorst said the University does not currently inform Saint Mary’s staff when a no-contact order is issued involving a Saint Mary’s student.“There’s not that same level of communication on the ground, with hall staff, professors and security. … That same burden of telling administrators and rectors is not there [for Notre Dame students],” he said.The report also recommends that “staff advocates,” or resource coordinators, be made available to students from the moment they report an incident of sexual violence, Ricketts said.“Right now when you go through the process, you’re given a resource coordinator, you can have someone with you. “… When you’re initially interviewed by NDSP, that may happen immediately following the assault. It may be at one in the morning at the hospital, they may be doing follow-ups the next day. And, if you haven’t reported to the Title IX coordinator, you don’t have a resource coordinator. It may just be you.“Given the issues that students had with tone and the questions asked, we think it would be helpful to have a support person there who can help if a difficult situation comes across.”Ruelas said they also recommended the inclusion of emotional violence to the dating and domestic violence policy. She said this would allow students in emotionally violent relationships to access the resources given to a complainant in a Title IX case, which are more extensive.As part of the Title IX process recommendations, student government put forth three specific policy proposals.First, they recommended that complainants be allowed to keep the notes they take during conduct hearings. Currently, complainants must leave their notes in the room and the notes are destroyed upon completion of the process — although an official record of all disciplinary proceedings is kept by the University.“The purpose of that is that if the complainant wanted to take this to a civil case outside of the University, they could do so with the notes they had taken during the proceedings on campus,” Ruelas said.The report also recommends the University resolve all pending Title IX cases of students who have been dismissed prior to their leaving campus.“If the same respondent is named in multiple cases, and that same respondent is temporarily dismissed on one of them, the process as of last year was that all the other cases would be suspended until that individual reapplied to the University — and who knows when that would be,” Sehlhorst said. “So then you have that problem of opening all the wounds again for the complainant.”Sehlhorst said the final recommendations on accountability focus on two specific areas.“There are two elements,” Sehlhorst said. “We are calling for the university to publicly release the 2015 [sexual assault] climate survey, including the raw data. There are 26 schools which have released their surveys, so this is not an unprecedented step for Universities to do this.“The second thing we recommend is publishing aggregate statistics on all sexual violence. That means the number of incidences of each type, the number that go into the Title IX process, the number of cases in which respondent is found responsible and the number of each type of disciplinary outcome.”Ricketts said his administration has been working with relevant departments on the policy changes they suggested.“We’ve had a good response, a positive response to this so far,” Ricketts said. “If I could say anything to the students reading this, first of all you are not alone if anything in this report or the students’ stories has applied to you. We encourage you to come talk to us, or publicly if you wish, and continue this campus conversation.“This is one of the big reasons we wanted to do this, to make sure that students feel like they can talk about these issues, because we can’t pretend they don’t happen,” he said. “They can’t get better if we pretend that they don’t. … It’s imperative that if we have students who have been traumatized, that we don’t let those feelings be perpetuated.”Tags: Board of Trustees, sexual assault, sexual violence, Student government, student government reportlast_img read more

Student Voice / GRAZIA JARNI: Why is our culture not the primary reason to visit our country?

first_imgThe great advantages that cultural tourism brings. Among other things, a reduction in the seasonality curve. Thanks to its geographical position and climate, Croatia is suitable for visiting throughout the year, not just in summer. Cultural tourism has a great power of branding the destination and would greatly contribute to the relief of large tourist places and the dispersion of guests around the country as well as the branding of lesser-known places. An article titled “Why tourism is enough for us ” is a great answer to the last comment as well as for those who think tourism is on glass legs. Future tourism workers and our colleagues will carry a new paradigm of our tourism, and it is up to us to keep them in Croatia. I hope that the portal will be a part of this positive change, at least in a small part, and as the leading tourist b2b portal in Croatia, we certainly have an obligation and responsibility. Everyone is talking about changing the direction of our tourism, and change can only come from ourselves. We are that change, let us be that change. Let us be an example, mentors and support to our future colleagues. It’s all up to us. It’s all up to the people, it’s all up to us. This is one step forward, which has been on paper for three years and waiting to be realized. And he is just boldly taking the first step. So let’s go… As part of a long-announced project Knowledge is power, which will start in early September, we are launching a section: The voice of a student.   Ultimately, the goal is for the demand to be satisfied and to return. Sad that such a promising country is content with crumbs when we too can bite a fair portion of the cakes our competitors eat. We need to be honest and set realistic goals if we want tourism to continue to develop. But do not rush like geese in the fog, but plan to develop and continuously progress by learning from your own mistakes. EVisitor data indicate that in the first 12 days of July, compared to last year’s data, there was a drop in overnight stays by 5% and the number of arrivals by 6,2%. Overall, looking at the traffic in 2019 to date, there has been an increase in the number of arrivals by 4,2% and overnight stays by 0,9%. Despite growth figures, tourism stakeholders are not happy with the season. Thanks Jarni, a student of the specialist study of Trade and Tourism Management at the University Department of Professional Studies Split, proactively accepted the invitation to think loudly and responded with her own loud thinking, which was prompted by the article: Toni Vukušić with his article: WHY IS TOURISM ALLOWED TO US? The winning formula is that we have to put aside our previous way of thinking which is to blame from the very beginning. “As long as it’s good, it’s good. When problems come then we will think about them“. We attribute the death penalty to this way of thinking. Demand needs to be listened to because it dictates the market. Vukusic also mentions the problem of seasonality in his article. Seasonality is a problem that cannot be completely eliminated but can certainly be alleviated. Croatia is rich in both natural beauty and cultural heritage, which we have every right to be proud of, but which, unfortunately, is not at the level it deserves to be. Culture and tourism have a mutually beneficial relationship that can strengthen a country’s attractiveness and competitiveness. Culture on the one hand becomes part of a tourism product that is recognized in the tourism market while tourism on the other hand serves as a means of revitalizing and valorizing cultural heritage. To prove that this is not an empty story, the numbers will show theirs. According to the register of cultural goods in the Republic of Croatia according to the Ministry of Culture, Croatia has about 6389 goods of tangible cultural heritage (immovable and movable) and about 172 intangible cultural goods. Reading various comments on social networks, the dissatisfaction of citizens who are of the opinion that tourism will destroy us and wonder what they have from all this is visible.center_img From the above figures, it is clear that we are a country with a really rich culture. The question is why is our culture not the primary reason to visit our country? The answer to this question is valorization and storytelling. How can we expect our guests to come encouraged by our culture and to know something about it when we ourselves are not educated enough to be able to talk about it? We cannot expect guests to appreciate our culture when we do not valorize it ourselves. It is necessary to educate the local population who can convey feelings and experiences through storytelling. Because ultimately, the goal of the guest in the destination is to gain new unforgettable experiences, stories and experiences. As one of the ideas of the project Knowledge is the power to give importance to students and their final papers, connect them with future employers and popularize the scientific approach to tourism, the Voice of Students will transmit loud thoughts of students about our tourism and tourism trends. with the aim of opening an argumentative discussion and sharing ideas, knowledge and thinking. Proof that storytelling has great power in attracting can be seen in the example of Baranja where the Croatian Society of Cultural Tourism organized trainings entitled “Cultural Heritage Management and Valorization of Cultural Tourism Product” and “Acting Workshops staging legends and customs.” After the workshops, the play was performed at the Family of Three Sages family, where the guests reacted better than expected. Cover photo: The peak of the season has begun, everyone is ready to expect a big wave of tourists who, unfortunately, according to all forecasts, will not be as successful as in previous years. Reading the article, I couldn’t hide my delight that someone is looking positively at tourism and realizing all its benefits. The author of the article states that tourism is an economic driver for the development of other industries, which is completely true. Tourism does not only consist of providing food and beverage accommodation services, it does not only involve accommodation units and restaurants, it is much more than that. As Vukusic states, “for whom builders would build so many facilities without tourism, to whom electricians would install installations, to whom winemakers would place wines and to whom fishermen would place their fish… ”. Thinking this way, the impact of tourism on other industries is inevitable. Published by: Thanks Jarni, a student of the specialist study of Trade and Tourism Management at the University Department of Professional Studies Split I would not like to focus only on cultural tourism, although it is the most promising. Different forms of tourism could come to life in our area. From health, rural and even sports. The country that has produced so many world-famous athletes does not have adequate camps, fields, equipment for both locals and tourists. Research shows that the number of tourists looking for an active vacation is growing from year to year. What are we doing about it? Nothing. [LOUD REFLECTION] Two heads are always smarter than one, and we hereby invite everyone to get involved with their loud thinking, especially students through the Student Voice section. Because only through constructive and argumentative discussion can we grow and develop as individuals and as a profession. / [email protected] GRAZIA JARNI: Why is our culture not the primary reason to visit our country? / / / Valorization of a cultural tourist product through storytelling in Baranja last_img read more

Indonesia prepares additional measures to stabilize markets, halt tax payments amid virus risks

first_imgTopics : Indonesia is preparing measures similar to those made during the 2008 global financial crisis, including buying back government bonds and halting income tax, to restore confidence in the financial markets and soften the economic impacts of COVID-19.Financial authorities will guard the bond market to follow its fundamental value, Finance Minister Sri Mulyani Indrawati said on Tuesday, adding that the current circumstances had led to irrational market behavior.“We have created a framework for bond stabilization to calm the market while Bank Indonesia also bought government bonds in the secondary market,” Sri Mulyani told reporters. “This will prevent excessive profit-taking and speculation during this unusual situation.” On Monday, the Jakarta Composite Index (JCI) plunged 6.58 percent and closed the day at 5,136.81 points, the lowest level since December 2016. It has lost 18.46 percent of its value year-to-date.The Financial Services Authority (OJK) has allowed listed companies to buy back their shares at up to 20 percent of their paid-up capital without a prior shareholders’ meeting in an effort to ease market volatility.“This is as an effort to stimulate the economy and reduce the impact of the significantly fluctuating market,” the OJK said in a statement issued after Monday’s trading session closed in the red.Read also: Another stimulus package prepared for manufacturing industry as coronavirus spreadsSri Mulyani said the government was also planning to delay individual and corporate income tax collection to stimulate the economy.“Based on our experience in 2008, we have prepared a mechanism for individual [and corporate] income tax, including how long it will be effective and for which sectors.”The International Monetary Fund called on governments worldwide on Monday to join forces and roll out aggressive financial support for the coronavirus-infected global economy, including direct payments to workers and businesses.Given the “acute shocks” caused to economies, consumers and businesses, IMF chief economist Gita Gopinath said, “policymakers will need to implement substantial targeted fiscal, monetary and financial market measures to help affected households and businesses”.The measures could include “cash transfers, wage subsidies and tax relief” as well as interest rate cuts and financial market support by central banks, she added.The IMF has warned that the impact of the COVID-19 outbreak would slow growth in the world economy to below the 2.9 percent posted last year.IMF chief Kristalina Georgieva said last week that the epidemic “is no longer a regional issue, it is a global problem calling for global response”.The government announced on Tuesday that at least 27 individuals had tested positive for COVID-19 in Indonesia. The virus has shuttered factories, disrupted travel, delayed conferences and sporting events and infected more than 114,000 people worldwide. More than 4,000 people have died.The government has also announced a Rp 10.3 trillion fiscal stimulus package to fight the economic impact of the outbreak. A second stimulus package includes easier import procedures and more tax breaks to support the manufacturing industry and trade already in the pipeline.Bank Central Asia (BCA) chief economist David Sumual said fiscal measures were “more important” than monetary measures taken by the central bank to fight the virus’ effects.“The plan to delay corporate income tax collection will give firms the flexibility to cope with the coronavirus,” David told The Jakarta Post over a phone interview. “But we need more fiscal incentives to maintain customers’ purchasing power.”David said the government should opt to raise the threshold of non-taxable income, similar to a move made in 2008, to boost consumer spending, adding that the central bank’s decision to lower the reserve requirement ratios was “more effective for banks than lowering interest rate”.“While it is not directly used to provide loans, the money could be used to buy government bonds to help stimulate weakening fiscal conditions.” center_img Sri Mulyani said the recent dive in global markets as a result of plunging oil prices following a disagreement between oil giants Saudi Arabia and Russia and heightened COVID-19 fears had been extraordinary. Therefore, the government will move to prevent these sentiments from hurting Indonesia’s economy, she added.“Our monetary and fiscal authorities are working together, just like in 2008, to restore market confidence and rationality,” Sri Mulyani said.Read also: Indonesia finalizes second stimulus package to support trade amid virus fearsIn February, foreign investors sold Rp 33.6 trillion (US$2.36 billion) in Indonesian stocks and bonds, as $5 trillion was wiped off stock markets around the world.last_img read more

Weekly Update: Responding to the Train Derailment, Promoting New Jobs in PA, Encouraging Economic and Community Development

first_img SHARE Email Facebook Twitter By: The Office of Governor Tom Wolf Like Governor Tom Wolf on Facebook: The Blog,  Weekly Update On Wednesday morning, a train derailment occurred in Hyndman, Bedford County. Governor Wolf traveled to Hyndman to meet with first responders and area residents affected by the derailment. On Thursday, Governor Wolf responded to the derailment while state agencies and local responders continued to monitor the situation.Governor Wolf continued his ‘Jobs That Pay’ tour this week with stops across the Commonwealth. On Monday, the governor was in Pittsburgh to visit Cook MyoSite, a leader in regenerative medicine. Governor Wolf traveled to the University Science Center in Philadelphia on Wednesday to host a roundtable discussion on the importance of expanding and bringing new jobs to Pennsylvania. The governor also announced that new jobs will be coming to Lackawanna County with the relocation and expansion of Socafe.On Friday, Governor Wolf participated in a walking tour in Scranton that highlighted the community revitalization project of the local United Neighborhood Center.Governor Wolf’s Week – June 30 – August 5, 2017Monday, 7/31/17On ‘Jobs That Pay’ Tour, Governor Wolf Visits Cook MyositeWolf Administration’s Insurance Commissioner in Letter to Federal Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price: Consumer Costs Will Increase if Stability Not Achieved ImmediatelyTuesday, 8/1/17Three GO-TIME Initiatives Selected as Finalists for National Tech AwardsWednesday, 8/2/17Governor Wolf Hosts Roundtable Discussion on ‘Jobs That Pay’ Tour at University City Science CenterUPDATE: Governor Wolf Arrives in Bedford County; Agencies Provide Further Information on DerailmentThursday, 8/3/17Wolf Administration Provides Update on Bedford County Train DerailmentGovernor Wolf Announces Socafe to Relocate to Pennsylvania and Create 130 New Jobs in Lackawanna CountyFriday, 8/4/17Governor Wolf Tours Scranton Neighborhood Redevelopment Supported with State InvestmentsHighlights from TwitterWe challenged the Trump Administration @EPA’s failure to protect our air. Now, they are reversing their decision.— Governor Tom Wolf (@GovernorTomWolf) August 3, 2017 Weekly Update: Responding to the Train Derailment, Promoting New Jobs in PA, Encouraging Economic and Community Development August 04, 2017 Join me in welcoming the 2017 William Penn Fellows to the Commonwealth! Thank you for choosing to help make our commonwealth a better place.— Governor Tom Wolf (@GovernorTomWolf) July 31, 2017last_img read more

Offshore Marine Systems Seeks Funding for Its Wave Energy Converter

first_imgOffshore Marine Systems is seeking to raise £4 million in equity funding, for the construction and deployment of a full scale 6 Megawatt Wave Energy Converter (W.E.C.)The W.E.C. is capable to operate far offshore in hostile seas and oceans, generating electrical power for shore based receivers on the mainland, with the ability to resist severe storms and survive intact, the company explained.The purpose of operating far offshore is to capture the high energy density waves that exist there.Inshore waves produce approximately 30 kilowatts per metre, whereas offshore waves contain in excess of 90 kilowatts per metre, this being an obvious location for the W.E.C to operate.“We are aware of electrical generation losses in cabling over long transmission distances, employing the high voltage alternating current systems (HVAC). To overcome this problem our W.E.C is equipped with a sophisticated high voltage direct current system (HVDC), which unlike high voltage alternating current (HVAC), DC currents are largely unaffected by many resistive forces in lengthy cabling transmissions,” the company said.The W.E.C operates a power generation system through its direct drive power take off mechanism (PTO).“Our W.E.C could be particularly beneficial to island states and developing countries with coastal access, which relies heavily on the importation of expensive fuels for their electrical generation. If these islands and countries adopt our W.E.C with its low operation and maintenance costs, short servicing intervals and extensive operational periods they would discover significant financial savings in electrical generation costs compared to imported fuels.“Also of interest to these islands and countries with basic infrastructure is that port or dock facilities are not essential for the operation of the W.E.C as servicing and maintenance are designed to be conducted on any suitable compacted tidal beach or tidal estuary with access to firm ground,” Offshore Marine Systems said.“Expectations are that when the W.E.C is deployed and fully operational it will promote a speedy path to commercialization, giving investors a financial return in dividends,” the company added.last_img read more

UK air passenger duty hits travel from North America and to Caribbean

first_imgLifestyleTravel UK air passenger duty hits travel from North America and to Caribbean by: – July 7, 2011 The British government has just completed a consultation period in response to representations by Caribbean governments, the Caribbean Tourist Organisation and also by UK aviation and travel companies about the negative effects the high level of taxation is having.Introduced in 1994 and raised in 2007, it remained at a sustainable level until November 2009; APD was then changed to a much higher four mileage-band based tax for economy seats and an even higher four-band tax for premium seat passengers including premium economy. It was raised even higher in November 2010, costing a family of four travelling economy to the Caribbean APD of £300.Following the 2010 increase, APD had risen a massive 275% above pre-2007 rates for all cabin classes to the Caribbean. Apart from affecting tourism-dependent economies, such as the Caribbean in general, the mileage bands also created unfair anomalies; for example APD is more expensive when flying to Jamaica than to Hawaii.John Barrington-Carver, head of Cheapflights Corporate Communications, commented: “Clearly, with a respective 51.3% and 25% drop in traffic since the higher rate four band APD was brought in, Barbados and Jamaica have good reason to expect the UK Government to remove the current anomalies in APD.“A significant concern for the UK economy is the evident drop in searches for the UK from North America and elsewhere over the period. With the strong Australian and Canadian dollars one could have expected an increase in searches for the UK. Instead we have a 5% drop from Australia and a very significant 34% drop seen in Canadian searches for London.“Domestically, the UK’s airport operators are claiming that, according to Civil Aviation Authority statistics, passenger numbers at Britain’s smaller airports have fallen by up to 70% in the past four years.“Cheapflights’ analysis appears to bear out the reasons why five other European Governments have dropped APD as revenue raising exercises. Having tried the duty they discovered that such taxes cost the economy more than they raised in revenue.“High jet fuel prices have clearly increased fares but have not prevented the 2010 post-recession global bounce in air passengers.“It’s therefore difficult to avoid the conclusion that APD is deterring UK consumers from seeking fares to the Caribbean and other long haul destinations. Importantly for the UK economy the opposite is also evident, especially from North America.”Caribbean News Now Tweet Photo credit: travelobserve.comLONDON, England — Cheapflights Media, the international media network providing consumers with different ways to find low cost travel since 1996, has been a consistent critic of the UK’s regressive Air Passenger Duty (APD) — now the highest such aviation travel tax in the world.Cheapflights has just analysed traffic search patterns for the first six months (H1) of 2009, 2010 and 2011 for searches for Barbados, Jamaica and Mexico and other long-haul destinations. It also analysed its North American traffic searching for London flights for the same periods to indicate how APD may have affected inbound tourism.The figures have to be viewed in the context of the post-recession recovery in global passenger numbers over the period, especially in 2010 when a post-recession “bounce” occurred and passenger traffic increased by an above trend of 8.2% (IATA). Sharing is caring! Share Share 25 Views   no discussions Sharelast_img read more

‘Trike’ driver caught selling ‘marijuana’

first_imgILOILO City – He was caught sellingsuspected marijuana in Barangay Jibao-an, Pavia, Iloilo. Gampay – resident of the village – wasnabbed around 12:45 p.m. on Nov. 15 after he sold suspected marijuana to anundercover officer for P500, a police report showed. The 28-year-old tricycle driver CyrusGampay was taken to the Pavia police station. center_img He was now detained in the lockup cellof the municipal police station, facing charges for violation of Republic Act 9165, or theComprehensive Dangerous Drugs Act of 2002./PNlast_img

Liverpool’s goalkeeper injured as Klopp looks to return to winning ways

first_imgRelatedPosts Lampard: I still have confidence in Tomori Suarez agrees Atletico terms Mane double eases Liverpool to win over 10-man Chelsea Liverpool goalkeeper Alisson Becker will miss Saturday’s home English Premier League game against Bournemouth as well as their UEFA Champions League clash against Atletico Madrid. Club manager Juergen Klopp said on Friday that the Brazilian was going to be out after suffering a hip injury earlier this week. The Brazilian was left out of the squad when Liverpool lost 2-0 at Chelsea in the FA Cup on Tuesday. Spaniard Adrian played in goal instead and Klopp revealed he had injured his hip in training prior to Tuesday’s game. The German coach confirmed that Becker would sit out Saturday’s encounter as well as the second leg of their Champions League last 16 tie at home against Atletico Madrid on Wednesday. Brazil coach Tite also left the 27-year-old goalkeeper out of his squad for their 2022 World Cup qualifiers on March 27 against Bolivia and four days later against Peru. “In training before the Chelsea game, he (Becker) had a little incident,” Klopp told reporters. “We thought it was nothing and he was not going to play anyway, he was going to be on the bench. “He had a scan the next day and they found something. We will see next week. The injury is in the hip region. You could all do your work, but for a professional goalkeeper it’s a slightly different situation.” Liverpool have lost three of their last four games in all competitions, falling to a 1-0 first-leg defeat to Atletico Madrid. They lost their unbeaten streak in the league in a 3-0 reverse at Watford before exiting the Cup to Chelsea. That run of results has sparked concern over their form at a crucial stage of the season. “Winning gives you confidence, losing takes it away, that’s normal,” Klopp said. “One defeat feels like two. (It’s) not a massive difference, it’s just how you get back on track. “You can do that by working hard. We have to fight to get back on track. We have to do that as a unit.” Liverpool face a Bournemouth side who are in the relegation zone with 10 games to play, but the south coast club have Joshua King, Callum Wilson and Ryan Fraser available. Klopp expects them to be dangerous on the counter-attack and set-pieces. “Bournemouth are dangerous from them. So, we have to be 100 per cent spot on,” the German said. “We have to play football, force a way through, switch sides, create space and protect it perfectly. “We face an opponent who are fighting for the league. Their frontline is back now and they are in a tough moment. We respect that, and we wish them all the best, but not tomorrow.” However, Bournemouth’s top scorer Harry Wilson — who has seven league goals — is ineligible to play as he is on loan from Liverpool. Reuters/NAN.Tags: Alisson BeckerAtletico MadridJurgen KloppLiverpoolUEFA Champions Leaguelast_img read more

Indian Premier League IPL 2019 RCB vs MI highlights: Mumbai Indians beat Royal Challengers Bangalore by 6 runs

first_img Facebook Twitter Whats app Linked In 19:54 (IST) Facebook Twitter Whats app Linked In The toss is just 10 minutes away! How excited are you? What can we expect? Tell us using #NewsNationCricket on twitter and get a chance to feature your tweet here! And don’t forget to tag us! 20:01 (IST) Facebook Twitter Whats app Linked In Facebook Twitter Whats app Linked In WICKET: KNOCKED him over. Another wicket down. Mumbai batsmen are all over the place here!  Facebook Twitter Whats app Linked In WICKET: Quick-fire innings comes to an end. But Wow! What an innings that was from Yuvraj Singh! Chahal picks his second. MILESTONE ALERT: Virat Kohli becomes the second player to score 5000 IPL runs.  23:43 (IST) Facebook Twitter Whats app Linked In Facebook Twitter Whats app Linked In Facebook Twitter Whats app Linked In 23:40 (IST) de Villiers is not looking in the best touch out there. Have been lucky twice. But will he be able to make up for it and score big? After 10 overs, it’s 82/2. Okay, so 17 needed from the final over! Facebook Twitter Whats app Linked In 23:49 (IST) First SIX of the night!  WICKET: Top Edgeeee and skipper departs! Big Wicket for Mumbai Indians! And it’s Bumrah who has done the trick!  23:31 (IST) Facebook Twitter Whats app Linked In WICKET: Bumrah picks his third wicket! Krunal picks an easy catch as Colin departs for 2.  21:31 (IST) Royal Challengers Bangalore are on it here! Sensational from Parthiv and Virat! Facebook Twitter Whats app Linked In ALERT: AB de Villiers gets to his 29th IPL fifty! 20:14 (IST) Another ball and another shot and another boundary!  Facebook Twitter Whats app Linked In WICKET: de Kock tried to play a reverse sweep, but couldn’t. Yuzvendra Chahal takes his first. TOSS: Royal Challengers Bangalore opt to bowl vs Mumbai Indians  22:32 (IST) 23:48 (IST) 20:16 (IST) 23:36 (IST) A superb spell from Krunal Pandya. Just 28 runs off his 4 over! AB..AB! AB..AB! Just don’t miss this game! The fuel is still left! After 18 overs, it’s 166/4.  Facebook Twitter Whats app Linked In 23:22 (IST) MILESTONE ALERT: AB de Villiers gets 4000 IPL runs.  Two boundaries in the first over itself! Rohit Sharma and Mumbai Indians off to a flying start! After 1 over, it’s 9/0.  20:48 (IST) 19:57 (IST) AB de Villiers is dealing in boundaries here! Guess what? That’s what is required at this stage!  Facebook Twitter Whats app Linked In 23:04 (IST) Bumrah puts it down! How important will that be?  21:02 (IST) After de Kock’s wicket, Royal Challengers Bangalore has finally been able to come back into the game. After 8 overs, it’s 60/1. 21:50 (IST) 23:46 (IST) ALERT: Pollard scores 2500 IPL runs! What is rare to Kohli? – A dot ball. Came after a long long time! 21:15 (IST) 19:33 (IST) Both de Kock and Rohit Sharma are off to a flying start. Looking really positive! After 3 overs, it’s 25/0. 19:21 (IST) Double.Single.Single.Double.Wide.SIX – This is what AB-Virat are capable of! Turning normal over into a big one! After 12 overs, it’s 109/2. Facebook Twitter Whats app Linked In 23:33 (IST) Facebook Twitter Whats app Linked In Facebook Twitter Whats app Linked In 20:23 (IST) 23:02 (IST) Facebook Twitter Whats app Linked In Facebook Twitter Whats app Linked In Facebook Twitter Whats app Linked In Facebook Twitter Whats app Linked In Facebook Twitter Whats app Linked In Wickets are tumbling here for Mumbai Indians. They are just not able to finish the innings on high here at Wankhede. Seventh wicket down! After 17.1, it’s 147/7.  Facebook Twitter Whats app Linked In Facebook Twitter Whats app Linked In Facebook Twitter Whats app Linked In Facebook Twitter Whats app Linked In 00:04 (IST) Facebook Twitter Whats app Linked In Facebook Twitter Whats app Linked In Facebook Twitter Whats app Linked In Facebook Twitter Whats app Linked In Facebook Twitter Whats app Linked In Facebook Twitter Whats app Linked In Krunal Pandya comes to bowl his second over!  23:21 (IST) Facebook Twitter Whats app Linked In Facebook Twitter Whats app Linked In 23:00 (IST) Facebook Twitter Whats app Linked In Everything going against Mumbai Indians here. The first powerplay belongs to Royal Challengers Bangalore.  20:19 (IST) Facebook Twitter Whats app Linked In Suryakumar Yadav has played more than a dozen balls now, he needs to up the scoring the rate here. As of now, he is going run-a-ball. After 12 overs, it’s 93/2. Facebook Twitter Whats app Linked In 20:03 (IST) WICKET: Yuzvendra Chahal you beauty! Fourth wicket for him. Pollard fails, again!  20:34 (IST) Facebook Twitter Whats app Linked In SIX of the first ball! Probably the greatest match IPL will ever witness! Facebook Twitter Whats app Linked In A dozen balls remaining. Hardik is the only bonafide batsman left. Where can men-in-blue finish? It’s 157/7.  Facebook Twitter Whats app Linked In WICKET: Knocked him over. Inside edge and off to the stumps! Gone! Parthiv departs for 31.  center_img 100 more needed now!  Facebook Twitter Whats app Linked In Finally, Suryakumar Yadav opens his arms and the way she goes! SIX!!! Facebook Twitter Whats app Linked In 23:18 (IST) 23:13 (IST) 22:51 (IST) New Delhi: It wouldn’t be wrong to say that a huge blunder from the umpire S Ravi, eventually helping Mumbai Indians to finish on the winning side. This has been their first victory and this remains to be seen how they go from here.  20:52 (IST) Facebook Twitter Whats app Linked In 20:40 (IST) 21:26 (IST) For all the Latest Sports News News, Indian Premier League News, Download News Nation Android and iOS Mobile Apps. 22:43 (IST) Umesh Yadav starts the proceedings for Royal Challengers Bangalore. de Kock takes the strike! Spectators are on their feet!  Royal Challengers Bangalore off to a flying start even when they lost Moeen Ali early in the innings. This remains to be seen how well Virat Kohli can play today! After 5 overs, it’s 48/1. de Villiers, YOU BEAUTY!  23:38 (IST) Just listen to the Bangalore crowd!  20:27 (IST) All happening here in the 19th over. ball..catch drop..2.. what else you need?  Can we witness a super over here?  22:39 (IST) 21:07 (IST) 21:18 (IST) Royal Challengers Bangalore need nothing but a partnership and big hitting!  21:05 (IST) 19:39 (IST) 23:11 (IST) WICKET: Hetmyer just couldn’t clear the thirty-yard circle there. Another catch for Hardik Pandya, Another wicket for Jasprit Bumrah!  Facebook Twitter Whats app Linked In 22:29 (IST) 8 needed off the last 2 balls! Can AB do it for RCB? RESULT: Mumbai Indians beat Royal Challengers Bangalore by 6 runs That’s a big over here. WOW, de Villiers!  Facebook Twitter Whats app Linked In Facebook Twitter Whats app Linked In 19:24 (IST) 23:27 (IST) Facebook Twitter Whats app Linked In Facebook Twitter Whats app Linked In Mohammad Siraj comes into the attack! Will he make any difference to the side?  Facebook Twitter Whats app Linked In Facebook Twitter Whats app Linked In Mumbai Indians 187/8 in 20 overs  Facebook Twitter Whats app Linked In Suryakumar Yadav is taking a bit of time in the middle, just trying to settle before going. Rohit, on the other hand, is letting the scoreboard moving. After 10 overs, it’s 82/1.  We are now just minutes away from the first ball to be bowl!  WICKET: Mayank Markande gets a slight nip and through to the keeper. OUT! 23:26 (IST) 20:37 (IST) Shimron Hetmyer comes to the crease!  22:43 (IST) 21:33 (IST) The first powerplay belongs to Mumbai Indians! They have hammered the bowlers all around the ground! After 6 overs, it’s 52/0. 21:40 (IST) Facebook Twitter Whats app Linked In Facebook Twitter Whats app Linked In Facebook Twitter Whats app Linked In WICKET: Rohit Sharma departs for a well-made 48. He would be kicking himself as the wicket was looking easy to bat on. Umesh picks his first! 20:59 (IST) Facebook Twitter Whats app Linked In 20:53 (IST) That flick from Yuvraj Singh – had to write this! He is a fighter, believer, dreamer, and executer – can he ‘do it again’? 23:08 (IST) Facebook Twitter Whats app Linked In Facebook Twitter Whats app Linked In 22:52 (IST) WICKET: Just when Suryakumar Yadav was looking good, he departs! Good catch by Moeen Ali. Yuzvendra Chahal picks his third.  21:23 (IST) Yuvraj Singh is fielding at the point region. 2007 memories?  WICKET: Wickets tumbling now! Krunal Pandya perished for 1.  Remember! AB de Villiers was dropped on 0 by Yuvraj Singh!  Facebook Twitter Whats app Linked In 23:57 (IST) 19:40 (IST) Surya Kumar Yadav comes to the crease! Facebook Twitter Whats app Linked In Facebook Twitter Whats app Linked In So the players are out in the middle! HERE WE GO! 21:36 (IST) Facebook Twitter Whats app Linked In Facebook Twitter Whats app Linked In Yuvraj Singh comes to the crease now – The star of the last game!  22:38 (IST) 19:54 (IST) VINTAGE Yuvraj! SIX! SIX! SIX! Three in Three! 23:06 (IST) Royal Challengers Bangalore (Playing XI): Virat Kohli(c), Parthiv Patel(w), Moeen Ali, AB de Villiers, Shimron Hetmyer, Shivam Dube, Colin de Grandhomme, Navdeep Saini, Yuzvendra Chahal, Umesh Yadav, Mohammed Siraj Facebook Twitter Whats app Linked In Mumbai Indians (Playing XI): Rohit Sharma(c), Quinton de Kock(w), Suryakumar Yadav, Yuvraj Singh, Kieron Pollard, Hardik Pandya, Krunal Pandya, Mitchell McClenaghan, Lasith Malinga, Mayank Markande, Jasprit Bumrah Hello and a warm welcome for the seventh game of the twelfth edition of the Indian Premier League (IPL). Mumbai Indians have won 14 of 23games played between two sides and even carry a better record at Bangalore’s den. But will this remain the same?  Facebook Twitter Whats app Linked In Facebook Twitter Whats app Linked In The average-par score is 170 at M.Chinnaswamy! What can be the total here?  Facebook Twitter Whats app Linked In Facebook Twitter Whats app Linked In That’s it from us. Hope you enjoyed our coverage as much we did bring this to you. We will be back for the next game. Do join us. Till then, tada! 21:45 (IST) 23:46 (IST) Facebook Twitter Whats app Linked In 20:56 (IST)last_img read more

Allen/Morrell Jr fight set for July 25

first_img…Florida, Los Angeles possible venues By Rawle Toney GUYANA’s Lennox ‘Too Sharp’ Allen has confirmed that his World Boxing Association (WBA) Super Middleweight title fight against Cuban David Morrell Jr, will now take place on July 25. Speaking to Chronicle Sport from his base in Brooklyn, New York, Allen revealed that his bout, which was originally set for April 11 at the Armory in Minneapolis, will now be held in either Florida or Los Angeles.According to the 35-year-old Allen, training has been progressing smoothly and he’s all set and ready to step into the ring to face Morrell Jr, and a victory could make him the mandatory challenger to Saul ‘Canelo’ Alvarez and Callum Smith (WBA Super Champion).Allen had told  Chronicle  Sport that even while in ‘lock-down’, with advice from his team, he stayed in shape by sticking to a specific training regimen.The Allen/Morrell Jr. bout felt the impact of the domino-like effect in cancellation of sporting events because of the rapid spread of the coronavirus.It is not yet known if the fight will take place with fans in attendance, since the latest numbers, despite its rapid decline, has shown that Florida had recorded 75,568 COVID-19 cases, with 2,931 deaths.In Los Angeles, latest figures show 73,018 cases and 2,907 deaths.Allen, the country’s highest ranked/rated fighter on the international scene, vaunts a perfect ring-record of 22 wins, 14 of which came by way of TKO, as well as one draw from his 23 outings.His latest win, a unanimous-decision victory over Derrick Webster, saw him claim the WBA’s gold title at the Super Middleweight division last year.Morrell Jr is the WBA’s No. 3-ranked Super Middleweight contender. A native of Cuba now fighting out of Minneapolis, Morrell recently joined the pro ranks after winning 130 of 132 amateur bouts.last_img read more