The Flash Season 5 Ep 19 Recap When Barry Sucks Killer Frost

first_img Probably my favorite thing about having Nora around on this season of The Flash is how much she improves the show. Watching her learn how to use her speed brought us right back to season one. And since she was still learning, it made sense for her to cover some of the same lessons her father had to. Instead of watching Barry learn them over and over again like we have for the previous two seasons. Having Nora around made Barry smarter. So we can all guess what happens the second Nora isn’t around anymore. Hey Stupid Barry, long time no see. You, uh… sticking around long?Yeah, it shouldn’t surprise anyone that after Barry sent Nora back to the future last week without telling anyone, it causes some friction. How many times has he learned this lesson now? I’ve truly lost count. You’d think he’d have learned by now to stop making big decisions without discussing them with his wife first, but no. And this is probably the worst one yet. He and Iris get into a huge fight, and Barry says some pretty rough things. Like how Iris is only mad because she just got Nora to stop hating her. Damn, that’s low. Is it any wonder why I think Wally was always the better Flash?Grant Gustin as Barry Allen and Jesse L. Martin as Detective Joe West — Photo: Katie Yu/The CWTo further compound just how stupid Barry’s decision was, Nora immediately runs back to Eobard Thawne. Like, what did Barry think she was going to do? Oh no, I can’t trust Nora because Thawne might be using her against us. Better make absolute sure he does! And yes, Thawne probably knew something like this was going to happen. This is what he was planning for. He puts up a token amount of resistance when she asks how he was able to travel back in time without The Flash knowing. He reveals he created his own Speed Force. This was his goal the whole time. He wanted to turn Barry’s daughter against him. He wanted to train her to use the Negative Force.Back in the present, Iris is ready to divorce Barry over this. And as sad as I’d be about that, I wouldn’t blame her. He keeps making this same stupid mistake over and over again, and it seems no amount of counseling will fix that. She decides to use Gideon to create a portal into Nora’s time to see her again, and Ralph goes with her because more than anything right now, Iris needs a friend. I kind of wish we’d spent more time with Iris and Ralph in the future. It’s fun watching Ralph impersonate a prison guard to get Iris into Thawne’s cell. (“I have to think really douchey thoughts to keep this face on.”) Instead, seeing Iris brings up all the anger she’s ever felt toward both her parents. She taps into the Negative Force and runs back in time. So that’s another thing Barry has to deal with that he brought on himself. That’s all we get though, other than a final shot of Iris emerging into the present day, her eyes filled with Negative Force. For the rest, we’ll have to come back next week.Kyle Secor as Icicle — Photo: Dean Buscher/The CWThe rest of the episode, oddly enough, was taken up by more of a villain of the week storyline. Fortunately, it was a very good one. Since we’re all so frustrated with Barry at this point, the show wisely dedicated most of its runtime to Killer Frost. Her father, Icicle, robs her mother’s lab and steals a cryo-generator. What does it do? Well, the episode didn’t feel like telling us. “Nothing good” is all Caitlin says. They find out how Icicle plans to use it when he returns to the lab, knocks out Flash and Joe and kidnaps Caitlin and her mother. This is where we get the family drama that actually works in this episode. The tension and distance between mother and daughter feels real and relatable. They can’t stop bickering at each other or trying to show each other up. Even while captured, they argue over the best way to escape, though both options are equally bad.It works because there’s some real relationship dynamics underneath this bickering. Caitlin’s mom never overtly showed an interest in her the way her father did. When Caitlin got old enough, she did everything she could to cut her mother out of her life, and her mother got the message and never tried to contact her. Both played a part in distancing themselves and being held prisoner together let them finally get all that into the open. Just as they start to reconcile, though Icicle bursts into the room and takes Caitlin’s mom. He plans to try to turn her into a ice metahuman. If the process kills her, well he’s OK with that too. Fortunately, in trying to restrain Caitlin with an ice blast, her froze her power-dampening cuffs. They shattered and Killer Frost came out.Susan Walters as Dr. Tannhauser and Danielle Panabaker as Caitlin Snow — Photo: Katie Yu/The CWWe’ve had some great speedster battles over the course of this show, but this Ice battle might be even better. It’s so cool to watch Icicle and Killer Frost create a giant tower of ice as they chase each other through the air. These effects are really well done, and I couldn’t stop smiling during this fight scene. In a very sweet ending to it, Icicle gets the upper hand and is about to stab Killer Frost with an icicle blade. That’s one step too far for Caitlin’s father who fights through the Icicle personality to regain control. With her old dad back, the entire Snow family is back together again… for about five seconds.As always happens at the end of this season’s villain of the week episodes, Cicada shows up and renders the victory meaningless. She and Killer Frost fight, and I have to say it’s so much better than most Flash-Cicada fights we’ve seen. “Nice knife, I’ve got two” is such a great opening line. If the Arrowverse weren’t already most of the CW’s lineup, I’d be asking for a Killer Frost spinoff right about now. Well, I guess that’s what the comics are for. Once again, Cicada overpowers Killer Frost and sends her knife straight at her. We could all see what happens next coming a mile away. Caitlin got her father back, there was no way that was going to last. He throws himself between Cicada and Killer Frost, sacrificing himself to save his daughter. Man, I knew it would happen, but I wish this show would cut Caitlin a break just once.Sarah Carter as Grace Gibbons — Photo: Dean Buscher/The CWBarry’s stupidity got real tiresome this episode, so I’m thankful the show decided to spend most of its time with a Killer Frost story instead. The family drama was well-written and acted here, lending some weight to the death of a character we’ve really only seen for about half an episode at a time. The episode ended well too. Like Iris, I’m willing to forgive Barry over and over again, because The Flash keeps bouncing back and reminding us just what a fun show it can be. That’s what I’m hoping happens next week. We’ll find out why Cicada stole the cryo-generator (we still don’t know exactyly what it does). That should be OK, but I’m really curious to see what the Negative Force did to Nora.The Flash airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. on The CWPreviously on The Flash:The Flash: Season 5 Episode 18 RecapThe Flash: Season 5 Episode 17 RecapThe Flash: Season 5 Episode 16 Recap Stay on target Top Movies and TV Panels to Keep on Your Radar for SDCC 2019’The Flash’ Season 5 Finale Recap: 2 Big Bads and 1 Pre-Crisis last_img

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