Microsoft Releases Retro Windows App as Stranger Things TieIn

first_img 11 Best Monsters Made From Dead People PartsOriginal ‘Stranger Things’ Plan May Confirm Will Byers’ Sexuality Last week Microsoft tweeted a mysterious ad teasing the next Windows release, but instead of Windows 10 this was Windows 1.0 featuring exciting “new” tools like the MS-Dos Executive file manager and a clock. Because my brain is so internet-poisoned I just assumed this extremely aesthetic commercial, with its 80s synth vibes and spacey neon pink and turquoise color scheme, was just Microsoft finally catching up to the vaporwave phenomenon.Introducing the all-new Windows 1.0, with MS-Dos Executive, Clock, and more!!— Windows (@Windows) July 1, 2019However, pretty much everyone else figured it out that this was some kind of nostalgia tie-in to the third season of Stranger Things. And now that we’ve spent the holiday weekend binge-watching the newest episodes of the spooky Netflix hit, Microsoft let the cat out of the Upside Down. Windows 1.11 is a retro Stranger Things PC app.The free app is based on the classic version of Windows that first debuted in 1985, the same year as Stranger Things season three. While not a completely emulated version of that old operating system, this app lets you toy around with tools like Write and Paint as well as the command prompt.Windows 1.11 contains plenty of Stranger Things-specific Easter Eggs, too. Play minigames. Learn more about the puzzling mysteries of the show’s lore. Navigate glitches caused by the Upside Down. “Embrace the 80s.”As far as Stranger Things #brand promotions go, old Windows comings back is way cooler than New Coke coming back. For more on Stranger Things check out this Instagram tribute from Maya Hawke’s dad (you know, Ethan Hawke) and pick up some of our favorite Stranger Things toys. Stay on targetlast_img

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