Watch Meet the Inspiring Blind Gamer Who Beats Pros at Street Fighter

first_img Try playing a video game with the screen off, using only sound cues, and it’s probably ‘game over’ in a few seconds. But Dutch gamer Sven Van de Wege, who lost his eyesight at the age of six, plays in eSports tournaments, beating even pro gamers at Street Fighter V.The 32-year-old Van de Wege, also known as “The Blind Warrior Sven,” is blazing a trail for blind gamers everywhere. He has racked up wins in tournaments against fully sighted competitors, including at the Sonic Boom tournament in Madrid, Spain last year.Van de Wege chalks up his successes to perseverance.“When you live with a disability, it’s always hard to come up in the real society,” he told Red Bull TV during the Street Fighter V tournament Red Bull Kumite held in Paris, France on November 10. “People are always thinking that because you are blind you can’t do this or because you can’t walk you are not able to do this. But there’s always a way to come across those issues. I never thought that I could play games by using sound effects only and you see what happens, when you train a lot you can do that. I’m sure that other people who have disabilities and want to do something, just try it and think of solutions and not the problem.”While Van de Wege plays other games such as Mortal Kombat, Art of Fighting, Fatal Fury, and Killer Instinct, he says Street Fighter V is the perfect game for him, mostly because of the stellar sound design.“It is stereo, so you can easily hear if your character is on the left or on the right,” he said. “The sound effects are clear so you can hear their footsteps, their jumping, if they start jumping, when they are landing, if they are dashing, blocking, throwing, tacking. So, yes all the sounds I know precisely what [they are].”His favorite character? Ken. “I like his moves, his voice and his personality,” Van de Wege said.Van de Wege is passionate about competitive gaming, but also wants to help out other blind gamers (he trades game tips with fellow blind gamers, “Sightless Kombat” and “Blindwizard”) and help developers make games more accessible to blind players. He was recently contacted by developers who need their games tested. “That was good, that they [wanted] me to help them develop a game for other blind players.”More on Gamer Has the First Bionic Arm Based on a Video GameCan You Beat These Nine Incredible Gaming World Records?Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection Is a Love Letter to the Franchise No, Solid Snake Isn’t Coming to ‘Tekken’‘Street Fighter V’ and ‘Mortal Kombat 11’ Get Ne… Stay on targetlast_img

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