Just Cause 4 is the Craziest Game Youll Play This Year

first_img Simon Belmont, King K. Rool, and Dead Luigi Join Smash Bros. UltimateAn Interview with Jump Force Producer Koji Nakajima Stay on target When it comes to over-the-top gameplay mechanics, few franchises can rival Just Cause. The upcoming Just Cause 4 is taking things to an even more absurd level. To be honest, this game caught me by surprise. I knew Square-Enix was developing a new Just Cause but I was not expecting to see it at E3, let alone that it’s dropping later this year. I’m glad the game got shown at the big event since it ended up being one of my personal highlights. Just Cause 4 is going to be completely and utterly insane.During the hands-off demo, we got to see the upgraded grappling hook, which now features a number of crazy mods. One of these allows players to attach rocket boosters to objects. In the demo, Rico Rodriguez (the main character) shoots boosters at a shipping container attached to a crane. When he activates the boosters, it converts the crane into a wrecking ball. You can also use the boosters to turn regular objects into missiles. The person demoing the game planted rocket boosters on containers and cars and used them to blast the side of a mountain. If you want, you can have Rico ride on these makeshift rockets. That’s one hell of a way to take a trip across town.We also saw two other mods in action. One causes an explosion to happen when two tethered objects come into contact. The collision sends said objects flying backwards. Another mod lets you shoot balloons onto objects, which sends them flying into the air. We saw Rico attaching balloons to cars and containers in the demo. In case you’re wondering, yes, you can use all of these mods at the same time. You can place balloons on an object and then attach rockets to it. Once the object gets to the desired height, you can initiate the rockets and send it hurtling forward. You can imagine the sort of destruction this can cause. The possibilities with these mods are endless.Like in Just Cause 3, Rico can use his patented glider suit to quickly traverse the world. This mechanic isn’t much different than it was in the previous installment. This isn’t an issue considering how well the gliding mechanic worked. The only new factor is wind, which now has an influence on the direction Rico flies. This adds a new layer of depth that will make gliding more interesting and engaging. Besides regular wind, there’s another weather phenomenon players must also contend with while gliding through the skies.The true showstopper of the demo was an enormous tornado that destroys anything in its path. The core gameplay of the Just Cause series centers around its physics engine and the tornado does a brilliant job of putting it to work. As it made its way across the land, the tornado sucked up anything not nailed down to the ground. This includes crates, vehicles, buildings, and even jumbo jets. If he isn’t careful, the tornado can also pull Rico inside of it. Seeing the tornado wreaking havoc is a thing of pure beauty. We need to see more games with physics-powered tornados!Interestingly enough, one can control the path of the tornado. In the demo, Rico has to take out an enemy military base. This facility has air cannons that can divert the path of the tornado. Destroying these weapons causes the twister to move along its original course — which just so happens to be the military base. Sure, blowing bases up with rockets and bombs is cool, but that doesn’t compare to doing so with a bad-ass tornado. I understand Rico will get his own air cannons eventually. Having the ability to control the tornado whenever one wants is something that sounds incredibly exciting.Just Cause 4 gives creative players the chance to create their own fun. Those who lack imagination (like myself) can still enjoy the game on a more rudimentary level. Expect many of the weapons to feature alternate firing modes like grenade launchers and drones. Encounters with enemies will have an added level of depth since their AI is now more advanced.The story structure is expanded and players can choose to do missions in any order they like. Expect more quests dotted across every area of the world map. Those who care about narrative will be happy knowing Just Cause 4 tells a more serious tale. It’s not clear how this will contrast with the zany nature of the gameplay, but it should be interesting regardless.The Just Cause series epitomize sandbox gameplay and Just Cause 4 looks like it’ll be the ultimate open-world experience. From what I saw, the game does a masterful job of combining familiar gameplay with all-new mechanics. Those who have a great deal of imagination will no doubt spend countless hours simply messing around with the tools provided. The tornado alone is something everyone should want to experience since it adds such an interesting and devastating element to the world. I expect this will be a big hit when it drops on December 4 for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.last_img

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