Buy Minnesotas Very Own Harry Potter House For Just Three Million Bucks

first_imgStay on target Catholic School Bans ‘Harry Potter’ Books Because SpellsToy Tuesday: The Best Animal Toys Remember that time in 2011 when, after the release of Deathly Hallows Part 2, it really seemed like Harry Potter was going to go away for a bit? What fools we were. Voldemort may die but #brands never will. Harry Potter theme parks. Five-part Harry Potter Fantastic Beasts prequel franchises. Tech-powered Harry Potter wand toys. Harry Potter AR mobile games. Prepare for this to be the rest of your non-magical life.But if that sounds good to you, maybe it’s time to take your whimsical Wizarding World love to the next level. Why not straight-up live in a house that looks like it came out of Harry Potter? With a few million dollars and tolerance for Minnesota winters, now you can.In 2002 restaurant owner/musician Jeff Arundel purchased a downtown Minneapolis property, 247 10th Avenue S. By 2009 he had turned it into a castle ripped from the pages of a fantasy novel. It’s just his thing. With three beds and baths, a courtyard and rooftop deck, and 4,500-square-feet of space the place is also totally liveable in addition to being beautiful to look at. See it for yourself in this virtual tour.However, now Arundel has somehow become tired of living in a castle and has put his Harry Potter house up for sale. A brewery nearly made a deal but it fell through. So now locals are flocking to get their bids in. The home is listed at $2,995,000, which honestly seems like a small price to live in a house where the paintings probably talk. Also, most potential buyers want to turn it into a business of some kind since that’s pretty much what everything else in downtown is, and when the building looks like this it should pay for itself in no time.At the moment, the castle is still on the market. So if you’ve got a couple million dollars lying around and Harry Potter love to spare try making a go for it. And even if you couldn’t care less for wizards, it’s probably still dope to live in an actual castle, even in Minnesota.Let us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey.last_img

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