The Blue Screen Of Death Is Turning Green

first_img This must be the biggest Windows Blue Screen of Death ever seenMicrosoft is putting QR codes on Windows 10 BSODs for easier lookups It’s been around since 1993 when Windows NT 3.1 arrived and you’ve seen it pop up in some pretty unexpected places. It’s the Blue Screen Of Death, and pretty soon it’s not going to be blue any more.Instead, it’s going to be the lovely shade of green you see above. Intrepid testers first noticed the change in Windows 10 Build 14997, which leaked back in December. Microsoft has now confirmed the arrival of the Green Screen Of Death.It feels a little weird saying gee-sod instead of bee-sod, but that’s what we’ll just have to get used to it. Just like we had to get used to the frowny emoticon and the QR Code popping up.The new screen ships in Build 15002, which is currently being pushed to Windows Insiders for testing. Don’t worry about your beloved Blue Screen disappearing on you, however.According to Microsoft, the GSOD is only going to appear on Insider builds. They were looking for a way to distinguish error reports on Windows pre-releases from reports on stable builds.As for me, I might be seeing a lot of the GSOD. I’ve got a little Lenovo system that runs Insider Builds and it’s  struggling to to keep its video driver from crapping out, so it could be a regular occurrence in my house. That is unless some other tweak Microsoft has made in Windows 10 Build 15002 fixes the problem.There’s a long list of other improvements and fixes, and you can read all about them on the Windows Blog. Key features like Edge, Cortana, the Start menu, and settings screens have been all tweaked. Unlike the Green Screen Of Death, they’re all changes that will roll out to everyone that uses Windows 10. Stay on targetlast_img

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