Samsung is going to stop Galaxy Note 7 explosions with a software

first_imgSamsung has a bit of a nightmare on its hands at the moment due to the faulty batteries that shipped with the recently released Galaxy Note 7. They overheat, they explode, and they are causing serious harm to some owners. So risky is using a Note 7 that the FAA has asked people not to use them on aircraft. Meanwhile, Samsung has suspended sales while it voluntarily recalls 2.5 million handsets.Even with the recall underway, the word hasn’t got out to all owners and injuries are still happening. So Samsung looks set to take a further, more drastic step through a software update.This update will introduce a relatively simple change: it limits the battery charge to 60%. So you’ll experience significantly less battery life when using your Note 7, but at the same time it avoids the whole issue of the handset exploding in your hand or pocket. It also introduces a nice added incentive to get the battery replaced, because you won’t be able to avoid noticing 40% less battery life each day.The software fix is currently only confirmed for South Korean users, with the update being made available on September 20. I can’t see a reason why Samsung wouldn’t also make it available to all other regions where faulty handsets were sold, though. Replacement batteries are set to start shipping the day before on September 19, again in South Korea first.Recalls and replacement programs are always difficult and costly. If Samsung hasn’t yet, then it would do well to start sending out regular text alerts to every Note 7 reminding owners their device is dangerous. Combined with the terrible battery life being introduced, I’m sure most owners will soon opt to go through the hassle of replacing their Note 7.last_img

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