Samsung ATIV Q hybrid laptop runs Windows 8 and Android on a

first_imgSamsung has just unveiled one of its craziest portables yet: the ATIV Q, a tablet-laptop hybrid that can boot into both Windows and Android. The craziness doesn’t stop with dual booting, however.The ATIV Q also features a razor-sharp 3200×1800 qHD+ display. It measures 13.3 inches on its diagonal — meaning the Q going to be a tad more bulky than, say, the Galaxy Note 10.1. While you might normally be concerned about the Windows performance of a device like this, you don’t need to worry about the ATIV Q. It’s not running an Atom like some other dual-booters. It’s running Intel’s latest silicon, a Core i5 Haswell. That should provide the Ativ Q with brilliant battery life in Windows and equally brilliant performance while running Android. And yes, that also means that you’re getting the full Windows 8 experience — not the confusingly limited Windows RT.You can switch easily between the two using dedicated buttons and even run both operating systems side-by-side. Samsung’s also made it so that important files you save on the ATIV Q like photos and documents are visible to both Windows and Android.Samsung has also taken a page out of Lenovo’s playbook. The hinge mechanism on the ATIV Q allows it to bend into a number of different positions — from a traditional laptop angle, to pure tablet mode, to a sort of rear-facing kiosk.Though you might expect a trackpad on a 13-inch laptop keyboard, the ATIV Q has none. That’s due to the space required by the hinge, but it’s not a huge loss. With a touchscreen within easy reach, most users won’t lament the loss.  The ATIV Q also has a 128GB SSD (no word on how much space is actually free to use), 4GB of RAM, and a battery that’s good for an estimated 9 hours of use between charges.Samsung hasn’t announced pricing for the ATIV Q yet, but you can bet it won’t come cheap. This kind of versatility and power usually commands a decent premium, but hey, at least the initial reviews are good.last_img

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