3D printer adapted to ice a cake

first_imgAn avid group of 3D printing enthusiasts in the UK have decided to apply what they learned about the process of 3D printing to create an extrusion device that’s capable of icing a cake.This clever idea has turned out to be a bit more difficult than they expected, but through trial and error they have finally created a simple process called “punch and extrude” to produce advanced designs out of sweet buttercream frosting.While there are plenty of different videos out there showing syringes being used to extrude frosting and dough for cookies, the CNCDudez felt that everything they had seen was much too slow to be practical. The vast majority of the techniques that have gone before made use of an “outside-in” method, where starting from the outside of the cake the printer would make passes in concentric rings until the design was complete. This method does accomplish the task of icing a cake, the group thought it could improve on it significantly.While the process isn’t perfect, the team seems to be on the right track as the more traditional squeeze extrusion nozzle is indeed faster and more capable of producing advanced designs. With 3D printers becoming less expensive for the consumer, it’s not out of the question that a home baker could make use of these advances to help them finish a cake while they do other things in the kitchen. I can also see a few cake shops jumping on this idea to help up their capacity and guarantee the same design produced perfectly on every cake.Read more at the CNC Dudez pagelast_img

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