Nintendo patches Zelda bug with new Wii Channel

first_imgNintendo has issued in Japan a free, downloadable Wii Channel to fix a show-stopping bug in The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. The Zelda Data Restoration Channel, as it’s called, repairs save games affected by the Song of the Hero quest bug to enable players to keep on going.The channel, which is currently available only in Japan, is found from the Wii Shop Channel under the Wii Channels listing. Downloading that channel and running it will fix afflicted save files.The bug was first acknowledged on December 6, a little over two weeks after the game’s US release. On the Song of the Hero quest, a certain sequence of events can trigger a bug that prevents further advancement in the game. Players can do the quest’s three parts in different sequences, so if players do the desert part first and then talk to the Goron twice, the game slips and stops players from being able to to finish the other two parts.For the time, Nintendo subsidiaries outside Japan are allowing players to send in their save files to have the files repaired. American players, for example, can click here to send their files in to Nintendo of America. That support page mentions the impending release of “a program” to repair save data, so it’s a smart bet that the Zelda Data Restoration Channel will be hitting a Wii Shop near you soon.via AndriasangBlake’s OpinionWhen looking at the Zelda Data Restoration Channel next to the now-standard patching systems in place on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, it’s easy to laugh at Nintendo’s archaic take on all things online. Cheer up, Nintendo fans: things will get better.It’s worth remembering that even though Skyward Sword is brand new, the system it released for is five years old. With the Big N’s many hardware releases since then, the company proved that it’s figured things out. The DSi, with its downloadable marketplace and firmware updates, was the big signal that Nintendo was beginning to “get it.” Now, in the 3DS era, the online features have significantly improved between the mature eShop and the creative StreetPass system.As the Wii gets replaced by the Wii U, expect this Data Restoration Channel to be the last awkward resolution to a bug in a Nintendo title.last_img

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