Google to drop Blogger Picasa names in coming weeks

first_imgWhen Google launched Google+ into beta we thought it was only about competing with Facebook and creating a popular alternative social network. But it has turned out Google has more planned, including a bit of rebranding for some of the company’s existing and very popular services.Over Google’s relatively short history as a company it has acquired a number of online services that have remained popular and kept their original names. But the search giant has decided that at least two of those services would benefit from being rebranded, and so we are about to lose some of the most well known names on the web.AdChoices广告Blogger and Picasa are those two services whose names will be changed. While that may seem like a strange decision, you’d expect Google to pick some decent alternatives. But that is definitely not the case. Blogger is expected to become Google Blogs, while Picasa is going to become Google Photos.The rebranding has not yet been confirmed by Google officially, but it is thought the announcement and change will be made public within 6 weeks. The rebranding could also impact other services with the only definite exclusion being YouTube at the moment.While losing such well-known names seems a little crazy, Google is betting a lot on Google+ and wants to better integrate its existing services around it. Therefore, come the public launch of Google+ (no more invites required) these services will also be relaunched.As both services are losing their names, we can also expect to see their logos disappear too. So say goodbye to the orange Blogger “B” and Picasa circle of colors, and look forward to whatever symbol Google’s design team have thought up to represent blogging and image storage.Read more at Mashablelast_img

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