HalfLife 2 mod GoldenEye Source now available

first_imgIf you owned an N64 console, then one of the games you most likely kept in the cartridge slot longer than others is GoldenEye 64. It was one of the best examples of an FPS on a console at the time, and an update has been demanded by fans for years.While that update may have now appeared on the Wii, a dedicated team of modders have been working on a project that is arguably a lot more interesting. It’s called GoldenEye: Source and it aims to bring the original GoldenEye 64 gameplay bang up-to-date through a mod for the Half-Life 2 Source engine.AdChoices广告Now that mod is available, and it’s completely free to download. All you need is a copy of Half-Life 2 to play it.Included in the mod is:22 maps (revisioned and classic maps)24 weapons11 characters (6 Janus, 5 MI6)8 game modes + teamplay combination80 achievements50 music tracksPython scripting for further customizationThe download is being offered as a torrent which weighs in at a whopping 1.16GB, but the more people seed it the faster it’s going to appear on your hard drive. So get downloading and sharing.Read more at Mod DB, via TekGoblinMatthew’s OpinionIt looks as though the project first saw a release in 2006, so the team have been working on it for a solid 4 years since then. The quality shines through just from the videos, and my torrent download is well underway. Playing this on a PC with updated graphics should be a great experience.This doesn’t look to be the end of development, either. We’re at v4.1 and I have no doubt more improvements will continue to make their way into the mod. The fact it is being released with Python scripting for customization also means the community can take it further too.last_img

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