Free inflight WiFi from Google for the holidays

first_imgGoogle has decided to do another free in-flight Wi-Fi offer for the holiday season this year which will run from November 20 through January 2 next year.Last year Google offered free Wi-Fi access at 47 airports across the U.S. At the same time it had struck a deal with Virgin America to offer free inflight access.AdChoices广告This time round the offer discards the airports and goes for more airline options with Google teaming up with AirTran, Delta, and Virgin America to offer free access via Gogo Inflight Wi-Fi. It will be available on all domestic flights if you use those airlines between the given dates, and hopefully will allow for a more pleasant flight.The offer is a good promotion for Google which is pushing the use of the Chrome browser as the perfect solution for browsing while you fly.To learn more about the offer visit the Free Holiday Wi-Fi web page and don’t forget your laptop as hand luggage the day you fly.Below are images showing exactly which aircraft from each airline offers the Gogo service:DeltaVirgin AmericaAirTranRead more at The Official Google BlogMatthew’s OpinionThis is sure to go down well again with passengers and I’m sure the airlines involved are hoping for more bookings over the next month and a half. For Google it’s sure to get a few more people trying the Chrome browser, and a lot more people being exposed to the name for the first time.I wonder if next year we will see the same, or if Google will change tact and somehow try to push Chrome OS instead? Maybe we’ll see very cheap Chrome OS netbooks offered for sale in airports, or the use of a free netbook running the OS during your flight. I wouldn’t be surprised if Google went that far in order to get Chrome OS known about.Is anyone going to change their airline to take advantage of this offer for an upcoming trip? If the prices for flying are similar I’d certainly consider switching.last_img

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