Wisla Plock player Marin Sego denied entry in Russia

← Previous Story VELUX EHF Champions League: HSV Hamburg and Chekhovski win, advance to L16 Next Story → VIDEO: Wisla Plock’s hosts Sungul Snezhinsk, atmosphere, opinions, moments of the game Marin SegoPlocksegosnezhinsksungul snezhinskWisla Plock Wisla Plock is to play Sungul Snezhinsk in the return leg of the EHF Cup, but an incident occured to one of their players. The Croatia Marin Sego was denied entry in Russia at the airport in Yekaterinburg despite having all documents, the club announced. Therefore has been sent back to Poland via Helsinki. Wisla Plock is angry at this denial of entrance, and has announced that they will lodge a complaint to the European Handball Federation.source: sprwislaplock.pl

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