Information technology plays critical role in achieving UN objectives says Ban

Addressing a meeting at UN Headquarters on public-private partnership for ICT, Mr. Ban stressed that the world body must make the fullest possible use of ICTs in achieving its development goals and other important objectives.“We already do a great deal, but we know we can do more… much more,” he said. The Secretary-General noted that ICTs can help strengthen disaster risk reduction as well as the UN’s response when disasters do happen. Other important activities – from reporting on repression and human rights abuses and monitoring ecosystems to delivering public services, especially in health and education – can all be made more effective through ICTs.The UN itself can benefit from development in this area, thereby heightening performance while increasing accountability, he added. Mr. Ban said that the UN has made significant progress in using ICTs to improve the delivery of its services since the establishment of the UN ICT strategy in 2009, and it was done largely within existing resources. The ICT strategy is comprised of a vision, a management framework and three strategic programmes.“Yet the time has now come when we need additional financial and other support if we are to achieve truly high-impact and better results,” he stated, adding that this is where the public-private partnership on ICT can play a critical role. “It can provide sound strategic guidance as well as resources for leveraging ICT to build a better world,” said Mr. Ban.“At the same time, I am convinced that your involvement will have a significant positive impact for your own organizations. Contributing to global well-being will further reinforce your position as socially responsible citizens of the world, doing their part to advance the human condition.” 19 September 2011The United Nations must leverage the power of information and communications technology (ICT) to the fullest in its response to political, economic and environmental challenges and to improve the delivery of its services, says Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon.

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