High winds helped quick spread of townhouse fire

first_imgThe fire department responded to the call at 10 a.m. this morning, and Burrows says the flames were being pushed out quite a distance by the wind when they arrived. “You could tell by the way the smoke was laying out of the building that it was laying pretty horizontal. It was being forced out of the building, but wasn’t climbing altitude-wise into the sky, so the heat isn’t pushing it up; it’s just being carried away at a low level.” Although the wind made the fire look worse, quick response and a nearby fire hydrant helped firefighters get a lot of water onto it in a short amount of time. – Advertisement -“We were able to knock it down,” says Burrows. “not put it out, but at least bring it under a point where we could control the fire and then move inside the unit so we could do the interior attack on the fire.” Luckily no injuries have been reported and no pets were harmed. It is still unconfirmed whether anyone was in the unit at the time the fire broke out. The Fire Department is now investigating what happened with the help of witness interviews and photos taken before firefighters were on the scene.Advertisementlast_img

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