AR – HST to Referendum

first_imgAll four New Democrats MP’s on the committee said they wanted the petition to go directly to the legislature for a vote. However, all five Liberals including Pat Pimm, wanted the petition to go to a referendum in September 2011.- Advertisement -Anti-HST leader Bill Vander Zalm stormed out of the meeting and told reporters that he’s furious that the Liberals are going to referendum instead of just voting in the legislature and bringing the issue to a close sooner than later. Vander Zalm says he will announce in the not-too-distant future details of the recall campaign with the goal of bringing down the Government.Anti-HST representative Chris Delaney says they governement is trying to mislead voters.[asset|aid=3137|format=mp3player|formatter=asset_bonus|title=e2383335f12be31e9238dab14ca20615-Delaney – HST_1_Pub.mp3] Advertisement The Legislative Committee on initiatives has decided to send the HST to a non-binding referendum next September. Premier Gordon Campbell says his government will abide by the results of the referendum.[asset|aid=3138|format=mp3player|formatter=asset_bonus|title=e2383335f12be31e9238dab14ca20615-Gordo – HST Ref_1_Pub.mp3] Whatever question goes to the voters, it will have to be approved by 50 per-cent of all registered voters and by 50 per-cent of all registered voters in two-thirds of BC’s 85 ridings.Elections BC says holding a provincial referendum on the HST will cost $30 million. The other option is to do the referendum by a mail-in ballot which would cost only $12 million.Advertisementlast_img

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