Rising Female Artist Caught in Complex Mesh

first_imgReuben, CEO of CDT, “I found princess off Facebook and name her Mai Mayer”“We own the art of the artist Mai Myers until she gets a name change.” – Reuben, CEO of CDTAfter a recent article written by this paper, ‘Hot New Young Talent,’ surfaced online last week, City Dream Team (CDT) says they were obligated to respond because the paper used the artist named ‘Mai.’ “Using just MAI in the article makes it look like they are still using the name we created. So there is no name change there.” One label, City Dream Team (CDT), allege that they have all legal rights to Mai Myers’ voice and name until her new management, PIFF Entertainment, can change it, and insist that, “She will be released from her contract from the label if she has a name change or live up to the brand.” Reuben Kromah, CEO of CDT, alleges that he was the first to manage the songstress into stardom in 2008, having met her on Facebook under the name Baby Dee, the same way he scouted Miss Monrovia, another talented female singer/songwriter.Mai MayerLIB Life tried to contact the management of PIFF entertainment, where Mai Myers is presently seated as their newest award winning entourage. They brushed off the allegations as “Reuben looking for attention.” Reuben is an expert in the music industry who says his team has worked with American artists Lil Kim, Jadakiss, Joe Budden, Juelz Santana, Remy Ma and a few others. They have also worked with world stars like Davido, Tekno, Reekado Banks and more. They are popularly known in Liberia for the hit ‘Olele’ produced by the late Quincy B in collaboration with Dymond Records and ALM Records.“I named Baby Dee, Mai Mayer”According to Reuben, Mai was signed to his label for eight years under the name Mai Mayer and after she left, she later changed the name to Mai Myers, which he says does not matter, because the name MAI ‘still’ belongs to CDT. “She was lied to by her new management that he was going to make her a star while I was already busy training her for the future. Her first single was released by CDT https://youtu.be/aNp3bbAwmks,” he added. “He never discover her, I did and with my team she had almost eight songs recorded with us. And when we changed her name from Baby Dee because that was not what we were looking for, we told her we had to create another name to market out there to people.” According to Reuben, Mai was signed with CDT when the new name Mya was the first pick until they realized an American star already had the name “May was next. But me and my partner never liked the letter Y around so we replaced the Y with an I; and that’s how her name came about,” he added.Mai Myers has since won two awards and has been nominated for others since her time with PIFF Entertainment, and is presently the most sought out recording artist, something the CDT is monitoring closely. “Mai and I never had any problems but a lot of people put a lot in her head despite the fact we spent $7,000 gross to get her ready for the industry. I know the law and my lawyers are already monitoring all of Andrew’s actions, and hers.” Reuben says he has documents, contracts and letters to prove their legal agreement signed by both her parents and Mai as proof of his claims. “I made the decision to let her move on with her career after an insider told me she was talking to Andrew about cutting me out. We informed PIFF that the name Mai Myers was copyrighted. We also informed him that she was not allowed to use it.”Our paper contacted both parties about the allegations and PIFF Entertainment insist they will not ‘feed’ into the misleading information by CDT. “I think in this business, artists feel they can burn one bridge and move on to the next. We released her due to the fact that we knew what was going on. We even released all her pictures and music to her because I knew how hard she worked and how she was not educated enough in the business,” Reuben said.Meanwhile, Mai has become an outstanding artist and has surpassed the expectations of those who thought she would remain trapped in a web of business uncertainties. Having taken her career to another level and now satisfied with where she is, maybe now she can face the legal matter that has been hanging over her head.“What Mai don’t know is she has another contract on her voice that was signed giving us rights to whenever she records a song on the mic. She know very well about it, because she went to voice coaching classes and we paid for those classes and hired a private coach. She didn’t know how to sing and we developed her voice and the contract was almost like insurance,” Reuben said. “We only own some rights to the Mai Mayer vocals.”PIFF Entertainment says they will not listen to any of these allegations as they focus on what’s more important, keeping Mai Myers’ career above waters. With her talent and look, PIFF Entertainment says they could care less about what CDT has to say.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img

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