Atlético-Leganés Aguirre: “It could be worse and better”

first_imgBut everything that happens afterwards was ugly.I believe it, I believe it. That’s left. I turned away. I didn’t even know what to do. It was a pretty ugly thing. The teams have needs. The nerves surface. I do think it hurts. The match had been beautiful, competed. Disputed. He did not deserve to end up like this. Those five minutes left.Why the approach?It has to do with today’s game and because we only have two strikers. I brought a boy from the branch and it was hard to throw the lions today. I could not put the two, in case there were problems, not to be left without anyone. People are working on signing. Sure they are in it, but it is not easy. They ask you a lot, you have 20 kilos and the team is in decline. I understand that the market is open. I hope nobody else leaves. I left five. From now on, we will see what there is. As long as the market does not close, you have to wait … And if nobody comes, nothing happens. We will pull quarry.You are inventing solutions in Leganés.It is an unexpected solution. We practiced yesterday. In Ebro we played with 4-3-3 and I thought why not put Kevin ahead. We are waiting for Siovas, to see if it can be for Thursday. It may be the best signing of winter. We are fine back. Let’s see if Siovas returns. Anyway, coaches have to do this kind of unexpected nonsense. Today I think it went well. We have plugged holes.What memories do you have of your time at Atlético?I remember coming from a few years in Second. They told me to go to Europe. We enter the intertoto. We won with a few games out there. We entered UEFA and it went well. He eliminated the Bolton. And then, Champions. We competed well, until I lost in LaLiga and they threw me out. Law of life What feelings has come to the Wanda? Get Simeone in trouble.The magnificent feeling They have treated me great. I didn’t expect them to applaud my name. Atlético is a competitive team. They expected to see their team win. We could have lost, but we had chances. It was a complicated game. I deeply respect Simeone. We must thank him very much for what he gave to this institution. I would be the last to pronounce myself against anyone. I have a lot of respect for him.There was a feeling that they could win …Maybe in Recio’s he could have kicked first. It looked like a 2 for 1, but it was two diesel. My two pivots. Maybe they lose it and leave it lost. That responsibility appeared to them. In the last five minutes we could lose. We were serious, with limitations. We get a point. It could have been worse, but also better. We are satisfied with the work we did. With a high forehead.You who have lived on the other side: Is Simeone forgiven a lot?He has given everything. Titles, Champions, quarry, money, there is a before and after Simeone. We cannot judge you for two bad results. As the coach said well, he did not fall apart after losing the Champions League. It is above all. They are examples to follow. It’s really fucking being seven years in a club. They are transitions.What happened to Cuellar?I did not speak with him. It is double yellow, for wasting time and for doing something outside the field. Mateu is a dialogue guy. He considered it double yellow. There’s nothing more to speak of. I will ask him. In that I turned, nor saw the yellow one. I had no idea then who was going to wear after Cuellar. We didn’t have it or rehearsed in the pachangas.last_img

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