Bongbong Marcos wants history textbooks revised; critics raise howl

first_img“Naisng mga Marcos na ibaon na lang salimot ang mga pag-abusong nangyari noong panahon ng diktadurya kung saanlibo-libong Pilipino ang pinatay at pinahirapan at bilyon-bilyong piso mula sakaban ng bayan ang nakulimbat,” he said. (With ABS-CBN News/PN) “The decision of Sandiganbayan todismiss the cases was solely based on the technicality that the PresidentialCommission on Good Government did not use original documents as evidence,contrary to the Best Evidence Rule,” CHR spokesperson Jacqueline Ann de Guiasaid in a statement. Marcos’ family and supporters have beencriticized for painting a rosy picture of the strongman rule, even as killings,human rights abuses and plunder during that time have been proven in courts.  The Marcoses have been acquitted inseveral graft and malversation cases and as of 2019, the Sandiganbayan and theSupreme Court have dismissed at least 20 of the 43 civil and forfeiture casesagainst them. Another human rights lawyer and one ofthe authors of Republic Act 10368 Erin Tañada also blasted Marcos’ call torevise history books as a “desperate attempt by the Marcoses to erase thememory of the horrors of martial law and absolve the sins of their father.” “What has beenproven wrong is essentially what they continue to contend in the textbooks ofour children. Essentially you are teaching the children lies,” Marcos stressed Marcossaid in a news forum in Manila on Friday, saying the dismissal of the severalforfeiture cases against his family is enough proof that the allegationsagainst them were lies.“‘Yungkanilang sinasabi na ninakaw namin, naginawa namin, hindi lahat totoo.Pa’no ko nasasabi ‘yun? ‘Yan ang desisyon ng korte. There was no evidence,”he added.The government lost at least five ill-gottenwealth cases against the Marcoses in five months last year, including aP200-billion civil forfeiture case that was dismissed only last December.“I can call anyone a murderer, I can call anyonea thief, but I have to prove it,” Marcos said. “Kung hindi, salita lang ‘yan. That’s just hot air coming out of mymouth. And it turns out even in their case it was only propaganda.”Marcos said that his family has been calling forthe revision of history textbooks for years. He added that the revision taskshould be given to history professors and not to political appointees.center_img MANILA – Formersenator Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. said history books must be revised,claiming the decades-old criminal accusations against them were proven to befalse. Defeated vice presidential candidate Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. calls to revise history textbooks as an effort to twist the truth and hide the numerous human rights violations during the regime of his father. ABS-CBN NEWS These include a P1-billion civil case inOctober last year and a P200-billion civil case in December 2019. But the Commission on Human Rights (CHR)said these are not proof the Marcoses are innocent.last_img

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