Call to encourage male kindy teachers

first_imgONE News 1 August 2012There’s a call for scholarships and financial incentives to encourage men to become early childhood teachers. On average there is only one male teacher in 100 in the sector. Alex Williams, an education lecturer at Unitec has told TV ONE’s Close Up  there is a need for some scholarships and financial incentives to encourage men into the sector. A colleague at Unitec, social practice lecturer Dr Geoff Bridgman, told the programme that advertising for the teachers needs to feature men prominently. “And I don’t think we’re doing that,” he said. The lack of men working in kindergartens and crèches has been partly driven by parents who think childcare is no place for a man. “In some cases parents have actually left because of the employment of a male staff member,” Bridgman said. But there is a move on to actively recruit males, with educators believing this is essential for a child’s development.

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