AutoNaut Presents Its Next Generation USV

first_imgAutoNaut, developer of autonomous wave propelled vessels, has rolled out the new generation of 5-metre AutoNaut unmanned surface vessel (USV) with several new and upgraded features.The latest wave foil technology enables speeds of 1-3 knots to be consistently maintained, with no need for fuel and for long endurance missions. The vessel has been ruggedised throughout and features improvements in the deployment system – for launch/recovery from ship or direct from slipway, the company explains.An enhanced rudder system makes the USV even more manoeuvrable – able to keep station within a 25 metre radius. Finally, the 5-metre has additional space and power to allow for multiple sensor, including: MetOcean, ADCP, Passive Acoustic Monitoring, Surveillance and as a Communications Gateway.Pete Bromley, technical manager at AutoNaut, says: “We’re really proud of the improvements made in this boat – we’ve learned a lot from all the missions conducted in the last year or so and the growing team we have here have brought some great ideas to the development.”“The versatility of the 5-metre is key,” says Phil Johnston, business development. “With so many options for the sensor payload it’s a game-changer in terms of how we can provide solutions for clients, whether in oil and gas, defence or marine science”.last_img

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