An initiative has been launched for the Split Airport to be named after the parachute innovator – Faust Vrančić

first_imgHe launched the initiative Vecernji list, which raised a lot of positive comments and approval. His Dictionary of the Five Most Reputable European Languages ​​- Latin, Italian, German, Dalmatian and Hungarian – is the first Croatian and the first Hungarian dictionary in history. It was published in Venice in 1595 and is considered the foundation of Croatian lexicography. An initiative has been launched to name the newly renovated Split Airport, which breaks all records, after our great innovator, Faust Vrančić, best known for inventing parachutes. Photo: / Lana’s DuckAss Why are we ashamed of our Croatian greats? Why don’t we want to and don’t know how to use it for our tourist promotion? People from all over the world use the pen every day, imagine that we have branded it well and whenever someone receives a pen, remember Croatia. Well that’s marketing and branding! A couple of years ago, I wrote an article about how we are ashamed of our innovators from Tesla, Vrančić, Penkala and all other innovators who have marked today’s world, and unfortunately so far Croatia has not clearly articulated or imposed a narrative. Nowadays, it is inconceivable to me that, say, we did not brand the tie as a Croatian product. Every man in the world puts a tie on himself at least once, without knowing that it is a Croatian product. Faust Vrančić, a native of Šibenik, is one of the greatest Croatian inventors of all time, and the most important invention is certainly the parachute.  RELATED NEWS: The holy grail in marketing and branding. But… is always that “but” in Our Beautiful. Finally, the initiative for Split Airport to be named after the parachute innovator – Faust Vrančić is an opportunity and a step forward to finally start using our potentials globally through promotion and branding, which are the basis for various other story extensions. IF AT LEAST A TIE WAS A CROATIAN PRODUCT, THE WHOLE WORLD WOULD KNOW ABOUT CROATIA Airports are a window to the outside and the first place when tourists stop on our soil. And that is why the name of the Airport named after Faust Vrančić is a great idea, primarily as a global promotion, positioning and branding of Croatia. Also, it has been open on the island of Prvić since 2012 Memorial Center “Faust Vranči攑with a contemporary display of multimedia and interactive content with the aim of promoting the character and work of Faust Vrančić. Great support for the initiative of the portal Find out more about our innovators in the attachment. In his collection of inventions Machinae Novae or New Machines Faust on 49 large format copperplate engravings describes 56 different devices and technical constructions. In addition to his most famous invention – the parachute, a prominent place is occupied by two groups of projects – bridges and mills. Three of Faust’s bridges are inventions of great importance because they first appear as ideas in the technical literature: the Bronze Bridge (bronze) – the first idea of ​​a metal bridge in the history of technology, the Single Rope Bridge – the forerunner of modern cable cars and the Iron Bridge – the first idea of ​​a bridge hung on chains.  / / / IF AT LEAST A TIE WAS A CROATIAN PRODUCT, THE WHOLE WORLD WOULD KNOW ABOUT CROATIA AIRPORT TRAFFIC CONTINUES TO GROW, SPLIT AIRPORT BREAKS ALL RECORDSlast_img

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