Student Voice / GRAZIA JARNI: Why is our culture not the primary reason to visit our country?

first_imgThe great advantages that cultural tourism brings. Among other things, a reduction in the seasonality curve. Thanks to its geographical position and climate, Croatia is suitable for visiting throughout the year, not just in summer. Cultural tourism has a great power of branding the destination and would greatly contribute to the relief of large tourist places and the dispersion of guests around the country as well as the branding of lesser-known places. An article titled “Why tourism is enough for us ” is a great answer to the last comment as well as for those who think tourism is on glass legs. Future tourism workers and our colleagues will carry a new paradigm of our tourism, and it is up to us to keep them in Croatia. I hope that the portal will be a part of this positive change, at least in a small part, and as the leading tourist b2b portal in Croatia, we certainly have an obligation and responsibility. Everyone is talking about changing the direction of our tourism, and change can only come from ourselves. We are that change, let us be that change. Let us be an example, mentors and support to our future colleagues. It’s all up to us. It’s all up to the people, it’s all up to us. This is one step forward, which has been on paper for three years and waiting to be realized. And he is just boldly taking the first step. So let’s go… As part of a long-announced project Knowledge is power, which will start in early September, we are launching a section: The voice of a student.   Ultimately, the goal is for the demand to be satisfied and to return. Sad that such a promising country is content with crumbs when we too can bite a fair portion of the cakes our competitors eat. We need to be honest and set realistic goals if we want tourism to continue to develop. But do not rush like geese in the fog, but plan to develop and continuously progress by learning from your own mistakes. EVisitor data indicate that in the first 12 days of July, compared to last year’s data, there was a drop in overnight stays by 5% and the number of arrivals by 6,2%. Overall, looking at the traffic in 2019 to date, there has been an increase in the number of arrivals by 4,2% and overnight stays by 0,9%. Despite growth figures, tourism stakeholders are not happy with the season. Thanks Jarni, a student of the specialist study of Trade and Tourism Management at the University Department of Professional Studies Split, proactively accepted the invitation to think loudly and responded with her own loud thinking, which was prompted by the article: Toni Vukušić with his article: WHY IS TOURISM ALLOWED TO US? The winning formula is that we have to put aside our previous way of thinking which is to blame from the very beginning. “As long as it’s good, it’s good. When problems come then we will think about them“. We attribute the death penalty to this way of thinking. Demand needs to be listened to because it dictates the market. Vukusic also mentions the problem of seasonality in his article. Seasonality is a problem that cannot be completely eliminated but can certainly be alleviated. Croatia is rich in both natural beauty and cultural heritage, which we have every right to be proud of, but which, unfortunately, is not at the level it deserves to be. Culture and tourism have a mutually beneficial relationship that can strengthen a country’s attractiveness and competitiveness. Culture on the one hand becomes part of a tourism product that is recognized in the tourism market while tourism on the other hand serves as a means of revitalizing and valorizing cultural heritage. To prove that this is not an empty story, the numbers will show theirs. According to the register of cultural goods in the Republic of Croatia according to the Ministry of Culture, Croatia has about 6389 goods of tangible cultural heritage (immovable and movable) and about 172 intangible cultural goods. Reading various comments on social networks, the dissatisfaction of citizens who are of the opinion that tourism will destroy us and wonder what they have from all this is visible.center_img From the above figures, it is clear that we are a country with a really rich culture. The question is why is our culture not the primary reason to visit our country? The answer to this question is valorization and storytelling. How can we expect our guests to come encouraged by our culture and to know something about it when we ourselves are not educated enough to be able to talk about it? We cannot expect guests to appreciate our culture when we do not valorize it ourselves. It is necessary to educate the local population who can convey feelings and experiences through storytelling. Because ultimately, the goal of the guest in the destination is to gain new unforgettable experiences, stories and experiences. As one of the ideas of the project Knowledge is the power to give importance to students and their final papers, connect them with future employers and popularize the scientific approach to tourism, the Voice of Students will transmit loud thoughts of students about our tourism and tourism trends. with the aim of opening an argumentative discussion and sharing ideas, knowledge and thinking. Proof that storytelling has great power in attracting can be seen in the example of Baranja where the Croatian Society of Cultural Tourism organized trainings entitled “Cultural Heritage Management and Valorization of Cultural Tourism Product” and “Acting Workshops staging legends and customs.” After the workshops, the play was performed at the Family of Three Sages family, where the guests reacted better than expected. Cover photo: The peak of the season has begun, everyone is ready to expect a big wave of tourists who, unfortunately, according to all forecasts, will not be as successful as in previous years. Reading the article, I couldn’t hide my delight that someone is looking positively at tourism and realizing all its benefits. The author of the article states that tourism is an economic driver for the development of other industries, which is completely true. Tourism does not only consist of providing food and beverage accommodation services, it does not only involve accommodation units and restaurants, it is much more than that. As Vukusic states, “for whom builders would build so many facilities without tourism, to whom electricians would install installations, to whom winemakers would place wines and to whom fishermen would place their fish… ”. Thinking this way, the impact of tourism on other industries is inevitable. Published by: Thanks Jarni, a student of the specialist study of Trade and Tourism Management at the University Department of Professional Studies Split I would not like to focus only on cultural tourism, although it is the most promising. Different forms of tourism could come to life in our area. From health, rural and even sports. The country that has produced so many world-famous athletes does not have adequate camps, fields, equipment for both locals and tourists. Research shows that the number of tourists looking for an active vacation is growing from year to year. What are we doing about it? Nothing. [LOUD REFLECTION] Two heads are always smarter than one, and we hereby invite everyone to get involved with their loud thinking, especially students through the Student Voice section. Because only through constructive and argumentative discussion can we grow and develop as individuals and as a profession. / [email protected] GRAZIA JARNI: Why is our culture not the primary reason to visit our country? / / / Valorization of a cultural tourist product through storytelling in Baranja last_img

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