Draft Law on Wine: Four wine regions are established

first_imgThe Ministry of Agriculture has prepared a draft law on wine in cooperation with producers from the wine and viticulture sector. After the e-consultation, the Ministry considered all the comments received, and some of the comments were accepted and included in the Draft Law. In detail report the public hearing was announced today.Let us remind you that with the new Wine Act we are adopting the legal framework for the production of grapes and wine, the sale of wine in market-transparent conditions, we are strengthening the role of wine associations and improving wine marketing. The new law envisions less administration and more control on the ground. These are its most important features:· Establishes 4 new regions – wine and marketing· Provides for the establishment and financing of regional winemakers’ organizations and a national committee· Adopts the abolition of record marks and the establishment of marketing marks· Provides enhanced control over the production and trade of grapes and wine· Decentralizes the procedures of organoleptic evaluation of wine by wine regions · Involves small producers in a control system without financial burdens The draft law on wine enables the association of winemakers and winegrowers at the regional level, due to their more active role in promotional activities and marketing labeling of Croatian wines, as well as wine evaluation. It also overlooks the way of financing marketing activities and the development of wine production specifications within the activities of regional organizations. A distinctive framework is clearly defined for the production of grapes for own needs in a very limited coverage on areas up to 0,1 ha from those of grape, must and wine producers in production, entrepreneurial and market-oriented coverage. Procedures have been regulated for more efficient administrative control of all data that grape and wine producers are obliged to submit. At the same time, the control on the ground will be strengthened, which will be carried out by field wine supervisors in order to check the compliance of the submitted data with the actual situation, thus strengthening the traceability system of grape and wine production.Four new regions are being established (both wine and marketing): Slavonia and the Croatian Danube region; Croatian Istria and Kvarner; Dalmatia and Central Hilly Croatia.Wine controls are being decentralized before being placed on the market as close as possible to wine regions (control of physico-chemical and organolpetic properties), we regulate the production and trade of grapes and domestic wines – to control quality and combat the gray market (unregistered wines, unfair competition). Therefore, according to the winemakers’ proposal, this law will no longer perform organoleptic control of wine only in Zagreb, but, for example, wine from Pelješac will be evaluated by licensed sensors from that area, while wines from Kutjevo will be evaluated by sensors from that area. license). The Croatian Center for Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs (through the Institute of Viticulture, Enology and Oil Production) will provide the necessary infrastructure for wine evaluation and guarantee the anonymity of samples. Namely, EU rules require that impartiality and objectivity in the implementation of regulations must be ensured in order to protect consumers and preserve the credibility of the entire wine production system. Wine control systems must be based on the same principles as food safety control systems. Therefore, the Institute of Viticulture and Enology retains the role of the holder of sensory evaluation of wine, and we include regional wine organizations that will nominate evaluators, and only the evaluation of wine will be carried out by a commission with majority regional evaluators. This ensures an increase in the level of quality of evaluation as well as the quality of the wines themselves, because the evaluation process is carried out by evaluators who know best the characteristics of the wine of a particular region.The Ministry of Agriculture will send the draft law on wine to the Government of the Republic of Croatia, after which it will be sent to the Croatian Parliament for the first reading.last_img

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