Brazilian Navy Sends Field Hospital to Chile

first_imgBy Dialogo March 05, 2010 The Brazilian Navy has sent a field hospital to Chile, on a Brazilian Air Force plane, to help with humanitarian-aid operations for the victims of the earthquake that struck that country. The field hospital has the capacity to see up to four hundred patients per day, relying on a staff of forty-seven military personnel in the healthcare field. The following activities can be performed: • first aid and treatment of common and contagious diseases; • three to four surgeries per day (with anesthesia), such as laparotomy, appendectomy, thoracocentesis, debriding wounds, setting fractures, and amputations; • emergency resuscitation, such as airway, breathing, and circulation management, intensive care (two beds), hemorrhage control, treatment for shock, and other life-saving emergency treatments; • stabilization and evacuation, if necessary, for the next level of care; • admission of up to eighteen patients for a maximum period of forty-eight hours for monitoring and treatment; • up to forty basic X-ray and ultrasound exams per day; • maintenance of an adequate inventory of medical supplies to ensure self-sufficiency for up to sixty days; and • maintenance of an advanced medical team, consisting of one doctor and two nurses trained in prehospital emergency care.last_img

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