Joe Russo’s Almost Dead Spends Three Beautiful Nights In Colorado [Setlists/Video/Audio]

first_img(via daliguana1)Setlist:Set One (9:18pm – 10:28pm)Big Railroad Blues (TH) >Feel Like A Stranger (SM)Bird Song @ (TH) ->The Other One # (SM)Mississippi Half Step $ (TH) ->Three Question Marks Jam % ->Let It Grow^ (SM)Set Two (11:04pm – 12:44am)Alice D Millionaire & (SM) ->I Know You Rider (All)Tennessee Jed (TH) ->Becky Jam ->Tennessee Jed Reprise (TH) * ->The Wheel Jam + ->Let It Grow Jam ->The Wheel @@ (All) ->They Love Each Other ## (TH) ->Estimated Prophet $$ (SM) ->Touch Of Grey (TH)E: Dancing In The Streets %% (SM) ->Pork & Slaw ^^ ->Dancing In The Streets (SM) ->My Sharona Jam && ->Dancing In The Streets Reprise ** (SM)@ – With Cryptical Teases x 2 (TH)# – With a “Hippie Dream” (Neil Young) Jam – may become a track, depending on length$ – With a “Walk on the Wild Side” (Lou Reed) Tease (DD)% – First Time Played by Almost Dead, Joe Lukasik Cover; not the entire song. Used to be covered by the Benevento Russo Duo.^ – With an Other One Tease (Band), a Cryptical Tease (MB) & an Unknown Tease (MB)& – Not played by Almost Dead since Brooklyn Bowl, Brooklyn, NY 2015-01-23, a gap of 77 shows* – Not played by Almost Dead since Brooklyn Bowl, Brooklyn, NY 2015.10.3, a gap of 52 shows+ – First Time Played By Almost [email protected]@ – Unfinished, with a “”Moonlight Mile” (Rolling Stones) Jam – may become a track, depending on length## – With a “Shortnin’ Bread” (James Whitcomb Riley) Tease, a “Hamp’s Hump” (Lou Donaldson) Tease (JR), a West LA Fade Away Tease (MB) and a “Rudolph The Red Nose Reindeer” (Robert Lewis May) Tease (MB)$$ – With a Uncle John’s Band Tease (SM) & an “Inspector Gadget Theme” (Unknown) Tease (SM)%% – With a Feel Like a Stranger Tease (MB)^^ – WOLF! cover, First Time Played by Almost Dead&& – The Knack cover, First Time Played by Almost Dead** – Not Played by Almost Dead since Summer Camp, Chillicothe, IL, 2015.05.23, a gap of 59 showsNight Three: Joe Russo’s Almost Dead | Belly Up Aspen | Aspen, CO | 12/17/16 Setlist:Set One (9:39PM – 10:51PM)Eyes Of The World @ (TH) ->Music Never Stopped (SM)Althea # (TH)Jam ->Mama Tried (SM) ->Cumberland Blues $ (All) ->Paranoid Android Jam % ->Cumberland Blues Reprise (All)Easy Wind ^ (SM)Set Two (11:24Pm – 12:45AM)Alligator (SM) ->Not Fade Away & (All) ->Help On The Way (TH) ->Slipknot! & ->Mississippi Half Step Jam + ->Slipknot! Reprise @@ ->Uncle Johns Band (All) >Black Throated Wind (SM) ->Scarlet Begonias ## (TH) ->Fire On The Mountain $$ (TH)E: Quinn the Eskimo (TH)@ – With a Ruben & Cherise Tease (Band)# – With “All of My Love” (Led Zeppelin) Teases (MB)$ – With a “Hoedown” (Aaron Copeland) Tease (MB & JR)% – First Time Played by Almost Dead, Radiohead Original, ended with a “Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairies” (Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky) Jam before returning to Cumberland Reprise^ – With a Black Throated Wind Tease (SM)& – With a Slipknot! Jam & Iko Iko Teases (TH)* – With an Estimated Prophet Jam+ – First Time Played by Almost [email protected]@ – With Tennessee Jed Teases (TH)## – With a Tease of a Michael Jackson Song that I couldn’t quite ID$$ – With a “Duo Jam” that included quotes of the China->Rider transition Jam & a “Fat Mama” (Herbie Hancock) Tease (MB) (via daliguana1)“Alice D. Millionaire” (Official video)center_img There’s no denying that Colorado has become a hub for jam music, as the colorful state continues to host great performances from some of the best musicians in the scene. That scene, of course, was founded by the Grateful Dead, and their disciples remain faithful in their deliverance of the music. Among those disciples, few rank higher than Joe Russo’s Almost Dead, the five piece ensemble featuring Joe Russo, Scott Metzger, Dave Dreiwitz, Tom Hamilton and Marco Benevento. The trio put on three shows this weekend in three different Colorado cities, each bringing its own brand of heat to the table.Check out a compilation of videos, audio, setlists and more documenting the three night run.Night One: Joe Russo’s Almost Dead | Ogden Theatre | Denver, CO | 12/15/16(Audio by bonobeats)Full review here!Setlist:Set 1 (9:13PM – 10:32PM)Don’t Ease Me In (TH)>Viola Lee Blues @ (All) ->Space ->Truckin’ (SM) ->St. Stephen Jam ->Truckin’ Reprise # (SM) ->Born Cross Eyed Jam ->Loser (TH) ->Marco Solo $ ->The Eleven (All) ->Shakedown Street % (TH)Set 2 ^ (11:08PM – 12:5?)Golden Road To Unlimited Devotion (All) ->Greatest Story Ever Told (SM) ->Terrapin Suite & (TH & JR) ->King Solomon’s Marbles *Row Jimmy (TH) ->Drums ->Good Lovin’(SM) ->The Wheel Reprise + (All) ->Good Lovin’ Reprise @@ ->E: GDTRFB ## (All) ->Sugar Magnolia / SSDD $$ (SM)@ – With a Throwing Stones Jam# – First time played by Almost Dead, with Throwing Stones Teases (Band)$ – With the usual spate of teases & familiar themes – see what you can find / what you remember% – With “Chameleon” (Herbie Hancock) Teases (Band)^ – With Estimated Prophet Teases throughout the set& – With a “Duo Jam” & “Hateframe” (Benevento Russo Duo) Teases (JR)* – With an Uncle John’s Band Tease (Band)+ – Finishes The Wheel from Ogden Theatre on [email protected]@ – First Time Played by Almost Dead## – With out the usual WBYGN Ending$$ – Proceeded by a “WBYGN Ending” Tease (Band)Night Two: Joe Russo’s Almost Dead | Boulder Theater | Boulder, CO | 12/16/16“Big Railroad Blues” (Official video)last_img

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