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first_img[dropcap]B[/dropcap]efore an evening of torturous, standing-up, Group-Socialising got into full flow, last night, Blog, we managed to cross-question some Luarca locals, to root out a decent little eatery. What immediately struck us, on arrival, though, was that the waiter had a terrible problem with one of his legs. And not a made-up one, either. All night long, all night, he dragged his leg around the tables, to serve the diners. It really was desperate to see. When we chatted with him, he told us that he was from South America, and that he didn’t worry about his wonky-leg one bit. What a truly inspirational comment, Blog. What a strong and humble man. He has crossed the World, all on his own, leaving his disability behind – because he wants to get ahead in life. MARCH ON, SOLDIER. I wonder though, Blog. I wonder if he’s got an HR department, laid on, that he can go quivering to, everytime he’s got a problem in his life? GET ON WITH IT, YOU WET ENGLISH WHITEYS.In other news:Restaurante Sport, sounds like the type of place that might be full of Football-Shirts, who head-butt each other, everytime there’s a goal they don’t like. It’s actually the oldest restaurant in Luarca, very smartly and traditionally decorated, and serves up a good selection of Spanish grub. Don’t miss the razor-clams (navajas). 6.5.It’s my birrrrtttthhhhddddaaayyyy and I’ve attached a birthday ‘selfie’ above. Oh God. Not so much fun anymore though, Blog. 35 big ones. Closer to 40 than 30. Closer to 50 than 20. And STILL not a mega!!! HELP ??? !!!Over and out, B xlast_img

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