FAA demands 737 inspections

first_imgMore than 100 Boeing 737s to be checked for fuselage cracks. Image: Associated Press The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has called for more than 100 Boeing 737s to be inspected for fuselage cracks.Boeing 737 aircraft are considered high-cycle planes, meaning they fly a lot of takeoffs and landings; therefore the fuselage is constantly pressurised and depressurised, CBS News travel editor Peter Greenberg reported.“That can lead, if you’re not careful, to fatigue cracks and a rupture in the skin,” Mr Greenberg said. “So what the new FAA directive is calling for are more inspections – not just visual inspections, but electromagnetic inspections – because if you don’t get these fatigue cracks early enough, they can lead to cracking… and next thing you know, a fracture of the fuselage.”This is not the first directive of this kind the FAA has issued.“It’s the cycle versus the inspection regime and that’s what the FAA is asking for now – more repetitive inspections… and I think they’re right.” Source = e-Travel Blackboard: P.Tlast_img

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