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Two members of the Kennedy family reported missing in canoeing accident

first_imgTMZ is reporting that two members of the Kennedy family are currently missing after a canoeing accident on Chesapeake Bay in Maryland.According to the report, Robert F. Kennedy’s granddaughter Maeve Kennedy Townsend McKean, and her 8-year-old son Gideon were reported missing Thursday after attempting to get a ball out of the water.Authorities say the family was hanging out in the yard of a waterfront house when the children accidentally kicked the ball into the bay.Maeve and her son then hopped into a canoe and attempted to track down the ball, however, they were unable to paddle back to the shore.The Coast Guard says it was extremely windy on the bay Thursday with gust of up to 40 mphs in the area and that a witness says they saw the two struggling in the canoe before they disappeared.Authorities later found a canoe matching the description of the one with the missing family members overturned in the water.Helicopters and boat rescue crews have been searching the area since Thursday, however, they have been unable to locate the mother and child.The governor of Maryland says officials are continuing their search.last_img read more

San to benefit from medicinal plant deal

first_imgThe Act and its regulations outlaws any commercial bio-prospecting or export of any indigenous biological resource without a permit. The regulations also require that any benefits from indigenous biological knowledge be shared with community members. South Africa is a signatory to both these binding conventions. For centuries, the San have used the succulent Sceletium tortuosum, also known as kama, channa, or kougoed, for its medicinal properties. Contracted growers, royalties HGH Pharmaceuticals, which is working together with German firm Gehrlicker GmbH, has already concluded a US distribution deal with American company PL Thomas, and is presently in talks with South African distributors. Handing over the licence to HGH Pharmaceuticals during a ceremony at the Khwa Ttu San Cultural and Education Centre near Yzerfontein last week, Environmental Affairs Minister Buyelwa Sonjica said the granting of bio-prospecting licences would help local communities benefit from indigenous knowledge. Royalties from the sale of Zembrin will be paid to the South African San Council via a Bio-prospecting Trust Fund, and the local company will also acknowledge the San by including their endorsement logo on the product. 5 October 2010 He noted that the benefit-sharing agreement was fully compliant with the Convention for Biological Diversity of 1992 and the subsequent 2002 Bonn Guidelines, which encourage the equitable sharing of benefits derived from the use of traditional knowledge. The plant will be grown by contracted growers to avoid depleting local wild plant stocks. About 10 000 members of three San communities in the Western Cape are set to benefit from a royalty sharing agreement, following the granting of South Africa’s first bio-prospecting licence to a local company that aims to export Zembrin, an indigenous anti-stress product derived from the plant Sceletium tortuosum.center_img Biodiversity Act Sonjica said her department had received 52 applications for bio-prospecting, but only two had so far been granted – with HGH Pharmaceuticals being the first. HGH Pharmaceutical research director Nigel Gericke said it was an honour to receive the bio-prospecting licence. “It is the culmination of eight years of hard work and a testament to our commitment to working in a socially responsible and environmentally sustainable way,” he said. Sonjica said that although South Africa was ranked third in the world in terms of biodiversity (after Brazil and Indonesia), a lack of bio-prospecting regulations had resulted in indigenous biological resources being stolen and exported overseas for commercial or research purposes. He commended researcher Fiona Archer, who introduced him to the plant in 1990 and, five years later, to the Nourivier community. The licence to produce and export Zembrin was issued to HGH Pharmaceuticals in terms of the National Environmental Management: Biodiversity Act (2004). In all, 50% of the royalties received by the San will be distributed to the Paulshoek and Nourivier communities. HGH Pharmaceuticals did not disclose the royalty percentage, saying this was confidential. South African San Council chairman Andries Steenkamp thanked the government for granting the licence. Source: BuaNewslast_img read more

LeBron And Harden Are The NBAs Best Quarterbacks

PLAYERNUMBERPERCENTAGE OF ALL PASSES PASSES THAT TRAVEL MORE THAN 30 FEET The 2016-17 season’s top 10 NBA quarterbacks James Harden94425.0% Russell Westbrook3059.9 John Wall46414.6 Eric Bledsoe38511.9 It was the fourth quarter of a February game against Oklahoma City when LeBron James caught Derrick Williams napping. The Cavaliers were down 101-99, James had the ball, and he and Cavs big man Tristan Thompson had just run a pick and roll at the top of the key. Williams, signed that morning to a 10-day contract, was in the far-right corner, resting with his hands on his knees. James dribbled left and fired a pass to Williams, 40 feet away. Williams dropped the ball, it careened out of bounds and the Thunder gained possession.“I learned quick: He can find you just about anywhere — it doesn’t matter how far away you’re standing,” Williams said.Video Playerhttps://fivethirtyeight.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/03/williamsdrop.mp400:0000:0000:00Use Up/Down Arrow keys to increase or decrease volume.James, in other words, is one heck of a passer. He can get the ball to teammates, regardless of how far apart they are or how impossible the passing angle may appear. According to a query run by SportVU data analyst Brittni Donaldson at FiveThirtyEight’s request, a whopping 20 percent of James’s passes have traveled more than 30 feet this season; that’s the second-highest share in the league. The league-wide average1Among players who’ve thrown at least 100 passes overall this season. is 6 percent. His passes that go that far travel north of 30 mph, according to SportVU.On Sunday night, James will square off against the only person ahead of him on that list: Houston guard and MVP front-runner James Harden, who tosses 25 percent of his passes more than 30 feet, according to the data.2The SportVU and other numbers in this article are accurate as of March 8. As of Wednesday, Harden this season had thrown 944 passes that had traveled more than 30 feet; James had 586. To put those numbers into context, consider that the next-closest player, Washington’s John Wall, had only 464. Jrue Holiday30912.2 Through March 8. Data excludes handoffs and passes shorter than 8 feet.Source: SportVU Stephen Curry32411.8 LeBron James58620.4 Ricky Rubio39311.9 Kyle Lowry36013.2 T.J. McConnell3038.3 That anticipation and unusual ability to find teammates, regardless of where they’re standing or how heavily they’re covered, leaves defensive players entrenched in a mental game of minesweeper. A step in any direction, or even just standing still, could result in a layup, dunk or open 3-point attempt at any moment. Because of Harden’s and James’s ability to thread the needle — at high speeds and from just about anywhere — no defense is ever truly safe.Video Playerhttps://fivethirtyeight.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/03/ridiculouslebron.mp400:0000:0000:00Use Up/Down Arrow keys to increase or decrease volume.Nearly everything that happens for the two teams’ offenses happens because of the effect that James and Harden have on the floor. And even though their scoring gets most of the attention, the two players are zipping passes at incredible speeds across incredible distances. Their teams are benefiting. Cleveland is beating opponents by about 8 points per 100 plays with James on the court — and getting beaten by about 7 points per 100 plays with him sidelined, according to NBA.com. And though Houston has maintained a healthy scoring margin this season when Harden rests, it’s notable that the high-scoring club — which thrives on its 3-point shooting and is one of the 10 best offenses in NBA history in terms of efficiency — becomes mortal without him as the floor general. If you want an insight into how their offenses work, keep an eye on James’s and Harden’s passes.This isn’t to say that Harden and James are without flaws or that their long-passing risks always pay off. Quite the opposite. Both are in the midst of career highs in turnovers. This week, Harden broke his own single-season NBA record for miscues, while James has never turned it over this much, measured by both his turnovers per game and the percentage of his plays that ended with a turnover.“LeBron’s a great passer and the greatest player I ever played with,” said ex-NBA forward Shane Battier, who won two titles as James’s teammate in Miami. “But he had a propensity for hitting me below the knees with a lot of his passes. And I had to tell him: ‘Look, I know you love your triple-doubles. If you want to get more, you’ve gotta start hitting me in the chest with these. Get me the ball in a good spot, and I’ll help you get there. It became a running joke with coach [Erik Spoelstra], where he’d stop the film and say, ‘C’mon LeBron; help Shane out!’”But more often than not, the rewards with James and Harden have been great. They’re totally different players: James is one of the most physically imposing ballhandlers3Bucks star Giannis Antetokounmpo, in this Sports Illustrated profile, said he’s felt unusually sore and achy after playing the four-time MVP. in league history, while Harden thrives on his craftiness and unusual ability to stop on a dime. Yet the fear that each inspires when hurtling toward the basket — whether it’s via a one-on-one isolation4James and Harden each kick the ball out to spot-up shooters in one-on-one scenarios 1.2 times per game, the highest rate in the league, according to Synergy Sports Technology. or a pick-and-roll — is what makes James and Harden arguably the sport’s two most lethal passers, especially in light of who their teammates are.Both players operate in perhaps the NBA’s most spacious offenses and boast plenty of sharpshooting teammates. Of the 20 players who’ve drained the most threes this season, six play for either Cleveland or Houston. Knowing that those players surround James or Harden at the same time that a roll man like Thompson or Clint Capela dives toward the basket stops defensive players in their tracks for a split second as they come to the realization that they’re in a Catch-22.Video Playerhttps://fivethirtyeight.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/03/longpassharden.mp400:0000:0000:00Use Up/Down Arrow keys to increase or decrease volume.Video Playerhttps://fivethirtyeight.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/03/harrelloop.mp400:0000:0000:00Use Up/Down Arrow keys to increase or decrease volume.“Teams have really gotta pick their poison as far as what they want to do when they play us,” said Rockets guard Eric Gordon, who’s enjoying a career resurgence with Harden and coach Mike D’Antoni. “Do they want to have everybody shooting threes? Because that’s what happens if you decide you want to take away [Harden’s] scoring. Or do you want to stay with us at the 3-point line? Because if you do that, I like his chances of finding a way to score.”That spacing, and the fact that defenses can’t possibly cover that much ground on every play, is part of why James is averaging a career-best 8.8 assists per outing. If he ends the season there, it would be a single-season assist record for a non-guard. And in his first season as a point guard, Harden is logging 11.2 dimes a night, a 49 percent bump from what had been a career-high 7.5 assists per game last season. Within the next week or so, the two players will rank No. 1 and 2 in the list of players who have assisted the most 3-point shots in a single season.5With 303 3-point assists, Harden has broken Steve Nash’s 2004-05 single-season record of 284, according to ESPN Stats & Information Group. James, with 274, should surpass Nash soon.“Making sure I find guys and making the right pass is all I think about each game,” said Harden, who sprays the ball to spot-up shooters out of pick-and-roll plays an NBA-high seven times a game, according to Synergy. “As long as they get to their spots and are ready to shoot, I’ll find them.”Video Playerhttps://fivethirtyeight.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/03/hardenbullet2.mp400:0000:0000:00Use Up/Down Arrow keys to increase or decrease volume.Both the Cavs and the Rockets acquired new players around the trade deadline, and James knows an adjustment period follows.“Not just [adjusting to passes from] me, but everyone,” James told me during All-Star Weekend in New Orleans. “I try to study my teammates and how they like the ball. Some guys like it with the seam; some guys like it seamless, because it puts different rotation on the ball. It all depends on how they like it before they shoot. So I study guys, and I just try to be one step ahead so that when [new players] get on the team, I’m already on Phase Two.”Getting past Phase One with James takes a bit of time for newcomers, though. After a Cleveland loss to Boston last week, 16-year veteran Richard Jefferson pulled aside the 25-year-old Williams in the locker room to give him some advice: Don’t dribble a whole lot after LeBron finds you.Video Playerhttps://fivethirtyeight.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/03/williamscharge.mp400:0000:0000:00Use Up/Down Arrow keys to increase or decrease volume.“You’re dancing too much,” he told Williams, who that night had been called for a charge after James had found him wide open in the corner. “He’ll get you the ball in perfect spots. All you’ve gotta do is shoot. Or pump fake, then shoot. But you don’t have to dance.”6Williams’s tracking data shows that he’s dribbling slightly more and holding the ball slightly longer in Cleveland than he did with Miami earlier in the season.Kyle Korver, who joined the Cavs from Atlanta via trade, said he’s made two adjustments for playing with James. First, because of how much steam James puts on his assists, Korver has gotten more proactive about “attacking” James’s passes,7Korver told me that his Cavs teammate James Jones, who’s made six straight trips to the NBA Finals with LeBron, gave him this advice upon joining the club. as opposed to letting them get into his body. “If you let the thing come to you, it catches you on the back of your heels almost,” said Korver, who has shot 51 percent from 3-point range off James’s passes thus far, compared with an overall 3-point mark of 41 percent in Atlanta this season before the trade.8Korver shot just 38 percent (14-of-37) off James’s passes in January but rebounded nicely in February to shoot 68 percent (19-of-28) in February.The second adjustment is often standing and doing nothing.In Atlanta, without a singular star, Korver often had to sprint around several screens to get open shots. But with James, and the dilemma his passing ability causes opposing defenses, simply standing at the perimeter is enough.“If I do that,” Korver said of staying put and waiting on the ball, “then I’ve probably done my job.” read more

UConn Just Got A Shortcut On Their Road To Perfection

UConn has been slightly less efficient on both offense and defense. As a result, the Huskies have beaten their opponents by only 45 points per 100 possessions this season, down from around 55 points per 100 last season. So if Mississippi State was close to 10 points worse than the Huskies last year, it might be within striking distance now. But 60 points worse than the Huskies …Regardless, FiveThirtyEight’s March Madness prediction model (which does not account for “oh my God, did you see how badly they got crushed last year?”) gives UConn an 87 percent chance of beating Mississippi State and an 85 percent chance of beating whoever they play after that. Good luck.Check out our March Madness predictions. This is the proverbial 60-point game that wasn’t even that close. UConn led 61-12 at the half and scored more points in the first 12 minutes and 14 seconds than Mississippi State would score in the whole game. But here’s the important part: This year’s Bulldogs squad is almost exactly the same team. All but one of the players Mississippi State put on the floor against Baylor (including all five starters) played in last year’s ignominious UConn defeat.UConn, of course, is a different team. Having lost three top players to the top three slots in the WNBA draft, they’ve declined precipitously from a year ago. And by “precipitously,” I mean like so: The University of Connecticut Huskies are good at the basketball. After beating Oregon handily Monday night, UConn’s win streak now stands at 111 games and they’re headed back to the Final Four. Since we’ve pretty much run out of sports comparisons for a streak this epic, note that UConn now has one win for every year of Bilbo Baggins’s life when he finally gave up the One Ring and left the Shire (and they barely look 50!).More importantly, UConn’s road to a fifth straight championship got a lot less interesting than it was before the Elite Eight. Rival Notre Dame is gone, beaten by Stanford. And so is Baylor, the other powerhouse in the tournament, following an amazing upset by Mississippi State. Bulldogs point guard Morgan William had the game of her life, hitting six of eight 3-pointers, while gathering 41 points and 7 assists with no turnovers to help down the Lady Bears.But let’s face it: Baylor losing has likely ruined any suspense left in this tournament. There’s still a chance that the Huskies will get upset by one of their two remaining opponents, but it’s not likely. Stanford, whom UConn could face in the finals, is the last team to beat them — 862 days ago. South Carolina, the Huskies’ other potential title opponent, played them close in February, losing by only 11. But Baylor looked like it might have had the best chance of beating UConn of any team in years.And Mississippi State, whom UConn will face next in the Final Four, let’s see … these teams faced each other in the Sweet 16 last year, and it went like so: read more

Ohio State womens basketball downs Northwestern

The No. 11-ranked Ohio State women’s basketball team got contributions from eight different players, including 24 points from junior guard Tayler Hill, as OSU defeated Northwestern, 82 -72, Thursday. “We had some people coming off the bench and I thought they did a really good job,” said senior guard Samantha Prahalis, who added 20 points in the win. “I thought everyone was ready when they had to come in.” The Buckeyes’  bench added 18 points in the victory, with seven coming from sophomore center Darryce Moore. “Darryce is a very smart player,” said coach Jim Foster. “She thinks the game, and she knows the game.” After leading for the majority of the first half, the Buckeyes fell behind, 47-43, at 14:46 in the second half, before going a 9-0 run that included seven points from Hill. The Youngstown, Ohio, native, who had 19 points in the second half, sank a 3-point shot with 44 seconds left to give OSU a nine point lead and their first victory since the team’s disappointing loss to Michigan on Saturday. “You don’t erase a loss,” said Hill. “I think you look at it and learn from it. We watched film and looked at our weaknesses and what we did and what we can improve on, and I think this game we tried to focus on the things we didn’t do at Michigan.” Aside from the victory, the night also proved momentous for Prahalis.  Prahalis, who had six assists, moved into second place in the Big Ten’s all-time assists list. The senior Buckeye passed former Penn State Nittany Lion Tina Nicholson with 827 career assists. Northwestern was led in scoring by junior center Danielle Diamant with 23 points and six rebounds, followed by junior forward Kendall Hackney who added 15 points. The Buckeyes walked away with a win, but Foster expects more close games in the future. “Every Big Ten game will be competitive,” said Foster. “They had better be because this is a physical league. The referees let you play. You have to figure it out. I think we did a good job of that (tonight).” Tonight’s match-up was the only time the Wildcats and the Buckeyes will see each other in regular season play, but Northwestern coach Joe McKeown said he now understands how difficult Hill and Prahalis are to play against. “They are as good of a back court as you are probably going to see, not just in the Big Ten, but in college basketball,” said McKeown. “They play like little kids on the playground and have that type of swagger right now.” The Buckeyes will travel north to face Michigan State (12-5, 4-0 Big Ten) on Sunday. Opening tip is scheduled for 4 p.m. read more

Columbus Crew unveils new uniforms preps for opener

Columbus Crew midfielder Federico Higuain (10) and defender Michael Parkhurst (4) model the teams new uniforms March 4 at Bar Louie in Columbus.Credit: Andrew Todd-Smith / Lantern photographerThe Columbus Crew is getting a new look.Columbus’ MLS franchise is set to begin its 2014 regular season Saturday, and the team enters its campaign with a new Adidas primary uniform, which was unveiled Tuesday at Bar Louie in the Arena District during a special event for Crew season ticket holders.The new Crew kit differs from its predecessor by featuring a textured monochromatic pattern of broad diamond shapes on the jersey, and the collar has been scrapped for the simpler look a crew neck provides.President and general manager Mark McCullers welcomed a crowd of several hundred fans dressed in Crew black-and-gold before the jersey was officially unveiled.The event gave the team brass an opportunity to greet and thank fans.“I’m so glad that you guys are with us on this journey, this new era,” McCullers said, then ceding the microphone to first-year coach and sporting director Gregg Berhalter.Berhalter’s Nov. 6 hiring concluded the Crew’s search for former coach Robert Warzycha’s permanent replacement. Warzycha was released from his contract Sept. 2, and then-technical director Brian Bliss served as interim head coach for the final eight games of the season.“We’re excited about the season, we’re excited to have you guys behind us, we’re excited to unveil the jersey and we look forward to this Saturday’s game,” Berhalter said.McCullers and Berhalter then removed a large poster emblazoned with the team logo to expose an oversize mounted replica of the new Adidas jersey.At the same moment, Crew players overlooking the crowd from a second-floor balcony at the venue all removed their warmups to reveal their new jerseys, a surprise move that elicited loud cheers from those in attendance.“I love it. I mean, I think it’s lighter than last year’s jersey. No collar, I like it, it’s much cleaner,” midfielder Wil Trapp said. “I think it’s gonna come in handy when we get into the summer months and it’s humid. That takes a huge toll on your body, honestly. You want something that’s breathable and you can move around in.”Trapp said the material was similar to that of the team’s training jerseys but that the players have yet to wear-test the new kit on the field.In keeping with soccer tradition and MLS rules that dictate the goalkeeper’s jersey be of a different color than his teammates’, Columbus native and Ohio State product Matt Lampson’s jersey featured a turquoise-and-pink color scheme that he said is “very 80s retro.”Despite the different appearance of his uniform, Lampson corroborated Trapp’s testimonial of the fabric by saying it felt “comfortable, light (and) breezy.”“I’ve only seen this one and a green one that we have as well and I like them both,” Lampson said. “They’re very different, very progressive, compared to the typical ones we’ve had the past few seasons … I can’t wait to rep them on the field.”Former player and member of the 2008 MLS Cup-winning Columbus squad, Crew brand ambassador Frankie Hejduk was also on hand for the event.Functioning as an impromptu master-of-ceremonies after the unveiling, he invited fans up to the platform to start supporter chants for the crowd’s enjoyment.Hejduk also talked about the buzz surrounding the team leading into the regular season.“They dismantled (reigning MLS Cup Champions Sporting) KC like it was nothing, man,” Hejduk said of the team’s last outing, a 4-1 win that capped off an unbeaten five-game preseason slate. “You saw that counterattack going down. So they have some high expectations of this season and we’re gonna get behind them. Win or lose (or) draw, you know this: we bleed black and gold.”The Crew is scheduled to take the field against D.C. United in Washington, D.C., Saturday at 7 p.m. read more

Football Former Ohio State defensive end Mike Kudla dead at 34

Former Ohio State defensive end Mike Kudla died Sunday at the age of 34, according to an announcement made by Highland Local Schools. Highland Local Schools Official Release on the Passing of Mike Kudla.Our prayers are with his family during this difficult time. pic.twitter.com/T3EUtJnAc7— Nicholas A. Kovach (@TheKovach) July 16, 2018In his career, Kudla was a member of the 2002 Ohio State national championship team, winning two Big Ten championships in his collegiate career. He also is No. 14 in school history with 14.5 career sacks. During his senior season, Kudla was Ohio State’s defensive MVP, recording 41 tackles, 11.5 tackles for loss and 9.5 sacks during the 2005 season. He also was named a member of the first-team All-Big Ten after the season. In the final game of his collegiate career in the 2006 Fiesta Bowl between the Buckeyes and Notre Dame, the defensive lineman recorded a career-high three sacks and seven tackles against the Fighting Irish. After his career with the Buckeyes and a short professional stint with the Pittsburgh Steelers, Kudla became the owner of Core Plex, where he developed medical facilities around the country. He also had been helping the NFL in finding ways to develop protocols in preventing chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE). read more

Villa Boro want Bolasie

first_imgAston Villa and Middlesbrough both want Yannick Bolasie from Everton despite the close of the summer transfer window in England, according to Birmingham Mail.The winger has fallen out of favor at Goodison Park with new manager Marco Silva opting to spend around £45million for Brazilian youngster Richarlison, who plays the same position as Bolasie.Bolasie joined Everton for a then club-record fee of around £30million from Crystal Palace back in 2016 and was linked with a return to Selhurst Park this summer but that failed to materialize.Aston Villa explains why they spent so much money on players Manuel R. Medina – September 6, 2019 According to Aston Villa’s chief executive, the team needed to spend £144.5 million on 12 players in order to stay competitive.With the loan window still very active, Aston Villa want the Congolese star to join the club on loan as they look to improve their squad for the upcoming season after decimating the squad initially due to financial issues.Meanwhile, Middlesbrough are also believed to be interested in the services of Bolasie. Tony Pulis is in search of another winger to replace the already departed Adama Traore who joined newly promoted Premier League side Wolverhampton Wanderers.Bolasie appears to have little or no future with Everton and he’s widely expected to leave the Toffees this summer.last_img read more

Swiss Excellence in Education Leaders to Meet with Parents Students Officials in

first_imgPhotocredit: DPA media#MagneticNewsMedia Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApp Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsAppNassau, Bahamas, January 20, 2017 –  Bahamian teachers, residents and students will have an opportunity to meet face to face with some of the world’s most respected educators when a contingent representing the finest schools and colleges in Switzerland visits Nassau in early February.  Twelve Boarding Schools, Hospitality Colleges and Summer Camps to be Represented.“We are very excited to have educators of the caliber of those representing the Swiss Learning group, visit The Bahamas,” said Tanya Espinosa Feuz, who is helping to coordinate the highly-anticipated visit.   “Swiss Learning symbolizes the highest standards of excellence in education is a group of 11 high schools which are endorsed because they have met specific criteria.  Each member school must meet the highest standards for the learning process and experience, ranging from low student to teacher ratio to a multilingual education in a safe and secure international environment that engenders fresh ideas and critical thinking.”According to Espinosa Feuz, the trip to The Bahamas catapults the interaction between students in The Bahamas and opportunities in Switzerland to a new level.  “In the past, a relatively small number of fortunate Bahamians experienced the benefits of a Swiss education. But this is a first of its kind, bringing a contingent of leading Swiss educators who represent a diverse variety of opportunities for education to meet with a broader group of people,” she said.Visiting educators will offer three levels — boarding school for high school and preparatory students, hospitality schools of higher education.   Gap Year Programmes and summer camps with multiple language learning choices.Summer camps are open to those seven and older and all offer a choice of languages as part of the curriculum, with  Italian, French and German among the choices available. Activities such as sports, horse riding, arts and music, photography, fashion and design, leadership academy are also proposed. Students can also enjoy excursions in Europe and Switzerland which are also included in the summer camp offer.  Among the visiting educators will be a familiar face, Thomas Schädler Director of the Collège du Léman and former principal of Lyford Cay International School.A full slate is scheduled for the 3-day visit including assemblies and meetings at several junior high and high schools, official courtesy calls and a presentation and social hour at Old Fort Bay Club on February 2. with Mr. Christian Coquoz, Honorary Consul of Switzerland as guest of honor at the Old Fort Bay event. For more information, please don’t hesitate to contact [email protected]center_img Related Items:last_img read more

Community Emergency Response Team CERT Class To Be Held In Soldotna

first_imgFacebook0TwitterEmailPrintFriendly分享The Kenai Peninsula Borough Office of Emergency Management will be hosting a Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) class in Soldotna in April. click here to access the sign up form. CERT training equips individuals to care for themselves and work as a team to care for their neighborhood, school or surrounding community until help arrives from emergency responders. All classes are located at the KPB Emergency Response Center, 253 Wilson Lane in Soldotna.  There is no cost or obligation for the course, space is limited and minimum enrollments are required in order to conduct the course. CERT members participate in exercises and activities like; disaster preparedness, terrorism and CERT, fire/utility control, and disaster medical.center_img The course is a total of 8 days, and spans over a two week period- starting on April 16 until the 28. All materials will be provided for the program, and the course is ability oriented meaning people of all skill levels and physical abilities are welcome to attend. Story as aired: Audio PlayerJennifer-on-CERT-for-KPB.mp3VmJennifer-on-CERT-for-KPB.mp300:00RPdlast_img read more