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North Yorkshire Pension Fund to join East Riding LGPS pool

first_imgThe move comes after the £1.6bn Lincolnshire Pension Fund agreed in early January to join as a founding investor and, as IPE reported in December, the £1.6bn Warwickshire local government pension scheme (LGPS) said it would submit a joint proposal with the other local authorities.The discussions come ahead of the Department for Communities and Local Government’s (DCLG) initial 19 February deadline for English and Welsh LGPS to lay out proposals for a half dozen asset pools.Warwickshire has only agreed to back Border to Coast Pensions for the first consultation being conducted by the DCLG, and said it could still join a different pool ahead of the second consultation set to finalise pooling arrangements.Emerging asset poolsOther collaborations to emerge so far include a so-called Northern Powerhouse pool, named after the UK government’s policy to reinvigorate Northern England, that has seen discussions between England’s largest LGPS, the Greater Manchester Pension Fund, West Yorkshire and Merseyside, create a partnership worth an estimated £40bn.Eight other funds, predominantly in the Midlands, have joined with the West Midlands Pension Fund to pool £35bn in assets, and nine funds worth £19bn are in talks to form a South West England pool.Talks among eight funds in the South East, including Norfolk Pension Fund, are set to create a £26bn asset pool, and the eight funds in Wales are also expected to submit a joint proposal.Including the already launched London CIV and the previously announced partnership between the London Pensions Fund Authority and Lancashire County Pension Fund, this would bring the number of pooling vehicles to eight.Because no other funds have publicly declared their support for the £10bn LPFA/Lancashire partnership, however, it is unclear whether it would gain approval from the DCLG, falling well short of the £25bn asset target imposed.After the London CIV, which has invested in a number of equity sub-funds on behalf of members, it is the most advanced of the partnerships, last year naming Michael O’Higgins as its chairman. According to figures compiled by the LGPS Scheme Advisory Board, 81 funds have either declared their intention or are close to declaring their intention, leaving only eight schemes yet to decide. The South West pool is set to be joined by two further schemes, bringing membership to 11, and Border to Coast Pensions is expected to see membership grow to eight, or £25bn in assets, according to the board. North Yorkshire Pension Fund is backing the asset pool being launched by East Riding, boosting the number of participating schemes to six.The £2.3bn (€3.1bn) fund decided late last week it would join the East Riding, Surrey and Cumbria asset pool – christened Border to Coast Pensions – which, since launching in November, has attracted the support of two further funds.Gary Fielding, North Yorkshire County Council’s corporate director of strategic resources, recommended that the council pension committee support “in principle” the idea of joining the asset pool.A spokesman for the council confirmed the committee had followed Fielding’s recommendation.last_img read more

One Planet Summit: Investors, regulators ‘raise their game’

first_imgAsset managers and asset owners have a requirement to take into account risks related to environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors, the European Commission plans to clarify. Presenting its “Action Plan for the Planet” on the occasion of the high-level climate change summit in Paris this week, the Commission foreshadowed a series of measures it planned to take to place the financial sector “at the service of the climate”.The summit coincided with the two-year anniversary of the signing of the Paris Agreement.The Commission’s measures were intended to provide incentives for investors to invest in the green economy.  In addition, although Climate Action 100+ was explicit about including emissions from the use of a company’s product, Preventable Surprises said the methodology was underweighting energy utility companies. This sector accounted for around 42% of global emissions, according to figures cited by Preventable Surprises, and was “the low hanging fruit for reducing greenhouse gases”.Hayman said investors needed to quickly come to a view about what stewardship activity would lead to the biggest reduction in the shortest timescale, and Climate Action 100+ was the perfect initiative for experimenting with “different theories of change”.Lastly, Preventable Surprises called upon asset owners joining the initiative to report on how they were changing their mandates for investment consultants and fund managers to incentivise action on climate-related systemic risk.This was a prerequisite for “real manager commitment and participation in this initiative”. In March the Commission would present a plan with these initiatives, it said, which would include “integrating sustainability considerations into the duties that asset managers and institutional investors have towards those whose money they manage, to clarify the requirement to take into account risks related to environmental, social and governance factors”.One Planet SummitFrench president Emmanuel Macron hosted a ‘One Planet Summit’ in Paris this week. Held two years to the day after the UN climate change agreement was reached in the same city, it brought together people and organisations from different walks of life, from those engaged in making a clean economy a reality, to those whose primary power lies in their capacity to finance this transition. An appreciation that action was now needed more than words seemed to pervade at least some of the many announcements made in connection with the summit. But some stakeholders still saw the need to hold to account those making new commitments or launching new initiatives.IPE reported on some initiatives and views expressed in connection with the summit earlier this week.Valdis Dombrovskis, Commission vice-president for financial stability and financial services, said in a speech in Paris that the EU executive would propose to integrate sustainability factors into investment mandates. This would clarify institutional investors’ legal obligation to factor sustainability risks into capital allocation decisions.center_img Commission vice president Dombrovskis during the One Planet SummitThis essentially means the Commission is taking forward one of the recommendations of the sustainable finance expert group it has established.The other well-trailed measures included the creation of a “common language and classification system for what is considered green and sustainable”, said Dombrovskis. The goal is a EU classification system for sustainable finance.Lower capital charges for banks on qualifying “green” assets may also be forthcoming. The Commission was looking favourably on a European Parliament proposal to that effect, according to Dombrovskis.Commission president Jean-Claude Juncker said: “The time has now come to raise our game and set all the wheels in motion – regulatory, financial and other – to enable us to meet the ambitious targets we have set ourselves.“This is a necessity dictated by our current living conditions as well as those of future generations. This is the time that we must act together for the planet. Tomorrow will be too late.”  AXA IM implements new climate policyAXA Investment Managers has brought in a new climate policy that will apply to all of its responsible investment open-ended funds and other products and mandates on an opt-in basis, from the end of January.According to a spokeswoman, AXA IM planned to divest from companies that derived 30% or more of their revenues from coal. The new policy also covered divestment from any companies with significant exposure (30% or more of revenues) to tar sands activities.In April, the asset manager sold its holdings in companies deriving more than 50% of revenues from coal-related activities. Fixed income and equity holdings worth €177m were sold.Climate Action 100+ investors urged to aim highThe advocacy organisation Preventable Surprises has issued a challenge to investors involved in the Climate Action 100+ engagement initiative that was launched in Paris this week.Carolyn Hayman, board member and climate lead at the organisation, said the initiative had set itself apart because investors were saying what they would do as stewards of capital, instead of telling governments or companies what to do.“Investors need to quickly come to a view about what stewardship activity would lead to the biggest emissions reduction in the shortest timescale.”Carolyn Hayman, Preventable Surprises“Potentially this could be a big shift,” she said.Although applauding the initiative, Preventable Surprises raised the question of whether it could actually help reshape the current global warming trajectory by 2020.It highlighted that many major US fund managers – including BlackRock, State Street, Fidelity and Goldman Sachs – did not appear on the list of participating investors.“Well before the next anniversary, we hope that climate-aware asset owners and investment consultants will have been able to persuade all major global managers, wherever they are headquartered, to come on board,” the organisation said.last_img read more

2 endorsements for El Segundo

first_img AD Quality Auto 360p 720p 1080p Top articles1/5READ MOREGame Center: Chargers at Kansas City Chiefs, Sunday, 10 a.m.Reeves, a 20-year El Segundo resident with a long record of participation in PTAs and school site councils, said she would get more comment from the public on what they might want in a future bond measure. She said surveys she has included in campaign literature show support to improve the football field and auditorium, but not to build an aquatic center. Reeves also advocates more emphasis on music and the arts in school and more partnerships with Fortune 500 companies in the area. Wilkin, who has been active on PTAs, school site councils and the El Segundo Education Foundation, would concentrate on reducing the achievement gap that exists for low-income and minority students. She also wants the district to prepare now for future teacher retirements and possible enrollment declines. Wilkin views a future bond measure as a “last resort.” Instead, she favors cooperative efforts with the city and corporations to make needed repairs and improvements. Our endorsement goes to Reeves and Wilkin, each of whom has a strong record of community involvement. They seem well prepared to build on the school district’s solid base of success. 160Want local news?Sign up for the Localist and stay informed Something went wrong. Please try again.subscribeCongratulations! You’re all set! El Segundo voters on Nov. 6 will elect two new school board members to take the place of two retiring incumbents. Fortunately, the three candidates seeking those positions score highly on ideas and experience. Despite the defeat of a school facilities bond measure last year, the district continues to progress academically. The district’s schools in 2006 scored above the 800-point performance target set by the state for the Academic Performance Index. The school board candidates are Aleta Pottenger, a substitute teacher in the district; Tammy Tagami Reeves, a consultant to credit unions; and Lisa Wilkin, executive director of the Child Development Consortium of Los Angeles, a nonprofit group. All the candidates aim to keep the school district moving in a positive direction. If the district opts to ask voters again to fund renovations to athletic fields, the high school auditorium and an aquatic center, Pottenger favors a “subdivided” ballot measure to give voters the means to choose which projects they believe are most vital. She would also like the district to adopt parenting programs and consider offering some classes that are separated by gender. last_img read more

Former A’s, Giants pitcher Tim Hudson ties up a loose end from 20 years ago

first_imgPitchers and catchers will be reporting to spring training camps in five weeks. One former pitcher has already reported.Surely you remember Tim Hudson? He’s headed back to college to complete his degree.It’s been a while. Huddy, as he was known, signed with the A’s in 1997. He made his major league debut in 1999, kicking off a 17-year career. He won 92 games during six years in Oakland. His .702 winning percentage is tops in Oakland A’s history. Hudson spent the final two major league seasons …last_img

Warriors’ Steve Kerr: Draymond Green-Kevin Durant squabble not the only drama team had to deal with

first_imgBig anniversary coming up. Got any plans?Come Tuesday, Nov. 12, it will be one year since Draymond Green and Kevin Durant exposed the Warriors’ dirty linen for all of basketball to see.Ancient history? No way. Their heated tiff is still being talked about. Green recently took responsibility for the altercation late in an overtime loss to the Clippers. A week after Green’s mea culpa, Durant confirmed that the unpleasantries that fateful night were a consideration when he decided to leave the …last_img

Inserting Darwin Where He Doesn’t Belong

first_imgChuck-in-the-Box keeps popping up in scientific literature having nothing to do with his theory.Chuck-in-the-Box pops up in unexpected places.[Note: ‘Darwin’ is being used here as a symbol or icon to represent his fundamental view about biology: specifically, his belief that all life diversified from microbes to man by a series of mistakes without any guidance or purpose. His current disciples may dispute some aspects of Darwin’s theory, but all continue to agree on that point. Many of them openly admire Darwin and use his terminology of ‘natural selection’ to explain everything.]As you peruse the following news items, ask yourself what on earth they have to do with Darwinian evolution. The observations neither require nor support evolution, and sometimes contradict it. Yet the authors crank their Chuck-in-the-Box toys anyway, and the Joker pops up, scaring the children and distracting the reader. Perceptive analysts may rightly ask, ‘What is Charlie doing here?’In First Things (Nov 2000), Michael Behe noted,The relationship between Darwinism and real science is parasitic. The theory’s main use is for Darwinists to claim credit for whatever biology discovers. If research shows that humans are selfish, Darwinism can explain that. If science shows we are unselfish, why, it can explain that too. If we are a combination of both — no problem. If cells are simple or complex, if sexual reproduction is common or rare, if embryos are similar or different, Darwinism will explain it all for you. The elasticity of the theory would make Sigmund Freud blush.Here are some recent examples in the news.Bedbugs evolved more than 100 million years ago – and walked the earth with T. rex (University of Sheffield). In this article with video, Mike Siva-Jothy announces that the old story of bedbug evolution was off by 100%. His team estimates that bedbugs ‘evolved’ 100 million years ago, twice the age of the bats evolutionists used to think were their hosts. This means bedbugs must have preyed on dinosaurs like T. rex, which they admit seems ‘unlikely.’ Do the early bedbugs look primitive? No; they were already specialized for feeding on individual hosts, and look just like modern bedbugs. The paper in Current Biology gives no indication that they evolved from imaginary pre-bedbugs. Siva-Jothy admits,To think that the pests that live in our beds today evolved more than 100 million years ago and were walking the earth side by side with dinosaurs, was a revelation. It shows that the evolutionary history of bed bugs is far more complex than we previously thought.But they didn’t evolve! They were bedbugs; they are bedbugs. The evolutionary story is now more ‘complex’ and incredible than it was before. Where is any repentance for having misled the public all this time? What’s Charlie got to do with it? Get him out of here!Dolphin ancestor’s hearing was more like hoofed mammals than today’s sea creatures (Vanderbilt University). Underneath the pompous headline, we learn that echolocating dolphins have fewer spiral turns in their inner ear cochlea than some land mammals. That’s it. CT scanning of fossil bones is fine, but even if one were to grant the tale that toothed whales (including dolphins) evolved from hoofed mammals by chance, the evidence shows devolution – not evolution – of the cochlea. Plus, it says absolutely nothing about how the irreducibly complex phenomenon of echolocation originated, as animated beautifully in Illustra Media’s nature film Living Waters. What’s Darwin got to do with it?Dolphin echolocation is a highly-complex, integrated system of many matched parts with extremely-precise performance. It is beyond the reach of chance or gradual, stepwise natural selection, because if any component were missing, it would not work. (Illustra Media, Living Waters)Because echolocation is useful for navigating dark waters, natural selection likely came into play with its development in the branch that survived, she said. The findings appear today in The Royal Society journal Biology Letters.“It’s useful, therefore it evolved.” That’s absurd. They’re using their assumption of evolution as evidence of evolution. This is the kind of parasitic Darwinism that Behe complained about, taking credit for anything and everything after the fact. Moreover, the paper appeals to the Darwin-Flubber ingredient of “convergence” in order to save Darwinism from falsification, illustrating Behe’s quip that Darwinism is so elastic it would make Sigmund Freud blush. With this in mind, watch the short video clip in the press release, and groan over two brainwashed young biologists trained to speak Darwinese when the actual evidence opposes their belief.The structure of musical harmony as an ordered phase of sound (Science Advances). What could be more a proof of human intelligent design than music? (Well, some music). In this dubious paper, published in a peer-reviewed open-access AAAS journal, Jesse Berezovsky attempts to explain the evolution of music from the bottom up. He says, “an effective system of music must have some degree of complexity to provide a sufficiently rich palette from which to compose.” OK. He continues, “A recognition of this idea has led to work on quantifying complexity in music, including by computing the entropy S of music in the context of information theory” – still OK so far; “or by considering musical systems to be self-organizing via an evolutionary process.” What? How did Darwin sneak in here?No Bach needed. Music can emerge by self-organization, claims Jesse Berezovsky.Just as in physical systems where ordered phases with lower symmetry (e.g., crystals) emerge across transitions from higher-symmetry disordered phases (e.g., liquids), we observe ordered phases of music self-organizing from disordered sound. These ordered phases can replicate elements of traditional Western and non-Western systems of music, as well as suggesting new directions to be explored.[Note: self-organization is a variation on Darwinism that tries to invoke physics to fill in gaps in traditional Darwinism.] A gadfly could have some fun with this notion by testing it on Berezovsky’s own composition. A modern Socrates might joke, “Just as in physical systems snowflakes emerge from disordered water molecules, scientific papers can self-organize from scrambled letters in the same way tornadoes emerge from air currents.” This means Berezovsky is out of a job, because texts about the emergence of music can self-organize by the same physical process as crystallization. And since semantics or concepts are superfluous to this worldview, papers stating opposite positions can also self-organize by an evolutionary process. [Cue sound of implosion.]Cartoon by J. Beverly Greene commissioned by CEH. All rights reserved.Short Takes:Cannabis plant evolved super high (on the Tibetan Plateau) (New Scientist). Colin Barras notes that the cannabis exists on the Tibetan Plateau. Conclusion: it must have evolved there. What? Who  invited Charlie to the pot party?Scientists suss out the secrets of human screams (Medical Xpress). Some people scream. Conclusion: it must be an evolved behavior.Screaming is well-studied in animals, where it’s thought the behavior has evolved as a way to startle an attacking predator and provide a chance to escape, or, in social animals, to recruit help when in trouble. Surprisingly, much less is known about how human screams function in communication, or how similar or different human screams are from those of other species.Let’s try to comprehend this. Screaming exists, so it must have evolved, even though much less is known about human screams, which must have evolved from animal screams, because they evolved, too, “it’s thought” – by whom? Darwinists.That incessant Chuck-in-the-Box jingle followed by the inevitable pop-up Joker is enough to make you scream. “Half a pound of Stuff Happens Law / Half a pound of mutants / That’s the way the storyline goes / Pop! Goes the eyeball.” * *See the Popeye Theory of Evolution, 1 Aug 2018. 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Home Depot Foundation, Habitat for Humanity Expand Green Program

first_imgA pilot program launched last year by Habitat for Humanity International and the Home Depot Foundation offered grants for Habitat homes built to green standards. Some 30 Habitat affiliates participated and more than 260 homes were built under the program.The success of the pilot, called Partners in Sustainable Building, has paved the way for an expansion of the program that will span five years, include 120 Habitat affiliates in 45 states in its first year, and eventually help Habitat build 5,000 homes that meet Energy Star guidelines or a higher green building standard. Affiliates will receive $3,000 for homes built to Energy Star standards and as much as $5,000 for homes built to meet more-stringent, nationally recognized energy efficiency standards.Total funding for the expanded program, which was announced on Tuesday, is $30 million. Grants will be awarded annually, giving Habitat affiliates that are not among the initial 120 a chance to participate. The partnership expects to see almost 1,500 homes built under program guidelines in 2009 and 2010.Another green advance for HabitatHabitat is, of course, not new to green construction standards and has become something of a laboratory for affordable, energy efficient design and construction. Back in April, for example, GBA noted a new – and relatively large – addition to the Habitat for Humanity repertoire, a five-bedroom house designed by Dominick Tringali Architects that had been designed to qualify for LEED Platinum certification. Built for a family of nine, the two-story, 1,768-sq.-ft. home was constructed for a bit less than the $100,000 budgeted.Also, a 1,130-sq.-ft. Habitat home in Wheatridge, Colorado – a prototype built as part of the Building America research program sponsored by the Department of Energy – performed to net-zero-energy standards in a 12-month evaluation.The Partners in Sustainable Building program also will provide staffing and training grants to eight Habitat State Support Organizations, which provide services to 440 affiliates.last_img read more

Perlas rebounds, routs Myanmar by 90 points

first_imgLIST: Class, gov’t work suspensions during 30th SEA Games UPLB exempted from SEA Games class suspension View comments Read Next Don’t miss out on the latest news and information. Tough routine wins Capellan another gymnastics gold Brace for potentially devastating typhoon approaching PH – NDRRMC LOOK: Venues for 2019 SEA Games Cindy Resultay of Perlas Pilipinas. Photo from Fiba.comPerlas Pilipinas needed only the first few minutes of the game to put Myanmar away en route to a 123-33 win in the 2017 Southeast Asian Games women’s basketball tournament Tuesday at MABA Stadium in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.The Filipinos, who raced to a 33-8 lead at the end of the opening period, had six players in double-digit scoring with Clare Castro leading the way.ADVERTISEMENT SEA Games in Calabarzon safe, secure – Solcom chief MOST READ The 6-foot-4 Castro out of Far Eastern University posted a double-double with 21 points and 12 rebounds with four blocks to boot.Cindy Resultay and Raiza Palmera-Dy added 16 points each for the Philippines, which got back on track after bowing to Indonesia, 78-68, Monday.FEATURED STORIESSPORTSWATCH: Drones light up sky in final leg of SEA Games torch runSPORTSSEA Games: Philippines picks up 1st win in men’s water poloSPORTSMalditas save PH from shutoutPerlas padded on to its lead as the game progressed as it widened the gap to 50, 64-14, by halftime.The Philippines, which is eyeing its first-ever gold medal in women’s hoops after finishing fourth in the 2015 SEA Games, improved to 2-1. LATEST STORIES WATCH: Streetboys show off slick dance moves in Vhong Navarro’s wedding SEA Games: PH’s Alisson Perticheto tops ice skating short program PH billiards team upbeat about gold medal chances in SEA Games PLAY LIST 03:07PH billiards team upbeat about gold medal chances in SEA Games02:49World-class track facilities installed at NCC for SEA Games05:25PH boxing team determined to deliver gold medals for PH00:50Trending Articles01:35Panelo suggests discounted SEA Games tickets for students03:04Filipino athletes share their expectations for 2019 SEA Games00:45Onyok Velasco see bright future for PH boxing in Olympics02:25PH women’s volleyball team motivated to deliver in front of hometown crowd01:27Filipino athletes get grand send-off ahead of SEA Games Catriona Gray spends Thanksgiving by preparing meals for people with illnesseslast_img read more

Behind the antifracking barricades

first_imgAPTN National NewsIt’s been five days since Mi’kmaq people in New Brunswick and some of their allies  erected a barricade on New Brunswick’s route 134.The demonstrators say despite mounting police pressure they won’t take the barricades down until New Brunswick is free of shale gas exploration and fracking.Here’s APTN’s Ossie Michelin with a look behind the barricades.last_img