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Kyler Murray giving up football for A’s? It’s complicated

first_imgOAKLAND — When Kyler Murray was selected ninth overall by the A’s in June’s MLB Draft, the thought of him actually having a shot to play in the NFL was a mere fantasy.He was the heir to 2017 Heisman Trophy winner Baker Mayfield, taking over as quarterback for a traditionally high-powered Oklahoma squad. But listed at just 5-foot-11 and around 195 pounds, there was no chance of Murray playing on Sundays unless it was a 1:05 matinée with the A’s. The only real concern on Oakland’s side of things …last_img

Red Planet News; Ring World Beckons

first_imgLet’s drop in on Mars for the latest findings.  The two Mars Exploration Rovers are still doing splendidly; Spirit has its goal mapped out, a tour of the Columbia Hills where rock outcrops beckon geologists.  It recently crossed the 1.5 mile mark and set a single-day distance record, covering more than a football field with its autonomous guidance controls.  Its turf, Gusev Crater, turned out to be drier than expected.  Over on the far side, Opportunity has been circling Endurance Crater wondering whether to drop in for a visit.  (Scientists want to be sure that it can get out again.)    The only surface-based evidence for past liquid water has come from Opportunity.  At several sites now, the rover detected layers and concretions that are consistent with salty water existing for a period of time.  From orbit, however, one of the most striking evidences for water flow has just become ambiguous.  The BBC News reports that the gullies streaming down some craters may have a dry explanation: rockfalls and slumping sand in the lower gravity could produce the stream-like channels, according to a paper in PNAS1.    With rovers and orbiters in good health, more surprises are sure to come.  Some of the coolest 3D pictures are now coming from Europe’s Mars Express.  JPL hopes to catch up next year with its Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter, which, with its huge camera, “will make a more comprehensive inspection of Mars than any previous mission.”  Instead of resolving areas the size of Bonneville Salt Flats, it will detect features as small as a Yellowstone hot spring.  It will also search deeper below the surface with its ground-penetrating radar.    Not to be forgotten, the 2001 Mars Odyssey celebrated 10,000 mapping orbits recently, and the venerable Mars Global Surveyor is still adding to its huge inventory of photographs.  All three orbiters are assisting the rover program by relaying images to earth and helping identify features of interest.    Politically, the future is bright for Mars exploration.  At a town hall meeting at JPL today, Senator Sam Brownback (R., Kansas) and Congressman Dana Rohrabacher (R., California) invited feedback from the scientists and engineers about the President’s Moon, Mars and Beyond initiative for NASA.  Opinions were divided between the value of manned vs. robotic missions, but no one discounted the power of space exploration to inspire the next generation of adventurers.    Far beyond Mars, the giant Cassini spacecraft is racing to home plate at Saturn.  New images are coming in almost daily at the Cassini website and also at the imaging team site.  Next highlight will be a close flyby of the little satellite Phoebe on June 11, sure to keep the world wide-eyed at the nature of this “wrong-way” moon.  Just a fuzzy ball yet, Titan is looming in the distance, the target of the daring and ambitious Huygens Probe.  Built by ESA, it will attempt to parachute below the smoggy clouds and reveal the surface for the first time.    Educators will want to contact the Cassini outreach department to get a copy of Ring World, a beautiful DVD animation made especially for planetaria, and stunning on a wide-screen TV.  It gives viewers a theater-style visual overview of the entire Cassini/Huygens mission to Saturn and Titan.  Highlights from the film are downloadable in QuickTime format.1Shinbrot, Duong, Kwan, and Alvarez, “Dry granular flows can generate surface features resembling those seen in Martian gullies,” Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA, 10.1073/pnas.0308251101 (published online May 28).These are great days of planetary exploration.  We can feel somewhat like the townspeople of 1804 felt as Lewis and Clark left St. Louis to explore terra incognita and started sending back samples from upriver.  It will take years to sort out all the data and figure out what it means.  For now, it’s time to enjoy the ride of a lifetime.(Visited 7 times, 1 visits today)FacebookTwitterPinterestSave分享0last_img read more

Chipping In to Pay the Man Who Helped Introduce the Internet to So Many of Us

first_imgWhy You Love Online Quizzes klint finley Screenshots via the University of British Columbia 7 Types of Video that will Make a Massive Impac… If you used the Internet using Windows in the early to mid 1990s, chances are you connected with a little program called Trumpet Winsock. It was one of the only ways to get dial-up access using Windows 3.1. I, like so many others, connected to the Internet for the very first time using it. And I, like so many other, had completely forgotten about that program until today.Hacker News reader Jacques Chester discovered that Peter Tattam, the developer of Trumpet Winsock, actually made very little money from his creation. It was shareware and was widely distributed by ISPs and magazines, but very few people paid for it. Chester contacted Tattam and is now leading a fundraiser on Hacker News. You can send a donation to Tattam via PayPal at the address [email protected] Tattam, via the Tattam Software Enterprises website Related Posts center_img How to Write a Welcome Email to New Employees? Growing Phone Scams: 5 Tips To Avoid Chester wrote on Hacker News:My first experience connecting to the internet was using Windows 3.1, Trumpet Winsock and Netscape 1.22 (I think) to browse the nascent web. Later I wiled away (too many) hours on IRC.At the time I didn’t have two 50c coins to rub together. Today, partly due to that early internet exposure, I am a well-paid software engineer.I think a lot of us have had a similar experience. Others were affected in more profound ways. The top ranked comment at Hacker News reads:As a closeted gay teenager, Trumpet was the software that got me in touch with the people who literally saved my life. I could never thank this guy enough.Amazingly, you can still download Trumpet from the official site. Tags:#hack#Tools last_img read more

With OS X Yosemite, You Can Send And Receive Texts And Phone Calls From Your Mac

first_imgWhy IoT Apps are Eating Device Interfaces Role of Mobile App Analytics In-App Engagement The Rise and Rise of Mobile Payment Technology Related Posts Today Apple announced OS X Yosemite, the latest version of its Mac software. The developer preview is available today, and it will be released free to everyone in the fall.  One of the biggest changes affects how iPhone users send and receive text messages from users who don’t have iMessage, as well as changing how users can make and receive phone calls.See also: It’s Time To Get iMessage On AndroidWith OS X Yosemite, users will be able to send and receive text messages and phone calls directly from their Macs.Historically, iPhone users have only been able to make and receive text messages and phone calls direct from their iPhones—text messages from Android or Windows devices are shown in green text bubbles, whereas iMessages from iPhones, iPads and Macs appear as blue text bubbles. iMessages travel to Macs, while ordinary SMS text messages haven’t to date. This update changes that, bringing all text messages to Apple’s desktop systems.“Green bubble friends, they have inferior devices,” senior vice president of Software Engineering Craig Federighi said on stage at WWDC when he announced the new text and phone call features. The audience—largely composed of Apple developers inclined to think well of the company’s products—broke out in applause and laughter.Not laughing: Users who have switched from iPhones to Android smartphones, only to find their text messages have gone missing. It’s not clear if Apple’s latest updates do anything for people in that situation.Image via Applecenter_img Tags:#Apple#Craig Federighi#Handoff#iMessage#now#OS X#OS X Yosemite#Phone calls#SMS#text messages#texting#WWDC#WWDC 2014 selena larson What it Takes to Build a Highly Secure FinTech …last_img read more

The Hustler’s Playbook: Hustlers Act With a Sense of Urgency

first_imgYou can tell a hustler from a non-hustler by the way that they walk. A non-hustler is moving forward, but not very quickly, and with no apparent purpose. A hustler, on the other hand, looks like they are flying, moving purposefully towards some target in front of them. And this is one of the defining differences between hustlers and non-hustlers: a sense of urgency.Hustlers act with a sense of urgency. A hustler believes they things need to get done, and they need to get done right now. If a client calls with a need, the hustler immediately takes care of the need. If a call needs to be made, the hustler picks up the phone and makes the call. Even when a hustler doesn’t know the answer to a question and offers to get back with the person they are trying to help, they get back with that person that same day.The hustler feels an internal sense of urgency. The pressure to act never has to be applied by outside forces of any kind, not a parent, not a boss, not a client.A non-hustler will get to things in due time. They want to get things done, too, but they don’t feel any internal pressure to get them done now. Tomorrow is fine, if not, the day after that will work, too. The non-hustler describes themselves as a procrastinator, something a hustler would never dream of calling themselves. In this, the non-hustler could learn from the hustler.Action taken now is better than action taken tomorrow. This is true because results now are better than results tomorrow. As Patton put it, “A good plan violently executed now is better than the perfect plan executed next week.”last_img read more

Annie Lennox Backs Londons Mayor For World AIDS Day

first_imgThe Mayor of London Boris Johnson is backing a major HIV testing campaign in the run up to World AIDS Day on 1 December.HIV and sexual health charity Terrence Higgins Trust, which marks its 30th anniversary with a reception at City Hall on 19th November, has launched England’s first ever National HIV Testing Week. The week runs from 23-30 November and aims to increase testing among the most at risk populations, gay men and Africans in particular.The Mayor said: ‘London is home to almost half of all people living with HIV in the UK, but a quarter of them are unaware they carry the virus. It is vital that people who might be at risk get tested, not only to reduce the risk of transmission to others, but to ensure they get the life-saving treatments that are available.’ 

The Mayor’s HIV Ambassador Annie Lennox said: ‘Stigma, fear and complacency are the greatest obstacles to people seeking out their HIV status. This is why Terrence Higgins Trust and the Mayor of London have taken this initiative to encourage those most at risk to take the HIV test. Knowing your status can literally be a life saving action.’ 

Gay men and Africans remain the groups most at risk of HIV in the UK, with around 1 in 20 people from both groups infected with the virus. That number rises to one in seven among men on the London gay scene. A quarter of people with HIV in the UK remain untested and unaware they have the virus. 

Terrence Higgins Trust, which is co-ordinating National HIV Testing Week as part of HIV Prevention England’s Think HIV campaign, is marking 30 years at the forefront of campaigning on HIV and sexual health with a reception at City Hall, attended by Annie Lennox, the Deputy Mayor for London Victoria Borwick and other community activists, including people living with HIV. 

Sir Nick Partridge, Chief Executive of Terrence Higgins Trust, said: ’Terrence Higgins Trust was founded by a handful of people in a flat in London 30 years ago. Today we provide services for thousands of people every year and London remains at the centre of the HIV epidemic in the UK. 

‘We are delighted that the Mayor and his Ambassador are backing our campaign to encourage more Londoners to get tested and to drive down rates of HIV in the capital. We are determined to work together with the Mayor’s Office and local councils, to strengthen the capital’s response to HIV.’ 

Deputy Mayor for London Victoria Borwick commented: ‘Terrence Higgins Trust continues to play a key role in educating people so they can protect themselves against HIV, as well as providing advice and support to people living with and affected by HIV. I hope this year’s campaign for World AIDS Day will encourage anyone with concerns to seek out advice and get tested.’last_img read more

2 former Buckeyes headed to MLS

Former Ohio State men’s soccer teammates Matt Gold and Konrad Warzycha are headed for Major League Soccer. Defensive midfielder Gold and attacking midfielder Warzycha heard their names called in the third round of the MLS SuperDraft. The two were selected by Toronto FC and Sporting Kansas City, respectively, making them the 11th and 12th players in program history to earn MLS draft selections. Soccer pundits didn’t think highly of Gold’s draft stock, but Toronto selected him with the 43rd overall pick. The selection confirmed Gold’s suspicion that he and Warzycha might “do better than what was expected.” Gold described his performance at the MLS Player Combine as an up-and-down affair, saying, “The first day, I couldn’t have played better; the second day was the opposite; and the third day was somewhere in between.” Despite not being sure how much he helped himself at the combine, Gold got the news he had been waiting for. “I was at a loss for words when I found out,” Gold said. “I’m really excited.” Warzycha, the 46th overall pick, was also excited while describing his emotions about being drafted in spite of a self-described “average” combine performance. “You never see this day coming,” Warzycha said. “It’s surreal; I’m on cloud nine.” In joining Sporting KC, Warzycha will reunite with former OSU teammate Roger Espinoza. They spoke shortly after today’s selection was announced. “I got a chance to talk to Roger, and he told me about the new stadium in Kansas City and the fans,” Warzycha said. “I think this is going to be a great fit.” read more

Valverdes options to replace Coutinho at Barcelona

first_imgNow that we know Philippe Coutinho will be out for three weeks at Barcelona, we give you the options that Valverde has to replace him against Betis.The bad news of Brazilian Philippe Coutinho suffering a nasty femoral muscle injury this week, have brought forward a brand new dilemma for manager Ernesto Valverde during the next three weeks.The Brazilian midfielder was already established as one of the club’s most essential players during the last few weeks, especially after Lionel Messi fell injured when he fractured his arm against Sevilla.When he first arrived in the club last season, it was believed that Philippe Coutinho would be the one who replaced Andres Iniesta as an interior midfielder but he quickly made everybody realize that his skills were better suited for a winger position and he started delivering stellar performances in all competitions.Sadly for everybody, the Brazilian suffered a muscular injury that will set him back for at least three weeks and the manager is already breaking his head as he tries to find the best replacement for him on the club’s upcoming Sunday match against Real Betis.We will give you three alternatives that Ernesto Valverde has to replace Coutinho.🔝 When you score in the @ChampionsLeague just two minutes after coming on! 🙌 pic.twitter.com/lUEcwAhhag— FC Barcelona (@FCBarcelona) November 6, 2018MalcomThe also Brazilian player is fresh out of a good performance in FC Barcelona’s Champions League draw against Internazionale Milano, a match in which he scored his first-ever goal for the Catalan club and celebrated by shedding a few tears of joy.Throughout the week in the wake of Coutinho’s injury, Malcom has already expressed his excitement for possibly being that player who can perform in the same position that the former Liverpool forward left vacant for the next few weeks.On paper, Malcom is actually the most obvious choice to replace Coutinho on the left wing and the manager could show him that he trusts him after responding in great fashion against Inter a few days ago.But Valverde’s options are quite a few, let’s talk about two more.Barça Players Called For International Duty (5/5)🇫🇷 @DembouzFriday, November 16Netherlands v FranceRotterdam, Netherlands8.45pm CETUEFA Nations LeagueTuesday, November 20France v UruguaySaint-Denis, France9.00pm CETFriendly pic.twitter.com/mbNIU5lWt5David Villa, FC BarcelonaTop 10 players who played for both Barcelona and Valencia Boro Tanchev – September 14, 2019 Time to talk about the best players who represented both Barcelona and Valencia, prior to their La Liga encounter at Camp Nou this evening.— FC Barcelona (@FCBarcelona) November 9, 2018Ousmane DembeleThe French youngster has also been performing well during the last couple of matches, as he has scored some goals and also provided a few assists.The problem with this player is that he usually doesn’t play on the left wing, he is more used to roaming through the right side of the field and making a change of position would be a bit odd.In fact, Dembele is actually likely to play against Betis no matter what but Valverde might end up using him on the left wing to create some discomfort on the opponent’s plans.With two sensitive injuries such as Coutinho and Lionel Messi, manager Quique Setien really has no idea how the Barcelona boss will react and which players will start the match upfront apart from Luis Suarez who has a secured spot as the main striker.⚽💪 All smiles as the hard work continues!🔵🔴 #ForçaBarça pic.twitter.com/tIBZAh4SPw— FC Barcelona (@FCBarcelona) November 8, 2018MessiThe ace under his sleeve without question, Ernesto Valverde has his hands tied with Philippe Coutinho’s injury and he knows that the upcoming match against Real Betis should be taken very seriously.There are very few options of Messi actually playing this game and Valverde might end up using Rafinha as his replacement as he’s been doing lately, but Argentine has been itching to play due to the way he’s been practicing during the week and he may push the manager for some minutes in this match.Knowing that Betis usually isn’t a violent opponent, maybe using Messi for a few minutes is not such a bad idea and we could see that early comeback from the injury before the international break after all.If Messi plays this match, the manager would use Lionel on the right and place either Malcom or Dembele on the left wing to replace Coutinho’s absence.Another one joins Messi.Coutinho suffers a thigh injury and he will be out for up to 3 weeks. It’s good as he will be ready after the international break.Such injury may be good for Malcom. Valverde may rely on Dembélé and Malcom as wingers to play alongside Suàrez (4-3-3). pic.twitter.com/rQJEe8A2Ys— Ahmed Bahgat (@AhmedBahgat28) November 8, 2018Which of these alternatives do you like the most for Barcelona’s upcoming match against Real Betis? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.last_img read more

Batshuayi Im not quitting Valencia

first_imgBelgium hero Michy Batshuayi has no plans on making an early return to Chelsea this seasonThe 25-year-old has failed to replicate his impressive loan spell at Borussia Dortmund last term for Valencia with just one goal in 11 La Liga games.However, Batshuayi put his struggles in Spain aside on Thursday night to score both of Belgium’s goals in their 2-0 UEFA Nations League win over Iceland.Speaking afterwards at the Heysel Stadium, Batshuayi took the opportunity to dismiss rumours linking him with a return to Chelsea.David Villa, FC BarcelonaTop 10 players who played for both Barcelona and Valencia Boro Tanchev – September 14, 2019 Time to talk about the best players who represented both Barcelona and Valencia, prior to their La Liga encounter at Camp Nou this evening.“On my departure from Valencia, there are only rumours,” said Batshuayi, as quoted by Daily Mail.“I have no problem with the club and I understand the coach [Marcelino] very well.“We are in a bad phase, but we will continue working to overcome the slump.”The Red Devils will book a place in the Nations League finals by avoiding defeat at Switzerland on Sunday.last_img read more