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The Lewinsky syndrome

first_imgby Aubrey BruceFor New Pittsburgh Courier “Big” Ben Roethlisberger is traveling on a life road filled with some serious potholes and untimely speed bumps. The speedway leading to Latrobe, Pa. seems to be getting more treacherous by the moment. Unless you are living in parts unknown like Mesopotamia or Redjacket, WV, you should be aware of his current dilemma. Mr Roethlisberger is again being accused of sexual misconduct. Whether he is guilty or innocent or whether he wins or loses, the court battles before him are not the only conflict he is facing. After all the legal questions have been settled and the smoke has cleared from the courtrooms, there is a distinct possibility that his clean-cut image may be irreparably damaged. How many pink No. 7 Steelers shirts will we see the Steelers Nation female fan base sporting over at Heinz Field and venues beyond in light of these latest allegations? People on the street have been asking some profound questions. Is he a sexual predator who is able to run amuck because of his money, celebrity and position? Also, would the alleged victim, along with her motives for pursuing justice and her past behavior, be as closely scrutinized if the perpetrator were not in the public eye?There was an article a while back during the Kobe Bryant sexual assault trial by Tom Weir and Erik Brady of USA Today titled “In sexual assault cases, athletes usually walk.”Weir and Brady looked at 168 allegations, involving 164 athletes. Only 22 saw their cases go to trial, and only six cases resulted in convictions. In another 46 cases, a plea agreement was reached. Combined with the six athletes convicted at trial and one who pleaded guilty as charged, that gives the athletes a 32 percent total conviction rate in the resolved cases. That means more than two-thirds were never charged, saw the charges dropped or were acquitted.Ask yourself this question. If prosecutors who dealt with protecting the general public had such paltry conviction records would there be a public outcry for their dismissal as ineffective and incompetent officers of the court?It is no small wonder that a few of the common folk are livid when they ask if a man of lesser means and without the resources of a wealthy young athlete, were facing the same demons, would he almost surely be tried, convicted and sentenced to an underground cell instead of strolling out into the sunlight scott free, continuing on as if nothing happened, throwing slant patterns on first and 10, with thousands of adoring fans cheering him on?Now in Roethlisberger’s defense, I am of the opinion that there are a few predatory women, armed with and wearing DNA- collecting blue dresses waiting to hit the “lottery” at the expense of a Ben Roethlisberger or someone like him. A few of these women have been taught from birth that “diamonds last forever but fat bank accounts last forever and a day.” But fellows, there aren’t any halos encircling your heads either. There is an old saying, (about five minutes old) that I would like to share with you. The more you keep the Vienna sausage in the can, the more money will stay in the bank account!An unhealthy percentage of women and men are whispering relationship killing sayings like “You gotta pay to play.” “There is a cost to being the boss.” “I don’t need romance, I need finance.” You should all have gotten my drift by now. If you do not believe me, ask Bill Clinton.The scenario that may hurt Roethlisberger as far as to how the public perceives and reacts to this new set of allegations is that he is arrogant and insolent enough to possibly repeat his bad behavior because of his economic stature. Once again, he is allegedly charged with lewd and unacceptable sexual behavior. He is one of the most affluent athletes in the world. Aren’t there better places to be intimate with a member of the opposite sex than allegedly in a bathroom stall? He must understand, no correction, should understand that the pre-Susan B. Anthony, Fred Flintstone, hit ’em over the head, keep ’em barefoot and pregnant mindset, was a bit out of fashion just after “zoot suits” became the rage. Big Ben appeared in a video with the Poverty Neck Hillbillies, he cannot afford to act like one.Big Ben is innocent until proven guilty; but how often can you continue to be found innocent of bank robbery by falling asleep in getaway car, after getaway car and expect the judge to believe that you were totally oblivious to the fact that a crime was in progress? Ben should maybe consider a bit of advice from yours truly, the “ex-Paul Bunyan of love.” Save some of that “firewood” to toss into the home fireplace as opposed to going out starting forest fires.(Aubrey Bruce can be reached at: [email protected] or 412-378-9834.)last_img read more

Photo library: Nature 1

first_img{loadposition tc}Click on a thumbnail for a low-resolution image, or right-click on the link below it to download a high-resolution copy of the image.» Download Nature contact sheet (785KB) » Download full image library contact sheet (10.5MB) Cape Town, Western Cape: Trees on the estate of Cecil John Rhodes. Photo: Jeffrey Barbee, MediaClubSouthAfrica.com » Download high-res image Cape Town, Western Capeprovince: Camps Bay beach. Photo: Jeffrey Barbee, MediaClubSouthAfrica.com » Download high-res image Cape Town, Western Capeprovince: Penguin at the Two Oceans Aquarium, Victoria and Alfred Waterfront. Photo: MediaClubSouthAfrica.com » Download high-res image Cape Town, Western Capeprovince: Sea horse at the Two Oceans Aquarium, Victoria and Alfred Waterfront. Photo: MediaClubSouthAfrica.com » Download high-res image Cape Town, Western Cape province: Sunset overthe Atlantic Ocean. Photo: MediaClubSouthAfrica.com » Download high-res image Western Cape province:A view of Cape Town and Table Mountain from the Durbanville Wine Valley.Photo: Durbanville Wine Valley » Download high-res image Franschhoek, Western Cape province: Fynbos and mountains in the Mont Rochelle Nature Reserve.Photo: Franschhoek Wine Route » Download high-res image Franschhoek, Western Cape province: A view into the Franschhoek Valley from the Mont Rochelle Nature Reserve. Photo: Franschhoek Wine Route » Download high-res image Stellenbosch, Western Cape province: Haskell Vineyards.Photo: Stellenbosch Wine Routes » Download high-res imageNATURE 1: {loadposition nature}Having trouble downloading high-resolution images? Queries about the image library? Email Janine Erasmus at [email protected]last_img read more

Huffington’s Quick Leap From Pay Wall

first_imgA Web Developer’s New Best Friend is the AI Wai… Evidently, Huffington didn’t see overwhelming evidence of that. But the advertising-only model isn’t necessarily a doomed one.The same survey from the association points out that not only are people glued to their tablets, many find tablet-based advertising to be more effective. Thirty-eight percent of tablet owners say they’ve purchased or researched a product after seeing an ad. Among those that say they’ve purchased content, ad conversion shoots up to 54%.Recent research suggests a hybrid of advertising and paid content might work, but as HuffPost demonstrates, it really depends on the publisher and who their audience is. Perhaps there’s a future in Netflix-style subscription model for magazines, an idea on which the folks behind Next Issue, a service that offers exactly that, are banking. Whatever the model for publishers turns out to be, it’s still very much in the process of emerging. Related Posts john paul titlow Tags:#New Media#web Publishers looking to tablets for salvation may have been disheartened last week. Huffington, the iPad-based magazine from The Huffington Post, axed the dollar-per-issue price tag adorning its digital newsstand, offering each issue to readers for free. But publishers shouldn’t toss their pay-wall plan just yet. People will pay.On one hand, most readers familiar with the Huffington Post brand never dreamed they’d have to pay for its content through any means other than ad impressions.Yet Huffington, the digital magazine, is different from HuffingtonPost.com. Its stories are longer, more thoroughly reported and laid out in a fashion reminiscent of Newsweek or Time. It feels somewhat like tablet offerings produced by the likes of Conde Nast or National Geographic, but with an even less print-bound approach than many competitors. So why did Huffington peel back its price tag? The app was only live for five weeks before the shift was made, so it’s not like the company had a trove of historical data to rely on. Instead, it feels like it was more of a philosophical choice. Charging for a digital magazine felt “inconsistent with the Huffington Post itself,” a company spokesman told the Capital. Instead, HuffPost will rely on advertising, just as it does on the Web. Can Publishers Make Money From Tablets?But for publishers hoping to monetize tablet-bound readers, hope is not lost. The research shows that people who own tablets are pretty immersed in them and most have no problem paying for content. Sixty-one percent of tablet owners have purchased digital content, according to a recent survey from the Online Publishers Association.  Why Tech Companies Need Simpler Terms of Servic… Top Reasons to Go With Managed WordPress Hosting 8 Best WordPress Hosting Solutions on the Marketlast_img read more

Odisha govt. merges directorates with administrative departments

first_imgIn order to streamline the functioning of all directorates and speed up the process of decision making, the Odisha government has decided to integrate different directorates with their respective administrative departments to function as composite departments with immediate effect.According to a resolution passed by the General Administration and Public Grievance (GA & PG) Department on Wednesday, the integrated department shall function on the premises of the respective administrative departments/directorates as may be decided by the administrative department, keeping in view the availability of space and convenience.The move comes days after the State government appointed senior bureaucrat Asit Kumar Tripathy as the Chief Secretary, who, upon assuming the office, said he would ensure faster movement of files in all government offices in the State.Mr. Tripathy had said that all departments will adhere to the “5T initiative” — transparency, teamwork, technology, time and transformation — of Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik. Mr. Patnaik holds the portfolio of the GA & PG Department.Single-file system There will be a single-file system through the Odisha Secretariat Workflow Automation System (OSWAS) and every proposal referred by the directorate shall not be required to be reinitiated or re-examined in the department, the resolution said.The different sections common to both the offices shall be appropriately reorganised and officers and staff will be utilised accordingly in the composite departments to ensure better efficiency and avoid duplication of work and wastage of time.Surplus staff, if any, shall be surrendered to the pool being managed by the administrative reforms cell of the GA & PG Department for redeployment and vacant posts at the lowest level shall be abolished as per the guidelines of the Finance Department. The staff concerned will continue to remain in their cadres and will avail all service benefits, the resolution stated.Necessary steps will be taken to make budget provisions for the composite department, and budget provisions for the integrated department shall be made from the next financial year in consultation with the Finance Department.The OSWAS system operative in the Secretariat shall be modified to integrate the directorates with their respective departments immediately and the directorates will submit only electronic files after due scanning of existing files, the resolution added.last_img read more

CWG: PM asks sports ministry for ‘relevant details’ on Aiyar’s letters

first_imgPrime Minister Manmohan Singh has asked the Sports Ministry for “relevant details” regarding the letters written by former sports minister Mani Shankar Aiyar on last year’s Commonwealth Games.”The letters written by Shri Mani Shankar Aiyar referred to in a news item….are in the public domain….The Prime Minister has asked the Sports Ministry to provide relevant details in this regard,” a statement from the PMO said on Saturday.The statement also made a reference to Singh’s remarks on the subject during his interaction with the editors recently.”…Mani Shankar Aiyar wrote to me, but he wrote to me on purely ideological grounds–he was opposed to spending that much money on hosting the CWG,” Singh had said during the interaction.To a query from the Editors about the bloating budget for the sporting event, the Prime Minister had said “That is the job of his Ministry–to tell us because all the budgets were the responsibility of the Sports Ministry– they had to come to the Cabinet. I have no mechanism in the Prime Minister’s Office to look at all the minute details of the Budget. Mani Shankar Aiyar wrote many letters to me. These letters were all on ideological opposition to spend so much money on the Commonwealth Games, we should be doing more in other sectors. He did not bring to me anything wrong that was being done.”Saturday’s statement also said that the public may like to draw appropriate conclusions after going through these papers.- With PTI inputsadvertisementlast_img read more

UPA giving step-motherly treatment to farmers: BJP

first_imgBJP on Monday accused the UPA government was giving a step-motherly treatment to farmers in the country and claimed that peasants’ debt was increasing due to its “wrong” policies.At a dharna organised by BJP Kisan Morcha here, party president Nitin Gadkari alleged that Congress was “looting” the people and that the government led by it could not protect the interests of farmers.”Till there is Congress government, suicides by farmers will go on, prices of fertilisers will keep on rising. Farmers won’t get interest-free loans.”Congress is looting the people. Government cannot protect farmers. (It) cannot provide justice to them. Farmers are under debt because of UPA’s policies,” he said.Sushma Swaraj, Leader of Opposition in Lok Sabha, demanded that subsidy should be given to the farmers directly through their accounts just as it is being done in BJP-ruled Madhya Pradesh.”There should be a review of subsidy policy and we demand rollback of prices of fertilisers. Minimum Support Price (MSP) should be increased for farmers’ produce. UPA policies have been always anti-farmer,” she said.”They cannot give interest-free loans where as in BJP- ruled states like Karnataka and MP, there is no interest and in Chhattisgarh, it is one per cent,” Swaraj added.Another party leader Rajnath Singh said, “We can only become a super power if India becomes the ‘agri capital’ of the world. UPA government is adopting a step motherly treatment towards farmers.”Everymonth farmers commit suicide. Since Congress took over, prices have increased for everything,” he added.advertisementlast_img read more

Compulsory transition to Touch Football Online (TFO)

first_imgTouch Football Australia (TFA) as part of our Strategic Plan 2011-2015, has been reviewing requirements related to the registration of individual participants. TFA has a particular strategic objective to “Substantially increase participation to 500,000 verifiable and contactable members by 2015”, as first communicated in the TFA Membership Registration Procedure Memorandum, released May 2012. As the constituted national organisation for Touch Football, TFA has subsequent requirements for affiliated members as stipulated in the TFA Constitution. Clause 15 of the constitution outlines details about how an affiliate remains recognised by TFA and simple requirements to remain compliant. A copy of the full Constitution and Strategic Plan can be found on the TFA website www.touchfootball.com.au. Importantly, relevant to this communication affiliated associations are obligated to keep a registration of all participants within the area or under its representation. This information of participants must be provided to TFA in a recognised national format on a regular basis. This recognised format will only be accepted via Online Registration as of Season 1, 2015.The Constitution deems participants as a person who regularly participates, including but not limited to officials, coaches, players or referees in a Touch Football competition controlled, organised or sanctioned by the Association.In addition to constitutional requirements, TFA needs this information as part of covering affiliates and individuals with insurance through the National Insurance Scheme.As a result of new changes in technology and societal pressure, TFA is in the process of transitioning to a national online registration system.Through a strategic partnership with Fox Sports Pulse (formerly SportingPulse), TFA has developed and released the new Touch Football Online system (TFO) to be used by affiliates and the breadth of the Touch Football community. This is a major achievement and part of the continuous technological improvements and developments being developed for the current strategic cycle; designed to better engage with, track and manage our members and their information.The TFO program is available for all recognised affiliates to converge to. Importantly, TFA aims to have all affiliates transition from paper registration processes to the new online system (TFO), by no later than Season 1 2015 (1st January, 2015).For more information, please click on the attachment below. Related Filestfo_reminder_memo-pdfRelated LinksTouch Football Onlinelast_img read more

10 months agoBurton Albion boss Clough on reaching Cup final: Let’s be realistic

first_imgBurton Albion boss Clough on reaching Cup final: Let’s be realisticby Paul Vegas10 months agoSend to a friendShare the loveBurton Albion boss Nigel Clough is keen to keep expectations in-check after reaching the Carabao Cup semis.Clough guided League One’s Burton into the last four with victory over Middlesbrough. Jake Hesketh, on-loan from Southampton, scored the Burton winner.Asked if they could make the final, the manager said: “Highly unlikely, when you look at the teams that are left in.”That’s just being realistic. It’s highly, highly unlikely, to be in with the teams that are left in.”We are going to enjoy this one tonight for a couple of days before we got to Luton on Saturday for as hard a game as there will be this season, and then we are going to park it and look forward to it in the New Year whenever it is, the two-legger.”We didn’t even bother looking. We are going to enjoy this one, certainly.” About the authorPaul VegasShare the loveHave your saylast_img read more

20 days agoMan Utd legend Cole tells Rashford: Choose!

first_imgMan Utd legend Cole tells Rashford: Choose!by Paul Vegas20 days agoSend to a friendShare the loveManchester United legend Andrew Cole has told Marcus Rashford to settle on his best position.Rashford, who has scored three goals so far this season, has received a considerable amount of criticism for some of his recent performances. Cole told The Sun: “He doesn’t really enjoy it with his back to goal and he wants to pick it up and run at the defender.”He is a super talent but he has to decide now what he wants to be.”Does he want to be a goalscorer or does he want to play off the left or right?”He’s 21 so I’d like to believe he knows what his strongest position is.” About the authorPaul VegasShare the loveHave your saylast_img

Video: OSU Football Players Had A Very Intense Dodgeball Match Yesterday

first_imgA dodgeball goes flying as the Ohio State football team plays dodgeball.Ohio State Football DodgeballOhio State held its Champions Club dinner yesterday, and the team took part in a slew of activities as well, including softball, cornhole and dodgeball. The dodgeball game got really intense, and the action was captured via a GoPro worn by defensive lineman Tommy Schutt. Schutt seems to be pretty good at the game. The Buckeyes may be all business on the field but they can still have fun together off of it.last_img