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Joe Russo’s Almost Dead Spends Three Beautiful Nights In Colorado [Setlists/Video/Audio]

first_img(via daliguana1)Setlist:Set One (9:18pm – 10:28pm)Big Railroad Blues (TH) >Feel Like A Stranger (SM)Bird Song @ (TH) ->The Other One # (SM)Mississippi Half Step $ (TH) ->Three Question Marks Jam % ->Let It Grow^ (SM)Set Two (11:04pm – 12:44am)Alice D Millionaire & (SM) ->I Know You Rider (All)Tennessee Jed (TH) ->Becky Jam ->Tennessee Jed Reprise (TH) * ->The Wheel Jam + ->Let It Grow Jam ->The Wheel @@ (All) ->They Love Each Other ## (TH) ->Estimated Prophet $$ (SM) ->Touch Of Grey (TH)E: Dancing In The Streets %% (SM) ->Pork & Slaw ^^ ->Dancing In The Streets (SM) ->My Sharona Jam && ->Dancing In The Streets Reprise ** (SM)@ – With Cryptical Teases x 2 (TH)# – With a “Hippie Dream” (Neil Young) Jam – may become a track, depending on length$ – With a “Walk on the Wild Side” (Lou Reed) Tease (DD)% – First Time Played by Almost Dead, Joe Lukasik Cover; not the entire song. Used to be covered by the Benevento Russo Duo.^ – With an Other One Tease (Band), a Cryptical Tease (MB) & an Unknown Tease (MB)& – Not played by Almost Dead since Brooklyn Bowl, Brooklyn, NY 2015-01-23, a gap of 77 shows* – Not played by Almost Dead since Brooklyn Bowl, Brooklyn, NY 2015.10.3, a gap of 52 shows+ – First Time Played By Almost [email protected]@ – Unfinished, with a “”Moonlight Mile” (Rolling Stones) Jam – may become a track, depending on length## – With a “Shortnin’ Bread” (James Whitcomb Riley) Tease, a “Hamp’s Hump” (Lou Donaldson) Tease (JR), a West LA Fade Away Tease (MB) and a “Rudolph The Red Nose Reindeer” (Robert Lewis May) Tease (MB)$$ – With a Uncle John’s Band Tease (SM) & an “Inspector Gadget Theme” (Unknown) Tease (SM)%% – With a Feel Like a Stranger Tease (MB)^^ – WOLF! cover, First Time Played by Almost Dead&& – The Knack cover, First Time Played by Almost Dead** – Not Played by Almost Dead since Summer Camp, Chillicothe, IL, 2015.05.23, a gap of 59 showsNight Three: Joe Russo’s Almost Dead | Belly Up Aspen | Aspen, CO | 12/17/16 Setlist:Set One (9:39PM – 10:51PM)Eyes Of The World @ (TH) ->Music Never Stopped (SM)Althea # (TH)Jam ->Mama Tried (SM) ->Cumberland Blues $ (All) ->Paranoid Android Jam % ->Cumberland Blues Reprise (All)Easy Wind ^ (SM)Set Two (11:24Pm – 12:45AM)Alligator (SM) ->Not Fade Away & (All) ->Help On The Way (TH) ->Slipknot! & ->Mississippi Half Step Jam + ->Slipknot! Reprise @@ ->Uncle Johns Band (All) >Black Throated Wind (SM) ->Scarlet Begonias ## (TH) ->Fire On The Mountain $$ (TH)E: Quinn the Eskimo (TH)@ – With a Ruben & Cherise Tease (Band)# – With “All of My Love” (Led Zeppelin) Teases (MB)$ – With a “Hoedown” (Aaron Copeland) Tease (MB & JR)% – First Time Played by Almost Dead, Radiohead Original, ended with a “Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairies” (Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky) Jam before returning to Cumberland Reprise^ – With a Black Throated Wind Tease (SM)& – With a Slipknot! Jam & Iko Iko Teases (TH)* – With an Estimated Prophet Jam+ – First Time Played by Almost [email protected]@ – With Tennessee Jed Teases (TH)## – With a Tease of a Michael Jackson Song that I couldn’t quite ID$$ – With a “Duo Jam” that included quotes of the China->Rider transition Jam & a “Fat Mama” (Herbie Hancock) Tease (MB) (via daliguana1)“Alice D. Millionaire” (Official video)center_img There’s no denying that Colorado has become a hub for jam music, as the colorful state continues to host great performances from some of the best musicians in the scene. That scene, of course, was founded by the Grateful Dead, and their disciples remain faithful in their deliverance of the music. Among those disciples, few rank higher than Joe Russo’s Almost Dead, the five piece ensemble featuring Joe Russo, Scott Metzger, Dave Dreiwitz, Tom Hamilton and Marco Benevento. The trio put on three shows this weekend in three different Colorado cities, each bringing its own brand of heat to the table.Check out a compilation of videos, audio, setlists and more documenting the three night run.Night One: Joe Russo’s Almost Dead | Ogden Theatre | Denver, CO | 12/15/16(Audio by bonobeats)Full review here!Setlist:Set 1 (9:13PM – 10:32PM)Don’t Ease Me In (TH)>Viola Lee Blues @ (All) ->Space ->Truckin’ (SM) ->St. Stephen Jam ->Truckin’ Reprise # (SM) ->Born Cross Eyed Jam ->Loser (TH) ->Marco Solo $ ->The Eleven (All) ->Shakedown Street % (TH)Set 2 ^ (11:08PM – 12:5?)Golden Road To Unlimited Devotion (All) ->Greatest Story Ever Told (SM) ->Terrapin Suite & (TH & JR) ->King Solomon’s Marbles *Row Jimmy (TH) ->Drums ->Good Lovin’(SM) ->The Wheel Reprise + (All) ->Good Lovin’ Reprise @@ ->E: GDTRFB ## (All) ->Sugar Magnolia / SSDD $$ (SM)@ – With a Throwing Stones Jam# – First time played by Almost Dead, with Throwing Stones Teases (Band)$ – With the usual spate of teases & familiar themes – see what you can find / what you remember% – With “Chameleon” (Herbie Hancock) Teases (Band)^ – With Estimated Prophet Teases throughout the set& – With a “Duo Jam” & “Hateframe” (Benevento Russo Duo) Teases (JR)* – With an Uncle John’s Band Tease (Band)+ – Finishes The Wheel from Ogden Theatre on [email protected]@ – First Time Played by Almost Dead## – With out the usual WBYGN Ending$$ – Proceeded by a “WBYGN Ending” Tease (Band)Night Two: Joe Russo’s Almost Dead | Boulder Theater | Boulder, CO | 12/16/16“Big Railroad Blues” (Official video)last_img read more

Phish Opens Mexico Fiesta With First “Spock’s Brain” Since 2003, Rarities From Halloweens Past [Photos/Pro-Shot Videos]

first_imgLoad remaining images On Thursday evening at the Barcelo Maya Beach Resort, Phish kicked off their three-night Mexican run for the third time in four years. While this excursion isn’t officially considered a “Phish festival,” it is certainly in the running as one of the best ways to go see live music and take a vacation during the brutally cold winter months up north. The foursome from Vermont steadied their sea legs after a month and a half off and produced a performance most memorable for its big-time bust-outs.For the thousands of Phish fans that experienced the fear of missing out (or “FOMO”) prior to the resort party in Riviera Maya, the band dug the knife even deeper with a colossal “Spock’s Brain” throwback for the first time since 7/30/2003. Lyrically rubbing in the fact that “you didn’t pay them for the plane on time,” “Spock’s” was dusted off for the first attempt of the 3.0 era and was finally caught by country-hopping fans hunting it down for over 15 years.An early “Twist” found a spot in the opening half of the show for the first time since 2014 and quickly moved into “Free” before the band was able to explore any uncharted territory. For the third consecutive time, Phish opened the Mexican three-night run with a first-set “Free”, bringing smiles to faces during the “splashing in the sea” reference. An even bigger bust-out was launched in the fourth spot with the Velvet Underground’s “Who Loves the Sun?”, played for the first time since Halloween 1998, a gap of more than over 600 shows. 1998 was a huge year for Phish, and the Loaded Halloween costume was one of many highlights. While Lou Reed’s “Who Loves the Sun?” is lyrically pessimistic, the title works as the perfect headline for the band to announce future beach-front excursions and the light-hearted melody fits nicely with the resort theme.“Everything’s Right” got a lot of love in 2018, and during the first Phish show of 2019, it appears that this year will be no different. Five minutes into the Trey Anastasio– and Tom Marshall-written tune, Mike Gordon let his bass do the talking and instigated the first real jam of the evening. After a Kasvot Växt-heavy New Year’s run at Madison Square Garden, “We Are Come to Outlive Our Brains” came as no surprise in the sixth position of the scattered setlist. The band continued practicing new material with “Rise/Come Together” before whipping out an old-school cover with “Funky Bitch.” Beach dwellers at the Barcelo had been preparing for this event for months and were delighted to show off their new, fancy clothes during this Gordon-led dance party.To keep the funk alive, Anastasio added bubbling effects as the band eased into a Type I “Sand” jam. Gordon delivered a thick and chunky bass groove for the sand people on the beach anchored by a sturdy beat from Jon Fishman, who sported snappy new muumuu with neon green donuts for the occasion. Taking the geographically-relevant tune into darker waters, Page layered a swirling organ around Anastasio’s whaling guitar to close out the first set of randomly-placed fresh tunes and well-oiled antiques from yesteryear.Since the 2017-2018 NYE debut of “Soul Planet”, the sunshine-daydreamer has found itself lost in Type II territory a few times. When opening the second act on Thursday, the band may have been too focused on cramming more ocean-based love lyrics into the resort set rather than taking the composition anywhere exotic. Instead, Anastasio transitioned into Little Feat’s “Spanish Moon” for the first time since the 2010 Halloween Waiting for Columbus costume. Three songs in, the crowd was treated to the longest and jammiest “I Always Wanted It This Way” to date. Not to be confused with the Backstreet Boys pop hit with a similar title, this Page McConnell-penned Big Boat tune was the highlight of the second set. The synth-heavy sound transformed into a light and beachy 20-minute jam that gave all four members time in the spotlight. Fishman communicated to Trey with an ear-to-ear grin before McConnell teamed up with Gordon to create a boisterous clavinet/bass concoction. After a noteworthy “IAWITW”, the band clunkily melted into a slow-tempo “Death Don’t Hurt Very Long”. The bluesy Kasvot Växt original served as the fourth number of the evening from Halloweens past, and it was clear the quartet enjoys playing í rokk songs outside of their October celebration.While “2001” is not a rarity by any stretch of the imagination, hearing it started from scratch without a pre-buffer transition tune isn’t all that common. Thursday’s delivery contained an extended “DDHVL” tease that Trey fit comfortably with the faster tempo space jam. Patience was the name of the game during this 13-minute rendition as Fishman steered the sound into calmer waters before taking it full speed ahead. McConnell gave the interstellar score an extragalactic feel with a heavy synth that paired nicely with Anastasio’s echoing arcade-like effects.“We love to take a bath,” got extra roars during the light-weight “Bathtub Gin” before McConnell shut down the second set with an always welcomed “Squirming Coil” piano solo. The ballad-heavy encore contained a “Waste” and a Jimi Hendrix “Bold As Love” one-two punch before everyone made the short commute back to their beachfront residencies for the evening. Friday’s night’s show kicks off around 7:30 PM EST and the webcast can be purchased through LivePhish.Below, you can watch pro-shot videos from Phish’s first night in Mexico including the show-opening “Spock’s Brain” and, thanks to some technical issues with the pay per view webcast, a full video of set two. Thanks, LivePhish!You can also view a gallery of beautiful photos from night one courtesy of photographer Eric Fefferman.Phish – “Spock’s Brain”[Video: Phish]Phish – 2/21/19 – Set Two[Video: Phish]Setlist: Phish | Barceló May | Quintana Roo, Mexico | 2/21/19SET 1: Spock’s Brain, Twist, Free, Who Loves the Sun?, Everything’s Right, We Are Come to Outlive Our Brains, Rise/Come Together, Funky Bitch, SandSET 2: Soul Planet -> Spanish Moon, I Always Wanted It This Way > Death Don’t Hurt Very Long, Also Sprach Zarathustra, Bathtub Gin, The Squirming CoilENCORE: Waste, Bold As LovePhish | Riviera Maya, Mexico | 2/21/19 | Photos: Eric Feffermanlast_img read more

The Pen vs. the PIN: Why Signature Debit Rewards provide far-reaching benefits

first_imgThe sweeping reform of the Durbin Amendment is having ripple effects across the banking industry. Faced with caps on debit interchange fees, financial institutions over $10 billion in assets have moved swiftly to transition their debit customers to more profitable credit card payment platforms. And they have done so largely using rewards programs.“We have seen institutions over $10 billion in assets get out of debit rewards in droves,” said Andrew Gates, CEO of Azigo, Inc. and Member Rewards by CO-OP consultant for CO-OP Financial Services. “That makes sense as their debit interchange has been restricted and reduced. What doesn’t make sense are all the financial institutions under $10 billion in assets that dropped their debit rewards programs or shelved plans to roll them out.”Today there are more than 50 billion PIN, signature and prepaid debit transactions conducted in the U.S. every year, according to the Federal Reserve. The 2015 Debit Issuer Study reveals that the U.S. banking industry issues approximately 165 million new debit cards per year in aggregate, and the average active cardholder conducts 23.2 debit transactions per month. continue reading » 17SHARESShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblrlast_img read more

Ivan Herak, Ivana Krznar and Alen Host appointed to the Governing Board of the Institute of Tourism

first_imgMinister of Science and Education in the Government of the Republic of Croatia Blaženka Divjak, by the decision of July 25, appointed Ivan Herak from Poreč, a member of the Management Board of the Institute of Tourism of the Republic of Croatia. Along with Herak, Ivana Krznar from the Ministry of Science and Education and Assoc. Prof. Dr. Alen Host, Dean of the Faculty of Economics in Rijeka, were appointed to the Council, as the President of the Council, writes the portal istarski.hrThe Governing Board of the Institute of Tourism, in accordance with the Statute of the Institute, is the most important body of the Institute that manages the work of the Institute, leads the development and strategic policy of the Institute, adopts its budget, dismisses and appoints the director of the Institute.The Institute for Tourism of the Republic of Croatia is the only public scientific institute in the Republic of Croatia specialized in research and consulting in tourism, and is responsible for drafting key development documents of Croatian tourism, such as the Croatian Tourism Development Strategy for 2014-2020. The Institute employs about twenty scientists specialized in the field of tourism, and the Institute is financed from the state budget and from revenues from its own activities, in a ratio of approximately 70 to 30 percent.last_img read more

Charles “Jimmy” Mize, Jr.

first_imgCharles James “Jimmy” Mize Jr., 84, of Moores Hill passed away Thursday, April 30, 2020 at Highpoint Health in Lawrenceburg from the COVID-19 virus.  Jimmy was born Wednesday, June 12, 1935, the son of Charles and Chairmy (Adkins) Mize Sr.  Jimmy retired from Fernald; he enjoyed hunting; and was a former member of the Table of Knowledge at The Reservation in Milan.Jimmy is survived by his daughters Kimberly Lehn of Fort Mitchell, KY, Beverly Maybrier of Lawrenceburg, IN and Jenny Rebecca Lee of Ross, OH; grandchildren Stephanie Squires, Ali Lehn Jones, Christina Lehn, Hannah Lee, and Hayden Lee; two great-grandchildren Kirklyn and Kenison Squires; and sister Joyce Wonnel of Greensburg.  He was preceded in death by his sisters Pati Ross and Betty Smith.A private graveside service will be held at the convenience of the family.  Memorials may be given in honor of Jimmy to the Hogan Hill Cemetery.  Sibbett-Moore Funeral Home entrusted with arrangements, Box 156, Moores Hill, IN 47032, (812) 744-3280.  You may go to to leave an online condolence message for the family.last_img read more

McIlroy targets more major success

first_img “I definitely hope so,” said McIlroy, whose win means his father Gerry and three friends won £50,000 each after backing him a decade ago at 500/1 to win by the age of 25. “I’ve really found my passion again for golf. Not that it ever dwindled, but it’s what I think about when I get up in the morning. It’s what I think about when I go to bed. “I just want to be the best golfer that I can be and I know if I can do that, then trophies like this are within my capability. “I’d love to win a lot more and am really looking forward to – even though there’s still one major left this year that I want to desperately try and win – next April and trying to complete the career grand slam.” That was a reference to the Masters at Augusta, a tournament he famously led by four shots after 54 holes in 2011 only to collapse to a closing 80. There was little danger of such a collapse on Sunday after McIlroy recovered from bogeys on the fifth and sixth with birdies on the ninth and 10th, but the 25-year-old had to work hard to stay in front of Garcia, who closed to within two of the lead four times. “It’s been an incredible week,” McIlroy added. “I’m happy I gave myself enough of a cushion because there was a lot of guys coming at me, especially Sergio and Rickie. “Just to be sitting here and looking at this thing and having my name on it, it’s a great feeling. It obviously hasn’t sunk in yet. Rory McIlroy celebrated his Open triumph by drinking red wine out of the Claret Jug, but was also quick to target more major success following his hard-fought win at Royal Liverpool. McIlroy held off a determined challenge from Sergio Garcia to win by two shots from his Ryder Cup team-mate and American Rickie Fowler, becoming the first European to win three different majors in the modern era and the third to win three by the age of 25. Jack Nicklaus and Tiger Woods were the other two and McIlroy believes he has the ambition to attempt to match their achievements, Nicklaus having won a record 18 major titles and Woods – a career-worst 69th here – 14. “I’m immensely proud of myself. To sit here 25 years of age and win my third major championship and be three-quarters of the way to the career grand slam, I never dreamed of being at this point in my career so quickly.” Garcia was inches away from winning the Open at Carnoustie in 2007 before losing a play-off to Padraig Harrington and has now recorded 19 top-10s in 64 majors. But the 34-year-old was keen to stress the positives of a closing 66 marred only by a bogey on the 15th when he needed two shots to escape a greenside bunker, with McIlroy looking on from the tee. “Everybody looks at you as second and they want to make it a negative. Not at all,” Garcia said. “I felt like I played well. I felt like I did almost everything I could and there was a better player. It’s as simple as that. “You don’t have to look at other things. It’s just that simple. All these weeks help in majors – even if you don’t win, they still help.” Press Associationlast_img read more

One Person Injured in Small Plane Crash at Wellington’s Aero Club

first_imgOne person was injured Sunday in a single-engine airplane crash at the Wellington Aero Club, officials say.The plane crashed onto a grass runway and did not damage any nearby homes, according to Palm Beach County Fire Rescue spokesperson Albert Borroto.The extent of the person’s injuries are unknown, but PBCFR Trauma Hawk responded to the incident.No other information is available at this time.This is a developing story.last_img

Police win Inter-Service Annual Swimming Championship

first_img–National swimmers excelPOLICE were able to gain grounds in the 2019 Inter-Services Championships, by winning the swimming battle against rivals, the Guyana Defence Force, on Sunday, at the National Aquatic Centre at Liliendaal. The four-team battle ended with the Guyana Police Force, led by their male swimmers, including Andrew Fowler, who represented Guyana this year at the World Aquatics Championships in South Korea, winning by 36 points.After 12 competitive events, Police finished on 213 points, while GDF ended on 177 points, the Guyana Fire Service on nine points and the Guyana Prison Service on four points. Although Police’s Nikita Feidtkou, another national swimmer, finished as the best individual female with 28 points, the Guyana Defence Force ended on top in the women’s battle.GDF’s women finished with 100 points, while Police’s women ended with 98.Daniel Scott was the GDF’s top individual performer in the pool.The army’s Kenita Mahaica won the women’s 50M breast-stroke race in a time of 44.09s, just ahead of teammate Asanti Mickle, while seasoned national swimmer, Soroya Simmons, led GDF to victory in the 50M backstroke in 35.78s. She was able to finish ahead of Fiedtkou (36.69s) and Mickle (40.06s).The GDF ‘A’ team then won the female 200M Medley Relay in 2:26.38, ahead of GPF ‘A’ team (2:28.06).Feidtkou, who finished with 28 points, won gold in the 200M freestyle in a time of 2:27.52, to surge past another excellent national swimmer in Britany Van Lange (GDF). The Olympian clocked 2:33.03, while the dominant Amy Grant (GPF) finished third in 2:33.41.Feidtkou also won the 50M freestyle event in a time of 29.40s, just ahead of Van Lange who finished in 29.58s and Grant, who finished in 29.76s.Also registering a victory for Police was Grant. She won the 50M butterfly in a time of 31.31s.  Noelle Smith (GPF) finished second in 33.83s, with Van Lange just behind in 33.94s.Van Lange and Grant finished with 22 points each, while GDF’s trio of Mahaica, Mickle and Simmons ended on 19, 18 and 15 points respectively.Fowler won two events, but finished behind GDF’s Daniel Scott overall on the points table.National swimmer Scott ended on 28 points, while fellow national swimmers, Fitzroy Thom (GPF) and Fowler ended on 26 points each.In the 400M freestyle, Scott stormed to victory in a time of 4:27.40, ahead of Thom (GPF), who clocked 4:51.68 and Fowler (4:54.02).Scott also won the 50M breast-stroke in a time of 32.81s, ahead of Andrew Jordan 33.57s.Fowler, on the other hand, claimed victory in the 50M butterfly. His time of 26.88s was slightly faster than Scott’s 26.91s. Jordan (GPF) placed third in 28.69s.  Fowler, the US-based university student who travelled home for the meet, also won the 50M freestyle event in a time of 25.23s.Thom placed second in 26.19s and Jordan third in 26.76s.Thom also claimed a victory when he won the 50M backstroke (30.83s); fellow Police swimmers, Joseph Seguina (32.87s) and Jamaal Sobers (34.39s) placed second and third.Earlier in the day, the Guyana Defence Force had registered a win in the road race.According to reports, GPF finished second, the Guyana Prison Service third and the Guyana Fire Service fourth. The championships is scheduled to continue later this week with the Track and Field events.last_img read more

Participants in language exchange program more than double

first_imgAs the USC admissions staff concludes its international recruitment period and shoots for another high enrollment of international students next year, programs geared toward international students are expanding.The International Language Exchange program, which matches foreign students with native-speaking English students to improve both students’ secondary language skills, has increased its participation by 82 percent since it began in fall 2010.“It was difficult to recruit USC volunteers [last year],” said Katie FitzSimmons, a lecturer at the USC Language Academy and the creator of the International Language Exchange Program. “It was easy to recruit international students, but harder to find the USC students to match them with.”FitzSimmons attributed the program’s growth to the use of the USC Housing listserve to advertise.The program aims to help American students become multilingual, while offering international students a “window into a different culture,” according to Kate O’Connor, the director of the USC Language Academy, which runs the program.“The objective is that international students interface closely with USC students to practice English and their home language,” O’Connor said. “Ideally both students will learn from the experience.”After native speakers and language learners are matched, students are free to choose their learning environment.“They can go to the gym together and speak the language, they can see a movie together and talk about it in the language, they can do homework together or meet for coffee or eat lunch and speak the language,” FitzSimmons said. “It’s kind of a structured or guided hangout, you might say. There’s a point or a purpose to the hanging out, but you can use the language as context.”Jackie Kim, a participant in the program and a senior majoring in East Asian languages and cultures, said she felt comfortable speaking Arabic with her native speaker partner.“It’s nice to have someone who you can just talk to, you know, on a one-on-one basis,” Kim said. “You can ask them anything you want. It’s not like there’s a line between teacher and student.”Kim said speaking with her partner has really helped strengthen her skills.“Learning the colloquial version of Arabic … is just very valuable, especially because I’m gonna be abroad next semester and I won’t be able to learn certain phrases and slang words in my classes,” Kim said.Amy Herrmann, a senior majoring in international relations, said the program makes learning Arabic seem less like work.“The program is usually supposed to be one hour speaking English and one hour speaking the language that you’re looking to practice,” Herrmann said. “But me and my partner, Nasser, we end up spending about four or five hours together every week, just sitting and chatting about a whole bunch of different things.”With each incoming class, USC has increased its percentage of international students, said Megan Wang, an associate director of USC admissions.“Fifteen percent of the current freshman class is international students,” Wang said. “This is one of the biggest values we’ve had in years. We hope to maintain this percentage.With more and more students coming from overseas, O’Connor said bridging the gap between foreign and domestic students will help both groups of students in the future.“Domestic students will sink or swim in today’s global market based on their multicultural understanding and capabilities,” she said. “By developing these capabilities, they will have a distinct advantage in the marketplace.”FitzSimmons said the program forges unique connections.“This program really fosters the idea of working together toward the common goal of learning,” FitzSimmons said. “It’s also about knowing that you have more in common than you think you do — that you’re more alike than you are different.”last_img read more